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The Best Subscription Boxes for Little Girls

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Find the Perfect Little Girl Subscription Box

If you have a little girl, you know it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for her. There are so many toys and gadgets that come out each year, sometimes you just can’t keep up with what’s new and cool. Which is why subscription boxes for little girls can be the perfect solution!

Subscription boxes are so popular now and for good reason. It’s literally a gift that keeps giving each month. And can be so fun for little girls to look forward to. A monthly box packed full of fun goodies and surprises is something any little girl will love!

Find the perfect little girl subscription box from this curated list to make shopping so much easier! There’s something for every little girl here.

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Popular Subscription Boxes for Little Girls


Em and Liz Little Girl Subscription Box

So deliciously girly, but also unique! The Em and Liz subscription box for little girls is perfect for girls age 3-10. (And some of us who are still young at heart might be jealous of a few of the items too.)

Each month there is a new theme with 5-7 curated items in each box. A quick look through past boxes will show you why this popular subscription box for girls gets rave reviews.

I love that they always include themed stationary, in addition to jewelry, hair accessories, and beauty products perfect for young ladies. 

It’s also affordable! Not cheap, but reasonable at around $25. A good price for all the cuteness they pack in. 


Petite Princess Subscription Boxes Girls

This box is a must-order if you have a tiny princess in your life. 

Four accessories and a princess-themed item are included in each Petite Princess box. The boxes all have themes that are adorable and as girly as you’d expect from a princess box for little girls, but the items don’t look cheap. 

It has a luxe feel you’d expect for your little princess’s royal taste.


Girls Can! Crate Little Girl Subscription Box

Future feminists and world-changers will love this box featuring a new fearless female icon each month.

With STEAM activities, activity books, play props, and more, little girls will learn and dream. Designed for kids age 5-10, this box is creative, inspiring, and educational. It can be adapted for kids younger than five, but they might need some grown-up assistance completing the activities. 

Choose the crate for the full package, or a mini-mailer at a lower price with fewer items as a fun gift for your favorite young girl.


Pretty Twee Subscription Box for Little Girl

Pretty Twee is like a monthly subscription box for little girls of Claire’s greatest hits.

I mean that in the best way possible because I could see my 8 year old self having a field day at at a Claire’s Accessories store picking glitzy items just like the ones in this box.

According to Pretty Twee Box they are for girls “who love pretty little things and shining bright!” 

Each box includes 5-6 handpicked items like accessories, beauty products, stationary, toys, and more. Plus, 2-3 “bonus” items each month. 


Tutunyou Little Girl Monthly Subscription Box

Yay for more princess-themed subscription boxes! 

This box is a little more expensive than others, but it comes every other month instead of every month. Looking at previous boxes they do seem pretty well packed with goodies and full-sized princess items. Plus the themes are super cute, like unicorns!


Little Bookish Wardrobe Best Little Girl Subscription Box

I love the idea for this subscription box! Reading books and dressing up. A match made in little girl (and parent) heaven. There’s just something so magical about bringing a story you just read to life.

The Little Bookish Wardrobe box sends your little reader a book with activities and a high-quality costume to match the book every month.

You can choose a “girl box” a “boy box” and even a “sibling box” for two kids. so there’s something to suit every little girl’s taste and family!


Black Girl Mathgic Subscription Box for Girls

Helping girls bridge the gap and shine in math. The Black Girl Mathgic box highlights the unique struggles Black girls have in STEM subjects but is also made for all girls.

Choose between grades 3-5 or 6-8, and receive a box filled with math activities, an adult guide, and 3-5 additional items to bring the monthly theme to life. 

The perfect way to make math relatable and fun for little girls. 


The Fairy Bag Monthly Subscription Box for Little Girls

The Fairy Bag is an accessories-packed subscription box for little girls ages 4-6 or 7-10. 

Each box includes 4-5 accessories in each box like bracelets, pom poms, lip balms, headbands, play nails, brushes, necklaces, bows, and more. 

And it is a super affordable option at less than $15 per box!


Unicorn Dream Box Subscription Box Girls Will Love

The ultimate unicorn box! If your little girls looooves some unicorns, then this is for her! It reminds me of the Lisa Frank I went wild for when I was a little girl, and it’s making me feel a bit nostalgic. 

Even though all the boxes are unicorn-packed with 6-9 items, they still have a different flair each month with new themes ranging from Back to School in Unicornland to Unicorn Pajama Party! Super fun. 


Mermaid Kid Subscription Boxes for Little Girls

Maybe mermaids are more your little girl’s idea of the perfect subscription box? Then this is the one for her! 

Choose from 4-5 or 7-10 item boxes that are made for ages 3 and up, including toys, stationery, kids jewelry, sweets, mermaid seasonal items, craft, children books and more. 


Unicorn Fun Box Little Girl Subscription Box

Another adorable unicorn box and this one has the special addition of a Storybook insert each month. Plus of course a choice between 4-6 or 7-9 gifts.

There are boxes available for little girls, teens, or even adults who are avid unicorn lovers too! Based on the answers to questions and the reviews, the customer service also seems great.


We Craft Box Girls Art Subscription Box

Maybe your little one is an avid crafter? The We Craft Box is a tiny crafter’s dream!

There is a themed story in every box with four or more coordinating crafts. Enough supplies are included on each box for two crafters. A great deal if you have multiple kids!

A great way to get your little girls (or boys) ages 3-9 away from screens and creating for a while. I am a big fan of this box. So, I can say with confidence your little girl will have fun with it.

You can check out my complete review of the We Craft Box here.


Annie’s Creative Girls Club

The Creative Girls Club is a craft subscription for little girls that is a little more grown up in the choice of crafts and style.

Instead of glitter and stickers, think succulent wreaths with this craft box for girls ages 7-12. She will learn tons of fun skills like painting, beading, stitching, paper crafting, and much more! 

And because this is more of an elementary-aged box, you could get a couple of them if you have girls of different ages. I think even some high school girls would love this!

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Lala Horse Monthly Subscription Box for Little Girls

I was a horse girl! So, I know that horses are even more magical than unicorns for a lot of girls, especially because they’re real!

The Lala Horse box is perfect for your budding equestrian. There are gifts for both little girls and their favorite horse in each box with items like horse treats, brushes, lead ropes, and more!

Even if your little girl doesn’t have a real horse, this could probably work well for pretend horse friends. Or check out the box below for a subscription box for horse fans that don’t actually have their own horse (most of them!).


Pony Express Club Girl Subscription Box

Maybe your horse-obsessed little girl loves horses but doesn’t actually have a horse (like many young horse fans). The Pony Xpress Club subscription box is for her.

This is a fun box for kids who love horses and books about horses and all other horse and pony related items. They can enjoy every item in this box, whether or not they have a horse of their own.  

Boxes include books, arts & crafts kits, snacks, accessories, toys, and more!  

Note the age for this box is 8 to 13. And you can choose between two different size boxes at different price points (horse size & pony size).


Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club Subscription for Little Girl

Stickers! Kids love stickers. They’re just so much fun, and the Kids’ Sticker Club is a little girl subscription box that will keep your sticker fan stocked up every month!

The petite pack includes 7 sheets, and the classic pack includes 15 sheets of shiny stickers plus a coloring postcard, reusable holographic pouch, and an activity booklet.

Checking out previous boxes, they were packed with really cute and unique stickers. You can’t get these stickers at Target.


Owl Post Books Little Girl Monthly Subscription Box

The Owl Post Books subscription box is extra cool because not only do they send curated books, but those books are expertly chosen by a teacher with 15+ years of experience.

The Imagination box includes 3 brand new, age-appropriate books, a seasonal craft, and an interactive box each month, while the Imagination Mini includes one age-appropriate book and a fun seasonal craft shipped in a colorful mailer each month.

Tons of reading and crafting fun for your little girl! And if you have a tween or teen, you can grab the Young Adult Fantasy subscription box too!


Kids Baking Club Subscription Box Girls Will Love

The description of the Kids Baking Club says it’s “Food Network” for kids, and it totally is! My girls really had fun with box (you can read about our experience with Kids Baking Club here).

Not only do kids receive step-by-step photo recipes, baking tools, cookie cutters, decorating supplies, baking lessons, decorating tutorials, shopping lists & more… but there are virtual baking classes included!

Just to add a little extra something, the boxes include a surprise, and if you choose the 3,6, or 12-month options they send an apron too.

And it’s a perk to be able to actually have a delicious snack to go with the fun too.


Bits Box Subscription Box

Voted #1 STEM box for kids, the Bits Box is a coding subscription box that girls will love if they are showing an interest in STEM. Or it could be a way to pique their interest!

Bits Box is perfect for girls ages 6-12 and includes coding projects that teach kids to make video games, greeting cards, simulations, and more. An awesome bonus is unlimited email support for little coders (and parents who are newbies too).

The Best Little Girl Monthly Subscription Box

So many great choices! There’s something there for any little girl, whether she’s into princesses, unicorns, crafts, coding, or horses (and more!). 

This list of subscription boxes will make finding a gift for your special little girl so much easier. The best part is you don’t even need to do the hard part of going out, shopping, and wrapping. Instead, her subscription box will be sent right to her door! That’s what makes these subscription boxes for little girls extra fun. A special delivery to look forward to each month.

Subscription Boxes Little Girls Love

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