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25 Best Spirit Riding Free Toys & Gifts

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Looking for the perfect gift for a kid who loves Spirit Riding Free on Netflix? These fun Spirit Riding Free toys and gift ideas are perfect for young fans of the show. Everything from dolls of the horses and characters for acting out their adventures to clothing and room decor to celebrate their favorite horses and people on the show. Gift ideas for all the fans of Spirit, Lucky, and all of the PALs!

Be sure to check out the entire list! There are Spirit Riding Free toys including dolls & plushes to Playmobil playsets. And then you’ll find Lucky & Spirit gift ideas that include Spirit Riding Free clothes, books and room decor. Something for every kid who is a fan of the show!

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Of all the shows my kids watch, Spirit Riding Free is one of my favorites. I find myself getting caught up in the adventures of Lucky, Pru & Abigail right along with my kids. Which is why these toys from Spirit Riding Free and all the other gift ideas on the list are so much fun!

If your child is a fan of Lucky & Spirit and all their friends, they’ll love these toys and gift ideas inspired by the show. Check them out!

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Popular Spirit Riding Free Toys


1. Spirit & Lucky Doll

This is my top choice for the best Lucky and Spirit doll set. There are tons of options for Lucky and Spirit dolls. But this doll set of Lucky and Spirit is the best all around choice if you’re just looking for a fun doll and horse toy for your young Spirit fan.

It’s also really reasonably priced.

The doll is 5 inches and the horse is 7 inches. The doll can easily be posed to sit on the horse. And the shirt and boots come on and off easily. Which is something my kids always like.

And there are Pru and Abigail dolls, as well as dolls for almost all of the Spirit Riding Free characters (including horses) of the same size for playing with if your child wants to add to their collection.


2. Spirit Riding Free Barn Playset

This is by far the most popular Spirit Riding Free toy at my house. My kids love the playset and play with it all the time.

The barn is a really good size and comes with lots of fun accessories like the trough and wheelbarrow. Plus furniture for the loft where the PALs hang out.

It also comes with Lucky and Spirit dolls. I purchased the Pru and Chica Linda and Abigail and Boomerang dolls separately.


3. Breyer Spirit Riding Free Playsets Gift Bundle

Chances are if your kids love Spirit, they also love Breyer horses. This gift set bundle from Breyer includes all three of the PALs and their horses from Spirit Riding Free (you can also buy each of these individually).

These dolls are a bit smaller. The girls are 3″ and the horses between 3.75-4″. And with the small size, these are a little fragile. Probably a better choice if your kids are slightly older.

The size of these horses matches the Breyer Stablemates sets if you’re trying to figure out what other toys they can be played with.

They are a fun set. And I was really excited to find this gift bundle that came with all three of the main characters and their horses together.

This makes a really fun gift for a kid who loves Spirit.


4. Spirit Riding Free Plush Toy

If what your little Spirit fan wants is a stuffed animal of her favorite horse, this adorable Spirit plush is just what you need!

This soft, cuddly Spirit plush horse is perfect for kids to curl up with and snuggle. And maybe even to sleep on (the description calls it a pillow)!

A beautiful plush horse friend for fans of Spirit!


5. Spirit Riding Free Horse Competition Arena

Many of the newest Spirit toys feature places and activities from the new Riding Academy Spirit series that takes place at Palomino Bluffs. This is one of those toys. And a very cool one at that.

This riding competition arena toy comes with two horse toys, jumps, fences, and more for kids to play with.

Pru’s interest in dressage on the show has been featured in several episodes. And that’s what this toy is built around.

It makes a fun addition to other Spirit and Lucky toys and playsets.


6. Spirit Sounds & Action Mystery Horse

Mystery is one of the newest horses on Spirit Riding Free. And this popular toy is a fun way to add this new character to your child’s collection.

This horse toy makes realistic horse sounds and movements. And even responds to your child’s touch.

Mystery can stamp her front leg. And her hair can be combed and styled. It’s a really unique toy for horse fans and fans of Spirit Riding Free.


7. Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock

Another fun playset inspired by Lucky & Spirit’s time at Palomino Bluffs is this grooming paddock set.

The set includes Lucky and Spirit dolls as well as a foal doll to be placed in the nursing paddock. There are also curry combs, bridles, saddles, a hay bale and more.

Lots of fun pieces to this set that make it a fun toy for Spirit fans.

Playmobil Sprit Riding Free Toys


8. Lucky’s House Playmobil Set from Spirit Riding Free

When it comes to finding great toys based on Spirit Riding Free, Playmobil has everybody beat. You can just about reconstruct the entire town of Miradero with the Lucky & Spirit Playmobil toy sets. Starting with Lucky’s house.

This is one of the most fun Playmobil Spirit sets. The house itself is beautiful. And the set includes Lucky, Spirit, and Aunt Cora. Plus Aunt Cora’s pet goose!

There are also pots and pans and all the kitchen furnishings where Aunt Cora can cook and teach Lucky manners.

This is one of the best Playmobil sets I have ever seen. And an amazing gift idea for a kid who loves Spirit & Lucky.


9. Playmobil Spirit Riding Free Barn with Lucky, Pru & Abigail

If you’re just getting started with Spirit Playmobil sets, this is the one I would give my child first. It includes Mr. Granger’s barn and all three of the PALs, Lucky, Abigail, and Pru. It also includes Mr. Granger.

This is one of the few Playmobil Spirit toys that come with all three of the main characters, Lucky, Pru & Abigail. And the barn is one of the girls’ main hangouts on the show.

The set also includes grooming tools, a wheelbarrow, hammock, furniture for the girls to decorate their loft and other fun accessories.

Although there are multiple individual Playmobil sets with each of the three girls and their horses. I like that this set has all three girls in one. But you would have to get their horses separately.

If you’re more interested in individual sets of each of the three PALs and their horses, you can find them with the links below:

Lucky & Spirit Playmobil set

Pru & Chica Linda

Abigail & Boomerang

And here is Maricela and her bicycle in case your kids are PALMs fans.


10. Playmobil Snips & Senor Carrots Toy

Snips and Senor Carrots are two of the best characters on Spirit Riding Free. And this is one of the few Snips & Senor Carrots toys I’ve come across.

If you’re interested in Spirit Playmobil sets, this one would be at the top of my list.

And like all the Playmobil sets it comes with lots of fun accessories in addition to the two characters.


11. Spirit Riding Free Playmobil Lucky’s Dad & Covered Wagon

Lucky’s Dad features in many of the shows best adventures. And this Playmobil set is the only one I could find that came with his character.

It’s a fun set that includes Mr. Prescott, a wagon, two horses, a campfire and even a raccoon as well as some other accessories.

This set is a lot of fun to add to a collection and use with other Spirit & Lucky Playmobil toys.

And if your kids want Miss Flores to act as Mr. Prescott’s love interest, you can find her figurine here in the Miss Flores classroom playset. (Didn’t I say you can pretty much construct Lucky’s whole town with Playmobil sets?!?)


12. Playmobil Spirit Riding Free Summer Campground

In the second collection of Spirit Riding Free Pony Tales on Netflix, Lucky and her friends go to the Frontier Fillies Outdoor Jubilee. And of course, Playmobil has a set for that.

This summer campground playset features Lucky & Bebe, a character introduced in that series. As well as two horses and the girls’ scout leader.

The characters aren’t the only fun part of this set. The tent, canoe, picnic table and other camping themed accessories will be tons of fun for recreating many of Lucky and Spirit’s adventures with their friends.

Must-Have Spirit Riding Free Clothes & PJs


13. Girls Spirit Riding Free T-Shirt

There are lots of cute Spirit shirts available from Amazon. This one I like because it has a nice shape. Not too boxy. Which makes it look cuter on.

The picture on the T-shirt is a sweet one of Lucky & Spirit. And the shirt is soft and well made.

If you know a girl who loves Spirit, this t-shirt will make a delightful gift.


14. Spirit & Lucky Pajamas Set

This cute set of Spirit Riding Free pajamas is perfect for fans of the show! These soft pajamas are cozy and adorable. A fun gift for Spirit and Lucky fans!

A couple of things to pay attention to in the reviews for these PJs. Multiple people commented that while they liked them, they ran small. So, be sure to take that into consideration when you’re choosing which size will fit your child.

The product also says it is for girls. But one reviewer mentioned (and I agree) there is no reason these pajamas wouldn’t be just great for boys who are fans of Spirit as well.


15. Spirit Riding Free Shirt & Leggings Set

This two piece outfit with long sleeved top and leggings is a fun gift idea for any Spirit obsessed girl.

The pants and top have some style with ruffles on the shoulders and faux riding pants details on the pants. Your little girl will love how she looks in this sweet outfit. And so will you!

The Best Spirit Riding Free Books


16. Spirit Riding Free: Meet the PALs

This Spirit Riding Free book makes a great gift for fans of Spirit and Lucky as well as kids who are just being introduced to the characters.

The book is written for kids from ages preschool to third grade (which is about the age range of many of the shows fans).

It’s a broad age range for a book. But in this case, it works. Younger kids will love having this book read to them by their favorite adults. And early readers can enjoy reading it by themselves.

The book is about friends bonding through their love of horses, just like the show. And it’s a fun read for kids who love Spirit and Lucky’s adventures.


17. Spirit Riding Free: Lucky’s Diary

This Spirit & Lucky book is for kids in the 8-12 age range. And it’s a really fun read for fans of the show in that age group!

Written in diary format, the book shares Lucky’s inner thoughts and describes her adventures with her best friends. Just like the show, only more personal.

If you need a unique gift for a girl who loves Spirit & Lucky, this book is exactly what you need!


18. Spirit Riding Free: Lucky’s Guide to Horses & Friendship

This book is an amazing gift for Spirit Riding Free fans! It’s an interactive activity book that includes puzzles, a giant poster, quizzes, crafts games and more!

Plus advice from Lucky and her two best friends on friendship and horses. If your daughter loves Spirit, you need to get her this book! She’ll love it!

The recommended age for this book is 8-12 or grades 3 to 7. Looking at it and reading the reviews I think kids ages 6 or 7 can probably enjoy it too.

Other Fun Spirit Riding Free Gift Ideas


19. Spirit Riding Free Soft Cotton Hooded Towel

This soft cotton towel features Lucky and her two best friends. As well as their horses. And it has a hood with horse ears. Which is just adorable and such a fun extra touch!

Brightly colored and easy to care for, this towel makes a great gift idea for kids who love Spirit Riding Free.


20. Spirit Necklace Activity Set

For Spirit fans, what could be more fun than this Spirit Riding Free craft kit for making necklaces? The kit contains materials for making five different necklaces that are cute and fun to wear.

This necklace activity set is an inexpensive fun gift for fans of Spirit Riding Free. If your child loves being creative and dressing up, they’ll love making and wearing these necklaces featuring their favorite characters!


21. Spirit Riding Free Clock for Kid’s Bedroom

I can’t imagine a gift that would delight my kids more than this beautiful clock featuring Spirit and Lucky.

It’s easy to read, with all twelve numbers (which helps when they’re learning to tell time)! And the image on the clock face is a gorgeous photo of Lucky and her beloved horse.


22. Spirit & Lucky Musical Horse Music Box

I love this musical jewelry box for fans of Lucky & Spirit. And so will your little girl if she loves horses and Lucky & her PALs!

This music box is the perfect place for your daughter to store her treasures. With multiple drawers and a colorful, fun exterior featuring characters from Spirit Riding Free.

If you want a Spirit & Lucky gift idea that isn’t a toy but is still a lot of fun, this jewelry box is just what you’re looking for!


23. Spirit Riding Free Super Soft Plush Throw

Decorate your child’s bed with this beautiful Lucky & Spirit plush blanket! They’ll love snuggling up in the softness. And having a blanket with their favorite characters on it.

And other great news, the blanket is washable. So, if your kiddo likes to carry it around or spills on it, a quick wash in the machine and your child can have their blanket back as good as new.


24. RoomMates Spirit Riding Free Peel & Stick Wall Decals

I absolutely love peel & stick wall decals for decorating kids’ rooms. They are so easy to put on, take off, switch out. And with kids constantly changing tastes they are a great way to decorate without making any lifetime commitments to color, style or characters.

Which is why I am so excited about these Spirit Riding Free wall decals! They are a fun and inexpensive way to add some Spirit to your kid’s room.

You can’t beat the price. And it’s the perfect fun gift for fans of Lucky & Spirit and the rest of PALs gang!


25. Spirit & Lucky Poster with Poster Mount

My kids love decorating their rooms with posters of their favorite characters and animals. And this poster has a little of both.

A great gift for horse lovers and fans of Spirit Riding Free, this bundle comes with the poster and 16 poster mounts for getting it set up on your kid’s wall.

It’s a fun colorful poster perfect for girls or boys who love Lucky and Spirit.

Fun Spirit Riding Free Toys & Gift Ideas

Spirit Riding Free fans will love everything on this list! If you need a gift for a child who loves Spirit & Lucky and all the other PALs and friends in Miradero, you are in the right place!

Whether you’re looking for a Lucky & Spirit toy or room decor or shirts and books, there is something here your child will love.

Pick out the one you think your child will love most and celebrate their love of horses, friendship, and Spirit!

Spirit Riding Free Toy Ideas

Spirit & Lucky gift ideas

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