Readability Tutor App Review: A Unique Reading App for Kids

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Honest Review of Readability Tutor App

Let’s talk about kids and reading! Reading is so important to our kids’ education and development. And to life! A love of books can open up whole worlds to our kids. But reading can be a real challenge to master (even if it’s so worth it!). So, how can you help your child develop their reading skills? The Readability Tutor app! Check out my Readability Tutor app review to learn how it can help your young reader with their reading and comprehension skills. Even if they have struggled with reading up until now. Let’s get to it!

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What is the Readability Tutor Reading App for Kids?

Readability Tutor is a learning app that uses “smart” features like advanced speech recognition and AI to provide interactive and responsive reading help to young and struggling readers. 

In addition to providing real-time reading help, the Readability app uses interactive voice-based questions about the reading to improve reading comprehension skills and to keep your child engaged with the books they’ve read. 

The unique features of this reading app offer the benefits of personalized help in app form your child can use to practice reading anywhere they have a device.  

How Does the Readability App Help Kids With Reading?

So, how does an app help kids with reading? How is the Readability app different from just having your child read books on an iPad or Kindle? Let’s talk about that!

Readability Tutor is much different than kids reading ebooks on a device without the app because it is so interactive. 

Using artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology the Readability app assists your child in real time by listening to them read aloud, highlighting missed words, and reading aloud unrecognized words. 

Plus, Reading Tutor helps improve your child’s reading comprehension through voice based questions and answers at the end of each book. 

The interactive nature of the app allows kids to read aloud and receive help in real-time similar to the experience of reading with an adult. At least as close as an app can get.

And parents can easily track their child’s reading progress on the app using the parent dashboard. (More on that later).


What I Like About the Readability Tutor App

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to try out the Readability Tutor app with my children and explore this unique approach to app based reading help for kids. 

I found the Readability app to be easy to use and adaptable to kids of different ages and reading levels. Setting up an account for my two readers took just a few minutes. Including setting up the parent dashboard. 

And my kids were able to use the app immediately after setup. It’s super easy to get started.

One thing I really want to highlight is that the book selections in the Readability Tutor app are excellent. There are lots of options for each grade level that are fun to read and will genuinely appeal to your kids. 

My kids were excited to get on the app and start reading any time I offered them the chance. 

For the most part, I felt like the book selections were a good fit for the selected reading levels. I did think the kindergarten books were a little advanced, better for young readers near the end of kindergarten than those at the beginning. 

But the other grade level books seemed really accurate based on my experience with my kids in school. 

The best thing about this reading app for kids is honestly that my kids like it and are excited to use it. Getting kids interested in and excited about reading is at least half the battle. And this app can get you there.

Proven to Increase Reading Level in 90 Days

I also like the parenting dashboard. It makes it so easy to track your child’s progress and see how they are doing with their reading. 

You can also set goals for your child. And by using the parenting dashboard, you’ll gain a better understanding of your child’s needs when it comes to improving reading and comprehension skills. 

The parent dashboard allows you to track several different aspects of your child’s reading and progress with the Readability app. 

You can track time spent reading, reading speed, and comprehension for each book your child reads. And this is tracked separately for each child that has a profile in your account.

Having all this information really helps you to keep track of your child’s growth with the app. And determine what their needs are when it comes to developing their reading skills.

What Age is the Readability Reading Tutor App For?

Readability Tutor is a reading app for kids in grades K-6. The app allows you to choose your child’s grade and reading level. So, you can adjust the app to suit your child’s current reading skills. 

One cool thing about the app setup is that when you choose your child’s grade level in the parenting dashboard it’s not visible on the child’s dashboard. They only see their library of books. 

So, if you have a struggling reader or an advanced reader, you can choose the reading level that best matches their actual skills rather than the grade they are in school. And they can’t see that. Only you can. 

The grade level for reading is easy to update if your struggling reader makes strides or your advanced reader needs a bigger challenge. It’s super easy to personalize your child’s library of books in the app to match their current needs. 

The Readability Tutor app website recommends that if you’re unsure of your child’s reading level, you start with their current grade level and adjust up or down from there.

According to the Readability Tutor website, the artificial intelligence within the app will adjust its offerings to your child based on their progress within the assigned grade level. 

So, you may want to start with your child’s actual grade level and only make adjustments if they seem to be struggling (or whipping through books like The Flash). 

It’s really going to be up to you (and the app’s AI, I guess). But I like that it is so flexible for personalizing your child’s learning.

Readability Tutor App Cost

The Readability app offers a free 7-day trial. After the free trial, the Readability app costs $19.99 per month for an account with up to 3 readers. 

I love that there is a free trial for the app. You’ll have a chance to let your kids try it and see how much the app can help improve their reading skills.

I actually wish the free trial was just a little bit longer, say two weeks. Because it would give you just that much more time to see what the app can do. I think the benefits would be obvious at that point. But at least you have the 7 days. 

When you sign up for your free trial be sure to have your kids start using the app! Don’t let it just sit there. Make the most of the free trial period and see what this app can do! 

During the free trial, your kids will have a chance to get interested in the app and excited about the books they can read. And you’ll have a chance to see all the benefits of the Readability Tutor app in action! 

Be sure to check out the parenting dashboard during the trial to see all the ways you’ll be able to track your kids skills as they develop. 

There is no long term contract, you can cancel anytime. But they do not pro-rate for partial months. 

Your Readability Tutor account allows you to have 3 reader profiles at no additional cost. So if you have 1, 2, or 3 kids reading they can each have their own profile on your account for the same price. 

And each of your kids’ profiles will be personalized with their name and reading level. 

Click here to start your free trial now!

Who is the Readability Reading App Best For?

Readability Tutor is a reading app for kids in Kindergarten through sixth grade. No matter their reading skill level, this app can help improve their reading and comprehension skills. 

This app is a wonderful tool for struggling readers. And that might be who can benefit most in my opinion. The unique AI & voice recognition features can provide your child with real-time help during reading practice. Which is one of the best ways kids can develop their reading skills.

But it isn’t JUST for struggling readers. All young readers will benefit from the app and enjoy the exciting library of books perfect for their reading level.  

If you have a grade level or advanced reader, the Readability app can help them move their skills even further. Which can only help them.

Reading is such a foundational skill. And impacts every aspect of your child’s education. This app can help any child build the strongest foundation possible. 

Readability Tutor Reading App for Kids

Provide your young reader with the tools they need to take their reading skills to the next level with the Readability Tutor app!

Providing opportunities for your child to read with real-time help is one of the best ways to develop their skills. And this app can provide endless reading opportunities nearly anytime or place whenever your child has access to a device. 

As reading skills develop, a love of reading usually follows. What a gift to give to your child!

Start your free trial of the Readability Tutor app now!

Complete Review of Readability Tutor App

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