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50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

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The Best Toddler Valentine Crafts

Want to make Valentine’s Day a special day for your toddler this year? I’ve got you covered with this list of over 50 fun Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers

This list has everything from Valentine themed paper plate crafts to painting projects, DIY cards, clay projects, and more. All the arts and crafts (and hearts) you could possibly want to create with your toddler for Valentine’s Day.

You’ll find the perfect craft to make with your little ones on this list of Valentine crafts for kids ages 1 to 5. Check them out below!

Need more Valentine crafts? Check out these Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids of All Ages or these 25+ Valentine Crafts for Tweens.

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50+ Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for Toddlers


Easy Valentine’s Day Card Idea for Toddlers

This is a great Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers, but I kind of just want to make it myself too. Creating the tie-dye effect with a few simple materials looks satisfying. And fun.

It’s even easier than you think because it comes with a printable template to make drawing the perfect hearts foolproof. 

You can pre-cut the cards, or if you have older kids who can do this with you and your toddler, they can help do the cutting!


Heart Butterfly Craft for Toddlers on Valentine’s Day

Projects like this one are fantastic to do with toddlers because there are multiple steps. 

This means it requires a bit more supervision and help from a grown-up or older child. But also more ways to work on those motor skills. Plus one project can be done over two days, so you can make it last without extra planning or supplies. 

There are only some basic supplies needed for this craft. And most you probably already have. Older toddlers will be able to do a lot of this project on their own too! Practice those scissors skills.


Paper Doily Heart Valentine’s Day Craft

Toddlers looove painting, and it’s fun to just let their creativity take over. 

But a lot of times you end up with just a big brown splat on oversaturated paper from them mixing all the colors haphazardly. Great for their creativity and sensory experience, not so much for making a card for grandparents or friends.

Similar to the painter’s tape project above, this tutorial is perfect for toddlers because it lets them just do their thing with painting while creating a giftable finished product.

You can make this one a masterpiece on canvas (or paper) or into a fun DIY Valentine card from your toddler to loved ones.


Easy Watercolor Valentine’s Day Art for Toddlers

Painter’s tape is truly an essential supply for parenting. There are so many fun games and projects you can do with it. 

This easy watercolor painting uses painter’s tape to create beautiful watercolor patterns that make beautiful art for Valentine’s day cards. Let your toddlers go wild with the watercolor because the painter’s tape will ensure they will still create giftable work.


Easy Sponge Painting Toddler Valentine Craft

This sensory painting idea would be a great tutorial to use for Valentine’s Day cards from toddlers! 

Just let them use the heart sponges on some cardstock folded in half, and give it to parents or grandparents for a memorable Valentine’s gift. 

I would also have some extra paper, maybe even some big rolls of craft paper, to let your kiddo go to town on too. Just creating one, or even a few cards, isn’t usually enough to scratch that sensory itch for little ones.


I Love You to Pieces Homemade Toddler Valentines

Cut and paste. It doesn’t get more simple than that, and it’s still fun for toddlers.

I love how this tutorial gives multiple ideas on how to create and use this simple heart design. No construction paper? Cool, use tissue paper. No cardstock? The regular white paper works. You can also use this to create a card, or even something like a magnet as she suggests!


Heart Art Easy Valentine’s Day Idea for Toddlers

Simple, easy, but cute. And totally toddler-friendly!

This project can do double duty by being a fun Valentines craft for toddlers, and be a sweet gift from toddlers to parents or grandparents. Use card stock or thick paper and fold it to turn it into a homemade Valentine card.


Heart Banner Toddler Valentine’s Day Idea

This Valentine’s Day project is fun for toddlers, but older kids would probably like this one too! And maybe even want to hang this banner up as room or party decor.

This banner uses a similar effect as the heart cards that are earlier on this list, but instead of coffee filters, uses paper towels. I love that because as a french press gal, I don’t usually have coffee filters on hand. 

The finished product also looks surprisingly neat and even semi-professional for something made of markers and paper towels! I think I’ll make this with the kids to hang on our mantle this year with some fairy lights.


Heart Suncatcher Valentine Day Craft for Toddlers to Make

If you want a super easy Valentine Craft for toddlers, you’ll love this one!

I’ve been seeing kids making these suncatchers all over Instagram at basically every holiday, and think I’ll finally get around to doing some with mine.

These hearts are so pretty and bring some much-needed color inside during the dark days of mid-winter. Plus, by using contact paper, you don’t even need to get messy with glue!


Sensory Valentine’s Day Art for Toddlers

Let your toddler embrace their inner Jackson Pollock. (Just make sure you’re ready to get a little messy.)

This sensory activity creates beautiful toddler paintings reminiscent of modern art. But truthfully you don’t even have to create a finished product. You could just let them play in the shaving cream for fun!


Mess-Free Heart Painting Idea for Toddlers

A mess-free painting project for toddlers? Impossible! Right?

Any painting project could take a turn for the worse and become messy, but this project doesn’t require a mess. It’s a super fun method of painting using a ball, and there are a bunch of alternatives they list in case you don’t have any balls you want to get messy.

It’s a fun and easy idea for Valentine’s Day with toddlers.


Black Glue Heart Valentine’s Day Art Project for Toddlers

Whoa. Why didn’t anyone tell me before that black glue is a thing? 

It is, and it looks cool. The tutorial gives you exact proportions, but basically, you just mix black paint and school glue. Voila! Black glue. You could probably use this method to create glue in a lot of colors. (I think I’m going to have to blow my daughter’s mind with some pink glue.)

Besides the glue and some paper, you just need watercolors, and you’ll have some colorful hearts to brighten up your February.


Heart Gift Box Easy Valentine Craft for Toddlers

Have you accumulated a bunch of brown cardboard boxes that you haven’t recycled yet? Make them fancy and use them as gift boxes with this craft!

You’ll have to do the cutting and prep, but the kids could then do the gluing and placing hearts. You could also cut out other shapes, like stars, if you want to make something that isn’t just a Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers.


Paper Chain Toddler Valentine Craft

Googly eyes get me every time. They make the creatures on this little paper chain melt my heart. This would also be perfect to keep up as decoration through spring, or with a bug unit study.

It looks a little complicated, but the tutorial makes creating this paper chain a piece of cake. Actually assembling the chain might be a little fiddly for a toddler’s emerging motor skills, but they will be able to do a lot of the craft on their own. 

And you can use this craft as a Valentine’s Day party decoration, a countdown to Valentine’s Day, or just a fun activity.


Heart Hug Valentine’s Day Craft for Toddlers 

I swear I made one of these when I was a preschooler. Vivid memories of the fun accordion arms! 

This would be a really sweet gift to give, especially as a Valentine craft for toddlers to Daddy or Mommy. It’s not just a card, it’s a big hug from your toddler!

The materials for this craft are simple, and toddlers can do most of this on their own. But beware… there is glitter! So be prepared for finding bits of glitter in every part of your home for months. The sparkle is worth it though, right? (If you’re worried about whether the glitter is eco-friendly, you can find eco-glitter that is biodegradable!) 


Glitter Foam Valentine Heart Craft for Toddlers

Three for one! This tutorial includes three different crafts you can create with toddlers for Valentine’s Day. I want to highlight the one pictured above.

Using chunks of glittery foam, your toddler can decorate a fun sparkly heart. Easy! And if you use the glitter foam sheets with sticky backing it can be mess free!

The other crafts in this post look fun as well. A range of different Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers to choose from.


Valentine’s Day Card for Toddler to Give

It doesn’t get easier than these printable Valentine’s Day cards. 

If you’re rushed and don’t have a ton of materials, print these out and give them to your toddler to “decorate.” For us that usually means whipping out some markers and letting them draw and try to write their name inside the card.

To be honest, decorating the inside of a card is one of my kids’ favorite crafts.


Valentine Handprint Craft for Toddlers

Handprint crafts are the best! They are fun to make, and such sweet keepsakes to look at and remember when your kids had teeny hands.

This handprint Valentine craft is especially cool because it is also a picture frame! You could also use this tutorial to create handprint ornaments for other seasons, like Christmas too. And you know I love Christmas crafts!


Heart-Shaped Decorated Box DIY Valentine Craft

Over the summer I like to do a coral reef tinker tray with my kids that is similar to this, and it is a huge hit! 

This tutorial uses Modge Podge clay instead of the playdough I usually use in a tinker tray, but the concept is similar. 

Many of the finishing touches will need to be done by an adult or older child who can use a glue gun, but toddlers can do most of the decorating themselves.


Love Bug Toddler Valentine Craft

What adorable little bugs. And you only need a few basic crafting supplies to create them.

This tutorial calls for using a hot glue gun to create these, and that would certainly be easier. But for making these with toddlers, I would just use regular glue. It won’t stick quite as well, but it’ll do the job well enough to hold.


Upcycled Jar DIY Valentine Day Gift for Toddlers to Make

Create gift boxes perfect for small pieces of candy or jewelry with this Valentine gift idea for toddlers to make! 

I wasn’t sure this would be the best craft for toddlers, but it doesn’t use hot glue. Just fabric glue and/or modge podge. So no worries about hot objects. I’m sure a toddler’s creation won’t be quite as neat as the one pictured, but it will still be fun and charming in its own way.

Plus, what a fun Valentine’s gift for your toddler to give to mommy or grandma!


STEM Activity Idea for Toddlers on Valentine’s Day

Raise your hand if you knew these were called thaumatropes! Me neither… but they’re really cool and will keep kids busy for ages!

Turn a simple craft into a science project and experiment. The tutorial also includes history and more information on the science behind the effect these create. Plus, they are beyond easy to whip up!


DIY Heart Crayons Easy Toddler Valentine Craft

Reuse all those broken off bits of crayons. It seems like my kids will turn a new pack of crayons into little broken pieces in warp speed. This craft is the perfect way to upcycle them into new crayons!

And it’s one of the best Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers!

All you will need are the broken crayons, silicon molds, and an oven.

This is really more of a craft for parents to do for their toddler. But toddlers can get in on breaking up the crayons (if they haven’t already). And deciding which colors to melt together.

This craft also makes a nice gift to send with kids to school for all their friends.


Mess-Free Painted Heart Toddler Valentine’s Day Art

Sign me up for all the mess-free projects. I am so tired of cleaning up after the fun of crafting is over. 

And the photo for this one doesn’t really do the craft justice. The fun of this one is in the mess-free method.

Want to know the secret to mess-free painting? Put it in a plastic bag! I’ve seen sensory bags for kids similar to this one, but this tutorial also creates a cute painted heart that toddlers can hang on the fridge or give as Valentines.


Love Hound Simple Valentine Craft for Toddlers

A doggie made of hearts. How precious! My kids go bananas for dogs, so I’m sure they would love gluing together this sweet puppy.

It’s as simple as cutting out hearts and gluing them together to create a dog face and ears.

Toddlers could totally do this one mostly on their own, and if they’re is decent at cutting they might even be able to cut out the hearts too!


Huggable Valentine Handprint Craft for Toddlers

Even when you have to be away from those you love, you can send them a hug!

What a cute idea as the perfect Valentine craft for toddlers to daddy, mommy, or grandparents… or anyone they love! Using their handprints make it more than just a craft and more of a memento.

All you need is paper, glue, and ribbon.


Fingerprint Heart Keyring Toddler Valentine Craft

A new twist on the handprint keepsake. Turn your kids’ little fingerprints into a heart keychain! 

Grandparents would love these as Valentine’s from their grandkids, and they are absurdly easy to make. You could mix up some salt dough to make them, but this tutorial uses air dry clay that has a little different recipe.


Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle Craft for Toddlers

I saw sensory bottles all over Pinterest for years before I finally got my kids one. I was skeptical, but they absolutely fell in love with it! Even months after we got it they still picked it up every day. 

To create this one, all you need are a few basic supplies you can pick up from the Dollar Store! Then hypnotize your toddlers with the glittery hearts. The perfect thing to cool them off after a tantrum.

And your toddler will enjoy adding ingredients while you (closely!) supervise.


DIY Cupcake Decorating Valentine’s Day Idea for Toddlers

If you’re having a Valentine’s Day Party with your kids, or if your toddler just loves to help with baking, this cupcake decorating idea is a must-do.

Instead of just setting out the accouterments, you neatly parcel them out on paint palettes. As with any dish, presentation is half of what makes it delicious (and fun). Of course, it will probably be a big mess once they’re done, but it’ll be a yummy and fun mess.


DIY Gelatin Stamps Easy Valentine Craft for Toddlers

Take your Valentine’s Day cards to the next level by creating your own stamps! You can even lick and stick them. 

You might not be able to use them to actually send a piece of mail, but it would be cute to add them to cards and gifts you deliver by hand. Your little ones design the stamps and then you add some gelatin glue to the back to make them sticky. This tutorial also has some printable stamps you can use too.


Heart Letter Boxes for Toddler Valentines

Little heartbreakers need a place to put all their valentines, right? Create these sweet card baskets with you toddlers using cereal boxes!

Honestly I would make these any time because my kids love baskets and boxes. It’s just so fun for them to fill them with all their little treasures. This tutorial is easy and customizable to your kids’ favorite colors and styles.


Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages for Toddlers

Printable coloring pages are clutch. 

They come in so handy on days I don’t have anything fun planned and the kids are bouncing off the walls. Download these three different coloring and activity pages and print them off for some super easy Valentine’s Day fun with your toddler. 

Go the extra mile to print them on cardstock and then the kids can use watercolor on them too!


Scripture Heart Craft for Toddlers on Valentine’s Day

The Bible has some beautiful verses about love, and this heart craft displays them wonderfully. 

If you teach in a religious school, or have a Sunday School class, these would be perfect to do with the little (or big) kids. The tutorial includes a printable sheet of the verse used, and the kids can create their own designs using q-tips, paper plates, and paint. 

You can also skip adding the verse and keep this as a simple heart craft for toddlers.


Hippo Heart Craft with Template Valentine’s Day Craft

Upcycle those toilet paper and paper towel rolls into adorable Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers. 

Hippos are so adorable and make unique crafts for Valentine’s Day. Plus, there is a template you print, have the kids color, and then simply glue onto the toilet paper roll. So, it’s a super easy. Yay!

And if you like this craft, you’ll love the next one. Plus you’ll want to check out more toilet paper roll crafts here!


Toilet Tube Bear Valentine’s Day Craft for Toddlers

Are bears more up your kid’s alley than a hippo? Try this toilet paper roll bear instead!

This one also has a printable template that makes it straightforward to complete, even with toddlers.


Toilet Roll Love Bugs Best Valentine’s Crafts for Toddlers

Get a little fancier with your Valentine’s Day toilet paper roll crafting with these enchanting love bugs. 

They have the sweetest faces with the googly eyes, and you can let your toddlers use their imagination to create whatever designs they can come up with. Older kids would probably enjoy this craft too, like early elementary school age.


Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box Valentine’s Day Idea for Toddlers

While we’re on a roll here (see what I did there), share something sweet in these unique gift boxes made from toilet paper rolls!

The way you fold in the ends of the toilet paper rolls to hold in candy is brilliant and easy. Toddlers will love doing the painting, and then basic decorating. Big kids could help too, and just create more intricate designs.


Heart Owl Toddler Valentine’s Day Craft

A perfect Valentine Day card idea for toddlers! And it’s made of hearts!

Printable templates make this darling owl an effortless project to put together with toddlers. The tutorial uses cardstock, but construction paper would work well too. Just cut out the pieces and glue them together. Simple.


DIY Yarn Heart Craft for Toddlers on Valentine’s Day

Have some yarn, cardboard, scissors, and tape? Then you can make these charmingly homespun yarn hearts. 

I think this would be an interesting activity to do with toddlers because the motion of wrapping the yarn is a bit unique and could be a good challenge for their developing motor skills.

Plus, this craft is cheap and easy. Make a bunch of them to give friends and family. Or hang these hearts up around the house to decorate for Valentine’s Day.


Picture Frame Valentine’s Day Craft for Toddlers

Popscicle stick crafts are so fun, and full of nostalgia. Remember making them yourself as a kid? Me too.

This one actually looks a bit more polished than most with just some washi tape and stickers as decoration. Glue a picture of your tiny Valentine inside it and gift it to family or friends!


DIY Cupcake Valentine’s Day Card Idea for Toddlers

Another perfect printable! And a super easy Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers.

This cupcake is delightful. Toddlers can color it with markers, and then use crinkled up tissue paper and glue to add texture to the cupcake as icing.

I think kids would really love the feeling of crinkling up the paper, or ripping it up into squares, whichever they prefer. It feels very satisfying.


Paper Heart Glasses to Print and Color

Does your toddler love things to be a bit fancy? I can totally see my daughter, who loves all things extra, totally rock these printable heart-shaped glasses. 

This printable craft is so easy to make! Just print out the template, color it, cut it out and assemble. The tutorial suggests gluing popsicle sticks to the arms, but I might just attach some string to tie them around a kid’s head. It will change the glasses effect, but they’re more likely to stay on the face.


Paper Plate Note Pocket Simple Valentine Craft for Toddlers

A lovely paper plate craft that is easy to do with toddlers, and is a great place to collect all their other Valentine’s!

I could also see using this as a place to collect things like gratitude lists, notes from your kids, and other small sentimental papers you just can’t part with.

You don’t need a ton of supplies. And if you don’t have some, like the beads, you can use stickers or other decorations. Whatever you have around the house that has those Valentine vibes.


DIY Ring Dish Fun Valentines Craft for Toddlers

A thoughtful Valentine gift to create for a parent, grandparent, or even teacher! 

This ring dish has a very cottagecore vibe, so it would actually be kind of trendy even though it’s made by a toddler. Plus, it has fingerprints in it so it has the sentimental value of a handprint craft.


Valentine’s Day Play Dough Mats for Toddlers

I literally printed these as soon as I saw them because I knew my kids would adore them. Making different kids of playdough is one of my favorite things to do for the little ones. And adding in a themed play dough mat for Valentine’s Day kicks it up a notch. 

Just print these out and laminate, or put them in page protectors. You could just give them to them as is without a plastic cover, but they won’t be reusable then. But you could always reprint.

A super easy Valentine’s Day activity for toddlers!


Ladybug Valentine’s Day Craft for Toddlers

I love how easy this ladybug is. They even finger painted the paper plates in the tutorial. What is more perfect for a toddler than finger painting? Not only is it fun, but it’s a great sensory experience.

The ladybugs also come out quite cute! There are a few random supplies like pom poms that you probably have in your craft supplies. But if not, you can always improvise with whatever you have on hand to mimic the design. Or create your own!


ASL Activity Idea for Toddlers on Valentine’s Day

Free Valentine’s Day printable coloring pages that also help kids learn another language? Yes, please!

Like many modern parents, I started my kids with sign language when they were babies to help us communicate before they could talk. But once their verbal communication got running, we fell off the sign language bandwagon.

This simple coloring page is a great way to reintroduce sign language or teach kids their first fun sign.

Maybe it will spark their interest into learning more. We need more people fluent in ASL out there.


Heart Cards Easy Valentine’s Day Craft for Toddlers

Glue and some paper are all it takes to create these simple, but charming, homemade Valentine’s Day cards. 

Just trace hearts onto cardstock then let your toddlers rip up or cut up small pieces of pink or red paper and paste it into the heart shapes. It takes almost no effort from you to help them make a special card they can share.


Dot Marker Printables for Toddlers for Valentine’s Day

Mix it up. Instead of painting or coloring, try dot markers! I’m a fan of dot markers. And so are my kids. They are a fun new way to color and create. And easy for toddlers and preschoolers to hold in their hands.

Once you grab some dot markers off Amazon, print these free pages, and your toddler will be occupied for a long time.

Or if you don’t have dot markers, you can also use these printables with other materials to fill in the circles like stickers, q-tips with paint, paste in cut out construction paper, the choices are endless.


Heart Bird Feeder Valentine Craft for Toddlers

Stringing things, like beads, or in this case, cereal is such a fun activity for toddlers! This DIY bird feeder is a way to incorporate that skill into your Valentine’s Day craft time.

Simply string fruit loops (or whatever O shaped cereal you have on hand) onto pipe cleaners, bend it into a heart, add string, and you’re ready to attract all the birds to your yard for viewing.

It’s a fun Valentine’s Day activity that provides some fun beyond craft time!


Valentine’s Day Painting Ideas for Toddlers

I love doing painting projects with toddlers, but it can be hard to create a polished finished product when they are just learning how to create arts and crafts. This tutorial solves that issue!

Just have them paint a piece of paper with red paint, and once it is dried you cut out hearts from that paper to paste onto cardstock and create a card.

It doesn’t matter if they distribute the paint unevenly, or if there’s a lot of texture. That’s kind of the point because it creates an interesting pattern in the heart.

What Should I Do With My Toddler on Valentine’s Day?

It’s easy to make Valentine’s Day special for your toddler with just a few simple crafts, activities, and maybe even a fun snack or two.

Choose your favorite toddler Valentine craft from this list and make something special with your toddler. Then consider a Valentine’s themed sensory bin, Valentine playdough mats, or other hands-on activity for heart day.

For snack, heart shaped cookies, or a few candies or treats with hearts will help your toddler enjoy the holiday fun.

You can also grab a few Valentine’s Day books for toddlers at the library to make storytime part of your holiday. (This book is my favorite for toddlers on Valentine’s Day).

All of these ideas are relatively simple. More so if you choose one of the easier crafts. And your toddler will be thrilled. Especially if they have older siblings enjoying Valentine’s Day parties at school. They’ll love having a celebration of their own at home.

Fun Valentines Crafts for Toddlers to Make

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet holiday! And a fun chance to create lasting memories with your toddlers. Have fun painting, crafting, and making gifts to share the love with your friends and family with these awesome valentine crafts for toddlers.

The Best Crafts for Toddlers for Valentine’s Day

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