Announcing Pregnancy on Valentine's Day

21 Fun Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy on Valentine’s Day

Announcing your pregnancy is always going to be a special moment but there is something extra special when you can make the announcement on a holiday celebrating love! If you’re looking for a fun way to announce your pregnancy to family and friends on Valentine’s Day, this list will give you all the ideas you need! Make your Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement one to remember when you share your special news!

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Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement to Husband or Partner

These days many of us don’t so much announce a pregnancy to our husband. He’s usually sitting outside the bathroom while you pee on the stick. (Isn’t it romantic?).

But if you happen to have taken a pregnancy test without your partner and you get to surprise them with a pregnancy announcement, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do it. 

So, share what you’re love has created with these fun ideas for a Valentine’s Day pregnancy reveal to your husband or partner. 

Valentine's day pregnancy announcement to husband

1. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Card for Husband

This Valentine card to announce pregnancy to your husband or partner is absolutely adorable. And a favorite of mine for a Valentine’s Day pregnancy reveal. It’s actually a  scratch off card. After the “YOU+ME=” there is a section to scratch off where your pregnancy news will be revealed. 

I don’t doubt it will be the most exciting Valentine’s Day card you’ve ever given your partner! 

Valentine's Day pregnancy t-shirt

2. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Reveal T-Shirt 

If you’re looking for a fun way to surprise your husband with your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day, this T-shirt is a unique way to break the news.

You can simply put it on and see how long it takes him to notice. Or if you don’t have the patience for that, ask him if he can see where you spilled coffee on your shirt. Or any other excuse to get him to look at it. 

A simple “Hey Babe, check out my shirt!” will do the trick as well. 

Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement to dad

3. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement to Dad with Onesie

Wrapping up this adorable onesie and giving it to your husband for Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to share your pregnancy with him on the holiday. And then you can celebrate your baby news together!

Plus, then you have your first baby onesie all ready to use!

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement to Grandparents

Often the first (and for sure one of the most fun) pregnancy announcements you get to make is to the grandparents-to-be. Other than you and your partner, no one is going to be more excited to hear the news. If you’re planning on announcing pregnancy to parents on Valentine’s Day, check out these fun ways to share the news!

valentine's day pregnancy reveal to grandparents

4. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Reveal for Grandparents in a Box

This pregnancy reveal in a box is the perfect gift for announcing your pregnancy to your parents and inlaws on Valentine’s Day. 

The box wraps up in a beautiful gift and inside is a customized onesie with your baby’s due date on it. Your parents will cherish the gift and it’s an elegant way to reveal your special news on Valentine’s Day. 

announce pregnancy to parents on valentine's day

5. Onesie to Announce Pregnancy to Grandparents on Valentine’s Day

If you like the idea of giving a onesie to share your pregnancy news but are looking for something simpler or more on theme for Valentine’s Day, check this one out. 

This adorable Valentine’s Day onesie is super cute and a fun gift for grandparents to be. 

photo prop for valentine pregnancy reveal to grandparents

6. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Reveal to Grandparents Photo Prop

If you’re announcing your pregnancy to grandparents on Valentine’s Day long distance, a photo is a fun way to share your news. This Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement chalkboard photo prop is perfect for a cute photo to share on your phone or via social media.

Or even in the mail if you have enough time. In that case, consider asking your parents to Skype or FaceTime with you when they open the card. 

A photo announcement is custom and personal and makes a wonderful keepsake for expecting parents and grandparents. Make your Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement photo one to cherish. 

Valentine pregnancy reveal to parents

7. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Card for Grandparents

Nothing beats a card for a memorable pregnancy announcement that is also inexpensive. And Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love with cards. 

Plus a card isn’t going to tip anyone off about your news before they open it like an unexpected gift might. 

This Valentine’s Day card for sharing pregnancy news with grandparents is a scratch off card that comes in a set. One for Grandma and one for Grandpa. Share your special news with these unique and fun cards. 

How to Announce Pregnancy to Family on Valentine’s Day

The first two ideas below for making a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement to family and friends are super fun if you get to share your news in person. 

But if you’ll be sharing the news remotely, check out the picture signs section below for photo props and social media announcements you can use to share the news with all the special people in your life. 

Valentine's day pregnancy announcement wine label

8. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Wine Label

Valentine’s Day might not be a holiday you typically send cards or gifts to family and friends. But if you happen to be attending a party or get together where you can share your news, why not bring a bottle of wine to share? One with a custom label announcing your pregnancy. 

This custom wine label is perfect for a Valentine pregnancy reveal to grandparents, friends, and family. Anyone, you’ll be seeing where you can bring this gift as a fun surprise. 

Valentine's Day Pregnancy Reveal Puzzle

9. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Reveal Puzzle

Pregnancy reveal puzzles are such a cute way to share your news with anyone from your husband to your parents, to family and friends. Anyone you can convince to put together a puzzle.

Tell them it’s something funny and they just need to put it together. And then see how quickly they figure it out. This is an inexpensive and memorable way to share pregnancy news on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Picture Signs

Valentine’s Day pregnancy reveal pictures can be used on cards you send in the mail or on social media. Some of these are designed specifically for social media sites. So, if that’s where you plan to share, these are a fun way to create a memorable social media post with your news. 

valentine's day pregnancy reveal chalkboard for social media

10. Valentine’s Day Social Media Pregnancy Reveal Chalkboard

There are so many adorable options for Valentine’s themed chalkboard pregnancy announcements you can use on social media! This one happens to be my favorite. But check out a few more if you love the idea but this one isn’t quite your style. 

Digital Valentine's Day Pregnancy Reveal

11. Personalized Digital Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement

If you want a unique way to reveal your pregnancy to family and friends on Valentine’s Day consider a personalized digital announcement you can share on social media. 

 Social media is a great place to share your news with everyone at once. And something like this will make sure your post gets noticed to get the word out. 

An announcement like this is a beautiful way to share pregnancy news online. 

Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement for Instagram and Facebook

12. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement for Instagram & Facebook

Make a splash on Instagram and Facebook with this beautiful digital Valentine’s Day pregnancy reveal. It’s customizable with your own details. And eye catching to make sure everyone gets to see your big reveal. 

Valentine's Day Pregnancy Reveal Ideas for Social Media

13. Heart Social Media Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Reveal

Share what’s in your heart this Valentine’s Day by sharing the news of your growing family on social media. This Valentine’s Day pregnancy reveal for social media is gorgeous and sure to get noticed as your loved ones scroll down the page. 

This beautiful digital pregnancy announcement is the perfect way to tell everyone about your little Valentine!

Big Sister or Big Brother Pregnancy Announcement for Valentine's Day

14. Big Sister to Be Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Sign

If you want your Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement to include your older kids, this big sister to be photo prop sign is perfect! (Or you can get the big brother sign here). 

Use this photo prop to take a photo you can share in a social media pregnancy announcement or one you mail out. A super cute and fun way to share news of your growing family!

Pregnancy Announcement Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day card to announce pregnancy

15. Cute Valentine’s Day Card Pregnancy Announcement

Planning to send a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement card to family and friends? This is the sweetest little card! 

I love the birds with the hearts! It’s a unique pregnancy announcement perfect for sending on Valentine’s Day! And the card is personalized with your own details of names and due date. A really fun way to share your news!

Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement to family with card

16. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement with Ultrasound Photo 

Pregnancy announcements featuring ultrasound photos are very popular. They are the sweetest little photos and everyone knows instantly it’s a pregnancy announcement which is fun. 

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement card with an ultrasound photo. And would be perfect for sharing your news with friends and family in February. 

Announcement pregnancy to family on Valentine's Day

17. Roses are Red Pregnancy Announcement for Valentine’s Day

A sweet simple pregnancy announcement for Valentine’s Day! I love this card for sharing your news with family and friends because at first glance it just looks like a cute Valentine. It isn’t until they open the card that they see your surprise. 

Watching someone open the card is fun so this is a great choice if you will be giving the card in person to your parents or husband. Or anyone else you want to share your pregnancy news with in a special way. 

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt Ideas

Pregnancy t-shirts can be used to “announce” your pregnancy when you wear them to a family event or a gathering with friends. It’s a fun way to share the news and watch to see who notices first. And then how quickly word spreads!

If you love the idea of surprising family or friends with your pregnancy news in person by wearing a t-shirt this Valentine’s day, these shirts are exactly what you need to do it!

Valentine's day pregnancy reveal shirt

18. Pregnancy Reveal Shirt for Valentine’s Day Growing My Valentine

This pregnancy reveal t-shirt for Valentine’s Day comes from Amazon. I love the color and the sweet message. 

With the sweet little baby feet, people will be quick to notice and start celebrating your baby news!

Valentine's day pregnancy reveal t-shirt

19. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Reveal Shirt Pink

Love the pink on this Valentine’s Day pregnancy reveal shirt! Not only will this be a fun Valentine pregnancy reveal but it’s also a cute shirt. 

Plus I love that it has longer sleeves for February! It’s a cold month, keep that growing baby bump warm!

Future Valentine Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

20. Future Valentine Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

This shirt might keep people guessing for a few minutes when it comes to your pregnancy news. It doesn’t have any big giveaways like baby feet or “due date”. So, this shirt has to actually be read and understood. 

You’ll probably get a few “Are you…?” with big eyes. Then you can offer an enthusiastic “Yes!” and you can all start celebrating your future Valentine. 

Valentine's Day Big Sister Pregnancy Reveal Shirt

21. Cupid is Promoting Me to Big Sister Shirt Pregnancy Reveal

Let your kids make the big Valentine’s Day pregnancy reveal! They won’t even be jealous if you give them this ADORABLE outfit to break the news! It’s so cute I want one of my own to wear. 

And of course, there is a cute t-shirt version for a big brother.  Check out the big brother Valentine’s Day shirt here. There is also a version of the big brother shirt on Amazon here

The Best Ideas to Announce Pregnancy on Valentine’s Day

What could be more exciting than sharing your pregnancy news with family and friends! And Valentine’s Day is a great time to do it. If the timing is right for sharing your pregnancy news make yours a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement and add to everyone’s fun on the holiday of love. I hope these ideas can help you make announcing your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day extra special. 

And congratulations on your pregnancy!

Enjoy Sharing Your Pregnancy News this Valentine’s Day

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