sidewalk chalk ideas for kids

11 Sidewalk Chalk Activities for Kids

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Sidewalk Chalk Activity Ideas You’ve Never Tried Before

Ready for sidewalk chalk ideas you haven’t tried before? Kids love sidewalk chalk for drawing, writing messages, playing hopscotch, or tic tac toe. Even tracing hands, feet, or whole bodies and making chalk art versions of themselves. There are so many fun things to do with sidewalk chalk! And all of those activities are worth doing. But what about trying some new things with sidewalk chalk? New sidewalk chalk games, drawing ideas, and even a watermelon seed spitting contest. Check out this list and help your kids try them all!

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Ever thought about making your own sidewalk chalk? Here is a super simple recipe for sidewalk chalk you can try if you want to make your own. Making the chalk can be a fun activity all by itself!

But I’ll be honest, I usually just go ahead and buy sidewalk chalk. You get a lot for your money. And so many fun color options. Often you can find sidewalk chalk at dollar stores so it doesn’t even need to be expensive. And it lasts a long time.

So, make it or buy it, go grab some chalk and start getting creative with these unique sidewalk chalk ideas for kids!

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The Best Sidewalk Chalk Ideas for Kids

sidewalk chalk idea for kids

Giant Chalk Art Town

The best thing about this sidewalk chalk activity is that once you’ve finished drawing the fun is just getting started.

Depending on your children’s ages, you might be doing most of the drawing for this chalk art town. And then letting them play in it with cars or dolls.

But even young kids might prefer to draw it themselves. Or at least do it with you. (My kids can certainly draw better than I can). So, let their creativity run wild.

If you want to make this chalk activity a little more interesting try drawing your neighborhood or your town. Or anyplace your child is familiar with and might like to try drawing or playing in.

sidewalk chalk game idea for kids

Sidewalk Chalk Board Game for Families

This is really thinking outside the sidewalk chalk box. And it’s super fun. Help your kids draw their own game board with sidewalk chalk. And then the whole family can play.

A perfect summer activity for spending time outdoors. The game itself is easy to play. And fun. I love that it’s active and gets kids moving a bit.

But don’t feel limited by the game in the post. Take this idea and use it to inspire your own sidewalk chalk board game ideas. At least half the fun with this is in the creating of the game itself.

And you can easily make different games over time.


Mosaic Heart Chalk Activity

You’ve probably seen sidewalk chalk mosaics. Which are super fun. I love how colorful they. This particular one is what you need if your child (or you) are a perfectionist because it gives exact measurements for the length of tape to make a perfect heart.

I’m more of a “wing-it” type and just do my best guess. But sometimes that goes a little astray. This heart makes beautiful sidewalk chalk art. And your kids will be proud to have created it.

The post calls this a chalk activity for preschoolers. But I see no reason why preschoolers on up through grade school and even tweens wouldn’t enjoy this activity. Older kids could even do the tape themselves. Making it even better as an independent activity.


Sidewalk Chalk Racetrack for Remote Control Cars

This is another great example of a sidewalk chalk activity that has entertainment value beyond just the drawing. Help your kids create a sidewalk chalk racetrack and they can play with it for hours (even days if the sun stays out).

Once drawn, the racetrack can be used for remote control cars, matchbox cars, and just about anything with wheels.


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt with Sidewalk Chalk

If you live in a friendly neighborhood with lots of kids this is an awesome sidewalk chalk idea that can involve a lot of kids (even if it’s during a time with no contact allowed).

The post includes a printable of different things kids can draw with sidewalk chalk. Assign a different item to every neighborhood kid that wants to participate. They can draw their assigned object or animal in their driveway or on the sidewalk in the neighborhood.

Then each of the kids can walk the neighborhood and check off each chalk figure on the printable.

It’s a great way to participate in a community activity even when we need to be apart.

Pro tip: choose a sunny day (or couple of days) so that the chalk drawings don’t get washed away before everyone has a chance to play.


Masking Tape & Sidewalk Chalk Mural

This sidewalk chalk idea for kids was making the rounds on Facebook early this spring. And it’s easy to see why it became so popular! It’s easy and fun. And the results are beautiful.

My own kids had a blast making sidewalk chalk murals on our fence and ended up making several. I used painter’s tape instead of masking tape. But it works the same.

This is one of my favorite ideas on this list. And one my kids enjoyed the most. You can make it any size or shape. And let your kids help create the design.

If you don’t have a wooden fence, this works just as well on pavement.


Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math Game

The value of sidewalk chalk learning activities really became clear when we were suddenly needing to home school. It’s a great way to make learning fun. And move school outdoors on sunny days.

This sidewalk chalk math game is a great way to practice math skills and let kids move around and have some fun outside.


Sight Word Splat Learning Activities with Sidewalk Chalk

This is a fun sidewalk chalk idea I wouldn’t have thought of! If you have a child in elementary school you’re probably familiar with sight words. But in case you’re not, sight words are words kids are taught to learn by heart as part of the process of learning to read.

Sight Word Splat is a sidewalk chalk game that helps make memorizing these words more fun.

Kids get to write out their sight words. And then as you play the game calling out each word, they get to run back and forth pouring water on the correct sight words.

It’s active, it’s wet, and it’s educational. A super fun way to sneak in a little reading practice during the summer.

And this game isn’t just for your older kids who can read. Play this game with preschoolers and younger children using only letters instead of words.

Younger children can practice writing and identifying letters with sidewalk chalk. Then have the fun of pouring water on the letters as you call them out.


Watermelon Seed Spitting Measurement Game with Sidewalk Chalk

This is another fun summer sidewalk chalk activity you can use to sneak in a little learning along with the fun. What is more “summer” than watermelon? And a watermelon seed spitting contest is a hands-on math activity kids can really get into.

If nothing else, this game gave me a chance to stop saying “no spitting!” for an afternoon.

To start the fun, use sidewalk chalk to set up the field of play. Grab a measuring tape. And start spitting, measuring, and marking. Practicing math skills like measuring and estimating is a natural part of the fun.


A-Z Sidewalk Chalk Scavenger Hunt

Sidewalk chalk scavenger hunts can be a really fun way to interact with people in your neighborhood. This scavenger is a fun one because your kids can set it up for their neighborhood friends. And really, anyone who happens to be walking through the neighborhood. But it doesn’t depend on other people participating.

The idea is to draw letters around your neighborhood where people walking around can find them. Simple right?

You can make it more fun by asking neighborhood friends to send you pictures of themselves finding the letters so you can show your kids.

Consider having your kids draw arrows pointing people to the next letter. Or leaving other clues.

I happen to really like this idea because it can be enjoyed by everyone in the neighborhood who sees it. Even if they don’t happen to be someone you asked to participate. So more kids and families can enjoy it.

And if you don’t happen to know the people in your neighborhood you can still make this scavenger hunt for people to enjoy. Maybe taking the occasional peek out your window to see if anyone discovers your kids’ work.


Inspirational Chalk Walk

Help your kids create some inspiration in your neighborhood. And spread some joy! Use sidewalk chalk to write positive messages around your neighborhood. In your driveway, on the sidewalk, anywhere people might see it.

This post has free printable tags you can pass out to your neighborhood asking people to participate in an inspirational chalk walk. And share some positive messages with each other.

This can be a really fun way to connect with your community even when we’re all staying at home.

But you don’t have to set up a formal neighborhood event if that’s not your thing. Your kids can still have fun writing inspirational sidewalk chalk messages for people to see as they are out walking.

Even if it’s just the members of your own family getting some positive vibes in your driveway. Spread some joy!

Inspirational Sidewalk Chalk Ideas for Kids

Sidewalk chalk is a super easy and inexpensive way to have fun outdoors with kids. It’s perfect for everything from creating chalk art to playing games to inspiring others. It’s a favorite summer activity (or anytime the sun comes out) for creative kids. Get creative, have fun, and make memories with sidewalk chalk!

Sidewalk Chalk Art & Activities for Summer

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