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15 Best Toddler Book Subscription Boxes

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Find the Best Book Subscription for a Toddler

You’ve probably heard about all the great benefits of reading to toddlers, right? From brain development and early literacy skills to just learning about the world, reading to toddlers is so important. So how better to encourage your child’s learning than with a toddler book subscription?

But there are so many children’s book subscription boxes to choose from it’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis. How do you find the best one for your child? 

I’m here to help! I’ve curated this list of the absolute best book subscriptions for toddlers. Any one of these is an excellent choice to gift your toddler with a love of books that will make them into a lifelong reader.

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My Top Pick Toddler Book Subscription


Bookroo Box Best Book Subscription for Toddlers

Bookroo chooses books for kids that they consider “hidden” gems. Ones you won’t find on the shelf at your local Target. And will offer your toddler an opportunity to read things they might otherwise miss.

I also love how responsive this company seems to be. They have great answers to questions and concerns on their page, even offering to replace books that customers didn’t love and tailor boxes as much as possible to a family’s needs.

The colorful packaging and attention to detail with the individual wrapping for each book appeals to kids and makes the Bookroo Box a children’s book subscription that stands out.

There are two main reasons this book subscription for little readers got the top pick. 

The first is that it is affordable. A subscription costs just $16.95, which is one of the lowest-priced boxes on this list. And you don’t lose quality with the lower price tag.

The second is the reviews. The Bookroo Box gets a whopping 4.9 out of 5 stars, and with the way their customer service handles questions they seem like a lovely company to work with.

Bookroo Box gets high marks in reviews and looks like an all-around great children’s book subscription service you won’t regret choosing for your toddler.

More Favorite Toddler Book Subscription Boxes to Check Out


Tiny Humans Read Toddler Book Subscription

If you have a group of mixed ages in your family then you’ll want to check out the Tiny Humans Read box. 

There’s a sibling mix box that includes books for ages 0-8. With this option, you receive two board books and two picture books in every box. Perfect for multiple ages to all be happy. 

But don’t worry if you just have your toddler. There’s also an option for just board books meant for ages 0-3. And they look adorable and fun.


Kids Reveal Book Subscription for Toddlers

Start building your child’s library while also helping other kids read! 

For each new order, Kids Reveal donates a book to a child in need, so your purchase is doing a bit of good in the world. Not to mention your child will receive curated books each month. The reviews are very good for this box, it’s affordable, and it ships quickly in just three days. A solid choice.


My First Reading Club Book Subscription Boxes for Little Kids

Introduce your toddler to reading, and get a little mom gift too! 

The My First Reading Club comes with multiple board books for ages 0-2 years old plus an activity book and a small gift for mom.

There are five different age groups with My First Reading Club, so you can continue to build your library as your child grows from a toddler into a preschooler, grade-schooler, and even a tween. Plus the price is reasonable at less than $20 a month.


Our Little Book Club Children’s Book Monthly Subscription

Get your first box quickly with the Our Little Book Club toddler book subscription box! Most subscription boxes only ship once a month on a specific date so you might have to wait a couple weeks to receive the first box. But this one packs and ships your first box within 48 hours of your order!

Our Little Book Club also has five different age groups so the book choices can grow with your child. Each toddler box includes a couple of board books plus an activity book that is age-appropriate all for around $14.

The customer service also seems great with this box. And if you happen to receive a book you already own they will replace it with a new one! Pretty cool.


Reading Bug Box Children’s Book Subscription Gift

The Reading Bug Box book subscription boxes for little kids are similar to many others. But there is one specific option I totally love. And it sets this box apart. You can choose the box for 2 children.

And they will personalize a box each month for your children’s specific ages with 5-6 books and bonus little gifts. So if you have a toddler and an older child this is a perfect option. 

You can get one box for both kids. And everybody gets some fun new books to read.


Owl Post Books Toddler Book Subscription

Owl Post Books is unique because a teacher with 15 years of experience curates these boxes for your kids.

When you order, you can choose between the Imagination Box or the Imagination Mini.

With the Imagination Box, you will receive three books with a seasonal craft and an interactive box. Or you can choose the Mini and receive one book and craft each month.

The bonus of a craft along with the books is a nice touch and a great bonding idea to create something fun with your toddler.


Elephant Books Subscription for Toddlers

Attention to detail and the beautiful packaging make Elephant Books stand out. The wrapping is eye-catching and they send little extras like reading tips for parents. 

The Elephant Books children’s books monthly subscription service delivers three board books or two picture books to your door each month.

The board book option is for ages 0-2, and the picture is for kids 2-6. So if you’ve got a younger toddler, they’ll love the board books. But if your toddler is on the cusp of being more of a preschooler, go for the picture book subscription. 


Kid Curated Books Subscriptions for Little Readers

Kids Curated Books send age-appropriate books filled with empowering and inspiring stories for kids.

Four books are included in each month’s box. And if you happen to receive a book you already own, they’ll give you a $5 credit when you donate it to a library. I love that the books Kids Curated chooses are uplifting.

And like other boxes, you can choose the box that fits your child’s age.

Amazon Toddler Book Subscription Box

You can get just about everything from Amazon, even a toddler book subscription!

With this subscription, your toddler receives four board books. The biggest perk of choosing this box is you can pick from a frequency of every one, two, or three months.

From the books featured on the site, it seems like Amazon chooses from best-sellers so it would be a good option to stock up on popular toddler favorites.

Themed Children’s Book Subscriptions for Toddlers

I want to highlight a few special toddler book subscriptions that focus on special themes. Everything from music and feminism to diversity and dress-up clothes.

Find the one that’s right for your toddler and your family below!


Little Bookish Wardrobe Best Monthly Children’s Book Subscription

I have to be honest, I almost wish they made boxes like this for adults! Your toddler will become part of the story with the Little Bookish Wardrobe subscription box for toddlers and kids!

Included in each month’s box is a costume that goes along with the story. And they are just too adorable for words.

The costumes range from cactus to mermaids with themes like becoming a chef or sloth. Plus, they include extras activities, accessories, and games. 

While other boxes might include multiple books, the Little Bookish Wardrobe sends just one book. And provides a very immersive experience with that single story. 

One note is that this box is aimed at kids 3-7, and the sizing for the costumes starts at 3t. So if you have a larger toddler then this will work just fine! For littler ones, file this one away until next year.


Music Library Box Subscription 

Teach your toddler to celebrate reading AND music with the Music Library Box.

What is so cool about this box is you’ll receive books and activities about music ranging from classical to reggae. Plenty of genres to pique your child’s interest. 

This box is meant for kids who are more preschool age, but an older precocious toddler will love it too. 


Little Feminist Book Subscription for Toddler

Raising a little feminist? Then you have to get the Little Feminist box for your toddler!

1-3 teacher and librarian-approved books with science and art activities are included in each box. There are even family discussion questions included to get conversations started on the book topics, and each book includes female characters and/or people of color. 

Share your values with your toddler from an early age with books about feminism and diverse people!


Ourshelves Children’s Book Subscription Service

The books in this box are here to help you raise kids who are inclusive and care about social justice. Create a personal library for your child filled with diverse characters and themes.

Each box is curated by a team that is under-represented in children’s books from a myriad of professional fields from psychologists to librarians.

The books your child receives each month feature racially and ethnically diverse, LGBTQ+, feminist, and other traditionally underrepresented identities in children’s books.

You can choose between one or three books per month, and with three different age groups, the Ourshelves box can grow with your child for years to come.


Momo’s Book Club Toddler Book Subscription

Momo’s Book Club focuses on diverse and empowering stories for kids and has a new theme each month.

Choose one, two, or three book boxes with themes like feminism and diversity of characters. I love how this toddler books subscription includes classic books as well as newer titles.

There are multiple age ranges to choose from, even young adult boxes! So there’s one for just about everyone in the family, and you can change boxes as your child grows.


Jambo Book Club Subscription for Toddlers

Children of color take center stage in the Jambo Book Club. Along with a focus on engaging your child’s imagination.

Each month kids receive two books featuring relatable stories with multicultural children as the star. There are 5 different age ranges to choose from including one for babies and toddlers ages 0-2. 

An extra cool feature is you can choose a mixed ages box with books for multiple ages of kids in your family. 

Why Give a Children’s Book Subscription Gift to a Toddler?

Books are one of the best gifts for toddlers because most toddlers genuinely love books. And books are a wonderful way to spend time with your child while introducing them to reading and learning about the world around them.

Books are also the perfect screen-free educational activity for toddlers. They’re a chance to have fun and learn at the same time. 

Studies have shown that reading to babies and kids gives them a massive boost. Not only does it help brain development, but it expands their vocabulary from a young age. 

Plus, time spent reading together with little ones is an opportunity for grown-ups or siblings to bond with toddlers.

A book subscription for toddlers is even cooler than giving a book as a gift. Not only do they get a steady flow of new books to start creating a library, but they will also love getting mail! It’s a big deal for little kids to get a package and open it. That delivery to their door each month is part of the fun of the gift.

Book Subscription Boxes for Little Kids They’ll Love

Whichever toddler book subscription box you choose from this list, it’s sure to be a big hit. A special package at the door filled with books just for them? It’s enough to make any toddler shriek with delight. 

The Best Toddler Book Subscriptions

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