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15 Best Subscription Boxes for Teen Girl

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Teen Girl Subscription Boxes that Make Amazing Gifts

Subscription boxes for teen girls are one of the best gifts you can give your favorite teenager. Finding the right gift for a teenage girl can be tough. But with subscription boxes, you can give a unique gift that caters to your teen’s specific interests.

So even if your teen girl is hard to shop for, these subscription boxes make it easy. You can find the perfect gift in just a few clicks. And your favorite teen will light up when they receive a cool box of goodies just for them delivered to their home.

I know you’ll want to find a subscription box built around your teen’s unique interests, so scroll through the list below to find the best art boxes for teens, book crates, crafts, beauty products, and more. There are boxes for every teen girl you need to buy for.

Check out the best teen girl subscription boxes below. And take the work out of shopping for your teen this year!

And if you’re looking for something a little more gender neutral, or something for a teen boy, check out this list for more cool teen subscription boxes.

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Need a box for a not-quite-teen girl? Check out this list of the best subscription boxes for tween girls!

Popular Subscription Boxes for Teen Girls


STRONG Self(ie) Teen Girl Subscription Box

STRONG Self(ie) is a quarterly subscription box for teen girls of curated products that are always positive and fun. And they make a perfect gift.

Each box is built around the current season. And will arrive every three months in March, June, September, and December.

The STRONG Self(ie) subscription box for teen girls is called the BURST box. And it’s designed for girls ages 13 to 17. (There is also a tween girl subscription box called the BLOOM box for girls ages 8 to 12).

This box has a higher price point than some others on this list. But it’s because it arrives quarterly instead of monthly. And each box is jam packed with high quality products from fun accessories and beauty products to jewelry, snacks, and more.

This box makes a fantastic gift that is sure to be a hit with your teen.

Be sure to choose both the correct box for your teen’s age and her shirt size for any clothing accessories her box may include.


Quirky Crate for Teen Girls

This is such a fun subscription box to give a teen girl! Every month receiving this box your teen will get 7 to 10 quirky items they are going to love. Unique and fun stuff they won’t find anywhere else.

Each crate contains a fun pair of socks, an enamel pin, and an item from a featured indie artist. Plus other cool accessories and goodies. Everything from handbags to stationary and everything in between.

And this box isn’t just for teens, it’s for adults too. This gives it a more grown-up vibe for teens who don’t want a box of little girl stuff. It also means you may want one for yourself once you see the cool stuff every month.

Take a look at some of Quirky Crate’s rave reviews to see why this awesome subscription box was voted the #1 lifestyle subscription box by USA Today in 2020.


Magical Reads Crate

Looking for the perfect gift for your teen bookworm? This YA book subscription box for teens and adults is exactly what you need!

Every month box subscribers receive a new hardback young adult book. And a bunch of fun author swag to go along with it.

The author swag includes everything from self-care items to home decor, fan art, and more. The reviews of this box are overwhelmingly positive.

So, give your teen the gift of a great book every month. For book lovers there is nothing better!


Mila and Maya Fun Mini Treasures Box

This is one of the least expensive subscription boxes for teen girls on this list. But as you can see it packs a punch! Your teenager will be thrilled with this fun box of treasures each month!

A mix of everything from jewelry and nail polish to keychains and make up purses, these fun mini treasures will delight your teen. And the price, well- that will delight you!


Girl-a-Tude Box

I love the concept of this subscription box for teen girls (and younger girls, AND adults too!). Each month your teen will receive a “girl power” t-shirt (they are all so cute!) some fun gifts built around the theme of the shirt. And a fun peer-to-peer note.

To really get a feel for this box, first, go and read some of the amazing reviews of this subscription box. Nearly all 5 stars. And then take a look at some of the shirts from past boxes. You’ll see why your teen will love this box. And why you might even want to order one of your own.


Slay Glam Box

Does your teen love makeup? Then the Slay Glam Box is the perfect gift for her. A monthly box of beauty products, skincare, makeup, and beauty tools that will have her looking glam every month. And for a fraction of the price you would pay buying these products individually.

It looks like you can even customize some of the color selections if you follow the company on Facebook or Instagram.

Help your glamour girl slay with the products in this fantastic beauty subscription box for teens!


One Girl Inspired Subscription Box for Teen Girls

This is a monthly subscription box that will inspire, motivate, and empower your teen to be their best self. And it’s perfect for young teens ages 12 to 16.

One Girl Inspired will send a monthly box of inspirational goodies to your teen ranging from tech gadgets to fun school supplies, jewelry, and beauty products.

Each product provides messaging to help young teens learn to believe in themselves, dream big, and make their mark on the world.

This box is just the extra boost of positivity and inspiration we can all use. Perfect for teen girls.


Pura Vida Jewelry Subscription Box for Teens

Got a teen who loves jewelry? Gift them a subscription to Pura Vida Jewelry Club! Every month your teen will receive two exclusive jewelry styles worth up to $65 (but costing as low as $15 to $20 per month depending on the length of the subscription).

Pura Vida jewelry has unique pieces of jewelry in an elegant style perfect for older teens and even adults. Which means your teen can enjoy their Pura Vida jewelry long after their teen years.


IBBEAUTIFUL Subscription Box for Girl Teens

This monthly box of fun products is specifically designed to let teen girls know they are beautiful just as they are.

Each of the 4 to 6 included products, from age appropriate makeup and hair care items to jewelry and school supplies are carefully curated for teen girls.

And each box contains inspirational messages to build confidence in your teen.

There are both teen and tween options for this subscription box, so be sure to choose the teen option for your teenage girl.


Craft in Style! Craft Subscription Box for a Teen Girl

Got a crafty teen? This craft subscription box from Pop Shop America will make the perfect gift for her! This monthly box offers a variety of unique and fun crafts.

Every box has new projects, all the craft supplies you need, easy instructions, and a few extras too. The perfect craft subscription box for teen girls looking for new ways to get creative.

And fun for teens who are tired of kiddie crafts and want to make stylish DIY projects they can be proud of.

monthly box for teen girl

Girl Gang Strong Subscription Box

Girl Gang Strong is a subscription box and online community that encourages teen and pre-teen girls to love and take care of themselves.

Each monthly box for teen and tween girls ages 12 to 15, contains 5 to 8 products designed with young teen girls in mind. Everything from beauty products to cute stationary, to hair care accessories, educational products and more.

It’s just the right subscription box for teen girls to make a younger teen girl feel special.


Classy Artist Box for Teens

This box is the perfect gift if you have a teen that is a budding artist. Or an already talented artist looking to expand her skills. With the Classy Artist Box you have a couple of great options to choose from for your teen.

The first option is the Classic Artist Box. This monthly box comes with supplies for four different art projects. Plus a video lesson available online to get you started.

The intention is for your teen to watch the lesson and complete one project during the first week of the month. And then use the remaining supplies to make their own art for the remainder of the month.

Your artistic teen will love creating projects with the included art supplies. And learning new skills with the included lessons.

A second interesting option with this company is the Art School Box. This second box option is designed as a homeschool art curriculum for teens.

Every box in this option comes with art supplies for your projects, a step by step video lesson, art history information cards. Plus rubrics for teachers.

Every Classy Artist Box was created by a licensed art teacher and working artist.

Decide which option is best suited for your teen and help your young artist start developing their talent with this awesome monthly art box for teens.

I considered several art boxes for this list. I chose this one because the setup, including the video lesson, seemed ideal for an artistic teen. But there aren’t many reviews.

My second choice was this art subscription box. Which has a longer history and more reviews to go off of.


Lavish Chick Subscription Box for Teens

Got a trendy VSCO girl to buy for? Lavish Chick is exactly the subscription box you need! With a monthly box of jewelry, accessories, socks, crafts, and more, even the pickiest “trendy teen” will fall in love!

Get your teen her favorite “must-haves” with this really unique and inexpensive box she’ll love.

And be sure to read the reviews! Hilariously, multiple moms have commented in the reviews that they were borrowing some of the daughter’s Lavish Chick items for themselves, LOL.


Black Girl Magic Box

Black Girl Magic Box is a box curated with self-care products especially for and by black women. And an amazing gift option for your teen!

Each box is packed with premium self-care and wellness products that support black owned businesses. And promote wellness for black women and black teen girls.


Sarah’s Girlz Inc. Subscription Box

If you’d like a teen subscription box with some variety, Sarah’z Girlz is a great choice. Every month your teen will receive a box full of fun things just for teen girls.

Boxes include a variety of products from tech gadgets to makeup to inspirational journals, snacks, affirmation cards, and so much more!

There are separate boxes for tweens and teens, so be sure to choose the teen option for an appropriately teenage box of products.

Worth noting, although the subscription box does not appear to be religious. Sarah’z Girlz, the company, is. And their company website describes their mission as “enhancing the lives of God’s daughters” and other explicitly Christian messaging. Make sure you and your teen are comfortable with that before you order.


Best Kiwi Crates for Teen Girls

Maker Crate Craft Subscription Box

Maker Crate is a craft subscription box for artists from teens to adults. If you have a crafty teen looking for new ideas, she will love this monthly box of projects and materials.

Creating hands on projects and learning new craft techniques is the perfect gift for an artistic teen who wants inspiration and new craft ideas.

Because the box is for teens through adults, your teen will be proud of the high level of crafts they are able to create with the detailed instructions that come in each box.

Eureka Crate: Science Kits

Help your teen develop her love of science and innovation with this awesome monthly STEM crate for teens through adults.

Seriously fun creative and innovation projects delivered each month will inspire and educate your teen in ways you never thought possible.

Science and innovation can change the world. Help your teen develop the skills to become a part of that change!

Why Subscription Boxes Make the Best Gifts for Teen Girls

Subscription boxes are the best gifts for teen girls because they are so unique and fun. And you can give a gift that really appeals to your teens interests and helps her feel seen.

Whether she loves style and beauty, DIY crafts, funky accessories, a good book, creating art, or designing her own unique look, there is a perfect subscription box for her on this list.

Do consider your teenagers unique interests and sense of style before choosing the best box for her. And age is an important consideration too. Some boxes are more suited to younger teens, 13 to 15. Others are geared towards the closer to grown up 16 to 19 year old teens.

And you may also have a young 16 year old. Or a 15 going on 20 year old. You know your teen best and can use that information to choose a subscription box that will meet her where she’s at.

Scroll up through this list to find the monthly teen crate perfect for your teenage girl.

Teen Girl Subscription Boxes They’ll Love

There are so many wonderful subscription boxes for teen girls it’s hard to pick just one! Which is why I’ve tried to narrow this list down to the very best teen girl subscription boxes in categories like beauty, self-care, crafts, and more.

These boxes will make your gift the highlight of your favorite teenage girl’s holiday or birthday. And subscription boxes can be the gift that keeps on giving if you sign up for a multi-month subscription!

Don’t miss your chance to get your teen’s new favorite subscription box! Choose from the list above today!

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Teen Girls 2020

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