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Unicorn Gifts for Kids: The Ultimate List {Updated for 2020}

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Fun Unicorn Gift Ideas for Kids by Age

If you have a kid in your life who is obsessed with unicorns, the search for the perfect unicorn gift comes up with every holiday and event. Luckily there is plenty of unicorn stuff to choose from. Because finding a kid who loves unicorns the perfect gift is as magical as, well…a unicorn, check out this list of the best unicorn gifts for kids of all ages.

P.S. This gift guide goes from youngest to oldest. So if you need unicorn gift ideas for tweens or teens, or even adults (because adults love unicorns too!), scroll down a bit before you start to read to save you some time.

There is some crossover between age groups and I didn’t list anything twice, so you may want to look at the age group above and below what you’re looking for.

*This post contains affiliate links or referral links which means, at no cost to you, I may earn a small commission from purchases made through these links. For more information, please see my disclosure page.

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Unicorn Gifts for Toddlers  

unicorn gift ideas for toddler

1. Hand Painted Unicorn Shoes for Toddler

These unicorn shoes are so precious! It’s easy to imagine the smile on your child’s face every time they look down at their feet and see these pretty unicorn shoes for toddlers or babies.

And I’m pretty sure they will make mom and dad smile too.

fun unicorn gift for toddler girl

2. Unicorn Headband & Unicorn Tutu Skirt

If your toddler needs an outfit to match their unicorn shoes, or just wants to feel as magical as a unicorn, this unicorn headband and matching tutu skirt will make a perfect gift.

For unicorn fans, this is sure to become a favorite outfit.

unicorn toys for toddlers

3. Pink Unicorn Ride On Hopper

I love ride-on hopper toys because they are a relatively safe way for kids to get some physical activity indoors when you can’t get outside. But when a hopping horse just won’t do for your unicorn child, they can hop around the house on a pink unicorn!

unicorn gift idea for kids

4. Personalized Unicorn Kid Cup

My kids love having a fun sippy cup. And for kids that love unicorns, a personalized unicorn sippy cup is about as good as it gets. It’s the perfect unicorn gift for a toddler.

fun unicorn gift for kids stuffed animal

5. Stuffed Unicorn Toy

A unicorn stuffed animal is sure to become a favorite with your child. And this stuffed unicorn is particularly sweet and soft. The longer, thin shape is perfect for squeezing with little toddler arms.blank

unicorn toddler gift ideasblank

6. Unicorn Costume for Toddler

When you love unicorns, the next step is obviously to dress up as one, right? This unicorn costume for kids is perfect for imaginative play and for just hanging around the house being magical.

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Unicorn Gift Ideas for Ages 4-7

fun unicorn activity for kids

7. Unicorn Adventure Scratch & Sketch

This art activity book is the perfect gift for school-age kids who love unicorns. While helping the unicorn return to its enchanted castle, kids can trace magical pictures or sketch freely as they go through the book.

unicorn gift for kids

8. Born to Unicorn Blanket

This plush blanket makes a unique unicorn gift and will make kids feel wrapped up in magic. It comes in sizes from toddler to adult (so you can have mommy & me unicorn blankets if you want to!). Just make sure you order the right size for your little unicorn child.

unicorn gift idea for kids

9. Unicorn Sequin Pillow Personalized

This unicorn gift is about as cool as it gets. And honestly would make a great gift for almost any age kid. If you’ve seen these sequin pillows, you know how much kids love brushing the sequins back and forth. I actually love them too. It’s oddly soothing.

Now imagine one of those pillows personalized with your name AND a unicorn. What kid isn’t going to love that gift?


unicorn gift idea for kids

10. Unicorn Diary Notebook

For a unique unicorn gift idea, this adorable unicorn notebook and pen is perfect for a girl who loves unicorns. Even before learning to write, having a special notebook for drawing or using when you play pretend can be fun.

And this is the most special notebook I’ve ever seen.

unicorn gifts for kids

11. Unicorn Bathrobe Personalized

This unicorn bathrobe is gorgeous and would make a delightful gift for any little girl. It comes in a variety of colors and the monogramming of names is beautifully done.

It’s a unicorn gift sure to make any girl feel special.

fun unicorn gifts for kids stuffed animal

12. Unique Unicorn Stuffed Toy

This adorable unicorn stuffed animal comes with a birth certificate that reminds me of one that comes with Cabbage Patch Dolls.

That’s not the only special touch. This unicorn has hooves where you can write special messages to make this unicorn gift personalized and unique.

unicorn wall art

13. Unicorn Wall Prints

For a unicorn themed bedroom, these unicorn wall prints are beautiful. And will add just the right touch of magic to a little girl’s bedroom.

And for an extra special touch, the watercolor unicorn print will be personalized with your child’s name.

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Unicorn Gifts for Tweens

unicorn gift idea for tween bedroom decor

14.Personalized Unicorn LED Lamp

To add a little unicorn sparkle to your child’s bedroom, this personalized unicorn LED lamp is the perfect gift. It even cycles through multiple colors. It can run on batteries or from a USB port.

And if you decide you want one of these for yourself, I completely understand!


unicorn gift for tween girl

15. Unicorn Gift Set (Bag, Bracelet, Hair Ties & Necklace)

This is one of my favorite fun unicorn gifts for kids!  If you’re looking for the ultimate unicorn gift set, check out this collection of goodies. The set includes a makeup bag, drawstring bag, a unicorn necklace, and a bracelet. And even unicorn hair ties.

Similar sets are available in multiple designs, so check out each style before you decide which will make the best gift for your child.  

unicorn craft

16. Unicorn Craft String Art Kit

Crafts for tweens can be hard to find. But this unicorn craft string art set is really awesome.

It includes two designs. One for a unicorn and one for a heart. Both are beautiful. But the unicorn canvas is truly special. And it’s a craft any kid will be proud to show off.

unicorn decor for tween room

17. Unicorn Wall Decal Personalized

For an easy way to add some unicorn magic to your child’s bedroom decor, this personalized unicorn wall decal is a fun option.

Wall decals are perfect for kids’ bedrooms because they are easily changed when your child changes styles or taste. But they look nice and can be as permanent or temporary as you need.

So your child can have a unicorn themed bedroom wall without committing to it from now until they move out. But really why would they ever want to change it?

unicorn gift idea for tween

18. Unicorn Wall Art Believe in Me

For a child who believes in unicorns, this wall print quote will be a beautiful addition to their bedroom wall. And it’s a nice statement about believing in magic too.

unicorn socks | unicorn stocking stuffer |

19. Unicorn Flip Flop Socks

For a fun pair of flip-flop socks, these unicorn print socks are hard to beat! I love the design and they are sure to be a hit at the next ‘Crazy Sock Day’ at school!

Flip-flop socks have a ‘V’ between the first and second toes so that they can be worn with flip-flops.

unicorn jewelry box

20. Unicorn Jewelry Box Personalized

Every girl needs a jewelry box for storing her treasures. This personalized unicorn jewelry box can last them through the tween years and into the teens.

The design is armoire style. And is perfect for storing keepsakes and jewelry in each little drawer.

giant unicorn stuffed animal

21. Jumbo Unicorn Plush Toy

This unicorn plush toy is a bit outrageous. But it’s hard to argue it would make an awesome gift for a kid who loves unicorns.

Although it’s big, it’s still very soft and perfect for cuddling.


22. Infinity Unicorn Bracelet

This unicorn infinity bracelet is the perfect gift for a tween girl. It’s high quality for children’s jewelry and so bright and fun.

There is a similar bracelet in the Unicorn Gift Set I mentioned above. But I find the unicorn charm on this bracelet a little bit more grown up. And more appealing for an older tween girl.

The unicorn bracelet comes in a few different color options as well. So check them all out before you decide. 

Unicorn Gift Ideas for Teens

unicorn slippers | unicorn gift for teen | unicorn gift for woman |

23. Unicorn Slippers

If you know a teen girl who loves unicorns, these fuzzy unicorn slippers are a fun gift. They are indoor/outdoor slippers. Totally cute! And available in a variety of sizes.


24. Unicorn Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated and this unicorn water bottle is a fun way to do it in style. This bottle also has a water measure chart on the back and a fruit infuser that attaches to the lid.

It’s high quality and comes with the option for personalization with a name if you like.

unicorn gift ideas | unicorn socks | unicorn stocking stuffer |

25. Rainbow Unicorn Socks

For some eye-catching fun socks, these unicorn socks are a hard to miss fashion statement. A fun gift for teens. One size fits most women’s shoe sizes.

unicorn stocking stuffer | unicorn gift | unicorn gift ideas

26. Unicorn Earbuds

For the unicorn fan who has everything, how about some unicorn earbuds? These are super cute and a great deal.

These earbuds are compatible with smartphones, iPods, laptops, CD & DVD players and more. Fun for unicorn fans who want their music with a touch of magic.

unicorn gifts | unicorn jewelry | unicorn necklace |

27. Gold Unicorn Choker

For a classy unicorn necklace, this gold choker is a beautiful choice. It includes an extension chain to adjust for the perfect fit.

The seller also offers gift wrapping and a card if you are having it shipped directly or just want an extra special touch.

Unicorn Gifts for Adults

funny unicorn gift | funny socks |

28. Funny Unicorn Socks

Because adults love unicorns too, you will definitely want these socks. They are hilarious and I love them.

This Etsy shop has several different unicorn socks. And all kinds of other socks. All funny. But these pair are my favorite. And they are an awesome gift for women.

Order some for yourself and also a pair for a friend.

unicorn gift idea | unicorn gifts |

29. Unicorn Jewelry Ring Holder

For a unicorn gift that is beautiful AND practical, check out this unicorn jewelry dish and ring holder.

Any woman who has ever misplaced a ring after taking it off to wash or found themselves missing an earring will love this unicorn gift.

unicorn gift for woman

blank30. Unicorn Wine Glass

The perfect glass for your favorite magic elixir, this unicorn wine glass is fanciful and fun. The perfect gift for grown-up unicorn fans.

Fun Unicorn Gifts for Kids Wrap Up

If you need a unicorn gift for someone special for a holiday or occasion or are simply a unicorn fan yourself, I hope you enjoyed these awesome unicorn gift ideas. I wanted only the best for true unicorn fans.

If you have a favorite from this list, be sure to let me know in the comments!


Unicorn Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

funny unicorn gift ideas

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