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15 Preschool Fall Crafts Kids Love

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Preschoolers are full of energy and curiosity. And fall is one of the best times to tap into those traits with a collection of fun fall crafts for preschoolers that will keep them busy and engaged all season long.  These fall crafts range from super simple stamping and coloring crafts to a few that are more involved and will need some parent or teacher help. So whether you have an hour or fifteen minutes, there’s something on this list of preschool fall crafts for everyone!

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The Best Fall Crafts for Preschoolers


Suncatchers Fun Fall Craft for Preschoolers

The days are starting to get shorter in the fall, which is why adding a festive feeling to your home can make a big difference as the daylight wanes. Suncatchers add a magical feeling to any room, making the most of the sunlight.

You only need a few materials to make these fall themed suncatchers, and the free printable templates make it foolproof.

I love the suggestion of letting kids who are working on cutting skills with scissors cut the tissue paper instead of tearing it. My kids feel very grown up and it gives them confidence when they can finally start using scissors. 


Playdough Foliage Tree Preschoolers Fall Crafts

Yay playdough! I don’t remember a single time my kids have said no to playdough. It’s always a home run. 

This fall foliage tree is basic enough for preschoolers to do. And they’ll even have a really cute finished product!

Creating the trunk and the branches is the perfect level of difficulty for preschoolers. And you can choose to use artificial or real leaves. 


Dot Marker Preschool Fall Craft Printable

Need a fun and fast project to occupy little ones? These fall dot marker printables are a fun preschool fall craft ideas that take almost no prep.

This totally free printable includes five different fall-themed designs for preschoolers to decorate.

And if you haven’t used dot markers before, it’s time to start. They are like markers but the end is a stamp with a sponge that allows children to make dots by simply pressing the end down. (Don’t have dot markers?- grab these!)

Doing dot art is a great way for preschoolers to work on pre-writing skills, develop their grip, and motor skills.

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Sensory Fall Activities for Preschoolers

My kids are never more engaged and entertained than when I whip out a sensory activity. And by using fall leaves these activities are festive and perfect for the season.

This tutorial walks you through setting up a sensory table for your little ones with different activities you can do with leaves.

Some of these are new to me, like the reveal the leaves color experiment! I know my tiny wannabe scientists would love that one!

And using leaves for lacing practice is a unique and fun leaf activity. Your preschooler will love it!


Pencil Stamp Fall Printable Crafts for Preschoolers

Preschoolers don’t need lots of fancy art supplies to have a good time. With just some paper, paint, and a pencil you can let them create and have fun with this uncomplicated art project.

All you need is to draw a fall themed design (or use these free printables) with a black marker, then give your kids some paint and pencils. Show them how to dip the eraser end of the pencil in paint and use it as a stamp to make little paint circles. Then let them have fun experimenting. 

The linked craft is a ghost and a bat for Halloween. But you can find outline printables for all kinds of fun fall-themed preschool painting crafts from leaves to apples to owls.


Hedgehog Leaf Craft for Preschoolers this Fall

Hedgehogs are the cutest! They’re giving sloths a real run for their money in my book. And this hedgehog fall leaf craft is adorable too.

I love how they reuse cardboard to create the body shape of the hedgehog. With so much delivered straight to our homes we usually have a box or two lying around somewhere.

Then kids can use glue and leaves you’ve collected to create the hedgehog’s quills. This tutorial uses a little button for the nose, but you could just draw it on if you don’t have any handy.


Easy Pumpkin Preschool Fall Art Projects

I love this little pumpkin craft because it’s 3D! Most preschool crafts are flat on a piece of paper or plate, but this pumpkin pops up into a 3D pumpkin with just some construction paper strips. 

Cutting the strips to form the pumpkin is a great introductory practice for little hands that are just learning to use scissors. The materials needed are few, and the final product is actually really cute. It would totally fit into some fall or Halloween or even Thanksgiving decor. 


Handprint Apple Tree Simple Preschool Fall Craft

How do you not love handprint crafts for little ones? 

They’re a sweet memento to remember how tiny their little hands were. And most kids love getting their hands all dirty in the paint.

It’s a fun sensory experience that creates a cute final product, and this apple tree is no sweat to recreate. 

One tip I always tell anyone doing handprint crafts with kids is to first do the handprint, but then give them some paper just to finger paint with afterward. Usually, just one hand stamping isn’t enough to satisfy their curiosity with the paint on the hands.


Torn Paper Pumpkin Simple Preschool Fall Crafts

There’s something so satisfying about tearing up some paper, whether you’re a preschooler or a grown up. 

The kids can go wild tearing up green and orange construction paper to create this pumpkin. All you need is construction paper and glue! And for added fun, they included suggested reading material to accompany the crafting, and to get you in the fall festive spirit.

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Spider Web Preschool Fall Art Project

I remember white crayons being basically useless as a kid, but that’s only because I never knew this awesome trick! 

Crayons are water-resistant. So if you draw a design on white paper then paint over top of it with watercolors, the white crayon design will pop out like it does in this spider web art project.

You can have your kids draw their own spider webs, or surprise them by drawing it beforehand and letting them discover the pattern when they paint.

And of course, you can do more than spiderwebs! You and your kids can get creative with all kinds of fall designs.


Paper Plate Apple Craft for Preschoolers

I always keep a stash of paper plates in our playroom for easy paper plate crafts like this. They’re perfect for a straightforward and quick craft for the kids. 

The apples in this tutorial are so cute. They’re perfect for fall, and also back to school season. The free downloadable template makes it as simple as can be. 


Painting Apple Stamp Fall Crafts for Preschoolers

Apples & pumpkins, the perfect fall craft combo! I hate throwing away apples that are just a little past their prime. It never fails one or two get hidden in the back of the fridge and forgotten. 

With this fun stamping craft, you can use those less than perfect apples before tossing them. All you do is slice an apple in half, and then let the kids dip it into paint and stamp away!

Either just let them have fun doing their own thing, or you can create the cute pumpkin design in this tutorial. 


Q-tip Painting Fall Leaves Craft for Preschoolers

Sometimes it’s fun to change it up a bit with the kids’ crafts. One of my favorite ways to do this is with q-tips!

This style of painting is similar to the dot markers or eraser painting I also included on this list. Kids dip the q-tip in paint and create designs by dabbing it on the paper in dots. For this tutorial, the dots become colorful leaves for fall foliage on trees. 


Easy Corn Preschool Fall Craft

The eyes on this corn craft are so big and googly, and a bit irresistible to make. 

Using the free printable template makes creating these little corns effortless. You can either let the kids color the corn in on the template and then cut it out and assemble, or cut out the patterns then trace it on colored construction paper or card stock. Either way will have its own charm and fun for the little ones.


Wreath Fall Leaf Crafts for Preschoolers

My kids made this leaf wreath a few years ago and they had so much fun! 

It’s really as user-friendly as cutting a wreath out of a paper plate and pasting on collected leaves. But one thing that’s super cool about this tutorial is that they also included suggested books to read that pair well with the craft. That makes it even more fun!

The Best Fall Craft Ideas for Preschoolers!

From fall leaf crafts to pumpkins, apples, and even ghosts, these preschool fall crafts are sure to be a hit at home and at school. Use these simple fall crafts for preschoolers to add some artistic fun to your fall season and your preschooler’s craft time! Have so much fun with them this fall!

Choose a Fun Preschool Fall Craft

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