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Honest Review of Kids Baking Club Subscription Box

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Kids Baking Club Subscription Box Review

Searching for the best kids baking subscription boxes? Read this review of Kids Baking Club baking kits before you decide which one to buy!

Do your kids love to bake? Or are they dreaming of being on MasterChef Junior or the Kids Baking Championship? Then a baking kit for kids that arrives every month is going to be the gift that keeps on giving! Which is why the Baking Kits for Kids subscription box from Kids Baking Club is one you’ll want to take a look at!

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Quick Highlights of My Kids Baking Club Review

The Kids Baking Club Subscription Box was one my kids and I were super excited to dive into! A box of kid-friendly recipes (with a unicorn theme in this case) that looked both beautiful and delicious. 

So, let’s talk about our experience with the box! Everything we loved (or didn’t) about the Kids Baking Club kit is below. And the full review will tell you how to know if a Kids Baking Club Subscription is a good choice for your future master chef!

But for a quick summary,  Kids Baking Club is a monthly baking kit for kids ages 4 to 13. It contains 5 recipes and a variety of baking tools. 

If you have a child (or children) who is seriously interested in baking, this could be the kit for them. 

The recipes range from really easy to quite complicated. What I liked about this box was the fun recipes and unique baking experiences your child will not otherwise have. And I was glad to see a mix of dessert recipes with a few real meals.

One thing I didn’t like about this box was the cost of the ingredients (which are not included in the box). And that a few recipes were above my young kids’ (ages 5 & 8) skill level. 

But overall if you’re looking for a kids baking subscription box, this is one to take a look at.

Could these kids baking kits be right for your child? Read on to find out!

About the Kids Baking Club Baking Kits For Kids

The Kids Baking Club is a subscription box for kids ages 4 to 13 designed to teach kids how to bake and to decorate their creations with fun-themed baking kits. 

Each monthly box includes step by step recipes with photos, baking and decorating tools, cookie cutters, a shopping list for ingredients, and some fun stickers that go along with the box’s theme. 

best kids baking subscription box

A Few Additional Things to Know About Kids Baking Club

Of note, the Kids Baking Club subscription box does not include the recipe ingredients other than some decorating supplies (like food coloring). 

One of the ideas behind this box is that it is teaching kids how to bake. And that includes shopping for ingredients. So you and your child will need to budget and shop for the flour, sugar, noodles, etc for your recipes. 

Along with that is the idea that baking these recipes with your kids is a learning process. It’s about more than making the specific recipes in the box. It’s about learning the baking skills used to make the recipes. 

And one of the unique things about the Kids Baking Club is the focus on decorating your baked creations. A fun aspect that many kids will get excited about. 

In addition to the recipes and materials that are included in the kids baking kit, subscribed families also get access to online instructional videos. And each box has a list of dietary modifications you can find online if you need to accommodate for a child with a food allergy. 

The dietary modifications are something I used personally because my family has both a gluten and a dairy allergy to work around. We were able to modify the recipes in our box to accommodate our needs without difficulty. 

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What’s in a Kid’s Baking Club Box?

First, let’s talk about what is in every Kids Baking Kit from Kids Baking Club. Then I’ll get into specifics about what came in the box I received so you can get a better idea of how it works in practice.

 Each Kids Baking Club kit includes: 

  • 5 recipes with step by step instructions and photos 
  • Dessert decorating or baking lesson pages
  • A shopping list for all the recipes
  • Baking and decorating tools for use with the recipes (and to keep after)
  • Link to dietary modifications for all the recipes to accommodate special diets
  • Online access to how-to videos on decorating the desserts in your baking kit

You will also get access to additional recipes and videos that can be found online as well as the members only Facebook page for Kids Baking Club subscription members. 

review of kids baking box

What Was in My Kids Baking Kit?

My kids and I were the lucky recipients of the  “Bake It Magical” box from Kids Baking Club. This box had a fun unicorn theme and recipes that my kids were excited to try the minute we saw them. 

The “Bake It Magical” Box included: 

  • 5 recipes, including 3 desserts and 2 dinners
    • “A Magical Day” Raspberry Cupcakes (+making candy unicorn cupcake toppers bonus recipe)
    • Rainbow Dreams Banana Cake
    • “Show Your Sparkle” Shortbread Cookies
    • Unicorn Horns Pasta Bake
    • Fantasy Chicken Tenders
  • Baking Tools & Supplies
    • Unicorn Candy Mold
    • Gem Cookie Cutter
    • Violet Food Coloring Gel
    • Cupcake Liners
    • Piping Bags
    • Kid’s Apron
    • Online Video on Cupcake Decorating
  • Plus a Few Extras:
    • Unicorn Stickers
    • Candy Mold Baking Lesson
    • Recipe Binder Cover Page
    • Extra Instruction Sheets for Doubling the Recipe & Making Substitutions

Now let’s get into my experience trying the box with my kids.

review of kids baking kits by kids baking club

What Kind of Recipes are in the Kids Baking Kit? 

Kids Baking Club boxes include both dessert and dinner recipes. Something I was happy to discover. If your kids are going to learn to bake, learning to make dinner should definitely be part of the deal!

That said, the desserts are definitely the focus of the box. So, I’m going to talk about those first.

Our Experience with the Dessert Recipes

When I think of “baking” something I am generally thinking about desserts. And if that’s what your kid loves then the Kids Baking Club really delivers. The dessert recipes are where this box really shines. 

Of the three dessert recipes, two were quite fancy. And the decorating was like something you would see on “Nailed It” or other baking shows.  

My Favorite of the Desserts in the Kit

I’ll be honest, the dessert recipe my kids and I liked best (both baking and eating) was the simplest. It was the “Show Your Sparkle” shortbread cookies. 

The recipe itself wasn’t remarkably different from any shortbread cookie recipe. It tasted good (Although we burned ours slightly). The dough was as good as the cookies if not better. Eat the dough (there were no raw eggs in it). And the simple decorating was easy and fun. 

Recipe #2 Banana Cake

The banana cake recipe is a unique one. And it can be made really special looking with the candy slice decorations and colored frosting. I could actually see someone using this for a party dessert (it serves 18!).

Wouldn’t your child be proud to serve something like this at an event and tell people they made it themselves?!?

The One That Didn’t Turn Out

Our “A Magical Day” raspberry cupcakes didn’t turn out at all. They were gummy in texture and flat. They weren’t pretty. We had really high hopes for them because the recipe photos are so beautiful. But that just wasn’t our results. 

I’m not sure why this recipe didn’t work for us. We followed the directions as best we could. But something went wrong either with something we did or with the recipe ingredients. I’m not sure. 

I think the takeaway is not to expect perfect results every time. It is supposed to be about learning to bake after all.

I did find the directions on the raspberry cupcakes to be a little more complicated than the others. And I’m an adult with years of baking. So, all but the most experienced child bakers will need a lot of help here. 

The redeeming thing with this recipe was the unicorn candy that was supposed to go on top of the cupcakes as a decoration. This is what the included candy mold was for.

Making the unicorn candy with the mold was one of the best parts of this baking kit. It was fun, the results were pretty impressive. And they were delicious. On the cupcakes or off. This is something we will do again!

Making the Kids Baking Club Dinner Recipes

I found the inclusion of the two dinner recipes in this kids’ baking kit to be pretty cool. I was expecting all desserts. But I actually think teaching kids to make dinner is fun. And an important part of teaching baking as a life skill. 

Kids learning to bake casseroles and other dinner recipes will be set up to help out the family in a unique way that you’ll all benefit from.

Unicorn Horns Pasta

The Unicorn Horns Pasta Bake recipe was exactly like a recipe I would choose off of Pinterest or somewhere and make for my family. It’s a ground turkey, noodle, veggie casserole with a white sauce. 

The positive thing is that calling the pasta “unicorn horns” might inspire an otherwise picky eater to try something new. And then they end up eating a healthy dinner. 

The negative side of this recipe for me is that there was nothing for my kids to actually do. At 5 & 8, I don’t want my kids boiling water for noodles on the stove, browning meat beyond maybe a little stirring, etc. 

So, there was very little in the making of this recipe that my kids could participate in. 

You might have a different comfort level with your kids in the kitchen. So, there could be more here your kids can do. Or if you have older kids, this could work very well. 

With all of the recipes, the amount done by a parent versus what the kids can do themselves is going to depend a lot on their individual ages and skill levels in the kitchen.

Fantasy Chicken Kids Can Bake

The Fantasy Chicken Tenders recipe is a baked chicken dinner. There are a few things in this, like crushing cereal for breading and dipping chicken in butter that kids can do. Which is great.

The “unicorn” tie-in is less obvious here. But you can decide how important that part is. 

What I Like About The Kids Baking Club Subscription Box

  1. I love the presentation of the box. It’s beautifully put together. And will be appealing to kids. 
  2. The emails (if you sign up for the emails) and the videos with decorating help are helpful. 
  3. I was excited to see the dietary modifications because in my household we have both a gluten and a dairy allergy. 
  4. My kids and I LOVED the unicorn candy mold. Making the unicorn cupcake toppers was a blast. Such a unique thing we would never have done without this box.
  5. I was happy to see that the box included dinner recipes as well as desserts. I like the mix of baking practice for kids. And that there was more to make than only sweets.
  6. This box is easily shared with multiple kids. Because it’s recipes, no matter how many kids you have you will only need one box for the entire family to enjoy it. That’s rare for subscription boxes.

A Few Things I Didn’t Like About the Kids Baking Club Box

  1. Overall the ingredients got very expensive. A few recipes used kitchen staples I already had. But most required the purchase of special ingredients and the cost added up. 
  2. A few recipes had very little my young kids could do. They ended up watching me bake because I am not comfortable with them using the stove. 
  3. Some recipes didn’t turn out as expected even with careful following of the directions. 
  4. A couple of the recipes were too complicated for young and beginning chefs. Older kids or experienced kid chefs will be more successful.

Who Is Kids Baking Club Best For?

Is Kids Baking Club right for your family? Let’s talk about not only what age it’s meant for but also the kids it’s going to appeal to the most.

What is the Right Age for this Kids Baking Kit?

The Kids Baking Club website states it is designed for kids ages 4 to 13. That is quite a range of ages and baking abilities. But I can see what they mean. 

If you have a child on the younger end of that range, go into this knowing you will be very involved in baking these recipes. That probably won’t surprise you. 

Even kids in the middle of that age range will need a lot of help. Especially if your kids aren’t ready for boiling water on the stove, or using mixers without help. 

As much as age will impact your child’s enjoyment of these baking kits, their baking skills and comfort in the kitchen are of equal importance. 

There are kids on Master Chef Junior using appliances and ingredients my kids of a similar age wouldn’t know what to do with. So, clearly, it isn’t all about age. 

My suggestion is to just set your expectations that you will be helping quite a bit. Unless your child is already quite proficient in the kitchen, regardless of their age. 

Does Your Child Love to Bake?

I really think this kids baking subscription box is best for kids who are already excited about baking.

If your child loves baking shows, experimenting with ingredients, and following you around the kitchen, they are going to LOVE this!

But if your child has no interest in baking, doesn’t like to cook, or is really a beginner in the kitchen, this box might not be a good fit. 

If you’re not sure how your child feels about baking, try a few things at home before you go all in on a baking subscription box. Easy cookie baking recipes or a box mix cake. Just to see if they get into it. And to see if you like working together in the kitchen.

Maybe you’ll help them discover a new passion for baking. Or maybe you’ll realize you’d be better off looking at craft subscription boxes

Do keep in mind if you order the Kids Baking Club box and it isn’t a good fit, you can cancel at any time. So, it certainly can be worth a try. 

How Much Does a Kids Baking Club Subscription Cost?

The Kids Baking Club baking kits are $19.99/month. A new box ships every month. And you can cancel at any time. 

The box itself is a good price for all of the baking tools and recipes you receive. But do keep in mind, the majority of the ingredients for baking are not included.

So, you will need to budget for purchasing those ingredients. 

It’s worth noting that you will likely spread the baking of the 5 included recipes out over the course of the month. You will not want to make 3 desserts and 2 new dinners all in the first week, no matter how excited your child is. 

This means the cost of the ingredients will be spread out over a few weeks of shopping. Which helps a little. 

Kids Baking Club Review: Give it a Try!

If you started this review wondering if a Kids Baking Club subscription box is right for your child, I hope this review has helped you decide! 

Honestly, if you’re searching for the best kids baking kit, this one has a lot to recommend it. Especially if your child is already a baking enthusiast. 

This box is a high quality baking subscription box for kids that will absolutely help your child grow their skills as a baker. And learn a lot in the process.

Order a Kids Baking Club Subscription Box for your child here!

Kids Baking Kit By Kids Baking Club

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