Review of We Craft Subscription Box

Honest Review of We Craft Box for Kids

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*This is a sponsored post in which I received free product in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. All of the opinions are 100% my own.

We Craft Subscription Box Review

Looking for the best craft subscription boxes for kids? Read this We Craft Box review before you decide on the right one!

If there is one thing that has saved our sanity during all the extra time at home this year, it’s kids’ crafts! My kids love making stuff. All kinds of stuff. So much so that we were ready for some new ideas. Which is why my kids and I were so excited to have the opportunity to receive a We Craft Box for review!

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The We Craft subscription box was exactly what my kids and I needed. A box of craft projects and supplies for creative fun! Now let’s talk about everything we loved (or didn’t) about the We Craft Subscription Box. And how to know if a We Craft subscription could be right for your child.

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About The We Craft Box for Kids

The We Craft box is an award winning monthly subscription box of crafts and activities for kids ages 3 to 9. Every We Craft Box contains a fun story and four or more crafts and activities that all center around the same monthly theme. Each box also includes photo directions for each craft that are super easy to follow. And all the materials for each project are included.

In fact, there are enough materials in each We Craft Box for TWO kids to do each craft (or a few large activities where two kids can work together). As a mom of two, this is one of my favorite things about the We Craft subscription box. One box, one price, with activities enough for both of my kids.

Which means no fighting, no sharing, no jealousy over only one kid’s subscription box arriving. Just a fun craft time together where they both get to make something.

The included crafts and stories are all built around a fun theme. And the theme is different each month. The box I received for review was a dinosaur theme. Something my kids and I were very excited about.

You can see some examples of recent themes by checking out the We Craft Box page here. Use the arrow on the right side of the photo to scroll through photos of recent themes. You’ll see everything from sea themed boxes, to pirates, to Halloween, to robots, and dinosaurs. All kid friendly and tons of fun!

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What’s In a We Craft Box?

Every month your We Craft Box will include everything your kids need to complete their 4 (or more) crafts and activities (except water and scissors). Again, that’s materials for TWO kids to make these crafts. So, enough to share between two kids. Or for one child to make two versions of most projects.

Your box will also include photo instructions for each craft on a colorful sheet the size of a small poster. Each craft is broken down step by step. So, it’s easy to follow. With photos for each step.

There is also a short printed story included with your craft supplies that matches the theme of your We Craft Box. The story and photos of each craft definitely get kids excited and ready to get creative and make some crafts!

What Kind of Crafts are in the We Craft Subscription Box?

Crafts for kids cover a very broad category. So, you might be wondering exactly what kind of crafts do you get from We Craft? Let’s talk about it!

I was really impressed with the variety of crafts my kids received in our We Craft Box. Our box contained five different crafts and activities. And I do mean different. Each craft was a completely different type of activity from each of the others.

Let’s talk about each craft so you get an idea of what I mean.


Craft #1 Sculpting Your Bendy Brontosaurus

The first craft my kids made from their We Craft Box was a clay sculpted brontosaurus. The box came with two different colors of clay. And enough for each of my kids to make their own bendy dinosaur.

Following the step by step directions, my kids were each able to sculpt a dinosaur. Then this craft was baked in the oven to make it last.

To be honest, it was still pretty fragile after baking. The bendy brontosaurus is meant to be put on a shelf and admired not actually played with.

This craft didn’t take long but it was a lot of fun. And I loved the clay. It was easy for the kids to work with but didn’t make a mess (win-win!).


Craft #2 Craft Your Triceratops Head & Dino Claws

Our second dinosaur craft involved creating a wearable Triceratops mask and dinosaur claws. This was probably my kids’ favorite of the included crafts. One of my kids even asked if they could use this for their Halloween costume, they liked it so much.

There was a little cutting involved in setting this up. But several of the pieces were pre-cut so that part didn’t take too long. Some coloring and decorating, then a little gluing. And voila, a super cute Triceratops mask and set of claws.

The coloring and designing was the highlight of this craft. It really let the kids get creative. And then the wearing of the masks and claws. Which made this craft fun beyond just the creating. One of my favorite things about this craft!


Craft #3 Making Funky Fossil Dough Dinosaurs

I knew this craft would be fun as soon as I read the instructions. With this activity, the kids got to create their own fossil!

The We Craft Box came with a dough mix and the materials to mix it into what you need. And a couple of plastic dinosaurs and dinosaur skeletons to make the fossil prints in your dough.

Once completed your fossil gets baked so your kids can keep it. Definitely something your kids will want to put on their dresser and admire.

As a bonus, the plastic dinosaurs included for this craft are fun toys all on their own. They fit right in with the plastic dinosaurs on my kids’ dinosaur table. And are now a permanent part of their toy collection.

This craft was a bit intimidating looking at first. It looked messy and just not the kind of thing I generally like. But the photo directions are super easy to follow. And it ended up being easier than I expected. Plus the kids loved it!

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Craft #4 Dino Park Dream Poster

This was one of the simplest crafts but also one of my kids’ favorites. It was a large poster of all different types of dinosaurs for my kids to color. It’s currently hanging up on my kids’ wall.

There is only one poster in the box. But it’s a large size. And easy for two kids to contribute to coloring. Even my sharing-challenges kids were able to make this a happy project for two.

Our We Craft Kit came with a new set of markers to use for this poster (and two other crafts that involved coloring). The markers themselves are a nice bonus from our craft box.

It’s a large set with lots of colors. And has now been used for various art projects completely unconnected to the We Craft Box.


Craft #5 Dino Identification Print

The final craft is another coloring project. It’s really kind of Part 2 of the poster coloring craft. It’s a dinosaur identification print for kids to color.

If your kids ever went through a phase of dinosaur obsession they (and you) will be familiar with the names. And your kids will enjoy completing this chart.

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What I Like About the We Craft Box

There is a lot to love about the We Craft Box subscription for kids. I definitely recommend the We Craft Box if you’re looking for a craft subscription box for kids in the target age range of 3 to 9 years old.

Here are a few of the reasons why I recommend the We Craft Box:

Reason #1: We Craft Box Crafts are “Keepers”

The crafts themselves are ones your kids will get excited about! They are very hands-on and unique. And they are the kinds of crafts where your kids have something cool to show for their effort.

Whether it’s a cool poster for their room, a dinosaur mask and claws to play in, or a fossil they made themselves from dough, every craft in the box was a “keeper”. Not something you’re going to immediately toss in the bin.

Reason #2: Two Kids One Craft Box

I’ve mentioned this before. But I am going to say it again because it is such a huge benefit of the We Craft Box. Every craft and activity is designed with enough supplies for TWO kids to enjoy.

If you have two kids in the 3 to 9 years old age range, they can both create and have fun with this box.

With past subscription boxes, if one of my kids received a box and not the other there was jealousy. Even if I ordered each child their own box, when they didn’t arrive on the same day, there were some feelings.

(Hiding the first box in the closet until the second child’s box arrives is all well and good until you forget where you put it!).

I love that this box is created with sharing in mind. And aren’t crafts more fun when kids can do them with a sibling or friend? Or even with mom or dad.

Maybe you’re longing to create your own bendy brontosaurus! Or you just want to do something cool with your kid. With We Crafts, you can each make one!

Reason #3: Fun Activities & Crafts to Do with Your Kids Right Out of the Box

The reason I get excited about craft subscription boxes for kids is that I love having ready-to-make crafts straight out of the box.

When you want to have fun getting creative and crafty with your kids you want to be able to dive right in! Free time is limited. Spend it on the actual craft and bonding with your kids. Not on the prep work for craft time.

We Craft subscription boxes mean no scouring the internet for activity ideas that don’t look too hard or require anything too expensive. And no expensive craft store stops. Or reading complicated directions or watching long how-to videos to figure things out.

With We Craft Box you have everything you need for craft time as soon as you open the box (except water and scissors. So grab those, then you’re good). Plus easy to follow photo and text directions to make it easy to have a fun craft time.

Take the prep work out of making crafts with your kids. Just start creating, straight out of the box.

Things to Know About the We Craft Subscription Box

The first thing you should know about the We Craft Subscription Box is that it is designed to help families get creative and do activities together. Crafts are a great way to spend quality time with your kids. And when it comes to the We Craft Box, you WILL need to be involved.

I’ll admit to me, this can be a bit of a downside to the We Craft Box crafts. While I enjoy watching my kids make crafts, I really prefer to keep my role to a more supervisory one. Or even, set it up and step away to do something else while keeping one eye on the craft table.

Some of the We Craft activities will totally let you step away to make lunch or do a little cleaning (or help an older child with their virtual school Zoom meeting). But many won’t.

In the We Craft Box my family tried out, the coloring activities were really the only ones that were completely independent of parent involvement. Just hand the kids the markers and poster. And they can take it from there.

But all the other crafts required direct parent help and supervision. Sometimes to assist. Sometimes to help with the actual crafting skills. And sometimes to supervise closely activities that could go awry without a close eye from an adult.

I’m happy there was a mix of the coloring activities kids can do themselves. But I honestly wish some of the other crafts didn’t involve me quite so much. Now, keep in mind this issue will totally depend on your kids’ ages. I have one grade-school kid who could have done a lot of this on their own. But also a preschooler who needed my help a lot.

What Age is the We Craft Box Right For?

The We Craft Subscription Box is designed for kids ages 3 to 9. That is a huge age range! And my kids happen to fall at both ends of the range.

My oldest child was able to do more of the crafts independently. With my help only necessary for using the oven on the clay crafts. And helping explain some of the craft instructions.

But my youngest, who is four, needed a lot of hands-on help with all of the crafts except the coloring. And I think her and I both wished the crafts had needed me to be a little less hands on. Obviously this will be less of an issue the older she gets.

I still think this is a great subscription box for kids from preschool on up to older grade school. I just want to make sure it isn’t a surprise if you get this subscription for a young child and find that craft time means your hands on involvement is required to help your child be successful with many of the crafts.

If you have a preschool age child and are looking for crafts more specifically geared for that age group, check out my complete review of The Preschool Box here.

How Much Does a We Craft Subscription Cost?

If you want to order a single box from We Craft, the cost is $29.99. A great price for 4+ crafts, with supplies directions and everything included. Especially when you consider the high quality of the crafts. It would be hard to purchase these supplies separately at that low of a cost.

Like most subscription boxes, you can bring down the monthly box cost by committing to a longer subscription. For example, a 12 month subscription brings the price down to $24.99/box. With 3 month and 6 month subscriptions where the price falls somewhere in between.

It’s a great deal for everything you get in the We Craft subscription boxes.

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Who is the We Craft Box Best For?

As subscription boxes for kids go, the We Craft Box is one that is going to appeal to a broad audience. In fact, if you have kids, it’s likely the We Craft Box will be a great fit for your family.

If you need a gift for your kids or your just looking for out-of-the box crafts to do with your kids, you’ll want to give a We Craft Box subscription a try!

Keep the target age range of 3 to 9 years old in mind. And remember the younger your kids are within that range the more help they will need from an adult. Older kids will be able to tackle the crafts more independently.

So, who is the We Craft Box best for? It’s best for kids who love crafts! Fun, creative, learning crafts they can really get into and enjoy (without parents needing to worry about prep work or buying supplies).

I can wholeheartedly recommend this subscription box to you as a gift for your child(ren). And as a fun kids craft box for some bonding time and creative family fun.

We Craft Box Review: Give It a Try!

If you’ve been wondering if We Craft is right for your child, I hope this review has been helpful. Honestly, if you’ve seen an ad for We Craft Boxes and it looked appealing, or it came up in your search for a kids craft subscription box, chances are this is the right subscription box for you!

We Craft Boxes are truly one of the best craft subscription boxes for kids. Subscription boxes make great gifts for kids. And if your kids like crafts, the We Craft Box is sure to bring a smile to their faces when they open it up!

Order a We Craft Box for your child here!

Kids Craft Subscription Box by We Craft

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