easy toilet paper roll crafts for kids

31 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

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Easy Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls Kids Can Make

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids are some of my favorite crafts of all! They are easy, fun, and use something you were just going to throw out or recycle anyway. 

Many of us are looking for ways to keep our kids busy at home these days. And toilet paper roll crafts are awesome because pretty much all of us end up with empty toilet paper rolls we can use for these activities. 

And right now, with so many of us stuck at home socially distancing, we need kid activities that use the craft supplies we already have on hand. Most of these crafts fit that description. Or at least are something you can improvise. All you need to start is some empty toilet paper rolls! 

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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts…Isn’t that Kind of Gross?

Maybe the thought of your kids making crafts with toilet paper rolls gives you the icks. I get it. The rolls come from the bathroom. Hang out in the general toilet area. And the possibility exists that they’ve been touched by yuckiness. 

So, if that’s your feeling (and I get it!) check out this great post on How to Sanitize Toilet Paper Rolls for Crafts.

It’s a chemical free method for getting the yuck factor out of making stuff without toilet paper rolls.  

What Can Children Make with Toilet Paper Rolls?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself just what can my kids make with toilet paper rolls? (Or maybe you’ve never asked yourself that, but play along!) The answer is SO MANY THINGS!

And it’s a lot more things than you probably realize. You might have seen a toilet paper roll Santa before or a few animals. But this list has so many more ideas than that! How about a toilet paper roll castle? Or a rocket? A puzzle or a bracelet. 

And that’s just to start. Check out all the fun toilet paper roll craft ideas for kids below!

Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas for Kids

easy cardboard tube craft

Easy Paper Roll Rocket Craft for Kids

Turn toilet paper rolls into rockets with this fun craft! You need a few additional supplies like cardstock and paint. And a hot glue gun. But the craft itself is easy and fun.

Plus then your kids can take their rockets outside (once the glue dries) and pretend to fly them around. 

easy toilet paper roll craft ideas

Toilet Paper Roll Robot

If you’re looking for easy toilet paper roll crafts, these robots are hard to beat. Plus, look how cute they are! My kids were very enthused about these fun little robots.

Plus you don’t need much for this craft. Pipe cleaners and paint. And googley eyes are optional. You can draw eyes if you don’t have them. 

Even the arms can be made of paper or yarn or sticks if you don’t have pipe cleaners. 

toilet paper roll craft for tweens

Toilet Paper Roll Castle Craft

Just look at this thing! This is a toilet paper roll craft even older kids or adults can get into. Maybe this could be a craft for tweens or grade school kids. Or something you can work on with your little ones. 

In the post, the end up using this toilet paper roll castle as a desk organizer but my kids would rather play with it as a castle for little dolls. 

This is art! From toilet paper rolls! Obviously you need several rolls to make this so start stocking up!

toddler toilet paper roll crafts

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cuff Bracelet

Help your kids make some pretty toilet paper roll jewelry like this cuff bracelet. Basically any craft supplies you have on hand can be used for decoration.

If you don’t have ribbon or glitter just use paint or pens to make a colorful cuff for your kid’s wrist. 

toilet paper tube craft

Pirate Spyglass Craft

This craft uses a toilet paper tube and a paper cup so you might have to dig into your leftover party supplies. 

Craft your own pirate spyglass with a toilet paper roll and paper cup! Kids can use this craft in pretend play after craft time. 

toilet roll craft for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

This toilet roll craft says it’s for Valentine’s Day but I think a pretty heart wreath is perfect for any season! 

A simple craft with toilet paper rolls, paint and glue, help your kids make their own decorative wreaths.

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Making Character Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls

Frozen Olaf craft with toilet paper roll

Toilet Paper Roll Olaf Craft

Do you want to build a snowman? Perhaps with a toilet paper roll? I loved this craft on sight and I knew my kids would too. Help your kids make their own Olaf out of a toilet paper roll!

toilet paper roll minion craft

Minion Toilet Paper Roll Craft

If Olaf didn’t send you into cuteness overload, how about a toilet paper roll Minion? How cute are these little guys? 

This craft post has a printable template to make your minion craft even easier. Make a whole set of minions and your kids might even enjoy playing with them when they’re done making their crafts. 

toilet paper roll people craft

Albert Einstein Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This is certainly one of the most unexpected toilet paper roll crafts I’ve ever come across. And I love it! It’s hilarious. And easy to make. 

If your kids don’t know much about Albert Einstein now is a great time to teach them. And then have them make a toilet paper roll in his likeness. Why not?

Maybe, more importantly, you can use this wonderful Albert Einstein as an example  or inspiration for how to make a toilet paper roll person. The person of your or your child’s choice. And really get creative. Rock stars, TV characters, relatives. 

The possibilities are limitless. 

toilet paper tube craft for toddlers

Bunny & Ducky Toilet Paper Craft

If your kids were fans of Bunny & Ducky in the recent Toy Story 4 movie then this is a fun craft for them! If your kids aren’t fans of those characters but might enjoy making a duck and bunny out of toilet paper tubes this is also a good craft for them. 

So, lots of ways to go with this one. Movie character craft, toilet paper roll animal craft, or even call it an Easter craft. It’s a simple craft with cute results kids will enjoy. 

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Fun Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

toilet paper roll craft for toddlers

5 Minute Toilet Paper Roll Houses

This is one of my favorite toilet paper roll crafts! It’s super easy. So, your toddler or preschooler can definitely get in on the crafting. And it only takes a couple of minutes. 

Plus, once you’ve made your houses it makes a fun play activity. If you don’t have peg dolls like in the post you probably have some other small toys around the house that would fit in these little houses. Maybe Shopkins or Polly Pockets or small plastic animals. 

Ask your child which of their toys they want to make a toilet tube house for. I bet they have some ideas. 

toilet paper tube toddler craft

Toilet Paper Roll Haircut Craft

These are as fun to make as they are to play with! Help your little one work on their scissor skills with these toilet tube haircut models!

I’m really not a skilled crafter, so stuff like this is fun for me. It’s easy. It’s fast. The results are cute and fun. And my kids really enjoyed them. Both making them and styling their hair. 

toilet tube craft for toddler

Toilet Paper Roll Race Car Craft

Make your own toilet paper tube race car! Or make a couple of them so your kids can pretend to have a race!

This toilet paper roll craft for toddlers is super easy. But the end result is pretty cool. Your kids will love it. And they can make as many different kinds of cars as you have toilet paper rolls. 

toilet tube craft for preschool

Toilet Paper Roll Watch Craft for Toddlers

How fun are these watches? Help your toddler or preschooler make their own watch out of a toilet paper roll. This is a fun craft but it can also be helpful for teaching skills.

Use these cardboard watches to teach about telling time, numbers, and you know what a watch is. Since most kids only see their parents check the time on their cell phone. 

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Toilet Paper Roll Craft Animals & Insects

toilet paper roll penguin craft

Toilet Paper Roll Craft Penguin

When I was looking for toilet paper roll crafts for kids I did a specific search for a toilet paper roll penguin because- cuteness! This post has a template for the penguin’s face and feet and flippers. So, that makes it easy.

And the end result is a toilet paper roll animal craft your kids can be proud of!

toilet paper tube bee craft

Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft

Toilet paper roll bees are easy to make and adorable! It helps to have construction paper for this one. But if you don’t have any, feel free to get creative. Use paint or markers to make the black and yellow bee. 

Googly eyes and a pom pom help too. But you can also draw the face as well. These crafts are best used as inspiration for your own version of the toilet paper roll craft of your own design!

toilet paper roll craft bunny

Quick Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

Look at these cuties! I love this toilet paper roll craft because it’s a different take on a toilet tuba animal. I love the stapled top to create a different shape. 

And it’s super easy to give each bunny and different face with a pen. This craft is super easy and fun. Googly eyes are a nice touch but if you don’t have them, drawing the eyes with the rest of the face works great.

toilet paper tube craft butterfly

Easy Toilet Roll Butterfly Craft for Kids

Toilet paper roll butterflies are a fun spring craft for kids to make at home. The supplies are things you probably already have on hand. And what you don’t have you can improvise.

This colorful craft will turn toilet paper rolls into something springy and fun!

toilet paper roll animal craft

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft

I love easy crafts and this is one of the easiest! Kids can make their own toilet paper roll octopus with a little paint, scissors, and either googly eyes or a pen to draw eyes with.

You can also make the eyes out of paper and glue them on. I actually liked the paper eyes better when my kids made this craft. 

simple toilet paper roll craft

Toilet Paper Roll Chicken Gift Boxes

These cardboard tube craft chickens actually double as gift boxes for small treats. But they can also be just chickens. I’m not sure about the concept of a toilet paper roll treat box but they sure are cute!

And I always like seeing what people can do with a toilet paper roll craft that changes the shape of the tube into something else. 

easter craft for kids with toilet paper roll

Cardboard Roll Easter Bunny Craft

I wasn’t planning to include quite so many toilet paper roll bunny crafts. But each one is really different. And they are all fun crafts, so why not do them all? (Just maybe not on the same day).

This one is an Easter craft but you can make bunnies anytime. And feel free to vary the color from white.

fun toilet paper roll craft for tweens

Toilet Paper Roll Chicks

This is another one that is meant to be an Easter craft. But chicks are also symbolic of spring. And they are just plain adorable. So I would make them in any season without a second thought. And I’m sure your kids won’t mind either. 

Try this craft if you’re running low on toilet paper rolls for crafts. You can get more chicks made by cutting a roll in half and creating two chicks per roll. 

Fun Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn Crafts for Kids

toilet tube craft unicorn

Cute Toilet Tube Unicorn Craft

Use this printable template to help your kids make this adorable unicorn out of a toilet paper tube. Some colors, glue, scissors and a toilet paper roll and you are pretty much set for craft time. 

Unicorn crafts are always a hit so I’ve included a couple of different ones here. Choose the one that most appeals to your kids!

tween toilet paper roll craft

Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn Marionette

Toilet paper crafts can be super simple. One little tube with color and a few extra features. Or it can be a toilet paper roll masterpiece like this one!

This is a marionette made out of toilet paper rolls and it is super cute! Check at the end of the post all the different examples of this project people have made. They are adorable. And it’s sure to inspire your kids to craft their own unicorn puppet. 

unicorn craft with toilet paper roll

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Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn for Preschoolers

Help kids make a truly adorable unicorn toilet paper roll craft with some, paper, paint, and a little yarn. And a glitter foam sheet for the horn. But if you don’t have that, improvise with some colored paper (you can add glitter to it. Or don’t if you’re anti-glitter).

And the rainbow yarn used in the picture is so beautiful but other colors of yarn are pretty too. So, if you want to avoid a shopping trip use the colors and supplies you have to make your own magical version. 

More than a Toilet Paper Roll Craft

toilet paper roll craft birdfeeder

Toilet Paper Roll Birdfeeder Craft for Kids

This is absolutely one of my favorite things kids can make with a toilet paper roll. First off, you get the craft time fun. Then you get to put it in the yard and enjoy watching the birds visit. 

If the sticks and yarn are too much for you, you can follow the instructions for adding seeds and simply slide the toilet paper tube over a tree branch. 

toilet paper roll craft plant starters

Toilet Paper Roll Plant Starters

Toilet paper roll plant starters are perfect for spring! Help your kids create a little garden of their own or help you with yours. And get an early start with these adorable plant starters. The faces are optional but certainly part of the fun. 

toilet paper roll slingshot craft for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Marshmallow Shooters

So, this looks fun, right? Who doesn’t want to help their kids make a mini-marshmallow shooter? OK, it’s kind of a mixed bag. It’s really fun until your kids start getting into trouble with these.

You may just have to put them up when it’s not a good time for the kids to be shooting marshmallows. But when they’re playing with these and learning to shoot the marshmallows I can almost guarantee a lot of fun will be had. 

toilet paper roll toy for kids

Cardboard Tube Construction Toy

How cool is this? Kids can make their own construction set out of toilet paper rolls! They can paint and decorate them any way they want. And then get to building. This can provide hours of entertainment. 

toilet paper roll craft for toddlers

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Puzzle

This might be something that you make for your kids. Or at least help them, depending on their age. And then they can play with them. Mixing and matching the puzzle pieces to make funny pictures. 

You just need a few old magazines, glue or tape, and some toilet paper rolls.

toilet paper roll craft party poppers

DIY Confetti Poppers for Kids

Make your own party poppers with your kids! It’s meant for New Year’s Eve. But pull some out on The Fourth of July or a birthday party. Or any day you feel like celebrating. 

Or make up your own reason to celebrate. This toilet paper tube craft idea is really fun. And your kids will get a kick out of it!

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids at Home

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids are an easy and fun way to entertain kids stuck at home! These toilet tube craft ideas should help you upcycle some of those toilet paper rolls from hoarded toilet paper. And have some fun with your kids in the process.

Lost of toilet roll craft ideas here (over 30!). And definitely at least one that your kids will enjoy. Check them out!

Fun Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

easy toddler crafts made with toilet paper rolls

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