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The Best Subscription Boxes for Teens

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Best Subscription Boxes for Teens in 2021

Looking for the best teen subscription boxes? Look no further. We’ve curated 21 of the coolest subscription boxes for teens in 2021. 

Subscription boxes are a great way to have fun or learn a new skill or celebrate a unique interest all from the comfort of home. And some are even perfect for the entire family. But teens can be a bit… picky. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet to find the best subscription boxes for teens (that they will actually like!). This list will make finding the perfect box for your teen a snap. Check it out!

*This post contains affiliate links or referral links which means, at no cost to you, I may earn a small commission from purchases made through these links. For more information, please see my disclosure page.

Popular Teen Subscription Boxes


Quirky Crate Teen Subscription Box

Teens and even adults would flip for this subscription box. It’s so fun and offbeat in the best possible way. 

Each box includes 7-10 quirky items including an enamel pin created by an indie artist and a fun pair of socks. The items tend to be on the “girl” side with handbags and accessories, but a guy who likes bright colors and eccentric things might love this too. 

If you think your teen might like something on the girly side, check out more options for teen girl subscription boxes here.


Sock Panda Subscription Boxes for Teenage Guys and Girls

Want to gift your teen some unique, fun socks and help the world a little each month? If yes, then this is the subscription box for you! 

Sock Panda has monthly or quarterly subscriptions for men, women, tweens, and kids. So you could hook up your teen, tween, younger kids, and even yourself with a fun socks subscription box.

Besides helping keep your feet cozy and cute, Sock Panda has donated over 140,000 pairs of socks to people who need them throughout the country. 


Pure Vida Bracelets Subscription Boxes for Teens

The Pure Vida Bracelet Club is a very cool subscription box for teens. Each month Pura Vida ships three bracelets and a unique sticker to their teen club members.

The style of Pura Vida jewelry is a little more on the girly side, but a lot of the bracelets are gender-neutral too.

Pure Vida is another popular brand that not only has trendy products but also gives back to charity. So far they’ve worked with 200 charities around the world and donated $3.3 million to causes, meaning your money is helping make the world a better place when your teen joins their subscription club.

Activity & Craft Teen Subscription Boxes


Escape the Crate Subscription Boxes for Teens

Need something for a family game night your teen will want to join in on? Get your teen the Escape the Crate subscription box! This bi-monthly box will provide tons of family bonding fun. 

I’ve actually had the opportunity to try this box. It’s very unique and something tech savvy teens and tweens could get into. Make sure you have a tablet handy for the game. It uses a lot of online videos and interactions to solve the puzzles.

Each box has a different theme like pirates, sleight of hand, murder mystery, and more. And the game takes 1-2 hours, just the right amount of time to get some together time in, but not so long your teen will get bored.

If your teen loves puzzles, mysteries, or escape rooms, this teen subscription box will be a unique treat.


Craftsman Crate Monthly Subscription Boxes for Teenage Guys or Girls

Maybe your teen needs something a little more intense than macrame? The Craftsman Crate is perfect! 

Your teen will learn real skills with real tools like basket weaving, wood burning, candle making, or creating mosaics.

From the reviews, it sounds like kids of all ages (even adults) enjoy the crafts in this subscription box. So, it’s a great subscription box for a teen boy or girl interested in learning cool crafting skills.


Knit-Wise Knitting Subscription Box for Teens

Knitting is such a great skill to learn and hone, and with the Knit-Wise subscription boxes for teens (or any age really) the process is fun and dynamic. 

I learned to knit at a young age and had tons of fun knitting projects as a teen, in college, and as an adult. Knitting is truly a life-long skill.

With Knit-Wise, new projects with all the necessary tools and materials are shipped each month. And if you or your teen already have the tools you can also opt for just the yarn at a lower price.

There’s also the option to choose between beginner or intermediate/advanced. And if crocheting is more up your teen’s alley, that’s a choice too!

Projects range from home goods to wearable accessories and more. Hats, socks, scarves, and all the knitted fun a creative teen could ask for.


Sports Box Co Subscription Box for Teen Athletes

The go-to subscription box for teens that are into sports!  

Sports gear, training aids, accessories, and more are shipped out each month in seven different sport options including football, baseball, hockey, and more. You can even choose an “all sports” option that includes a mix of different sports. 

The regular box size includes 4-6 items, and the XL is 6-8 items. Choose your teen’s size, and if you have kids in a wide range of ages you can get ones geared towards your younger kids along with the teens so no one is left out.


Annie’s Kit Clubs Best Subscription Boxes for Teens

Crochet, knit, papercraft, jewelry making, and more! There are so many different types of crafts to choose from with the Annie’s Kit Clubs, there’s got to be something there your teen would love. 

Check out all the different kits here to find the one that’s right for your teen. There are so many to choose from, one is sure to spark some interest!

Most of these subscription boxes are created for adults but the crafts appear totally doable for older teens. 

There are also two options for kids who are more in the tween age range. Which could be a good fit if you have a young teen or beginning crafter. Even as a grown woman, I’d enjoy a lot of the crafts included in the kids’ boxes.

Craft & Science Kiwi Crate Subscription Boxes for Teens


KiwiCo Eureka Crate Subscription Boxes for Teens

Build your own ukulele? Yes, please! That’s one of the projects featured on the KiwiCo Eureka subscription box page along with several other interesting builds.

This engineering box is perfect for teens 14+, or even adults. These projects look super cool and not childlike. They look like something a teen would proudly display in their bedroom for friends to see.

Teens can also customize or paint a lot of the projects to fit their personality.

KiwiCo Maker Crate for Teens

Got a crafty teen? The Kiwi Co Maker Crate hooks them up with a new art or craft project each month. And these boxes are so on-trend your teen will actually want to display their creations in their room!

Projects like macrame, needle punch, clay dishes, and more, are challenging enough for a teen to tackle, and create something truly Instagrammable. Their friends will be totally jealous.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Teen Subscription Box

Another enchanting teen subscription boxes from KiwiCo, check out the Doodle Crate!

This box says it is for ages 9-16+, but just from perusing the page, I think adults would enjoy these crafts as well — (like the adorable felt succulents featured). Other projects include embroidery, woodworking, and solar imaging. 

A lot of the topics seem pretty gender-neutral, and the pricing for this box is really affordable.

KiwiCo Tinker Crate Science Subscription Box for Teenagers

Just when I think I’ve seen the coolest box, something comes along to outdo, and this one might have taken the cake.

Seriously, what could be cooler than trebuchets, robots, and even a hydraulic claw? Teen guys and girls will both love these projects if they’re into science, tech, or engineering. Some boxes even cover topics like astrophysics!

And if you like the idea of a science crate for your teen but aren’t sold on this one, see a few more options below.

More Cool Science Subscription Boxes for Teens


Creation Crate Teen Subscription Boxes

If your teen wants to be an engineer, or is really into tech, then this box will be a home run. 

The Creation Crate teaches how to program and build electronics. Seriously. The projects also get progressively more complicated and challenging each month as your teen builds their skillset. 

It is recommended for ages 12+, but there were adults reviewing this box who loved it for themselves too!

And overall there are lots of reviews for this one, so if you do a little reading you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether or not this box will be a hit with your teen.


MATTER Science Subscription Box for Teens

My inner child who wanted to be an archaeologist is so jealous that this box exists now and not when I was a kid!

Each month your teen will be shipped fossils, tools, specimens, materials, and artifacts. It’s like being a museum curator and scientist all in one! Previous boxes included fired civil war bullets and real dinosaur teeth!

This is definitely perfect for teens, but younger kids would also love exploring some of these cool items. 

YA Book Monthly Teen Subscription Boxes


Magical Reads YA Book Subscription Box for Teens

Does your teen love YA lit? (or maybe you do and this one might just be for yourself?)

Each month Magical Reads has a new literature theme along with a YA book to accompany it. Previous items include funky accessories to self care items to fun paper and pens.

This box is actually geared towards adults who love YA, but by a glimpse at the previous boxes, they definitely look like a teen YA fan’s dream too.


Now in Books Teen Subscription Boxes

Another really interesting YA book box, though this one seems a bit more gender-neutral with stories featuring teen boys and girls both. 

Each box includes a book, but it is meant to be an immersive experience with curated playlists, thought-provoking questions, and suggested other media like TV/film to check out too.

They also include an additional fun activity like recipes or puzzles to complete the box. There’s also an option to just choose the book without the extras if you’re looking for something simple and less expensive.

I have to say, looking through past boxes, this one really nails it with the book selection each month. Diverse, popular titles teens will devour!


Fantasy Monthly Teen Subscription Box

This is the box I would’ve wanted when I was teen! Remember the fantasy craze? Vampires, shapeshifters, witches, oh my!

With this box, your teen will get quotes, bookmarks, a monthly pin, and a brand new hot off-the-presses hardcover YA fantasy novel! An enticing combo for fantasy fans!

One thing to note is that this is definitely a box for older teens as the content is geared towards ages 16+, which means adult language in some books. 


Books and Treasures Subscription Box Teens Will Love

An affordable and eco-conscious option! This book subscription box sends used or vintage books. So it is half the price of similar boxes and buying used helps save a few trees. 

The small box includes the book and a bookmark, while the larger box also includes handmade items from small businesses. 

Help your teen discover books they might have missed with this fun used book subscription.

The Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Teens


A Curated Thrift Teenage Clothing Subscription Box

Teens want to be cool, and for some, that means standing out and wearing clothes no one else has. Help your teen embrace their unique style with this fun teen clothing subscription box!

The A Curated Thrift box delivers vintage and secondhand pieces each month and includes both men’s and women’s clothing. Choose the size and style of box you want, some include just one piece while others include up to 4. 


Luxury Divas Clothing Subscription Boxes for Teenage Girl

Does your teen love accessories and gorgeous clothes? Then scoop up this box! 

Each month your teen will receive 5-6 curated pieces worth over $100! Just complete a style profile and they’ll be all set to be styled monthly. And looking at past boxes… these clothes and accessories are stunning!

Everything is super cute and sure to be enjoyed by a stylish savvy teen. 


Enjoy Leggings Top Subscription Boxes for Teens

Nothing beats a good pair of leggings. Comfy and you can style them a billion ways. If you have a leggings-loving teen, this is the subscription for them!

The Enjoy Leggings Box sends your teen a pair of leggings each month in sizes small through plus. These aren’t basic black leggings. Previous boxes show fun patterns and plenty of bright colors for teens who want to stand out AND be comfortable.

Monthly Beauty Box Subscriptions for Teens


Ipsy Beauty Subscription Box for Teens

Ipsy is a must-have makeup subscription box for teens who love makeup and beauty products!

The products are luxe and take any self-care routine to the next level. Each glam bag includes around 5 products or tools to try out. A great chance to discover new products and have fun with makeup. 


STRONG self(ie) Teen Subscription Box

Bursting with sweet swag, this subscription box is a surprise each month! 

Previous months included accessories, beauty tools, fun to-go cups, markers, journals, and more!

There is an option for tweens and one for teens. So if you have kids of different ages you can make everyone happy with one made just for them. 


Brown Sugar by Kesha Jaramillo Subscription Box for Teens and Older Kids

Maybe your teen is more of a natural beauty and prefers more down to Earth products?

The Brown Sugar box includes 4-5 natural beauty products that are handmade with all-natural ingredients. They are also all cruelty-free and paraben-free! Many are even vegan. 

Help your teen bring out their natural beauty with this fun beauty box for teens!

The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Teens

So many great options for teen subscription boxes! This list might be for the best subscription boxes for teens, but honestly, I want like half of them for myself! Wouldn’t it be fun to get one for yourself and your teen so you can bond over a game, a book, or a fun project? These top subscription boxes for teens make such cool gifts! Grab one for your teen now!

Teen Subscription Boxes They’ll Love

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