Review of The Preschool Box

The Preschool Box Review {What to Know Before You Buy}

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*This is a sponsored post in which I received free product in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. All of the opinions are 100% my own.

Honest Review of The Preschool Box

I love subscription boxes! They are one of the easiest ways to find, setup and create fun crafts and activities for your kids. Which is why I was so excited to have an opportunity to try out The Preschool Box with my four year old. (Especially because we are unexpectedly doing preschool at home this year!) The Preschool Box was exactly what I needed for fun early learning activities we can do at home. And in this review of The Preschool Box I’ll talk about why it could be just what you need for your preschooler too!

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What Is The Preschool Box?

The Preschool Box is a monthly subscription box of preschool activities for kids ages 3 to 6. But it is also much more than that.

The Preschool Box is designed so that parents can use the monthly box of early learning activities as an at-home preschool curriculum. Or to supplement their child’s preschool education. And help your child prepare for kindergarten.

The Preschool Box focuses on teaching early phonics and writing skills, numbers, counting, colors, and shapes through educational activities and games.

It also focuses on fun! The activities in The Preschool Box are educational. But they are also creative and entertaining for preschool age kids.

This is a box your child will be excited to open every month! When we received our box, my preschooler couldn’t wait to dive in. And we’ve had a ton of fun with the included activities.


What’s In The Preschool Box?

Every month your box from The Preschool Box will include a mix of 16+ ready-to-go crafts and activities that can be done right out of the box. Plus, a brand new book, and a parent’s guide to help you teach your child early learning concepts with the included materials.

The hands-on craft activities are set up so that you can get your child started with them right out of the box. No prep work. This is a huge selling point for me.

My kids love crafts and activities. But I rarely have the time or patience for planning, gathering, and setting my kids up with the crafts of their dreams. Certainly not crafts my preschooler enjoyed as much as what’s in The Preschool Box.

These crafts were very much like what my preschooler was doing when she attended preschool in a classroom. Educational, but also age-appropriate and fun for preschoolers. Which I was thrilled to see.

There was also a workbook of activities. This included letter tracing and writing practice, letter sorting, early math activities. And similar workbook-style learning activities.

Oh, and the book! Each month The Preschool Box comes with a new book. Our first box included a nice hardback book about opposites.


How Do You Use The Preschool Box Parent’s Guide?

The Parent’s Guide included with The Preschool Box has the box’s projects and activities broken down by weeks. So that your child has different crafts and activities throughout the month.

The front of the guide noted the learning objectives for the month. And then you open it up to a page labeled “Week 1 Activities”. Followed by weeks 2, 3, and 4 on different pages.

The weekly breakdown was helpful to me for remembering to treat the box like a preschool curriculum. Rather than doing 5 big crafts in the first two days. And then having nothing but writing practice and scavenger hunts for the rest of the month. (Maybe you wouldn’t do this without a guide, but I totally would).

The box I received had about two to three craft type activities planned per week. As well as letter hunts with flashcards throughout the month. And the workbook activities.

Total our box included plans and materials for 16 preschool activities.

What I Like About The Preschool Box

Let’s Talk About The Preschool Box Crafts!

So, to start, I really like The Preschool Box. And I can wholeheartedly recommend it if you’re looking for a subscription box of learning activities for a preschooler.

To start, I absolutely love the crafts! They are educational without sacrificing fun! My preschooler loved each and every one.

And I loved them too for a couple of reasons. First, the way the box is organized, and with the directions provided, I was able to set my child up with a craft every day in minutes. Maybe even seconds.


The directions for each activity were super easy to understand. And completely age appropriate for my child (who is four).

One of the best things about the included crafts was my preschooler could do them BY HERSELF! This is so huge! I could supervise without needing to take over to make things happen.

With few exceptions, the crafts in The Preschool Box I received were things my child could do with minimal assistance from me. Both of us appreciate that.


So many subscription boxes have crafts supposedly for little ones where it actually requires so much help that I feel like I made the craft while my frustrated child watched. That never happened with The Preschool Box.

Keep in mind when I say that, my preschooler is four, nearly five. So, right in the middle of The Preschool Box target age range of 3 to 6.

And no stranger to scissors, pipe cleaners, glue, etc. If you have a younger preschooler, or one with limited craft making experience, adjust your expectations for the amount of craft help needed accordingly.


Everything Else I Liked About The Preschool Box

  • The box is highly organized and the directions are easy to follow. There were no “what are we supposed to do with this…?” moments at all.
  • The schedule of planned activities follow a similar pattern from week to week. So, you and your preschooler learn to know what to expect and plan for. (Plus the kids get excited about it!).
  • Learning concepts build on each other from week to week, and then month to month. Perfect for Pre-K.
  • High-quality activities just like you would find in a preschool classroom with little or no prep for parents. EVERYTHING you need is included. A huge win for me!
  • Good value for the price. It is truly a month’s worth of preschool activities. Not something your child will burn through in a week. You’ve got stuff for the whole month.

Would You Use The Preschool Box for an At Home Preschool Curriculum?

First off, my family is not a homeschooling family in a typical year (a typical year being not 2020/2021). So, I am not an expert on homeschool curriculum for preschool or any other year for that matter.

I have recently been researching resources for preschool at home based on necessity. And a desire to do the best I can under the circumstances with my preschooler at home. With all that in mind, I’ll give my opinion.

Based on the box I received from The Preschool Box, I think it is a good option for no-prep at home preschool learning in a box. I can totally see myself using it for this purpose.

I will add that I would use The Preschool Box as PART of an at home preschool learning plan. And not as my entire at-home preschool. It can definitely cover you when it comes to preschool crafts and some fun educational activities.

And the workbook pages are great for those early literacy and math skills practice.

But you’re going to want to add to your at home preschool plans with plenty of reading aloud, gross motor skill building activities, fun music and songs, some additional practice with letters and numbers.

And of course, you’ll want to give your preschooler plenty of opportunities to learn through play, have sensory play, outdoor activities, pretend play, and all that good stuff kids need during the preschool years (and beyond!).


Why The Preschool Box Would Benefit My At Home Preschool

To let you know where I’m coming from with this, I had planned for my child to attend their second year of preschool at a local (and beloved) preschool. But because of the school closures this year, I will now be doing preschool at home.

And if you’re like me and NOT a preschool teacher (at heart or otherwise), The Preschool Box is perfect for providing early childhood education crafts and learning activities without a ton of pre-work you don’t have time for.

I can do flashcards and find preschool workbooks and reading programs on my own that are similar to this (but now I don’t have to!). But the learning with crafts and activities would be a lot more work.

The Preschool Box fills a lot of gaps for me. Because the whole “planning ahead” for crafts and actually having the supplies on hand is where most of my preschool crafting dreams fall apart.

But if you’re a goddess of preschool crafts, have a stuffed craft cupboard, and relish the hours searching Pinterest for ideas, this may not be something you need.

Things to Know About The Preschool Box Before You Buy

  • The Preschool Box is $32.95 per box (but you can bring the price down with a multi-month subscription)
  • You can also sign up to receive a box with materials for more than one child. Which is super helpful if you have 2+ kids in the 3 to 6 age range!
  • Designed for kids ages 3 to 6 ( a few comments about that below.
  • The Preschool Box follows a 12 month curriculum where each box builds on what was learned in the previous box.
  • All subscriptions start with Box #1 and continue from there through Box #12 if you have a year long subscription.
  • Each box contains 16+ activities with a Parent’s Guide for breaking up the activities into roughly 4-5 activities per week.

I noted above that The Preschool Box is designed for kids ages 3 to 6. Even if that is only three years, with kids this young that is a huge age range.

If you’ve spent much time with preschoolers you know how big a difference there can be between the needs and skills of a three year old versus a six year old (or even a four year old).

Because The Preschool Box does cover all of those ages, no matter where your preschooler falls along that age range, there are going to be a few activities that are a little out of sync with where they are at.

My preschooler is four, for example. And there was one activity I felt was too young for her. And one I felt was a little advanced. Fortunately, almost everything was perfect.

But it’s worth noting so you can adjust your planning for the amount of help that will be needed with crafts and activities based on your child’s age and maturity.

Who is The Preschool Box Best For?

  • Families looking for simple and fun crafts & activities for their preschool age children between the ages of 3 and 6.
  • Families doing preschool at home looking for fun educational activities that can be done straight out of the box as part of their early learning curriculum.
  • Families with kids attending part time preschool looking to supplement their learning at home with early learning activities & crafts.

Sign Up for The Preschool Box!

To sum up my review of The Preschool Box, my preschooler really enjoyed everything that came in our box! It’s been a wonderful way to get out of the box preschool crafts and activities for early childhood learning at home.

The Preschool Box is 12 months of preschool curriculum learning in early literacy skills, colors, shapes, counting, and more. Teaching pre-k skills at home has never been this easy! Help your preschool get ready for Kindergarten with The Preschool Box- subscribe here!

The Preschool Box Review: What You Need to Know

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