Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids- Celebrate Love!

Valentine’s Day! The holiday of love, hearts, candy & crafts! And since I am one of those super strict moms when it comes to my kids eating candy, I’ll be focusing on the Valentine’s Day crafts for kids at my house!

I love Valentine’s Day crafts! All those hearts, and pink & red, and so much cuteness! Because my kids are young and I am not very “crafty” I like to focus on easy crafts so anyone should be able to do these fun Valentine’s Day activities.

Whether you want a DIY Valentine for your child’s friends or just some Valentine’s fun at home with your toddler or preschooler, there will be a craft on this list for you! Check them out and then start sharing the Valentine’s Day love with your kids.

And if you need crafts for your kids, check out these Valentine’s Day crafts for tweens and these Valentine crafts for toddlers! Something for the older kids and the little ones.

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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids – Easy & Fun!

Valentine's Day craft for kids

1. Valentine’s Day Craft Heart Suncatcher

This super fun Valentine’s Day craft for kids is a great place to start because it is so easy! This is perfect for toddler craft time or an activity to do with your preschooler.

And because it’s contact paper instead of glue, it’s relatively mess-free. Except for the glitter of course. But if glitter scares you, you can always use sequins or other flat decorations.

The heart suncatcher is a fun craft and a cute Valentine’s Day decoration to have for the holiday. Definitely, recommend this one if you’re looking for a simple and fun craft for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's day craft for preschoolers & toddlers

2. Yarn Paper Plate Heart Craft

This craft combines my love of paper plate crafts with my love of sew cards for kids! It’s a great combination of both and a perfect kids’ craft for Valentine’s Day!

This is super easy and mess-free. Plus the sewing is a great way to help toddlers, preschoolers, and young kids work on fine motor skills.

The setup is easy for parents too. Just hole punching your plates and cutting some yarn.

Heart craft for Valentine's day with kids

3. Heart Necklace Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

If your kids get a kick out of crafts they can wear, this heart necklace will be a perfect Valentine’s Day craft! Whether they want to make necklaces for friends or to wear themselves, they’ll have fun putting this easy Valentine’s Day craft together.

The only hiccup I encountered was I didn’t know what a paper straw was. And hey, they’re very festive and you can drink out of them. So save the spares for your next kids’ birthday party or even to jazz up the drinks for some Valentine’s Day fun after craft time.

Kids Valentines Day craft pom pom monsters

4. Valentine’s Day Craft Pom Pom Monsters

After learning to make pom poms out of yarn at my local library’s craft time my kids became pom pom making maniacs so I knew they would love this Valentine’s Day craft.

And why not? These pom pom monsters are so stinkin’ cute! And easy to make. Once you help your kids create their pom pom it’s just some basic gluing and bending pipe cleaners into hearts.

These are my personal favorite for Valentine’s crafts for kids this year.

Family Valentine's Day craft for kids

5. Valentine’s Day Craft Conversation Heart Tree

This is a Valentine’s Day craft kids of all ages can get into. And a great way to use up conversation hearts if you’re wanting to limit your kids’ candy or they just aren’t fans of the sweet treat.

I like that this craft was so easy and all you really need is paper, paint & conversation hearts to get started. Oh and glue.

Obviously, encourage your kids not to eat conversation hearts once they have glue on them. But just in case make sure you’re using non-toxic glue meant for kids.

Kids Paper Plate Valentine Craft

6. Valentine’s Day Paper Plate Craft Love Bug

Paper plate crafts are my jam! OK, I hate that phrase, but in this case, it’s true! I love crafts made out of paper plates! We’ve made everything from wreaths to polar bears. And they’re fun.

This Valentine’s Day craft is no exception. My only hang up was I had trouble finding red tissue paper squares that weren’t in multicolor packs. So, we decided to roll with it and make our love bugs multi-colored (and don’t forget to use these on your heart suncatcher!). Plus save some for the next craft holiday.

Pretty sure there are some Easter crafts will need some tissue paper squares in our future.

Cute Valentine's Day craft for kids

7. Valentine’s Day Love Bug Craft for Kids

Another Love Bug Valentine’s Day craft for kids, this one is super easy and I found all the supplies needed at a local dollar store.

But it does use a hot glue gun, so mom or dad needs to be there to help with the actual gluing after your kids pick their love bug decorations.

Valentine's Day party idea kids craft

8. Straw Topper Valentine’s Day Craft Project

This craft uses a heart printable, which makes things nice and easy! And then you can let your kids decorate it in their own style. These straw toppers use those paper straws again- apparently, a popular craft supply thing I never knew about!

This would make a great craft for a kids’ Valentine party. And the straws and toppers are fun Valentine’s Day decorations.

Valentine's day craft for tweens

9. Borax Crystal Valentine’s Day Craft for Tweens

This is a science activity and Valentine’s Day craft for kids all rolled into one. It’s a fun option for tweens because it takes some patience and a little skill.

But younger children can enjoy this experiment and the resulting craft with some patience and lots of help from an adult.

melted crayon hearts valentine's day craft

10. Melted Crayon Heart Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

Melted crayon hearts are a great way to make use of the million and half broken crayons around your house (or is that just my house?). Or you can buy some inexpensive crayons and let your kids break them into smaller pieces.

Then you need a silicone heart shaped mold and your oven. This time of year heart shaped molds are at many stores, or you can buy this silicone heart-shaped mold from Amazon for a good price.

DIY Valentine for Kids to Make

11.  Love Bug DIY Valentine Craft

Everybody loves a love bug kids craft for Valentine’s Day! The Valentine’s Day craft can be given as a card by your child to someone special. A perfect Valentine for a grandparent or parent!

Parents can step in when it’s time for the hot glue gun and the cutting for younger kids. But there is plenty of decorating for kids to do themselves here too. And they can help choose their photo to use!

DIY Valentine craft for kids to make

12. Photo Wreath Valentine’s Craft for Kids

For another great craft that you can stick your child’s photo in, check out this Valentine’s Day craft photo wreath.

Kids love decorating the frame once you get it cut out. And it’s a fun craft to hang up for the holiday and beyond. Plus it makes a sweet Valentine’s gift for grandparents if you need one!

Heart Panda Valentine's Craft for Toddlers & Preschoolers

13. Heart Panda Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

This is a unique Valentine’s Day craft (or really any day) that will appeal to little ones that love animals! Use hearts to put together an adorable panda bear!

If mom or dad take care of the cutting, toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy assembling and gluing their panda bear Valentine’s day craft together.

Easy Valentines craft for kids

14. Easy Valentine’s Day Sticker Craft for Kids

This is the easiest of the easy Valentine’s Day crafts. Foam stickers are a personal favorite of mine for craft time with toddlers. Or really any age. They are as mess free as can be other than picking up the paper backing from the stickers.

For this craft, all you need is foam craft hearts and foam craft stickers. Here are some heart foam stickers too!

heart kids craft for valentines day

15. Heart Butterfly Craft for Valentine’s Day

This is a fun easy Valentine’s Day craft for any age. Have your kids paint ahead of time. And then you can come back later and help them assemble their adorable butterfly.

And the wings are made from hearts so it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Shaving cream valentines craft for preschoolers

16. Heart Shaped Shaving Cream Art

Kids love shaving cream art. And it’s perfect for preschoolers! Or toddlers if you watch them closely to make sure they don’t try to eat it.

The actual craft is very easy. And kids love the colorful resulting marbled heart. It looks really cool and your kids will love seeing how to design is made.

DIY Valentine for Kids

17. Valentine’s Day Craft Hershey’s Kisses Mice

This Valentine’s Day craft can double as a DIY Valentine to give to friends at school or wherever. And it’s pretty easy to make.

Because of the detail and smaller pieces involved in making these adorable craft mice, this activity is best for school-age kids or younger kids getting plenty of help and supervision.

Easy Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids to Enjoy & Create!

I once had a friend express the opinion that Valentine’s Day was meant for adults…What?!?! For me, it’s mostly a kids holiday. Sure, adults should take time to express romantic love for their partners and other loved ones. But kids get the cards, and the candy, and the crafts! Valentine’s Day was so much fun as a kid! And it still is as a mom to enjoy celebrating with your kids (and maybe later that night with your partner). So, celebrate with your kids, make crafts, eat cookies, say I love yous! Celebrate love.

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kids crafts for valentine's day
valentine crafts for kids
kids valentine's day crafts
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Valentine's Day crafts for kids! Easy & fun Valentine's Day craft ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, and school age kids too!


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