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What a Crock Meals Review {Pre-Made Slow Cooker Meals Delivered}

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*This is a sponsored post in which I received a discount on the product in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. All of the opinions are 100% my own.

Honest Review of What a Crock Meals to Go

Have you always wanted to try meal kits to make dinner easier but been scared off by the long prep times, uncertain ingredients, or worrying about what it will taste like? Read this What a Crock Meals review to find out why these pre-made slow cooker meals could be exactly what you’re looking for!

When I heard about What a Crock Meals and their slow cooker meal delivery I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I’ve been looking at meal kits for years. But never ended up ordering because of things like 30 minute prep times (that’s not saving me any time, that’s how long it takes me to cook normally) and the fact that finding meal kits that can meet my family’s food allergy needs is challenging. 

Happily, I found that with What a Crock Meals there is little to no prep. Often it’s just a matter of moving your frozen meals to the refrigerator in time for them to thaw. And remembering to get them into the slow cooker in time for dinner.

Plus checking nutrition information if you are on a special diet is super easy. And I found plenty of great options for my family, even with multiple allergies to accommodate.

In this What a Crock Meals review, I’ll go into detail about my experience with What a Crock Meals, my thoughts on the meals, and more. But if you would rather just know the highlights, below is a quick summary. 

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Quick Summary of My Experience with What a Crock Meals

What a Crock Meals to Go is a crockpot meal delivery service that offers pre-made slow cooker meals you can drop in the slow cooker in the morning and enjoy a delicious dinner that evening. 

Meals arrive frozen. And packaged in individual servings. So, you can thaw and cook as many (or as few) servings as you need for your family dinner. 

What I Liked & Didn’t Like About What a Crock Meals

What I liked about What a Crock Meals was how easy (or non-existent) the meal preparation is. 

Literally, the only thing I had to do was remember to take the frozen slow cooker meals out of the freezer and put them in the refrigerator to thaw. And then remembering to put the meal in the slow cooker at the correct time. Admittedly this does require a little thinking ahead. But very little in terms of time spent. 

And when dinner time rolls around all you have to do is dish up your family and eat. This is the dream you guys! Dinner on the table without the last minute rush-around!

What a Crock Meals are the perfect gift for a sick friend or a new mom in need of some easy meals they don’t have to cook themselves. The answer to meal trains when you don’t know what to bring someone!

One thing I disliked about What a Crock Meals was the cost. If you have a family the cost of meals can add up. And depending on where you live, the cost of shipping varies from free or cheap on the East Coast to prohibitively high on the West Coast. 

The other thing to consider is that food is always a matter of taste. And before you try the meals you’re just guessing what your family will like. (An example would be we had one meal that was perfect & one that was too spicy for my family).

Overall, I was impressed with What a Crock Meals. And I feel comfortable recommending you give it a try if a few easy weeknight dinners could improve your life (which I think is a lot of us). Or check out What a Crock Meals gift cards if you need a unique way to help a friend or family member in need of some easy meals. 

Could What a Crock Meal Kits be right for your family? Read on to help you decide!

How Do What a Crock Meals Work?

What a Crock Meals are pre-made slow cooker meals you order online for delivery to your home. 

The meals are low-prep or no-prep meals. For many of the meals, remembering to pull the meals out of the freezer and thaw them and remembering when to put them in the slow cooker is all you really need to do. 

What a Crock Meal Ordering Options

You have a couple of options when you place an order with What a Crock Meals. 

First, you can create a one-time shipping order of specific meals you would like to try. 

The second option is to sign up for a recurring meal plan subscription where you receive meals on a recurring schedule that you select. 

Within the meal plan option you can choose to build your own meal plan. In this case you choose the meals you will receive. Or you can choose the Chef’s Choice Meal Plan.

With the Chef’s Choice Meal Plan you choose the number of people you are ordering meals for and how often you want to receive them. The meals will be chosen for you. 

My recommendation is to try a one-time shipping order. See what you think of the food. And how the whole process works. Then if you like how it goes, sign up for the recurring meal plan.

Note that ordering a larger number of meals less often in your meal plan (and just keeping them in the freezer) could help you save on shipping. 

How Many People Does Each Meal Feed?

What a Crock Meals are sold in individual portions. Each portion is designed to feed one person with a big appetite. Or two people with small appetites. For example, one portion might feed one adult or two children.

My family of four, two adults and two children, ate well on just 3 portions of the prepackaged slow cooker meals. And we had leftovers from two of the meals which easily made a second dinner. 

See the portions chart here to decide how many portions will work for your family. 

How Long Do the Meals Take to Cook?

Each What a Crock Meal comes with an instruction card noting the specific cooking time for each meal. 

The card also provides information on the size of slow cooker you should use. And the correct setting (typically low heat).

Where Can I Find Out Ingredients & Allergen Information for What a Crock Meals?

I’ll make this super easy! You can find the nutrition and allergen chart here. I also found it helpful to use the customer support chatbox on the website to get some help from someone when I had a question about some allergen information. 

My family includes people with gluten and dairy allergies. And even with that, we had a number of meal options to choose from. 

How Much is Shipping for What a Crock Meals?

Shipping costs for What a Crock Meals vary by location. Scroll to the end of this page to see the shipping map

Generally shipping is cheaper (even free with an order over $99) on the East Coast. And it gets more expensive the further west you go. 

As a west coaster, the shipping is high. Consider ordering a larger number of meals and keeping it in the freezer to limit the frequency of orders and the shipping cost. 

What Happens When I Receive My Meals?

Meals arrive frozen in an insulated box. They should be placed in the freezer immediately if you don’t plan to eat them within a day or two.

Each meal also includes an individual instruction card. This card tells you the length of time for cooking and what heat setting. As well as what size slow cooker is best depending on the number of portions.

Each meal portion is packaged individually. So, you can choose to make all of the portions of one meal or just one if it’s only for a single person. Or whatever makes sense for the number of people who will be eating. 

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What Kind of Meals Does What a Crock Meals Offer?

What a Crock Meals offers an incredible variety of meal options. Everything from oven-roasted chicken to pulled pork to riblets, jambalaya, and shrimp scampi to name a few. There are also a number of vegan and vegetarian options.

You can see the full menu here.

And as I mentioned previously, I also found a number of options that accommodated my family’s multiple food allergies. Which I was pleased about.


Are What a Crock Meals Good?

My family and I tried three meals from What a Crock Meals to Go. I’ll talk about them in detail below. Obviously, this is based on the tastes of myself and my family. 

Oven Roasted Pulled Chicken

This was by far our favorite meal of those I received from What a Crock Meals. The chicken was delicious. Flavorful without being overpowering. 

Even my little picky eater wanted seconds. 

This was super easy to make. Just thaw and then cook in the slow cooker. I served the chicken on buns. But it would also be fantastic over rice or alone with any other sides. 

3 portions made 1 dinner for my two adult & two kid family, with a little leftover.

Mexican Fiesta Chicken

The Mexican Fiesta Chicken was good. (This is the meal in the picture above). Overall my family enjoyed it. But it was a little spicy for our taste. It needed some cooling off with cheese or sour cream. 

I served it on tortillas. And three portions made two dinners for my family of four (2 kids 2 adults). 

BBQ Pulled Pork

As with all of the meals we tried, the meat was very high quality. It just wasn’t to my taste. The pork had visible fat running through it. Which, when cooked, made the meat a little greasy. 

The BBQ sauce was good. But not to my taste. I prefer sweeter sauce (think Sweet Baby Ray’s). 

I served the pulled pork on buns. It was easy to make (but cooks a long time, so it needs to be started early). 

My family ate this and all thought it was ok. But I wouldn’t order it again. Which I would the two chicken dishes, particularly the oven roasted chicken. 

What I Like About What a Crock Meals

  1. The ease and convenience of these meals cannot be overstated. The prep work is almost zero. Which you aren’t going to find with any other meal kit. 
  2. All of the meals had high quality meat. No gristle or nastiness. Just the good stuff. And I am picky about meat quality. 
  3. These meals are a perfect solution to wanting to help with a meal train for a family in need of meals or a gift for a new mom looking to stock her freezer before baby arrives. 
  4. This is truly a meal delivery service that will save you time on meal prep for family meals on busy nights. 

A Few Negative Things About What a Crock Meals

  1. For many meals (but not all) you need to have someone home at midday to start the meal 4 to 5 hours before dinner time. Although there are options for Instant Pot meals. But this is not something I have explored. You can check out the Instant Pot meal options here.
  2. Potentially you need to own multiple slow cookers of different sizes to cook different meals & portion sizes. I only owned one large slow cooker and ended up purchasing a smaller one for these meals. 
  3. Food is always going to be a matter of taste. The first time you order a meal you risk that it won’t be to your taste. 
  4. The high cost of shipping for people on the West Coast. 

Who Is What a Crock Meals to Go Best For?

What a Crock Meals are a great meal kit delivery option for anyone looking for an easier way to get dinner on the table. 

I love the idea of these meals for busy moms and dads who are swamped in the evenings and could use a break from cooking dinner. Even one What a Crock Meal a week could give you just that little bit of breathing space. 

Especially because, with the possibility of leftovers, it could carry you through two days of dinners. 

I also will definitely be using What a Crock Meals gift cards as baby shower and new mom gifts. Help those new mamas stock their freezer and eat during those crazy first weeks with a newborn. 

And offering What a Crock gift cards when I want to contribute meals to a friend who is ill or recovering from surgery, etc. With a gift card, they can choose their own meals. And have food in the freezer for when they need it. 

One note for us fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants folks. There is some pre-planning involved in remembering to thaw your meals (my meals took a minimum of two days to thaw) and get the slow cooker set up the correct number of hours before dinner. 

If you’re a last minute non-planner like me this can be challenging (try setting alarms on your phone!). So, sometimes I didn’t get to use the meal when I hoped to because I forgot to get myself set up in time. 

What a Crock Meals Review: Is it Right for You? 

If you’ve been considering trying a meal kit delivery service, I hope this review has helped you decide if What a Crock Meals are right for your family. Or to give as a gift. 

I enjoyed the meals I received. And how easy they were to get on the table for dinner. I can see myself ordering again in the future. Especially if I have a specific need for some ready-to-use meals. 

I would feel completely comfortable giving a gift card to What a Crock meals to someone who needed meal help. And feel confident they were getting good food. 

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Complete Review of What a Crock Meals to Go

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