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Honest Review of Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club Subscription

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*This is a sponsored post in which I received free product in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. All of the opinions are 100% my own.

If you have a kid in your life who loves stickers, then this review is for you! I recently discovered a super fun sticker club called Pipsticks that sends children monthly packages of stickers. After having the chance to check out this subscription box (ok, subscription envelope) with my kids, I want to share my honest review of the Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club subscription so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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Quick Rundown of My Experience with Pipsticks

In this review, I’ll give you all the details about Pipsticks, my opinion, how to subscribe, how much it costs, etc. But if you would rather just know the highlights, here is a quick summary. 

Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club is a monthly subscription full of unique stickers your kids can use any way they like. These are super unique stickers you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

What I liked best about the Pipsticks kids sticker subscription was how cool the stickers were. My kids loved them. And they oohed and aahed over everything in the shiny pack of stickers we received. They spent almost an entire day using the stickers to decorate various crafts and surfaces.

My hesitation about Pipsticks is that it’s literally just a sticker subscription. There is also an activity book. But it’s small and not the highlight. The stickers are cool. But generally stickers are widely available. And not too expensive.

This is definitely for sticker superfans. Not your average kid who just wants to decorate a binder or stick them on paper.

Could Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club subscription be something your kids will love? Read on to  help you decide!

About Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club Subscription

Pipsticks is a monthly sticker subscription. There is a monthly Pipsticks Pro subscription option for adults or older tweens and teens. And then the Kids Sticker Club subscription which I am focusing on here.

Both the “Pro” adult subscription and the Kids Club have two different plan options. The Classic Pack and the Petite Pack.

For both Pro and Kids Club, Classic packs include 15 sheets of stickers. And Petite Packs include 7 sheets of stickers.

Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club subscription also includes a coloring postcard and a small activity booklet. The shiny pouch the stickers come in is also reusable.

But the main thing is the stickers. That’s why you sign up for this subscription.

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pipsticks kids club stickers example

What Kinds of Stickers Do You Get from Pipsticks?

The short answer is all kinds! Puffy stickers, shiny stickers, big stickers, little stickers, animal stickers, cactus stickers. You name it, and it’s possible!

The Pipsticks order my kids received contained all kinds of fun stickers from flamingos to cactuses to a giant puffy ladybug sticker.

My kids used these to decorate some things. And they had the most fun using the stickers to create art. For example, using a flamingo head sticker and drawing a body for it to include in a bird picture.

The stickers were a great variety. And it opened the door for using them in a lot of different ways.

What I Like (& Don’t) About Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club

The best thing about Pipsticks is your kids receiving a monthly supply of unique and fun stickers. If your kids love putting stickers on their decoratable things like notebooks, binders, dressers if you let them, they will love these.
Or if your kids love including stickers in their crafts, making cards, creating collages, or whatever strikes their fancy, this sticker subscription will keep them well supplied and happy.

There really isn’t anything I dislike about Pipsticks. A monthly supply of cool stickers is something my kids would enjoy. The negative, as I see it, is that I can easily grab them packs of stickers at dollar stores or other local shops for about the same price.

There may not be as much variety or uniqueness in stickers I could pick up locally. But I could also get just what I need and let my kids pick them out themselves. So, a mixed bag.

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How Much Does Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club Cost?

As of this review’s publication, the Pipsticks Kids Classic pack costs $17.95 per month. And the Kids Petite monthly subscription costs $11.95 every month.

If you’re more interested in the Pipsticks Pro packs for an older tween or teen (or yourself), the price is the same as the kids club. $17.95 for a classic pack and $11.95 for the petite packs.

Is Pipsticks Worth It?

If you’ve come this far and you’re wondering “is Pipsticks worth it?” I’m going to come back with…maybe. It depends on what you mean by “worth it”.

The value for the money is there. I believe you are probably getting $17.95 worth of stickers and activities (or $11.95 with the petite pack). Is a monthly pack of unique stickers worth that much to you or your child? If yes, then Pipsticks is right for you!

To be honest, this isn’t a subscription I would choose for my kids. I believe we would get more enjoyment from a craft box or a baking kit. Something where the activities are a little more varied and directed.

But I guess in that case, the kids have less reason to get creative and come up with their own way to use what’s in the package. So, consider what you think your kids would get the most enjoyment from.

Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club Review: Try It for Your Child!

If after reading this review you are already picturing all the fun ways your kids will use their monthly pack of stickers, then click here to start your Pipsticks subscription today!

Review of Pipsticks Kids Sticker Club

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