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21 Turkey Crafts for Kids at Thanksgiving

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Cute Turkey Craft Ideas for Kids

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what better way to get your family into the spirit than with some turkey crafts for kids?!? This post will provide you with 21 super cute turkey craft ideas that your kids are sure to love. So go ahead and make this holiday season even more memorable with unique Thanksgiving-themed fall crafts!

Crafts up top can be adapted for most kids in the grade school age range. But as you scroll through you’ll find turkey crafts for preschoolers, toddlers, and even tweens.

Kids of every age can get in on the fun (and you can too!) Check out these fun Thanksgiving crafts and make some turkeys that aren’t just for the dinner table.

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The Best Turkey Crafts for Kids of All Ages


Headband Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids

Feathers make any craft extra fun. And if it’s wearable then it’s beyond cool according to my kids. This turkey headband kids fall craft ticks both boxes. 

You don’t need a ton of materials, but if you don’t have all the materials needed to recreate this exactly, that’s no big deal. For example, you can use construction paper instead of foam paper, or even draw and cut out feathers from construction paper too if you don’t have it. There’s a lot of room for swaps based on what you have on hand.


Windsock Kids Turkey Craft Idea

Need something new and unique for your Thanksgiving kids’ crafts? Try this turkey windsock!

I have never seen anything quite like this, and I love it. I can totally see these hanging from trees in the backyard to add some fall festive vibes. And kids will love watching the wind play in the ribbons.

You’ll even get to upcycle some tin cans, which is always satisfying. And most of the other materials you probably have floating around the house too.


Easy Leaf Turkey Crafts with Kids

Looking for a simple turkey craft for kids that also makes cool decor? Make these easy turkey ornaments with your kids this year! 

They’re so easy to do. Not to mention, while the tutorial uses wood ornaments you could probably create the same effect with cardboard, construction paper, or cardstock.

You only need four materials to pull it off, and you can improvise, like using real leaves instead of artificial ones.

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Fall Wreath Turkey Craft Idea for Thanksgiving

I made fall wreaths similar to these with my kids a few years ago, and they loved them! So a paper plate wreath for Thanksgiving had to make this list. 

The wreath design in this article is especially cute. And the felt turkey stickers are extra adorable. But if you can’t find felt stickers exactly like these, then you can probably create something similar with felt or print out a turkey image.

To add a natural element, take the kids out for a hike and collect real fall leaves, but if you want them to last be sure to press them.


Fall Leaf Card Turkey Craft Ideas for Kindergarten

A card or a craft? Both? Either one! And no matter what you use this for, this turkey craft is gorgeous!

I love how this leaf turkey can be either a craft or a card. Maybe I’ll have my kids make these to give to family members this year.

It’s effortless to put together but sends the feelings of fall with it. The eyelashes on the googly eyes also make this turkey feel a little extra fancy.


Paper Bag Turkey Craft Idea for Kids

Whoa! Did you know that you can make your own paper bag? I have never seen this before, but it is super cool. 

This tutorial teaches you how to fold paper to create a paper bag, and then how to turn that paper bag into a turkey.

If you have paper bags on hand then go ahead and skip the first part if you like, but older kids might have fun creating the paper bags with you. It adds something extra and a bit of a challenge to the basic paper bag turkey craft.


Easy Clothespin Turkey Craft Idea

The turkey craft gets a literary spin. 

Using old book pages and a clothespin you can create enchanting little turkeys that would look so cute holding together a napkin for place settings at Thanksgiving. Or even on a bunting or string holding up photos from Thanksgivings in the past.

But you can always use any paper you have if you can’t handle the thought of cutting up a book.


Easy Template Turkey Craft with Kid Photos

I LOVE this! Create the cutest turkey you’ve ever seen with photos of your kids!

Kids love pictures of themselves, and I can imagine mine getting a big kick out of seeing themselves as a turkey! Or better yet… their mom and dad as turkeys too.

Simply print the turkey template you can download for free, let the kids color, cut out, and then assemble however they’d like.

Go for the traditional turkey or turn family members into turkeys. What a great idea as a nameplate for the table settings.

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Family Handprint Turkey Kids Craft

Handprint crafts are always sweet and sentimental, but this one is even more so than most!

Instead of just one child’s handprints, this one incorporates the entire family’s! If you don’t have more than one child to include, you could do the one child’s with the parents and even grandparents hands.

Add as many in as you’d like for more tailfeathers. I can see this as an adorable gift for grandparents too!


Quilled Turkey Craft for Tweens & Older Kids

Quilling looks so fancy and extra, but it is actually extremely doable for kids. 

It’s really just rolling strips of paper up into spirals and manipulating them into different designs. Younger kids can probably do this with help. But I see older kids and even tweens really getting into this and using their own ideas to craft a turkey. 

The tutorial says you should use a quilling tool, but I think you could do it without or improvise with another tool.

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Rock Painting Turkey Craft Idea for Thanksgiving

Painting rocks never gets old in my book. And how fun is it to add to your family rock collection with a turkey painted rock? (Wait… it IS normal to have a family rock collection right?)

The design featured on this page is straightforward and manageable for most kids of all ages to recreate. But of course, they can let their imagination go and do their own thing too. I know my kids tend to veer off the tracks a bit and do their own thing a lot, which is just as fun as following instructions.


Embroidery Hoop Turkey Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

Have an older kid or tween who is too cool for a lot of the kiddie crafts? Try this embroidery hoop turkey then!

These actually look like something you might buy in a store. While they do have a rustic and homespun feel they are a bit of an upgrade from a lot of the construction paper preschool crafts you’ll find. But even though the design feels upgraded, it doesn’t take much more skill than just painting and gluing.


Paper Fan Easy Turkey Craft for Kids

Folding construction paper into fans creates the tailfeathers on these turkeys. It’s a simple process, but pretty impressive for kids who have never done it before. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing the paper fan out.

Toddlers and preschoolers might need help folding, but it will be good practice for them. While bigger kids will be able to pretty much do this project with little help.


Straw and Can Turkey Paper Crafts

Upcycle those soda cans into a festive little turkey!

I have never seen anyone use paper straws like this. You could make a bunch of these with the kids and set them all around the table for sweet little decorations that double as drinks!

While you can use empty soda cans destined for recycling, it is also perfect for full cans or even bottles!


Squash Turkey Craft Idea for Kids

My kids are kind of picky eaters, so it’s much more likely they will craft with a squash than eat one. So the squash turkey craft is a perfect idea for us. And you can always cut up the squash for a yummy recipe later.

There isn’t a pattern or pdf to print out for this turkey, which makes it a little more challenging. But maybe a good challenge for kids who are a little older.

For preschoolers, you can draw and cut out the different parts ahead of time. There are also a few extra felt crafts if you keep scrolling that aren’t Thanksgiving themed, but look like fun, like felt food!


Gratitude Book Turkey Craft with Kids

What a cute idea! It’s not just a cute craft, it’s also a chance to teach kids about gratitude

If this was just a turkey it would be adorable enough, but turning it into a book is ingenious.

Follow the instructions and use this craft for kids to write about what they are grateful for. Or even make these yourself as a little party favor for kids at Thanksgiving and pair it with some crayons.


Easy Pom Pom Turkey Craft for Kids

One of my absolute favorite crafts as a kid was making pom poms. I think my mom still randomly finds dusty old pom poms around her house to this day because I made so many… and for good reason. They are tons of fun!

I love how this craft not only incorporates the pom poms, but also handprints. Two super fun activities that kids love, and the handprint makes it extra sentimental. 

The only problem is I doubt these would last as centerpieces (like the link says) because my kid would want to play with them too much, which come to think of it isn’t actually a problem at all.


Handprint Easy Turkey Art Projects for Kids 

This isn’t a very difficult craft to create, but it is slightly more challenging than some other handprint turkeys because there are more pieces to cut out and assemble.

You can pre-cut the pieces for preschoolers to put together. Or if you have older kids they might want to tackle creating it from scratch.


Cupcake Liner Cute Turkey Craft Ideas for Kids

Fast, simple, and still pretty charming. Make these cupcake wrapper turkeys with the kids for some easy Thanksgiving dinner table decor. 

I love how they used these to jazz up the thanksgiving table settings. I bet that would make kids actually get excited about setting the table this year, right?

If you don’t have cupcake wrappers in these colors you could probably color or paint white ones too!


Goofy Gourd Turkey Craft Idea

For easy turkey decor that even the smallest hands can help assemble, try these little gourd turkeys.

Head to the local craft shop or dollar store to grab some artificial gourds and leaves. Or get the gourds from a farm stand and forage for beautiful fall leaves outside. Either way, you’ll end up with fun pieces to adorn your holiday table, and the kids will be so proud they helped make them.


Gratitude Turkey Kids Paper Craft

Make gratitude the centerpiece this year by crafting this gratitude turkey! You need to click through to this post to get the full effect of this fun Thanksgiving kids’ craft. 

Each person (grown ups can help the little ones if needed) will write their message of gratitude on a turkey feather and clip it to the turkey.

It would be fun to make this a family tradition. Imagine how beautiful it would be to look back on years of Thanksgivings and what everyone was grateful for each year? A true keepsake.


Fruit Fun Thanksgiving Snack Turkey Craft Idea for Kids

Want to encourage your kids to eat more fruit? Make it fun with some turkey art!

Either you could create this turkey and surprise your kids at snack time, or get them in on the action with prepping the fruit and designing their own turkey.

I started letting my kids cut up fruit and other items from the time they were toddlers using plastic knives and crinkle cutters that aren’t very sharp. They feel very grown up and accomplished doing this activity, and it helps develop fine motor skills.

Plus- fun! Just look at this adorable turkey. Your kids will love making it and eating it!

Easy Turkey Crafts for Preschoolers


Colorful Paper Plate Turkey Crafts for Preschoolers

Lots of painting creates this paper plate turkey. 

Whenever my kids are in grumpy moods and I need to change up the energy, I pull out paints. They are always a hit, and these colorful turkeys give kids to paint on multiple mediums with multiple types of paint.

Plenty of chances for kids to let their creativity out while also making a fun final product.


Paper Template Easy Turkey Art Project for Kids

Whenever there’s a downloadable template for a kids craft, I’m in. 

Why make pulling together fall crafts any harder than necessary when you can grab a tutorial and template that lays it all out for you.

This is also the perfect little construction paper turkey craft for preschoolers and toddlers. If they are starting to use scissors they can practice their cutting skills with easy feathers, or pre-cut it out for your kids and let them do the assembly with some glue sticks. Either way is fun.


Handprint Turkey Crafts for Preschoolers

Handprint crafts are a staple when it comes to arts and crafts projects for little ones. And this one is a Thanksgiving craft classic! It’s simple and has tons of nostalgic vibes you can look back on for years to come. 

These turkey handprints are exceptionally easy to create. Toddlers will need some help, but older preschoolers and elementary schoolers will probably be able to do most of it all on their own!

All you need is some paper, glue, scissors, and googly eyes.

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Pipe Cleaner Turkey Craft Idea for Thanksgiving

I love how there’s a turkey tutorial for every supply you might have on hand, and this one involves pipe cleaners!

Creating the pipe cleaner feathers in this fun turkey craft would be the perfect fine motor challenge for preschoolers and toddlers.

Having to insert the pipe cleaners into the holes in the cup is just hard enough while still being fun for tiny hands. They can make most of this craft themselves too with just a little help from older kids or grown ups. 


Popsicle Stick Preschool Turkey Craft

Popsicle sticks, feathers, and googly eyes, how could you go wrong with this one? And if you don’t have feathers, no worries, just cut some out of construction paper.

Any craft that has popsicle sticks is a favorite because it is also a puppet and pairs well with a puppet show.

What better way to learn about and celebrate Thanksgiving than creating a little puppet show with the kids, or just letting their minds go wild with the storytelling.


Pinecone Turkey Craft Idea for Preschool & Kindergarten

Adding pinecones to crafts gives them an extra bit of rustic style. And kids love heading outdoors to search for some. 

But this turkey craft is also an educational opportunity. Threading beads is one of my top activities for kids to learn fine motor skills, and the kids love it too.

Using pipe cleaners also makes it a little easier than using thread, yarn, or twine for the smallest fingers. Even toddlers can do this if an adult can help with the hot glue gun.

And a Turkey Craft for Toddlers Too!


Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Crafting with feathers is so much fun! And an interesting sensory experience for little ones. 

I love the end product of this craft because it really lets kids use their creativity in a couple of different ways. They get to color their paper plates however they would like. And choose how to glue their feathers on.

Older kids might meticulously assemble the plumage. And toddlers can just slap them on the best they can. Either way, everyone will have fun!

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Make these Turkey Crafts with Kids for Thanksgiving!

We’ve put together this list of 25 turkey crafts for kids to make celebrating Thanksgiving a little more fun this year. Whether your kids love painting, coloring, or crafting, we have something for them on this list! These projects are cute and simple enough to make even the youngest crafter proud of their creation. We hope these ideas will get you excited about Thanksgiving too. Which one of these projects do you want to try? Let us know what craft or game will be on your table this year!

Easy Turkey Art Projects for Kids

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