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Why You Need a Bug Bite Thing!

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I Never Leave Home without a Bug Bite Thing 

A couple of years ago my husband, my daughter and I went on a camping trip from hell. We’ve all had one, right? A family trip where things keep going wrong, everyone is crabby and exhausted and you spend the majority of the trip wishing you had just stayed home. Mostly it was a bunch of little things piling up that made the trip turn sour. And I’ll tell you what those little things were. Bug bites. Lots and lots of bug bites. If only we’d had a Bug Bite Thing!

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Why You Need a Bug Bite Thing

My family loves spending time outdoors, especially in the summer. We love canoeing, camping, riding quads, and other outdoor adventures. And when I say WE love these things, I mean my husband loves them. And I enjoy them for an hour or two before our kids start having meltdowns and I end up carrying, consoling, or otherwise wrangling them to keep them safe and happy.

Once the little ones start getting hungry or tired our family fun adventures turn into a scene from Lord of the Flies. Or Lord of the Mosquitos as turned out to be the case on this trip.

We were on a canoeing and camping trip at the Oregon Coast enjoying time on the river when things started to take a turn. This trip we were paddling at Brian Booth State Park, which is awesome because you can canoe all the way to the ocean.

We had a pretty good time but we were getting tired, especially my daughter, and it was time to call it a day.

We were attempting to get our child and the canoe all loaded into the truck so we could head to a nearby campground for the night. I was wrangling my daughter while my husband loaded the canoe.

When he had the canoe halfway into the back of the truck a strong gust of coastal wind sent the canoe flying. My husband managed to catch it but ended up putting his back out in the process.

Despite his injury, we managed to get the canoe and kid loaded and drive to our campsite, although he was in pain.

Setting Up Camp at Mosquito Bite Beach

While we set up our tent, my husband limping along bravely, we realized we had forgotten our pillows.

Now, normally this would be an annoyance but not too terrible. However, I happened to be six months pregnant on this trip and in desperate need of pillows to sleep comfortably, especially on the hard ground.

We also neglected to bring any sort of foam mat, so it was just our sleeping bags between us and the rocks.

Setting up camp became even more fun when our three-year-old climbed a tree and discovered the sticky wonder of pitch. She was immediately covered in it from head to toe.

And there we were, without any of the magic home remedies to get rid of pitch. Luckily it was a dirt and sand filled campsite so she was quickly coated with a layer of dirt to keep the pitch from rubbing off on anything else.

Ending Up in Bug Bite Hell

It was while I was attempting to clean up my toddler that the mosquitos starting eating me alive. I’m not talking about one or two bites. I’m talking about one or two dozen.

I was an itchy miserable mess within minutes. I tried layering in long pants, long sleeves, a coat, basically everything in my bag that was wearable. The mosquitos kept right on biting me through my clothes. They were unstoppable.

In spite of all the frustrations we were experiencing, we were happy to discover our campsite was near the access path to the beach.

But the sign stating beach access was a mile away neglected to mention that they meant one mile to reach the sand dunes, not the beach. The actual beach and ocean were over three miles away.

A reasonable distance for a guy with a bad back, a pregnant, bug bite-riddled Mama, and their toddler. Sigh.

We gave up after hiking a mile and flew my daughter’s kite in the dunes while I slapped at mosquitos and my husband hunched over in agony.

A miserable bug-bitten evening around the fire and a sleepless, itchy night in the tent did not improve any of our moods. We packed up for home the next morning.

Mosquitos Love Preggos!

Back at home, I had mosquito bites so miserable I had itched my arms and legs until they bled. I bought a mild anti-itch cream considered ok to use during pregnancy but I was reluctant to use anything I wasn’t one hundred percent sure was safe.

Basically, I just suffered. Oh, and scrubbed pitch off of my daughter and threw away her sap covered clothes.

A little Google searching and I learned why I had been so unfairly targeted by the vicious mosquitos. Mosquitos love pregnant women! Our extra blood volume and slightly higher body temperature attract them. Gah!!!

It turns out what I needed was a Bug Bite Thing!

What is a Bug Bite Thing?

Bug Bite Thing is an easy-to-use tool that quickly extracts the insect poison below the skin when you’ve been bitten or stung by a bug. Extracting the poison from a bug bite or sting reduces or eliminates pain and itching caused by the bite.

How to Safely Treat Bug Bites with Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing uses a suction cup to extract the poison from a bug bite. You place the suction cup over the bug bite and slowly pull up the handles to suction out the poison. It’s gentle and painless and only takes about 30 seconds. And results in almost immediate relief of pain and itching.

Bug Bite Thing is a suction device. It uses no chemicals, needles, batteries, or other dangerous or expensive add-ons.

So, it’s safe for kids and pregnant women and anyone else who wants to avoid anti-itch medications or other bug bite treatments. And it’s quick and effective. It’s better than the medications anyway because it provides such fast and complete relief.

What Kind of Bug Bites Does it Work For?

For a complete list, I will refer you to the Bug Bite Thing FAQ page. But most of the major bug biters and stingers are on it, including bees, wasps, spiders, and my nemesis, the mosquito.

It is not recommended for Brown Recluse or Black Widow spider bites. Or anytime you are having a severe reaction and should be seeking medical treatment immediately.

Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing has proven so easy and effective on our family’s bug bites I now consider it a must have for my purse or diaper bag. And I always keep it handy when we’re enjoying the outdoors.

No one wants to be bitten by a bug, but if you enjoy spending time outdoors, bug bites are an inevitable consequence.

I  love having a quick and easy remedy that can keep a bee sting or mosquito attack from ruining an otherwise fun family adventure.

Bug Bite Thing has worked so well that after years of avoiding it, my husband finally convinced me to take another canoe trip at the Mosquito Coast, err I mean the Oregon Coast. If you’re into paddling, I highly recommend it. Provided you bring a Bug Bite Thing!

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  1. My youngest always gets bit the most, he’s like a skeeter magnet. It drives me crazy each and every summer. I’m thinking I may need one of these, especially this year with 2 camping trips coming up.

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