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The Best Subscription Boxes for Everyone on Your List

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Subscription boxes are the ultimate solution to all your gift giving dilemmas! No matter what people are into, there is a subscription box that’s perfect for them. You just have to find it! And this list of the best subscription boxes for everyone on your list is here to help!

Below I share resource guides to kids’ subscription boxes for toddlers on up through the teen years. Plus subscription boxes for moms and dads too. And other family members.

With in-depth reviews of some of my favorite subscription boxes. And lists sorted by age and interests, you’ll be able to find exactly the subscription box you need in as little time as possible.

Let’s start talking about subscription boxes!

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What is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a recurring delivery of products built around a theme or niche. Typically the boxed products offer added value, in that a subscription to the box of products costs less than you would pay if you purchased each product individually. And some products are unique and exclusive to box subscribers.

It’s worth noting that the “subscription” or recurring part of the subscription box is not actually a requirement. Nearly every box has the option for a one-month subscription or single box order. With no requirement for it to recur.

However, you typically get a lower price per box if you order a multi-month subscription.

Fun Monthly Activity Subscription Boxes for Kids

Looking for fun activities for your kids without all the prep work? Then a kids’ subscription box is exactly what you need. Monthly boxes of crafts, activities, science learning and more to keep kids busy, learning, and entertained!

The Best Monthly Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids
A list of the best monthly craft boxes for kids. Kids craft subscription boxes for multiple ages and experience levels. Craft boxes for toddlers, preschoolers, grade schoolers, and tweens & teens too. Find the perfect craft crate for your kids on this list!

15+ Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids
If you’re looking for a box that will inspire a young artist in your family and allow your kids to develop their art skills, check out this list of the best art subscription boxes for kids. These boxes focus on skills like drawing, painting, watercolors, and more. So, slightly different from most craft boxes.

The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids at Every Age

The type of subscription box you want for your kids is going to depend a lot on their age and their interests. Here are lists of some of my favorite subscription boxes. And to make things easier on you they are broken down into age and interest groups that will help you know which ones to read.

25 Best Subscription Boxes for Babies
Looking for a great gift for a new mom or dad? Or something to make new mom life easier with your new baby? Check out this list of the 25 best subscription boxes for babies! Everything from baby toy subscription boxes to monthly subscriptions of baby clothes and books. Diapers too! Get the baby essentials (and some fun stuff too) delivered right to your door!

19 Best Toddler Subscription Boxes
Here you will find the best subscription boxes for toddlers (ages 1 to 3). Everything from learning boxes for early preschool to sensory play boxes, crafts, books, and activities just for little ones. Any one of these boxes would make a fantastic gift for your toddler. But read through them all to find the one they’ll like best.

17 Best Subscription Boxes for Preschoolers
These boxes are just for preschoolers! Perfect for the 3 to 5 age group, this list has everything from preschool craft boxes to a whole preschool curriculum in a box. There are also book, music, and toy subscription boxes designed just for preschoolers. Check them out!

11 Best Subscription Boxes for Tween Girls
Tween girls have to be one of the most difficult groups to shop for! Which is why this list of subscription boxes for tween girls is exactly what you need to find the perfect gift for your not-quite-a-teen, not-quite-a-little girl child. Find the perfect tween box for your child here!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Little Girls
Find the perfect subscription box for a little girl you love! Subscription box themes for everything from unicorns and mermaids to horses, STEM learning, and crafts. No matter what your little girl loves, this list has a subscription box that would make the perfect gift.

15 Best Toddler Book Subscription Boxes
Find the perfect toddler book subscription for your little reader! Monthly children’s book subscription boxes for kids ages 1 to 3 (and most have options for older kids too!).

Subscription Boxes for Teens

Subscription boxes make great gifts for teens. A group that is otherwise notoriously difficult to shop for! Check out these teen subscription box lists to find the perfect gift for your favorite teen.

15 Best Subscription Boxes for Teen Girls
Need a perfect gift for a teen girl? Check out this list of the best subscription boxes for teen girls! Everything from the best accessories, trendy finds, craft boxes, jewelry, and more your teen is going to love! Find the right box for your teenage girl on this list!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Teens (Guys & Girls)
This list has the best subscription boxes for teens – boys and girls. Everything from teen clothing subscription boxes to YA fiction, science activities, craft kits and more! There is a subscription box for every teen on your shopping list here!


Choosing a Subscription Box for Mom & Dad (Boxes for the Grown-Ups)

Mom and dad deserve a box of fun once in a while too! Which is why you need to check out these lists of subscription boxes for moms, dads, and other favorite grown-ups. Check them out below and don’t forget to find a fun subscription box for yourself while you’re shopping!

21 Self Care Subscription Boxes for Moms
Every mom could use a box of self-care delivered monthly! And this list will help you find the right one! Whether your self-care involves a good book and a bath, an at-home spa treatment, or a box of edible goodies, the box you need is on this list. Check them all out here!

The Best Girly Subscription Boxes for Women
Know a girly-girl who would love a monthly subscription box of all things pink, beautiful, fun, and just plain girly? Check out this list of the best girly subscription boxes for women. Everything from inexpensive beauty boxes to luxe jewelry and style boxes for women who want to celebrate being girly.

In-Depth Subscription Box Reviews of My Favorite Boxes

Want to know more about some of these subscription boxes? Check out these in-depth reviews of some of my favorite subscription boxes to get all the details about top boxes on these lists!

Honest Review of the We Craft Subscription Box
The We Craft Box is one of the most popular craft subscription boxes for kids. And here I review everything about it. Looking for a great craft box for kids ages 3 to 9? Read about the We Craft box and see if it could be exactly what you’re looking for!

The Preschool Box Review {What to Know Before You Buy}
The Preschool Box is a unique subscription box that’s designed as a homeschool preschool curriculum in a box. Learn how it can work with your preschooler. Either as a supplement to a preschool classroom experience, a source of fun preschool activities, or even as an easy way to start preschool at home.

Honest Review of Kids Baking Club Subscription Box
The Kids Baking Club is a baking kit for kids who love to bake. Or kids who want to learn! Fun kid-friendly recipes for fancy desserts (and a few dinners) for kids who want to be the next MasterChef Junior. A great gift for kids who love experimenting in the kitchen! Learn all about this baking subscription box in this thorough review.

Literati Book Club Review {Kids Book Subscription Box}
Literati Book Clubs for Kids are monthly children’s book subscription boxes with unique, handpicked books your child will love. And at an affordable price. Learn more about this popular kids book subscription box in my review.

Honest Review of My Pre-K Box Subscription Box for Preschoolers
My Pre-K Box is one of the best preschool subscription boxes I’ve tried. It’s fun, it’s educational, and your child will love it. This box was created by an early childhood educator who is also a mom. It’s a perfect mix of preschool learning and fun activities and crafts for kids ages 3 to 5.

Honest Review of Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club Subscription
Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club is a monthly subscription of fun, unique stickers kids will love! If you have a child who loves to decorate and craft with cool stickers, they’re going to love Pipsticks. Read this honest review to learn more about this fun kids’ subsciption.

How Do Subscription Boxes Work?

When you find the right subscription box for whoever you’re shopping for, yourself, your kids, a friend, etc, you subscribe for delivery to the recipient’s address. Choose the length of subscription you’d like. And make sure you have the correct delivery address and payment information.

Take note of how often the subscription box is scheduled to arrive. Most are monthly, but some are quarterly or bi-monthly. So you can let the recipient know what to expect.

Tips for Giving Subscription Boxes as a Gift

Subscription boxes make amazing gifts for everyone on your list. Whether you want to give a subscription box for Christmas or a birthday, or just to show you care, here are a few tips to make the experience go smoothly.

1. Know What You’re Looking For in a Subscription Box

Before you start to shop for the perfect subscription box have your budget in mind. That’s one of the most important things. Then stick to shopping for boxes in your price range.

If you’re looking for a specific type of subscription box, crafts, clothing, books, beauty products, etc, narrow your search down to a few favorites and then read reviews.

2. Read Subscriber Reviews

Reviews from subscribers are my favorite way to pick the best subscription boxes. You can find out a ton of information about who the box is best for. And what kind of products you’ll receive from honest reviewers.

Do a little homework and your subscription box gift is sure to be a hit!

3. Check the Date of Delivery to Time Your Gift

If you’re giving a subscription box to one of your kids or someone else in your household go ahead and order early if you can. This will give you the opportunity to have a box arrive before Christmas (or their birthday, or whatever) so that you can wrap it and gift it on the day of the event.

Or, if you will not have a physical box to give, plan how you will tell the subscription box recipient about their fun gift.

4. Set a Reminder for Recurring Subscription Charges

When you order your subscription box, check to see if the charge to your credit card is recurring. If you order for example, a three month subscription, but you don’t want it to continue beyond the three months, set a reminder on your phone or calendar to cancel the recurring charge before you get charged a second time.

5. Track Your Order

Know when your subscription box is supposed to arrive. And follow up if you don’t receive it. The mail can be a challenge. And shipping companies too. Especially at busy times of year like Christmas.

Knowing when you’re package is scheduled to arrive and even tracking the shipping can help you feel confident your box will arrive as planned.

Then you can tear open the box and enjoy!

Choose the Best Subscription Box Gifts

This page is designed as a resource to help you choose the right subscription box gifts to give your loved ones for any occasion. Check out all these posts to discover the best subscription boxes for your friends and family. And the right box for yourself too! Don’t get left out of the fun of receiving your own monthly box of products and goodies!

Top Subscription Boxes


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