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Virtual Baby Shower Ideas & Planning Tips

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How Do You Throw a Virtual Baby Shower?

Wondering if a virtual baby shower is the best option for you? Whether you’re social distancing, live far from friends and family, or you’re on bed rest and aren’t up for a big party, it can be a real bummer to miss out on having a baby shower! Which is where these virtual baby shower ideas can come to your rescue!

Maybe you want to plan a fun virtual baby shower for a friend or family member who is expecting. Or maybe you’re trying to find the best way to have your own shower under unique circumstances. In either case, these virtual baby shower ideas can help!

Today’s technology has blessed us with the new and super convenient virtual baby shower! Everything from virtual baby shower companies to DIY options on Zoom or Skype. Making baby showers possible from anywhere and for almost anyone. Let’s dive into these virtual baby shower ideas that can make planning simple and easy.

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Make Your Virtual Baby Shower Planning Easy!

These days hosting a virtual baby shower is easier than ever. You don’t have to struggle through an awkward celebration on technology that isn’t designed for groups or parties. Today we have amazing tools like WebBabyShower, and online platforms like Zoom to make your virtual baby shower beautiful, simple, and fun.

First, let’s talk about the easiest option for planning. WebBabyShower is a virtual baby shower company with comprehensive tools that allow you to plan every aspect of your virtual baby shower. They can help you add things you would never imagine can be part of a virtual shower.

Plus, the WebBabyShower site is packed with the best virtual baby shower ideas, tips, and tricks to pull it all off and help even the least tech-savvy family and friends participate.

But maybe you’re more of a DIY virtual baby shower planner. And that’s fine!

If all you want is a simple get-together without a lot of trimmings, tools like Zoom are great options for your virtual baby shower. Zoom is easy to use and works great for virtual get togethers of all kinds. Plus, after the last year, nearly everyone knows how to use it.

And a Zoom shower doesn’t have to be no-frills! Fun baby shower themed Zoom backgrounds, simple baby shower games, and guests willing to participate can make even a simple shower a festive celebration of a mom-to-be!

More about the “location” of your virtual baby shower below.


What Platform Should I Use for a Virtual Baby Shower?

There are a few essential things to consider while planning a virtual baby shower. 

The first is where will you host it? Since it isn’t going to be in a physical space, you might be wondering “where” to host a virtual baby shower. You’ll need to decide on a virtual place to hold the shower.

I’m going to focus on what I feel are the best options for a virtual baby shower in this article. First, for the easiest overall planning, you can’t beat WebBabyShower as a virtual baby shower host. It has everything you need to be a 5 star baby shower hostess and then some. And it makes it super easy to throw a heck of a virtual shower.

Why Use a Virtual Baby Shower Website Like WebBabyShower?

If you want a seamless experience for your guests, beautiful design, attention to detail, and less work for yourself, then using a virtual baby shower website is a must. 

I recommend WebBabyShower because it is the most comprehensive and easy virtual baby shower platform out there. 

It all starts with your own personalized site with over 20 different designs to choose from. This is the hub of your virtual baby shower. Curate all the registries, compile guest lists with contact information, add co-hosts to help you plan, and send out invites all from one place. 

One of the coolest features of WebBabyShower is that they have is also an invitation email open tracker. So you can see who has opened your emails and who hasn’t. That way you’ll know how to follow up with different people who haven’t RSVPed, and double-check that you have all the correct contact information for people who haven’t opened it, or resend the invite.

Parents can also update their site throughout the course of the pregnancy and birth with photos and stories. So even friends and family not on social media can see the progress, or if you don’t want to share that information on social media, you can do it on your own virtual baby shower space.

This service isn’t free but compared to the cost of throwing an in-person baby shower, it’s a great price. There are two options to choose from and they are based on time. You can have your site up and running for six months or 12 months depending on how long after the birth you’ll want to keep updating guests on the new baby.

One thing to note is that the one feature WebBabyShower doesn’t have is the video conference. That is the only thing you’ll have to take care of, which is easy with Zoom, which I’ll get into below.

Other Platforms for a Virtual Baby Shower

Whether you’re looking for video conferencing software to use with your WebBabyShower virtual event or you’re doing a DIY virtual baby shower there are a lot of options for live-streaming. And over the last year, most people have become more and more accustomed to video chatting and online video conferencing. 

My favorite software for online meetings (and the best bet for a virtual baby shower) is Zoom. Zoom is a great virtual space to host a baby shower whether you’re taking care of all the details yourself or using an online event planning service.

Zoom allows all of the guests to be on camera and to chat at the same time. So the parents will be able to interact with all the participants. If you want to have virtual baby shower games and activities, then you’ll want that feature.

Virtual baby shower games on Zoom are much easier to pull off than many other virtual meeting platforms because of that face-to-face interaction and fun features like polls.

Zoom is free to use for up to 40 minutes. But if you want to have unlimited time then you’ll have to pay around $15. That 40 minutes goes fast, so consider paying the small fee to keep your virtual baby shower from becoming a beat the clock event.

To invite people to join a Zoom shower, all you have to do is share a specific link that guests can use to join from any device whether it’s smartphones, tablets, or computers.

There is even a phone number people can dial into to listen and talk if they don’t have another option. Setting up the meeting on the Zoom website is simple too.

Virtual Baby Shower Invitations: Evite or Snail Mail?

Next, on your virtual baby shower planning list, it’s time to send those invites!

With a virtual baby shower, you might choose to send the invites virtually only via email, by sharing on social media, sliding into friends’ DMS, or text. But you can also use traditional snail mail invitations if you prefer.

The truth is that I am a bit of an etiquette stickler when it comes to invites. I prefer something in the mail. But with a virtual shower, I’m not sure that’s best! When guests will be clicking a link to attend your event, I think email or some other electronic delivery is your best bet.

You don’t want them frantically trying to type in a Zoom link from a paper invite when it would have been so much easier just to click! Consider doing both evites and snail mail invites if you prefer a physical invitation just to cover all your bases.

The truth is some guests would love to receive a physical invitation. And it makes a nice keepsake for the mom to be. Good reasons to use both if you think it makes sense for your guest list! 

What Goes on a Virtual Baby Shower Invitation?

A virtual baby shower invitation is really not that much different than any other invite with one extra detail. Make sure you include the Zoom link (or other video conferencing link) on the invitation! And then, of course, the time and date and how to RSVP

You might also want to include some information about how to interact at a video conference. Like how to use mute and other virtual etiquettes that could be important for your shower.

Before sending your virtual baby shower invitation make sure it is super clear that this is a VIRTUAL shower. You don’t want someone doing a quick skim of the details showing up at your home expecting an in-person party.

Here is a quick checklist of what to include on your invitation:

  • Who & What You’re Celebrating- seems obvious, but be sure it’s clear
  • Date & Time for the Virtual Shower
  • Virtual Baby Shower URL (either a website or the video conferencing link)
  • RSVP information – where and how can guests RSVP?
  • Where to ship or drop off gifts
  • Any details unique to your celebration and how to contact the host with questions

For a super detailed rundown of what to include on virtual baby shower invitations, including invitation wording ideas, check out this post from WebBabyShower. They’ve got the details nailed down.

The Best Virtual Baby Shower Games

Love them or hate them, games are often a big part of baby shower celebrations. When they’re done right they can really be a highlight of a fun shower. And this is true of virtual baby showers as much as those celebrated in person.

So, what baby shower games are best for a virtual baby shower? Let’s talk about it!

Obviously, baby food tasting, guess the candy bar poopy diaper game, and measuring the belly with toilet paper are not going to work well for a virtual shower (I’ll let you decide whether that’s a good or a bad thing).

But there are plenty of games that work beautifully for a virtual shower. And might even be more fun than the traditional shower games!

You don’t even have to come up with all the games and materials yourself. WebBabyShower has a totally free downloadable pack of virtual baby shower games you can download and even send out to guests. Grab yours- it’s so easy!

Plus, I have several free printable baby shower games on my site that would work perfectly as virtual baby shower games:

Another fun thing you can include in your virtual baby shower activities is a poll. If a gender or name reveal is on the virtual baby shower agenda you can even poll the guests in Zoom! You could poll guests on what they think the birthdate will be (if it isn’t scheduled), what the baby’s weight and height will be, color hair/eyes, etc. The possibilities are endless. And this is super easy to organize.

Other Virtual Baby Shower Activities

While baby shower games are fun, there two main reasons you have a baby shower. One is to spend time with friends and family to celebrate the soon-to-be new mom & baby. The other is to shower the parents with gifts! So make sure these two things are included in your virtual baby shower agenda!

The mom-to-be will want time to chat and connect with her guests (and the guests with each other). So allow time for this! And if the conversation is flowing be prepared to drop one of your games or add a little extra Zoom time to let people enjoy themselves.

Depending on how many guests you have, it might be hard to give everyone a chance to chat. So if you have dozens or even hundreds of guests, it just won’t be possible to have a conversation with each person.

In that case, it might be a good idea to have the parents prepare some updates to share with the group. And maybe get some input from the VIP guests like the grandparents.

You can also break up the shower into smaller groups so the parents can actually have a chance to converse with each of the guests or households participating. Though of course, this takes up extra time, and when you’re pregnant you may or may not be up to the extra socializing.


Should You Open Gifts at a Virtual Baby Shower?

When it comes to gift opening, there are two schools of thought. Some people prefer to save opening gifts for after the party is over. Others want to see it happen during the shower.

For myself, I think a lot of guests enjoy seeing the mom-to-be open gifts. So personally I would keep this tradition. Aunt Mildred will be pretty bummed if she doesn’t get to see you open the adorable little outfit she picked out.

A virtual baby shower gift opening will require some coordination to make happen. Guests will need to know ahead of time where to ship or drop off their gifts so they are available to the mom-to-be to open. Make sure to include this information on your invitation to make this easier.

If that feels like an etiquette breach to you, talking so openly about gifts, you can wait for people to ask for details.

But be prepared that the virtual gift opening may not work out if there isn’t a coordinated effort to get the gifts to the right place for the opening prior to the shower.

How Long Does a Virtual Baby Shower Last?

Your virtual baby shower can last as long as you want! But there are a few things that might determine how long you choose to keep the party going. 

If you are using a platform like Zoom for video conferencing, then using the free version limits you to 40 minutes. However, you can opt for the paid version for just $15 and party all night if you’d like. 

But also think about how long people will really be able to be engaged on a computer without losing interest. My personal intuition is that about 1-2 hours is the max people will want to hang around without getting burned out from being on a screen. 

Virtual Baby Shower Mini-Sessions

Another option I’ve seen hosts use for virtual baby showers is to schedule individual time with different groups of family and friends and do shorter mini-showers with smaller groups of people instead of one big one.

This will take up more of your time as host and for the mom-to-be, but less of your guests’ time. And it will give the new parents more personal one-on-one interaction with their guests, which they may want. 

They might prefer to spend an hour doing quick 5-10 minute chats with different households rather than a large chaotic group all at once.

And you can always bring the whole group together for maybe a 30-minute party of games and activities at the end. 

How Many Guests Do You Need For a Virtual Baby Shower?

When it comes to deciding the size of your virtual baby shower guest list, do whatever works for you or the parents you’re planning the shower for. Because this isn’t a one size fits all type of party.

If you want to have a lot of interaction with guests and have them be able to really chat, your max is probably going to be around 10 guests for your virtual baby shower. 

If you have a big guest list you can choose to have everyone together. And just know you won’t have as much interaction between guests and with the mom-to-be.

Some people love a crowd, even virtually. Some don’t. How do you and the parents you’re throwing the shower for feel?

Alternatively, as I suggested above you could break the list down into smaller groups and have multiple mini-showers that allow for more time to talk and connect.

Don’t stress too much about it. This is supposed to be fun. Consider what kind of shower you want to have, small and intimate, brimming with people and festive, or something in between, and go with what feels best.

How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower that’s Really Fun

Hosting a virtual baby shower is actually sounding like it might be more fun than a typical baby shower at this point (especially if you have some introverted tendencies as I do sometimes).

It’s a lovely way to connect with family and friends when you can’t be together in person but want to share some love and celebrate. And with all these virtual baby shower ideas you’ll be able to put together a memorable event even from a distance.

Happy virtual baby shower planning!

Virtual Baby Shower Planning Ideas

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