self-care subscription boxes for moms

21 Self-Care Subscription Boxes for Moms

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The Best Self Care Subscription Boxes for Moms

Self-care boxes are always a great gift idea for mom (or for yourself!). But when you’re looking for the best subscription boxes for moms, there are some that just stand out more than the rest. And when you think about it, moms deserve the best, right? And subscription boxes are a great way to give it to them

All-day long they’re working, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the house and home, and basically playing referee, taxi driver, counselor, and more for everyone in the family. Even typing all that out made me tired!

The good news? This list gives you an easy way to find an epic mom box for yourself or for another much-deserving mom in your life. (I like to call mine a motherhood survival box, but you feel free to call yours whatever you need to).

Check out the entire list below to learn about the best self-care kits for mom and where you can grab yours! 

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21 Self Care Kits for Moms Who Need a Break

Trust me on this one…most moms could use a break. Whether that break is a few moments away for a walk around the block or looking forward to something arriving in the mail that is anything other than a bill. Find your mom-break-in-a-box below by checking out all the options for the perfect mom box packed full of goodies that will soothe you, relax you, and help you feel your best self. 


Mama Needs Box for Moms

This mom life subscription box is packed full of everything moms need for self care. The Mama Needs Box comes with 4-6 fun self-care tools, products, and more every month.

The items vary but all are meant to help you relax and enjoy the day. Items can include anything from a soothing drink of hot chocolate to fun shirts, coffee mugs, sleep masks, lotion, candles, bath bombs, and more. 

Everything in this self-care subscription box for mom is beautiful, well-made, and perfect for self-care. 


MAI Box for Moms

This bi-monthly box is a fun way to give the gift of self-care to yourself or a mom you love! 5 to 7 products every month to encourage and inspire self-care and taking some me-time for mom.

Perfect for busy moms in need of something fun, inspiring, and pampering. And this subscription box for moms is one of the most affordable options. Which makes it a top pick for self-care boxes on a budget.


Therabox Self Care Subscription Box

We live in a time of high stress right now. And we could all use a bit of self-care. The TheraBox understands that and will literally deliver everything you need for self-care right to your door.

This box is curated by therapists to give you what you exactly what you need to reduce stress and increase joy every month. Each box contains 6 to 8 self-care and wellness products to help you live a more inspired life. Plus a research-based therapeutic activity to wire your brain for happiness.

Treat yourself (or a friend) to this monthly box of self-love for more joy and less stress!


Mom Things Subscription Box for Moms

Being a mom means that you’re literally sharing everything you own with your children, day and in and day out. And while that might be nice, let’s not forget that sometimes, moms just need their own stuff. 

Mom Things gets that and nails it every single time. This bi-monthly box of goodies contains 5+ high-quality products to make even the busiest mom feel pretty and pampered. Everything from spa treatments to beauty products, to stuff to keep you organized.

A subscription of mom stuff you’re going to love! (This is also a great Mother’s Day subscription box gift for other moms out there!)


Boxy Momma

If you’re looking for a unique subscription box for mom, this is a great choice. Boxy Momma is a fun filled box of items that are fun AND practical. Self-care items, fun mom stuff and some practical things as well to bring more joy and less stress to mom life.

This is a fun monthly mom box that will make you smile. And it makes a great gift for a mom you love (who shares your sense of humor). (Personalized printable certificates available to send with gift orders!)

It’s also worth noting that a portion of the sales for this subscription box gift for moms goes to supporting mental health.  Yay, Boxy Momma!


Hopebox Monthly Self-Care Box

Hopebox is a monthly delivery of hope and inspiration in a box perfect for mom’s who need a break and a little encouragement. Everything from soothing spa treatments to books and jewelry. High quality treasures to lift you up.

Hopebox has well over a thousand rave reviews. And makes a wonderful gift for anyone that needs to be inspired and receive a little self-care (Hint: That’s all of us!).


Feeling Fab

A monthly box of wellness and self-care delivered right to your door! Feeling Fab is your monthly reminder that your mind and body need to be appreciated and cared for. And they give you the products to do it.

Skincare, body care, mental wellness, this box covers it all. With both a “mini” and a “premium” option, order the Feeling Fab self-care subscription box that’s right for your budget. And show yourself some loving care!


Bombay & Cedar Wellness Subscription Box for Women

Women’s wellness is what the Bombay & Cedar subscription box is all about. With a focus on essential oils, this box makes a great gift for a mom who likes to take a natural approach to self-care. All the items in each box are vegan and cruelty-free.

In addition to high-quality essential oils, monthly boxes might include diffusers, books, skincare products, home goods, and more. Wellness themed surprises each month that will inspire better self-care!

Interested, but not sure this is the one? Find more beauty boxes for women by checking out the best girly subscription boxes for women here!


Introverts Retreat

If ever there was a subscription box made for me, this is it! Introverts Retreat is the perfect subscription box for moms who crave some time alone!

Each box contains a book by a female author in your chosen genre (romance, mystery, general fiction & more!) and a selection of boomarks, candles, gourmet treats, and other delightful things to make for the perfect night in.

If your idea of self-care is curling up and relaxing with a good book and some sweet treats, this is the perfect subscription box for you! And this box is one of the lowest-priced options on this list. A self-care bargain for moms who love their me-time!


Loti Wellness Box

Sometimes, everyday life is just hard. That’s why Loti Wellness puts together a box every month that is jam-packed full of wellness products to bring you some much-needed calm and joy.

A monthly box of mindset activities, self-care products, and more to treat your mind, body, and soul. What mom couldn’t use that?


Love Yours Box for Moms

Because the Love Yours Box only arrives quarterly, you’re going to be eagerly waiting at the door for each delivery! Each box contains 5 to 8 full-size beauty, wellness, and self-care products to treat yourself the way you deserve.

This self-care subscription box is a must-have for moms in need of some fun new beauty and self-care products.


Pure Joy Self-Care Subscription Box

As Pure Joy likes to say, there’s no junk in these trunks! This monthly subscription box arrives full of beautiful items to bring you inspiration and joy.

A monthly box of fun, bright, inspirational products that make a wonderful gift for mom, for you, for friends. For any women in your life who you want to send some pure joy.

Read the reviews from happy recipients to know you’ll be making someone’s day with this gift subscription!


Just For You Monthly Box

Treat yourself to a monthly box of pampering and fun that’s just for you! Or treat someone else (or both!).

Every month you’ll receive a box of goodies for some pampering, beautifying, and just enjoying your life more. And this box comes at a very affordable price. So, treat yourself today!


InJoyBox Subscription for Moms (or Anyone Special)

This is a unique subscription box! And one that makes a great gift for mom, or a friend, or anyone who could use a special treat. One of the most fun things about this subscription box is that each box comes with one item personalized with the recipient’s name. That extra touch really adds something.

Send a box of encouragement and love to someone special (Hint: Makes a great subscription box for Mother’s Day!).

The InJoyBox comes in a variety of options, for women, men & kids. With “mini” options for each as well at a lower price.


Lookfantastic Beauty Box 

Love the thought of beauty products delivered right to your front door? Beauty Box does that and more! A monthly box of luxury pampering products conveniently shipped to your home for an incredibly low price (seriously- this box is a steal!).

Treat yourself or a mom you love to the ultimate box of self-care and beauty products from Lookfantastic.


MindWander Self Care Subscription Box for Moms

I really love the idea behind this self care box. Because it goes beyond the “spa day” version of self care. With a focus on your mental health as well as some pampering you get a little more in this box.

Curated by a Ph.D therapist, each MindWander box contains self-care products, but also workbooks with stress and anxiety reducing exercises to help you truly take care of yourself and live a more positive life.

All that for a very good price. Consider this one for self-care that goes more than skin deep.


LovishBox For Her

This monthly health and wellness box features 6 to 8 full-size products every month to promote a healthy lifestyle. The products in this box are a fun mix of beauty products, self-care items, and even healthy snacks.

If you’re looking for variety and the fun of trying new products every month this is a good choice. Plus it ships fast if you need a gift for a mom and you didn’t plan very far ahead.


Relax & Breathe

Relax & Breathe is a quarterly self care subscription box designed to help you do exactly that, relax and breathe. Full of calming, products to help you unwind and decompress, this is self-care made easy!

Plus every box comes with a product designed to be shared with a friend. Share the self-care, mama! It makes it a little more fun to pass the joy along.


Pause & Unwind

The focus of the Pause & Unwind subscription box for women is on stress relief! Give the gift of relaxation in a box with a monthly delivery of stress-relieving self-care items to a mom who needs a break.

This box comes in two sizes, the “mini” version with 3 stress relief items or the “Luxe” version with 5+ products to enjoy. Choose the subscription that fits your budget and your needs. And take the chance to pause and unwind with some self-care!


The Calm Classroom Subscription Box for Moms

The Calm Classroom is a little bit different than other subscription boxes for moms on this list. This box focuses on self-care for the whole family! There are self-care products for moms in each box AND products for moms to share with their kiddos!

Teach your kids the importance of self-care and learning to manage their stress from a young age. Through the example you set. Make family time relaxing time with the products you receive from The Calm Classroom.


Sweet Escape Subscription Box

Perfect for the mom whose idea of self-care is a good book and a warm bath (me!), this is for you! Every month you’ll receive handmade bath products, a novel from your genre of choice and some relaxing teas.

Take some time for yourself with Sweet Escape!

The Benefits of Self Care for Moms

Self-care is important for everyone, but it’s something many moms (most moms!) struggle to find the time and energy for. Yes, we don’t have the energy to find time to rest. It’s a thing. (Maybe this is just me? No? Didn’t think so!)

Self- Care Makes Us Our Best Selves

We all need a break. As a mom, it’s easy to feel frustrated, and as though you don’t have enough time or patience for everything you have to deal with every day. Being good to yourself will give you the patience you need to be patient with others, especially your kids.

I know it’s a cliche, but you can’t pour from an empty cup. Moms need to nurture themselves so they can nurture their children.

Self-Care is Good for Your Health

Taking the time for self-care and rest is important for your health. I’m not talking about spa treatments. A manicure isn’t a health treatment. But taking a break and doing things that make YOU happy is good for your health.

Breaks, rest, long baths, and good books, whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself. You need that in your life to be a healthy, happy, you.

It Models Taking Care of Yourself to Your Kids

Maybe none of this is motivating you to seek out self care. You have too much to do. Too many people to take care of. A job, your family, virtual school, whatever. It’s a long list.

And as a mom, kids come first right? So, make it about them if that motivates you. Teach your kids that you’re a human being that needs breaks. That has hobbies and interests outside of being their mom. Help them see you as a whole person. It’s good for you, but it’s also good for them.

Model sane adulthood! Sane motherhood for your daughters and sons. So they learn to take care of themselves. Now and as a grown-up. Show them how it’s done by taking care of yourself. You’re a mom not a martyr!

Why Give a Self-Care Subscription Box to Mom?

Whether you’re gifting it to yourself or to someone you love, a self-care subscription box for mom is one of the best gifts you can give.

Subscription boxes bring joy well beyond a birthday or holiday. There’s the opening of the box, then the using products for days or weeks. And then, if it’s a multi-month subscription, yay! Another box comes!

And I love subscription boxes for self-care. First, because it’s like a monthly reminder to take care of yourself. And when you see a box of goodies sitting there, you’re more motivated to make the time to use them.

Plus you don’t have to shop for anything, or plan something out. Your book and chocolates, or your bath bomb and facemask, or your gratitude journal or whatever you need for self-care, they all show up right on your doorstep. Now, that’s a gift!

Subscription Box Self Care Gifts for Mom

When it comes to subscription boxes for moms, you can’t go wrong by focusing on self-care. It’s definitely something we could all use a little more of. And that busy moms appreciate.

When you choose a self-care subscription box for mom (or yourself!), you know that when that box arrives, it’s going to be packed full of goodies that will bring a smile to her face and ease the stresses of the day. 

Pick out the best box of self-care and survival supplies for moms from this list now!

Motherhood Survival Box Subscriptions for Moms

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