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11 Best Subscription Boxes for Tween Girl

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Tween Girl Subscription Boxes They’ll Love!

Subscription boxes for tween girls are the solution to a major gift buying dilemma for many parents. Finding gifts for tweens can be tough! They’re not little kids anymore. But they’re not quite teenagers either. And finding a gift that fits girls in that in-between space is challenging. But these made-for-tween-girls subscription boxes hit the perfect balance. Check them out below!

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Need a box for a girl who is a little older? Check out this list of the best subscription boxes for teen girls! And for younger girls check out the best subscription boxes for little girls here.

Popular Subscription Boxes for Tween Girls


“Find Your Wings” All in One Tween Girl Subscription Box

This is absolutely one of the best subscription boxes for a tween girl I’ve ever come across. Designed for girls ages 6-12, this box contains a little bit of everything. From crafts and fashion accessories to bath and beauty products. And everything is designed with tween girls in mind.

If your tween loves crafts, style, and a little self-pampering she’s going to love the Find Your Wings box from Fashion Angels.

Everything in this box is fun, colorful, and unique. It’s jam-packed with fun stuff and makes an amazing gift for a tween girl.

Choose from monthly, quarterly, or one time purchase box subscriptions at a really reasonable price.


Girl-a-Tude Girl Power in a Box

Girl-a-tude is a fun monthly subscription box for girls of all ages, but especially for tweens! Every month the Girl-a-tude box contains a different t-shirt with empowering messages for girls. Check out the shirts from past boxes and you’ll see why this box gets such rave reviews!

Along with the t-shirt, there are a few small gifts in the box every month that match the theme of the shirt.

The t-shirts are high-quality, age-appropriate, and empowering for girls. These shirts will be ones you and your tween will love to see her in.


You Matter! Box for Tween Girls

Uplift your favorite tween every month with a box that lets her know she matters! The You Matter! box is designed by a school counselor with experience helping tweens in need of encouragement.

Give the gift of inspiration, self-esteem and positive thinking to a tween you love. There is so much negativity in the world, I love the positiveness this box represents.

Each box contains a self- care activity and 4-6 inspirational items. There are also smaller mini-versions of this box at lower price points so you can encourage your tween no matter what your budget.


STRONG self(ie)

STRONG self(ie) is a quarterly subscription box for tweens and teens. It contains everything from fun accessories to snacks to beach towels, water bottles, beauty products, and more depending on the season.

I would consider this box more high-end. It’s a little pricier but the products are good quality and the boxes are full.

There are two options for subscriptions boxes based on age. The BLOOM box is for girls ages 8-12. And the BURST box is for girls ages 13-17. So, you can pick the box most suited to your tween’s age. (If in doubt, based on the reviews, I would probably consider the older BURST box for tweens in the 11-12 range).

If the steep price makes this one a “no” for you, take a look at the next box, Lavish Chick, below for a fun tween subscription box at a much lower price.


Lavish Chick

There are a couple of things that are really cool about this subscription box for tween girls.

One, it’s got really fun stuff in it. From jewelry to hair accessories to fun stickers, socks, stationary, and more. And it’s all really new and trendy. Stuff that’s perfect for a tween getting into style.

The second thing I like is that it’s really reasonably priced. You can get a cool gift your tween will love without breaking the bank.

The jewelry is all nice looking and grown up enough for a tween, teen, even an adult! Obviously, it’s not diamonds and pearls. But it’s also not plastic little girl jewelry your tween will turn her nose up at. It’s stylish and cool for the tween age group.

Self-Care & Beauty Boxes for Tweens



This monthly beauty box for tweens and teens is full of fun self care and beauty products they’ll love!

Each box contains 4-6 products including skincare, nail and hair accessories, age appropriate make up and even some fun school supplies. Plus positive messaging about self-love and knowing you’re beautiful just the way you are.

You can choose the tween or teen box based on your child’s age and maturity.


Royalty Packs Monthly Subscription Box

Royalty Packs are monthly boxes of beauty products, fun room decor items, and accessories for tween girls. These girly subscription boxes get rave reviews!

Make sure you choose the option for the tween girl box for 9-12 year olds as there is also an option for little girls.

Give your tween a monthly box of natural beauty products, trendy accessories, and fun room decor they can look forward to each month.

The Best Craft & Activity Tween Subscription Boxes


Annie’s Creative Girls Club

Annie’s Creative Girls Club is the perfect subscription box for tween girls who love crafts! This box comes TWICE a month with instructions and materials for craft activities for girls ages 7-12.

These activities are made for tweens to do with minimal adult supervision. And these crafts are meant to teach skills that can become lifetime hobbies.

Things like beading, stitching, paper crafting, and more that your tween can enjoy from now through adulthood.

Help your tween tap into their creativity and discover the joy of making beautiful things with this art subscription box for tweens!

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Ann Williams Monthly Craft Box

Everything on the Ann Williams craft website looks like so much fun, I was thrilled when I discovered they had a monthly subscription box for tweens!

In fact, with crafts for kids from preschoolers to teens and even some cool ones for adults, the entire family should be checking out this site.

For your tween, the subscription boxes are amazing! No two boxes are alike. And you can choose from boxes for kids ages 9-12 or bump up to the teen box if you have an older tween or an advanced crafter on your hands.

There are tons of fun crafts including string art, bracelet making, using looms and more. I love how colorful and bright all the projects are. Perfect for a tween girl!

The monthly craft boxes are reasonably priced and include easy-to-follow instructions along with your craft supplies. There are even online video tutorials for the crafts in case your tween prefers video instructions.

If you need activities for tweens they’ll love and that will keep them busy, this monthly craft box is sure to be a hit.

**If you’re wondering what the difference is between this subscription craft box and Annie’s Creative Girls Club from earlier in the post, I’ll admit they do appear similar. Even the names are similar.

A few differences, one is sent twice a month (Annie’s Creative Girls Club) and the other is monthly. So, they will be billed differently.

I think the main difference is that the two companies have slightly different styles and vibes. One is more pretty pastels and the other more rainbows, if that makes any sense.

One difference to note is that the Ann Williams Monthly Craft Box does have a teen option if you’re looking for something not quite adult, but still advanced.

Both subscriptions have fantastic high-quality tween crafts. So, I think your best bet is to look at both craft box options and consider which “feels” more like your tween.


Eat2Explore Cooking Subscription Box for Tweens

This box is not only a fun gift, it will teach your tween a useful skill as well! If your tween loves cooking shows, spending time with you in the kitchen, or even just trying new foods, this subscription box is exactly what they need.

And who doesn’t want their kids to learn how to cook? I also think the exploration of food from different cultures adds an extra element of fun. And makes this cooking kit an exploration instead of a chore for tweens.


Wonder Crate

Inspire your tween with stories about people who have made a difference in the world with Wonder Crate.

Every Wonder Crate contains a book about someone who has made an impact on the world. AND a hands-on activity related to the story that will teach your child and help them connect with the person they learn about.

Wonder Crates cover all different types of inspirational people, from artists to astronauts. Let your tween see the possibilities!

This crate is designed for girls ages 8-11.


Best Kiwi Crates for Tween Girls

Doodle Crate Art Subscription Box for Tweens

Kiwi Crate offers a wide variety of subscription boxes for kids of all ages, including two awesome crates for tweens. The first is the Doodle Crate.

Doodle Crate is an art subscription box for kids ages 9 to 16. In each box, your tween will receive quality materials, detailed instructions, and video tutorials for making amazing craft projects and art.

Your artistic tween will love learning new art techniques and exploring what they can make with the new supplies in each monthly crate.

Tinker Crate STEM Crate for Tweens

Tinker Crate, another tween box from Kiwi Crates, is a monthly box of experimental science and engineering activities that will help your tween develop their natural curiosity about the world. And make some really cool stuff.

Each crate comes with detailed instructions, video tutorials, and materials to create fun STEM projects each month.

Educational, fun, and a great creative outlet for tween girls who love science and building!

Tween Girl Gifts: Why Subscription Boxes are the Way to Go!

Subscription boxes really let you give your tween a gift that fits their exact interests. Whether that’s a monthly box of crafts or accessories or self care products.

If you’re struggling to find the right gift for a tween, check out all the amazing options for tween girl subscription boxes above. There is an option that is right for your tween! 

And if you’re wondering what exactly I mean by “tween” in this case, I consider a tween between around ages 9 to 12. Maybe 13. Some of these subscription boxes will appeal to younger tweens around age 9 or 10. Others are perfect for older tweens in the 11 to 12 age range.

So, check the age range recommendations for each box. And the consider where your tween fits.

You know your tween best. As you check out the subscription box options look for the ones that match your tween’s interests. And consider whether she is a young tween, regardless of her actual age. Or whether she is practically a teenager.

Different subscriptions will obviously appeal more to one tween than another. So much growth happens during the tween years as your kid becomes an almost-teen. But there is something here for girls at every level of tween-dom.

Scroll up and search the list to find the tween crate that’s right for yours.

Tween Girl Subscription Boxes Make the Perfect Gift!

Subscription boxes make really great gifts for almost everyone. But especially for a tween girl!

These fun boxes full of activities and accessories are perfect for young girls in the tween years. Too old for most toys but still looking for something fun. And they get something new every month sent directly to your home.

And there are so many great options to choose from! Pick the perfect tween subscription box for your favorite pre-teen from this list today!

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Tween Girls 2020


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