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Price is Right Baby Shower Game (with Free Printable!)

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Baby Shower Price is Right Game

Need ideas for fun baby shower games? Come on down for the Price is Right Baby Shower Game!  When you were kid, didn’t you love watching The Price is Right? Me too! And you can totally have that same fun at your baby shower with this easy printable price guessing game for baby showers

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There are actually a couple of different ways to play the Price is Right at a baby shower. You’re going to want to pick the EASY way. Which I’ll talk about first. But if you have a generous budget or a lot of time to fill at your shower, take a look at the second way to play too. 

If you’re looking for a simple, easy to plan and play baby shower game, stick with the first “how to play” section with the word “EASY” in the title. 

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How to Play the Price is Right Baby Shower Game the EASY Way

For a simple baby shower game that is easy to plan and play, the Price is Right is a perfect choice. To get ready, you’ll want to find a printable version of the Price is Right game online (or create your own).

You can use my FREE Printable Price is Right Baby Shower Game available in my resource library here

price is right baby shower game printable

Or if you’re looking for something specific to your baby shower theme or colors, check out all the great options for printable Price is Right baby shower games on Amazon or Etsy

You can also purchase an editable Price is Right baby shower game on Etsy if you want to customize your game yourself without starting from scratch and making your own. 

If you’re looking for an instant download you can print at home or at a print shop, a free printable like the one in my resource library or something from the baby shower games on Etsy will be most likely to suit your needs. Most of what is on Amazon is physical product that gets printed and shipped. 

Once you have your Price is Right baby shower game sheet, you’ll need to print as many copies as you have expected guests for the shower. Plus one extra for your answer sheet. You can also email the game sheet to guests if you’re using this game at a virtual baby shower.

Then, before the baby shower look up the baby items on the Price is Right baby items list at a local store or on Amazon to find the correct prices. 

Create your own “answer key” with an extra game sheet and stash it out of view of your shower guests. Then decide what the prize will be for the winner of the Price is Right. 

how to play price is right baby shower game

Price is Right Baby Shower Game Rules

Playing the Price is Right Baby Shower Game is super easy. To begin you pass out the printed Price is Right game sheets to your guests. Along with pens or pencils for each player.

I suggest setting a timer for how long players have to fill in the answers. It’s fine to be generous with the time but you don’t want the game to feel too long. 

I also suggest you make a “put away your phones” rule. The game is going to be a lot less fun if half of your guests are looking up prices on Amazon.

Instruct your guests to write down what they think each baby item costs on the line next to the item. 

At the bottom of the game sheet, they should also write the grand total of their guesses combined. 

Once everyone has finished filling in their game sheet, it’s time to check the answers. Go through and give the correct answer for each baby item. As well as the correct grand total for all the items on the list. 

The person who is the closest to the correct grand total without going over WINS!

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How to Play the Price is Right at a Baby Shower if You’re Fancy (2nd Way to Play)

When I looked into playing the Price is Right baby shower game I came across a post on that says the baby shower host should purchase 10 to 20 baby items. Then at the baby shower, display the items for their guests

Have your guests look at the items on display and write their best guesses for the correct price of each item on a provided answer sheet. 

At the end of the game, give the correct price for each item to your guests. You can then award prizes for most correct guesses, closest to the correct grand total, a boobie prize for the person with the most incorrect answers, etc. 

The bonus with this version of the Price is Right shower game is you can then offer all the baby items to the mom-to-be as a bonus gift from her shower. 

And it can be fun to have multiple winners.

The negatives are the cost of the baby items (unless you choose all really inexpensive items). And finding space to display all the items (unless you plan to act as spokesmodel). 

And awarding multiple prizes can be fun. But it can also complicate the game and the score tallying. And it can make this game a bit long for the average baby shower.  

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Price Guessing Baby Shower Game Fun

Playing a  baby items price guessing game at baby showers is a popular way to have some fun at your baby shower. And it’s a simple game for the hostess to set up and play with guests. 

I’m guessing its popularity is due not only to it being easy and fun. But also that it doesn’t require guests to eat baby food, smell chocolate bar filled faux dirty diapers or in any way make fools of themselves. But that’s just a guess. 

I know you’ll love the Price is Right baby shower game! Get your Price is Right baby shower game to print out from my resource library by filling out the form below!

Free Printable Price is Right Baby Shower Game

free printable baby shower game

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