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25+ Valentine Crafts for Tweens

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The Best Valentine Crafts for Tweens

Is your tween a little too old for the typical paper plate and cut out heart Valentine’s Day crafts? Then you’ll love these Valentine crafts for tweens! They are perfect for your older kids to create something special, either on their own or with you. A little more challenging than the usual little kid projects and cool enough they’ll actually want to make them and share them with their friends. These are Valentine crafts for kids that are ready for something a little more grown-up.

Our list of Valentine crafts for tweens has everything from gifts to give to teachers, to sentimental gifts for BFF’s, to sweet handmade presents to let their crush know how they feel.

Most of them tweens can do on their own, but many would be fun to do together with your kiddo. There are even a few you can pull little ones into and make it a whole family project!

Check out this list of tween Valentine fun below and let your older kid get in on sharing the love with crafts this Valentine’s Day!

(And if you need Valentine’s day crafts for your younger kids too, check out these other fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids and these Valentine crafts for toddlers too!)

25+ Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for Tweens


Sparkly Painted Clay Pots Tween Valentine’s Day Craft

Plants make fantastic gifts. Especially right now when becoming a plant mom is uber trendy. But you can add a personal twist to the plants with painted clay pots for an easy Valentine’s Day craft to do with tweens.

I could see a teacher loving this gift and keeping it in the classroom to give it a little life. Or maybe a grandmother keeping it on her windowsill.

Or maybe your tween will make this craft for you with a few friendly hints.


Watercolor Cards Valentine Art for Tweens

Go beyond the plain old Crayola watercolor tray from elementary school, and experiment with these fun watercolor techniques to create beautiful Valentine’s Day art with tweens.

The cards you buy in the store for Valentine’s Day can be so overdone, corny, or too sappy for your too-cool tween.

And creating your own at home is such a beautiful way to spread the love. Tweens can make these for their friends, and I’m sure grandparents would love receiving one!


DIY Puzzle Wreath Valentine Craft for Tweens

How many puzzles do you have in your house that are missing a bunch of pieces? I think I have more incomplete puzzles than ones that still have all their pieces in the box. 

This wreath is a great way to finally put those incomplete puzzles to use! Paint them up in the colors of love and create a wreath with them! 

And even though this is a Valentine’s Day craft for tweens, you could do it any time of year and just change up the colors and message. 


Felt Roses Flower Craft for Tweens on Valentine’s Day

Felt roses are the perfect Valentine craft for tweens! Create a bouquet that will last a lot longer than a rose with felt! Make this with your tween to give to their crush as a bouquet, or give out single roses to their besties.

It is one of those Valentine Day crafts that looks like it takes a bit of work but is so simple it doesn’t even need a template to follow. 


Tissue Paper Heart Wreath Easy Valentine Crafts for Tweens

If you have a tween, but also some younger kids you need to keep occupied, this craft is a nice one to do with everyone.

In the tutorial, the crafter makes these with a range of ages and you can see the difference in skill level in the final product. Smaller kids can just paste on the paper to create the wreath in their haphazard way, while tweens can take more time to perfect the style of it.


Felt Valentine Mini Frames Valentine’s Craft Ideas for Ages 8+

Hello cottagecore! What’s old is new again, and these charming mini frames hit the yesteryear cottagecore trend right on the head.

I see vintage fancy frames at second-hand stores and yard sales all the time. I want to scoop them all up, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t do anything with them. This tutorial has my brain spinning with lots of new ideas! Besides the frames, the other materials are pretty basic and inexpensive. 

A great craft to make with your tween as a gift or as some cute decor for a vintage vibe room.


Bubble Wrap Painted Heart Magnet Craft

Learn a fun new painting technique with this easy Valentine’s Day magnet craft. Spoiler alert: you use bubble wrap to create the exciting circle patterns that almost have a mermaid scale quality to them. 

I love that these are magnets, but you could also do this style of painting on cardstock to create Valentine’s Day cards with your tween for them to hand out to friends and classmates.


Heart Mandala Rock Painting Craft for Valentine’s Day

Are you ever out for a walk and notice a painted rock? I love that. It just adds something special to my day. How about painting rocks with your tween for Valentine’s Day?

Then you can place them in locations people will find them and spread some love! Or pair them with a slab of wood to make a natural outdoor tic-tac-toe game!

Recreating these mandala designs as inspiration would make beautifully painted rocks that stand out. Don’t worry if you or your tween aren’t a couple of Monet’s. There are detailed instructions for fool-proof results.


Painted Wine Glass Valentine Art for Tweens

They might not be able to fill them with wine yet, but tweens will love painting wine glasses with this tutorial.

Plus they can use them for anything from earring holders to ice cream sundae dishes for a bit of extra fun.

I love crafts that you can tweak and use for different occasions. So you could use this technique to paint wine glasses for this Valentine crafts for tweens, and then just change up the design for other times of the year.

It’s also surprisingly simple to create these. You’d think painting on glasses would take some special materials, but most of them are supplies many people have in their craft closet.


DIY Rose Filled Heart Card Valentine Craft Idea for Tweens

This is one of my favorite Valentine crafts for tweens! The paper roses used to create this card look fancy but are so easy to assemble. And with this printable template, it is even easier.

Just grab some paper, glue, a pencil, scissors, and the free printable template to whip up this high-impact and low-cost card in no time with your tween. Spend time together rolling up paper roses and create cards to send to all your friends and family.


Spiral Flower Heart Valentine Day Craft for Tweens

This sweet sign uses the same technique to create spiral roses, but instead of creating a card, it’s a sign to display. A nice alternative to the craft above if you’d prefer something more solid than a card.


Easy Mason Jar Valentine’s Day Love Craft for Tweens

Charming, just charming. This little mason jar craft seriously stole my heart. 

The most fun part might even be prepping the supplies for this craft. Take a walk out in the woods with your tween and collect moss, twigs, berries, or any other small items you would like to include in your mason jar. Spending time together is just as important as the end product, right?

Use this article as a jumping-off point to get creative with it and create your own versions.


DIY Picture Frame Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

Make a beautiful frame to give someone with… duct tape? 

Yes! Duct tape comes in so many different designs now. Pick your favorite love or Valentine-themed duct tape and have fun.

You could probably use some washi tape too if you have a stash you want to whittle down. Then add your own message with scrabble tiles. This unique idea is one of the best Valentine crafts for tweens!


Heart Banner Valentine Craft for Tweens

This banner is so sweet I’m surprised it isn’t for sale at Target. It looks really neat and professional, but it’s basic to put together.

The tutorial uses felt and some pre-made felt balls and tassels. But you could mimic the look of this with just some paper and yarn! DIY the tassels and some pom poms in place of felt balls, then use paper for the hearts and you’re in business.

I love substituting materials with whatever I happen to have on hand because waiting to start a project until I can get to a craft store is such a drag. And I bet your tween has the same impatience I have.


Heart Plush in Matchbox Tween Valentine’s Day Craft

Teeny heart in a teeny box. How cute! And a thoughtful gift your tween can make for their little friends.

It takes some patience to fiddle with these tiny pieces. But if you have a tween who has great attention to detail, then this is perfect for them! There are a lot of different steps and even a little sewing for them to test their skills.


Origami Heart Bookmark Valentine’s Day Idea for Tweens

If I knew how to fold these when I was a tween, I’d have been passing them around to all my besties in class. They are just.too.cute.

The tutorial has clear step-by-step photos and instructions to make folding these bookmarks easy a pie. Technically they might be bookmarks, but you could glue them to the front of some cardstock to create custom cards too!


Conversation Heart Soap Tween Valentine’s Day Craft

It is so hard to share your feelings when you’re a tween! I remember those awkward days. This is why conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day are the best for confessing your love to the newest crush. Or sharing some fun messages with friends.

Help your tween create these cute soaps with messages on them for their bf’s, gf’s, and bff’s. If the conversation hearts aren’t their speed, maybe add a crystal to the middle of the soap! 

This craft does take a bit of investment in materials, but the results will be impressive. And your tween will love their finished product.


Be Mine Origami Heart Craft For Tweens

Origami is so simple in its materials, but complex in its design. This origami Valentine is definitely meant for the big kids. There are quite a few steps to create this cool heart and arrow Valentine, but it’s worth it for the effect! 

There is a youtube video linked up in the tutorial that will walk you and your tween through each step. If you’re brand new to origami it might take a few attempts. But it will be worth the effort!


Salt Dough Heart Bunting Tween Valentine Craft

Salt dough crafts are perfect for the entire family to do! From toddlers up to tweens and even the adults. Simply customize the designs and complexity for the age group and skill level. 

This salt dough craft turns heart ornaments into bunting, and it would look perfect adorning a tween bedroom. Hang it up with some twinkle lights for instant tween decor.


5 Minute Valentine’s Day Garland

Got paper, glue, and some string? Then you can make this cute craft with your tween!

The tutorial uses a heart-shaped hole punch to create the hearts used in this simple Valentine garland, but you could just use scissors to cut them out too. 

They’d be a perfect companion for the heart bunting above! And make some easy (and fun) Valentine’s Day party decor!


Rustic Valentine Pom Pom Heart Sign Valentine’s Craft

Your tween can create a sweet pom pom heart sign for Valentine’s Day with this simple tutorial. And it will work as decor in their bedroom after too!

The wooden sign that the pom-poms are glued onto to create this gives it an on-trend rustic feel, but you could do this with a canvas or any other material you’d like.

It’s as simple as hot gluing the pom-poms into a heart shape, which is also why it’s great for tweens. Although it’s easy, using a hot glue gun is definitely better left for older kids and adults.


DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mug Valentine Craft for Tweens

I had no idea you could do this with just nail polish and some water! This super easy Valentine’s Day craft is perfect for tweens. 

It only requires a few materials, and the results are gorgeous. You’d never know from just looking at it how simple the process is, and it would be perfect to give to grandparents, teachers, or even close friends as a fun Valentine’s Day gift.


Valentine’s Day Heart Magnet Craft

Magnets are a perfect DIY gift because they are practical, serve a purpose, and are easy to display! You get to see them all the time hanging out on the fridge, and if you make ones for each holiday you can swap them out with your seasonal decor.

This would be a great tween Valentine craft to make a bunch of as gifts for friends and family because they’re so quick!

There are only three materials used and four tools, so it shouldn’t be too expensive either. Set it up like an assembly line and let your tween go to town!

The magnetic jars would also be perfect for storing spices on a refrigerator. Just skip adding the paper to the inside and put a little label on the outside instead.


Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Craft for Older Kids to Make

The sweetest (pun intended) gift a tween can make their friends. 

Interesting or fun wrapping can make all the difference in a gift, and these cute little bags with printable tags take a gift of simple candy to the next level. 

Tweens can easily make these for their friends, but younger kids could make this too as long as they can tie a bow.


Embroidery Thread Card Tween Valentine’s Day Craft Idea

If your kid is itching to start learning to sew, get them started with this embroidered card. 

This looks quite intricate and has an almost artisanal feel, but it’s as easy as just poking some holes in the shape of a heart!

I would also let my younger kids give this one a try because pin poking is a great way to get in some fine motor skill development. Younger kids might need to try this on thicker paper (or a paper plate!) to keep from tearing the sewing holes.


String Heart Banner Tween Valentine Craft

Rustic and neutral vibes give these hearts a toned down and more “grown-up” appearance than other Valentine Crafts. So if you have a tween who is ready to get out the pink phase, but still a romantic at heart… do this craft with them. 

You only need a few materials to create this heart banner, and it is stylish enough to hang anywhere in your home. In the article, they hang it on what looks like their mantel and it is really cute in that farmhouse way that’s so trendy.

But if your kid is into bright colors or you want to make it into a rainbow banner, that’s cool! You can customize the colors to whatever your aesthetic is. Bonus, it is easy enough that smaller kids could probably help too!


Heart Hot Air Balloon Paper Valentine’s Day Craft

Paper card crafts are the best because you don’t need to buy a bunch of special supplies you might never use again. Just paper, scissors, and glue! 

This heart hot air balloon card is so easy, it even has a free printable template to follow, and easy instructions to create the cool 3D effect. Tweens could easily create this, and smaller kids might be able to join in on the crafting too.


DIY Heart Bouquet Valentine Craft for Older Kids to Make

Cheap, fast, but adorable. 

Forgot to grab a little gift for your kid’s teacher or a grandparent? Make a quick trip to the Dollar Store and throw this Valentine’s Day gift together with your tween in no time!

You might not find the exact supplies in this tutorial, but that’s ok! Just roll with whatever they have in their seasonal aisle. Maybe you’ll find something even better!


Burlap Felt Heart Pouch Valentine Craft Ideas for Tweens

A perfect sewing project for a new sewer. 

Your tween can stitch together some burlap and felt to create these lovable little pouches. Then stuff them full of treats for friends! Since this Valentine craft has a rustic aesthetic it doesn’t even matter if the sewing is imperfect. That will just add to the charm!


Simple Decorated Mug Valentines Craft Idea for Tweens

Wait… what? It’s really this easy to create a custom decorated mug to give to someone (or keep for yourself)? Yes! Which is why it’s a perfect idea for an easy Valentine craft for tweens that still makes something cool.

This tutorial is as easy as drawing doodles or whatever design you or your tween would like on a mug and curing it in the oven. Seriously. Grab some Dollar Store mugs and give this one a try!


Microwave Home Heating Pad Valentines Craft for Tweens

The old saying is “cold hands, warm heart.” But your tween can make these little heating pads as the perfect hand warmer for that cold month of February!

This tutorial uses a sewing machine to stitch together the hearts that are filled with rice, but if you don’t have a sewing machine or your tween isn’t able to use one yet, you could just hand stitch it. Just make sure it is stitched securely so the rice doesn’t fall out.


DIY Button Mosaic Jar Valentine Craft

One of the easiest Valentine crafts for tweens, this mosaic jar idea is a fun one for you to join in on!

I’ve got a big bin of mismatched buttons I’ve been debating on what to do with, and now I know! Create mosaic jars with my kids.

There’s nothing to this simple Valentine’s Day craft. You just use a little spray paint, a glue gun, and some buttons to jazz up an old jar. If you’re a magpie like me, you probably have a whole box of them around your house somewhere.


Felt Heart Ornament Valentine’s Craft Ideas for Ages 8+

I love the idea of doing a little Valentine’s Day tree with these felt heart ornaments. 

You don’t even need to go out and buy a little tree. All you need to do is find a few small branches outside. If you want to have white ones like in this tutorial, just spray paint them.

I also love how this tutorial gives you two options for making the ornaments depending on the type of felt you have on hand or purchase. Smart and simple.


Easy Sew Plush Felt Bunny Valentine Craft for Older Kids to Make

A darling little bunny for your more advanced crafting tween to make. 

This craft isn’t particularly difficult, and it does have a printable template. But it is certainly a little more advanced when you’re talking about a child doing it. So I would do this with true tweens and not younger kids. 

However, if your tween wants to make this, but they don’t have the patience for hand stitching, you could probably wing it with a glue gun.


DIY Squishy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Tweens

If you don’t know what a squishy is, check this out. They’ve been all the rage at my kids’ school for a couple of years. And make a fun Valentine craft idea for tweens.

They are these little bits of memory foam in different designs to squeeze and squish. To be honest they look like fun, and a great sensory activity to kids of all ages, especially particularly fidgety kids… or stressed-out parents who need something to squeeze.

The primary material is memory foam. I thought it was going to be expensive, but it’s surprisingly affordable.


Mini Mailbox Candy Holder Valentine’s Craft

Mini mailboxes open up to reveal a hidden piece of candy. What a great surprise!

The creator of this Valentine craft made a printable template. So all you have to do is print it onto cardstock, cut, and glue! They used white, but you could use any color you and your tween would like.

No need to stay minimalist either. Color it with markers, glue on buttons, slap on some heart stickers. Make it scream with pink hearts. The options are endless. 

You could even include younger kids in this. Print out the template and have them color it, then you and your tween could do the cutting and assembly.


Valentine’s Day Card Bling for Girls Valentine’s Day Craft

These wearable Valentine crafts were created with girls in mind, but a boy could totally rock these too. 

Instead of passing out cards that will just be tossed into a desk or backpack, your tween’s friends can wear these tokens of affection like medals.

Give your kid some cardstock or scrapbook paper, some rhinestones, glue, ribbon, or whatever you have on hand, and let them go to town blinging up their BFF’s.


Baby Yoda Box Valentine Craft

Is your kid in love with the Mandalorian? Then make this box you must. (see what I did there?)

With the printable template, it’s so easy to create. Just cutting and gluing for the most part. The tutorial calls for foam, but you could use cardstock or even construction paper in a pinch. Who can resist that little baby Yoda face? For real.


Where Art Meets Math Valentine Art for Tweens

Have an artsy kid who needs some help enjoying math? Try showing them this video depicting the crossroads of math and art. Not to mention, draw some cool hearts too.

I can’t lie, my mind was kind of blown by the way mathematical principles can be displayed through mere doodles. But if you’re not that into math, that’s cool. You’ll still learn a great doodling method to create some cute Valentine’s Day cards with your tween.


Heart Slime Easy Valentine’s Day Activity for Tweens

This slime looks pretty enough to entice a tween. Plus, I remember being into slime and all those gooey sensory materials well past my elementary school period. (To be honest, I still think it’s fun to play with as a grown adult.)

Most of the necessary ingredients are typical household items, with some extras, like heart confetti. Put them in an aesthetically pleasing little jar and I could definitely see tweens having fun with this on Valentine’s Day! 


Wood Shim Wreath Valentine Art for Tweens

Create a gorgeous shabby chic wreath with your tween. 

The way the wood shims are pinwheeled around the wreath is quite dramatic and would look pretty hanging on a front door. The tutorial uses wood shims, but I would probably just cut up some Amazon boxes, paint them, and call it a day. No one would ever know.

Fun Valentines Crafts for Tweens to Make

Tween life can be so hard with all the big feelings popping up and school and social stress. But these Valentine crafts for tweens will help them share their love for friends and more than friends even through the awkward phases.

It’s also a great way to get in some quality time with your tween before they become teenagers. Crafting together can be a bonding experience you’ll always cherish, and you’ll be able to have mementos to hold onto to remember forever.

Older Kid Crafts for Valentine’s Day

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