50+ Unicorn Crafts for Kids

50+ Fun Unicorn Crafts for Kids

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The Best Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Unicorns are everywhere now accompanied by all the glitter and rainbows a unicorn obsessed kid (or parent) could want. But what’s the one thing more fun than shopping for all things unicorn? Making fun unicorn crafts with your kids! 

The best part? We’ve already done the research and curated over 50 easy unicorn crafts for kids.

These DIY unicorn crafts cover everything from simple and free printable unicorn crafts for preschoolers to scribble away on with their crayons to intricate and unique unicorn crafts that the older kids in the family will love getting their hands on.

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50+ Kids Unicorn Crafts They’ll Love


Easy Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

I love having some craft ideas in my back pocket to pull out of the closet at any given time. Even better if it’s a unicorn craft!

This easy paper plate unicorn is made from materials you probably have around the house, and for those you don’t (like heart stickers), you can find a way to improvise by just cutting out hearts on construction paper and gluing them on with glue sticks. 

It’s perfect for preschoolers and younger grade school kids to have fun and create something beautiful!


DIY Printable Baby Unicorn Bookmarks

These sweet baby unicorn bookmarks are perfect for keeping your page in a book, journal, or planner with a bit of extra magic. Make these with your kids for little gifts or party favors.

The supplies needed are really minimal, and the printable template takes any guesswork out of the project. 

Some of the pieces are small, which could be great fine motor practice for little hands while gluing it together.


3D Unicorn Card

Greeting cards are so overdone and boring, right? How many sappy cards can you buy?

Enter this DIY 3D unicorn card! It’s just so much more special when you can present someone with a card you made yourself. Isn’t that one of the best parts of making crafts with kids?

Make them with your kids to use as birthday cards or an over-the-top birthday invitation card.


Matchbox Unicorn Notebook DIY

Who wouldn’t love this “secret” unicorn notebook?

A tiny unicorn matchbox opens with a surprise! Small note pages to jot down notes and reminders. 

Small, fun, and easy to create with not too many supplies. 


No-Sew Felt Unicorn Pouch Kids’ Craft

My kids love any little pouch or baggie they can hide treasures in, and it’s even better when you can make it yourself. And no sewing required!

There is a free printable template to trace and cut out your pieces, and then simply glue together with a hot glue gun. 

Besides the hook and loop closure, the supplies are pretty basic, like felt and gold material.


Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft with Printable

Who doesn’t love upcycling their toilet paper rolls? And protip: you can also use paper towel rolls cut in half!

I LOVE how this template prints out on a single sheet of paper because it doesn’t waste paper AND it’s easy for kids to color the template before cutting out the pieces for assembly.

Preschoolers might need a little help getting the assembly right, but it is pretty quick and easy.

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Simple Wood Slice Unicorn Ornaments

Pair this simple unicorn ornament with the sparkly unicorn bulbs above, and you would have the most magical Christmas tree ever. 

I love that this craft calls for just good ole Elmer’s glue for assembly, no hot glue needed. Also, my kids really love painting. So any craft that has a painting step in it will be a hit. 

There are two distinct steps of painting the wood slices, and then waiting for them to dry before completing the assembly. 

You could break this into a two-day craft by painting one day and assembling the rest another.


Popsicle Stick Unicorn Craft

Ah, the ubiquitous popsicle stick craft. This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one popsicle stick unicorn, would it?

There’s a reason the popsicle stick craft is a staple. It’s easy, fun, and the result can serve a bunch of functions like bookmark, ornament, puppet, you name it.


Wearable Unicorn Horn Craft

This unicorn horn is both easily wearable and about as easy to make as it gets!

The main supplies you really need are a paper plate, string or ribbon, and whatever you want to use to decorate your horn. 

It’s literally that simple. 


DIY Unicorn Craft Bookmark

Potentially the cutest bookmark I’ve ever seen. 

The unicorn tail is a yarn tassel tail sticking out of your book makes cozying up for a long read so inviting. 

Did I mention it is also absurdly easy?


Paper Plate Unicorn Craft for Kids

When you need to whip up something quick for the kids to do, this paper plate unicorn craft is perfect! 

There’s a template you can download to make it totally foolproof, so even your tiniest crafters will have a magical finished product.


Handprint Unicorn Kids Craft

Handprint crafts are so fun and easy, but also a keepsake you’ll love to look back on when those tiny hands grow. Just like the paper plate unicorn craft, this tutorial has printable instructions and a template. 

No stress, just an adorable craft you can prep in no time to keep kids entertained.


DIY Paper Unicorn Wreath Craft

This paper unicorn wreath craft would make a beautiful wreath for your front door, a unicorn themed bedroom, or even a unicorn birthday party celebration. 

It’s really beautiful but surprisingly simple for as intricate as it looks. This unicorn craft will require some extra materials like a foam wreath and mini artificial flowers but is still really affordable.

Plan to make this unicorn wreath with older children. The method for creating the paper flowers will probably require some more advanced fine motor skills, and you’ll be using a glue gun to attach the flowers. So skip this one with toddlers and preschoolers.


Simple DIY Unicorn Ornaments

Create a magical Christmas tree this year with these sparkly, but really effortless, unicorn ornaments. They’d also be a flawless favor for your unicorn themed parties, or a holiday gift. 

It looks more complicated to make than it is, and the unicorn horn is created with modeling clay so little ones can get involved in the process. 


DIY Washi Tape Unicorn Silhouette

Itching to create something new with all those cute washi tapes you’ve got in your stash? This is for you. 

I can totally picture this hanging on the wall of a unicorn or fantasy themed bedroom, or let’s be honest, any wall in our home! 

It’s so simple that a lot of kids (probably kindergarten and above) could make this with little help from parents, then hang in their room to show off their work. 


Upcycled Unicorn Planter

Make your houseplants a little fancier with this upcycled unicorn planter. 

You’ve probably got most or all of the supplies needed around the house, and if you don’t there’s plenty of ways to improvise with other materials. 

Plus, instead of sending a plastic bottle off to a landfill or recycling center, make something beautiful with your kids.


Unicorn Wreath Craft with Yarn

This wreath is so cute, and a less complicated option than the other unicorn wreath on this list. 

It has a more kid craft look and vibe, but you can probably find a lot of the supplies around the house, or improvise, instead of having to purchase something specific like a foam wreath form.


DIY Unicorn Notebook

Look, this list might be intended for crafts to do with kids, but this adorable notebook makes me want to start journaling again. Pair it with one of those feather pens a la Cher from Clueless and we’re in. 

Seriously though, this one is not complicated at all and would make a perfect gift or could make schoolwork a little more fun. I also love how this one doesn’t require a glue gun, so you don’t have to worry about little hands being burned.


DIY Unicorn Succulent Planter Craft

Houseplants and succulents are having their moment in the spotlight right along with unicorns. It seems everyone is obsessed with being a plant mom. So it’s just natural to pair succulents with this unique unicorn craft.

This DIY unicorn succulent planter would be a great addition to a tween bedroom or we could see it being a perfect gift from a child to a teacher or another important person who you just can’t quite find the right gift for.


Colorful Unicorn Eggs 

Decorating eggs isn’t just for Easter and Springtime. Make these too cute unicorn eggs any time of year with your kids. 

They require minimal materials and come together really quickly without needing any special skills besides being able to use a glue gun. So you will either have to help your kids with assembly or do this one with kids who are mature enough for the glue gun.

Although this tutorial leaves the eggs white, I think it would be extra in all the right ways to also dip dye the eggs in a rainbow!


DIY Unicorn Mini Canvas Paint Craft

Perfect for all ages, and hang-on-the-wall worthy. 

A lot of the supplies for this simple unicorn craft are premade and/or precut, like the eyelash stickers or flower stickers. So, I would highly recommend this for younger kids who might not be mature enough for some of the more complex crafts that require hot glue guns. 

Though kids of all ages, and parents too, will probably love assembling this to hang on a fantasy gallery wall.


Color Your Own Printable Unicorn Headband

Stressed-out parents rejoice for this printable unicorn headband! 

Simply print out the free template then give the kids some markers and crayons. Let them go to town while you get a few quiet moments to relax, get a few things done, or just join in the calming coloring. 

This unicorn headband would also be an awesome party favor or activity for a unicorn-themed birthday party.


Unicorn Mask Craft with Printable

A unicorn masquerade ball is all I can think of when I look at these unicorn mask crafts. What could be more fun? 

This easy unicorn mask project has a free printable template, and also a coloring page. So if you don’t have all the recommended supplies, like foam sheets, you can improvise! Just let the kids do the coloring page with markers or crayons and slap a string or ribbon on it to create a mask! Voila.


Unicorn Headband Craft for Kids

Unicorn headbands, yay! I mean, what else is there to say? Something as simple as a unicorn headband is just so joyful and fun. 

This craft does require a glue gun, so definitely, something to do with older kids or with plenty of adult help, but I can see parents working on these together with a child for birthday party favors or maybe gifts for friends. 

Though please don’t judge me if I want to make one for myself too. They’re too cute.


DIY Necklace Unicorn Craft for Kids

These necklaces contain “Unicorn Wishes.” How cute!! And they turn out so pretty!

Remember going to a county fair or carnival, maybe an amusement park, as a kid, and doing those sand art jars? This is that in necklace form!

It’s definitely a unique craft with some fun extras we haven’t seen much, like creating a tassel for the necklace. Probably best suited for older kids who can work more independently. Little ones might not have the concentration or fine motor skills for this one.


DIY Unicorn Felt Banner

This unicorn felt banner is perfect for a gallery wall or even to hang on a bedroom door. It’s just too much cuteness in the best way possible.

It looks kind of complicated, and while this is best for older kids and not toddlers or preschoolers, it’s not as hard as it seems at first glance. 

The instructions are pretty straightforward, and there is a printable template to make it foolproof.


Unicorn Dream Catcher Craft

Chase away bad dreams and create a cool craft at the same time. (Bonus: you can create this beautiful dreamcatcher with supplies you probably already have.)

This is definitely more appropriate for older kids, like school age, because of the intricacy and use of a glue gun. But would be a beautiful and on-trend piece of decor for a bedroom.


DIY Unicorn Pencil Holder

Brighten up homework time by adding this unicorn pencil holder to your child’s desk area. 

The supplies needed for this are minimal, and you even get to upcycle an empty can. In fact, the creator of this tutorial said they found all the supplies at the local dollar store. Yay!

It does use a glue gun, so you’ll either need some grow up help, or more mature children to do this one.


DIY Foam Unicorn Pin Board with Free Template

I could totally see a tween girl hanging this up in her room with pictures of her BFF’s pinned to it. Though honestly, it might end up in mom’s home office with inspirational quotes plastered all over it too.

The free template makes throwing this unicorn pin board together in a snap with just a handful of materials.


Mason Jar Unicorn Craft for Kids

They had us at mason jar. 

There’s an automatic cool factor with mason jars, right? And this mason jar unicorn would be adorable party decor or fit right in on a bookshelf in a unicorn themed bedroom.

While this is probably a craft best suited to older children because it does have a few steps little ones might not be able to do effectively, they just use tacky glue instead of a glue gun. So if you don’t have one, or don’t feel like using one, that’s a perk!


Unicorn Perler Bead Patterns

If your kids are super into Perler beads, these unicorn bead patterns are a must-download. And if your kids are not into Perler beads, I’m guessing it’s because they haven’t tried them yet. This pattern is easy enough for a beginner. And it’s super fun!

These are so cute, and the author of the tutorial has a great suggestion to even glue a magnet to the back of them so you can stick them on the fridge!


Printable Unicorn Headband Craft for Kids

This unicorn headband for preschoolers (or older kids) to put together doesn’t sacrifice the adorable factor for simplicity.

Just print out the template, and you can either let them cut out the pieces for practice with scissors or if your little ones aren’t quite there yet, precut the pieces yourself and let them handle the gluing.

Either way, this is a perfect unicorn craft for preschoolers.


DIY No Sew Foam Unicorn Pouch for Kids

My kids are obsessed with coin pouches! So when I saw this no sew unicorn pouch, I was all about it. 

There’s only a few supplies needed, like foam sheets and glitter foam sheets, plus a zipper and your glue gun, and you’re ready to go!


Unicorn Mason Jar Succulent Planter

Ok, I want this for on my windowsill. 

There’s something about the way they styled the succulents in this that is just captivating as if the string of pearl succulents are the unicorn’s mane. 

It’s a simple craft with few materials needed, and a free downloadable template to keep you on track.


Unicorn Toilet Tube Craft for Kids

I absolutely love the rainbow mane and tail on this upcycled toilet paper roll unicorn. The little touch makes it a little more unique than some of the other simple unicorn projects on this list. 

It’s a perfect craft to work on with kids from preschool age on up, and the finished product is just irresistible.


Paper Ornament Unicorn Craft for Kids

A sweet addition to your holiday tree! There are two other unicorn ornaments above you can combine with this one to round out your unicorn holiday decor.

You could even swap out some of the colors they use here, like pink, for more festive red and green. 


Pretty DIY Unicorn Composition Book

Crafts that continue to serve a purpose once done are the best because you can enjoy the work you put in over and over again. And that’s exactly what I love about this unicorn craft.

Add pizzazz to your schoolwork or journal time by unicornifying it. (Unicornifying should really be a word if it isn’t, right?)

The coolest part of this tutorial is the unicorn horn does double duty as a bookmark! A really special little feature I couldn’t resist.


Tissue Paper Unicorn Horn Craft

Quick and easy, but with the potential to keep kids of all ages busy for a long time. 

While this tutorial is for a unicorn horn decorated with tissue paper, you could use glue and any fun or sparkly materials you have around the house, or even just markers and crayons.

You don’t even need a printer. The creator of this tutorial just drew the unicorn horn pattern on a piece of cardstock (though paper would work too), and let the kids do their thing. 

But don’t be intimidated if your drawing skills are lackluster, it is a very simple pattern to mimic. You can do it!


Unicorn Corner Bookmark

If you only have some paper and markers, you can create this unicorn bookmark!

No more dog eared corners on your books. This project couldn’t be easier with a video tutorial, and it slips easily over your book page corner. 


DIY Unicorn Candy Machine

Unless your kids are older and pretty handy, you’ll definitely need to be involved in this craft, but it is well worth it! I mean… it’s a DIY candy MACHINE. Yum.

Well, it’s technically a faux candy machine that really operates like a candy dish, but aesthetics matter, right? And the look of this faux candy machine is very charming.


Painted Rock Unicorn Craft for Kids

Painting rocks is so fun! Not just the actual creative project, but also placing them in places for others to find. It’s such a great way to brighten a day. 

It might seem a little intimidating to just free paint a unicorn on a rock, but this tutorial uses an affordable stencil to make it goof-proof.


No-Sew Unicorn Banner with Printable Pattern

Teaching kids to sew can be a worthwhile project, but most young kids aren’t up to the task of a big sewing project, which is why this no-sew unicorn banner is perfect.

With this printable pattern kids of a wide range of ages can have a beautiful finished product that really looks professional! Though for little ones you might have to do the cutting and of course supervise.


Acrylic Pouring Unicorn Painting

Looking for a project to do with a tween or teen? This acrylic pouring unicorn painting is the perfect unicorn craft to do with them.

It seems a bit too technical for little ones who would be more likely to just want to free paint, but for older kids who can concentrate, this looks like a blast! 


Unicorn Sleep Mask from Upcycled T-Shirt

When I was a kid, I thought sleep masks were just too cool, and now my daughter agrees with me. 

So wouldn’t it be fun to DIY a sleep mask from an old t-shirt? Ummm… Yes! Especially with this free tutorial and printable template to keep it simple and easy.


DIY Mason Jar Ring Unicorn Ornament

I have so many mason jar rings floating around random kitchen cabinets, it’s time to declutter them ASAP. And what better way than upcycling them into unicorn ornaments?

You can even make this with mostly scraps from other projects you’ve been working on! 


Unicorn Puppet Craft for Kids

Ready for a puppet show but need some puppets? Whip up these perfect unicorn puppets that all ages can help create. 

Using a handful of supplies and regular kids’ glue, preschoolers through school-age can make these puppets. 


Make Your Own Unicorn Ring Kids Craft

This unicorn ring is basically the same design as the puppet above, but instead of finishing it off with a popsicle stick, you turn it into a fun ring.


Flying Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

Taking the paper plate craft to the next level, this one features a unicorn jumping over a rainbow in 3D!

Use the free printable template, and make one of the most magical paper plate crafts we’ve seen with all ages. 


Unicorn Card Craft for Kids 

The perfect unique party invitation or greeting card. 

This card has easy to follow instructions and a template. All ages could potentially help create this card, but threading the yarn for the mane might be a bit above preschoolers’ fine motor skills. 


No Carve Unicorn Pumpkins

Decorating pumpkins without the mess? Yes, please!

These not-so-spooky unicorn pumpkins are awesome if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with the traditional jack o’ lantern. You can even pick up some cheap faux pumpkins at the dollar store and keep these to reuse year after year. 

And you can actually buy craft pumpkins online year-round so no need to wait for Halloween for this unicorn craft!


Plastic Canvas Unicorn Sleep Mask

Want to test out some simple sewing skills? 

This is a great project to start with! Kids can start learning and honing their sewing skills with this unicorn craft.

Plus I love the pretty ribbon attached to it that adds an extra je ne sais quoi.


DIY Washi Tape Unicorn Craft for Kids

This is kind of an elaborate craft but the results are well worth it. You start with a unicorn figurine (usually available at dollar stores, but here’s a cheap one on Amazon too). And then some paint and Washi Tape.

You can use unicorn figurines in different sizes and shapes to make really unique crafts with this idea.

The actual Washi Tape part of the craft is easy and fun. And would work for almost any age.


DIY Heart Unicorn Paper Craft

Hearts and unicorns and rainbows, oh my! This craft has them all and in perfect combination. It says it’s for Valentine’s Day but it looks like a year-round winner to me.

This easy unicorn craft can be done with any age group. And it’s a fun puppet too. Don’t miss this one!

Have Fun with Easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids

These are the best unicorn crafts I found while scouring the internet, and even though they will make enchanting final products, the real goal is to have fun with your kids right? The spirit of the unicorn is really all about joy. 

So mix and match. Improvise some supplies. And ultimately just enjoy the process of creating kids unicorn crafts and making memories that will last a lot longer than the craft itself.

Unicorn Craft Ideas for Kids of All Ages

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