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25 Best Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Cards

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The Best Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcements

Yay! You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Now it’s time to let the world know with a fun pregnancy announcement! And you’re so lucky you get to do it at Christmas time! So, to really take advantage of the season and make your announcement special, create your own custom pregnancy announcement Christmas card!

Christmas is such a magical time of year. What better time to announce your little miracle than the holiday season? Which also happens to be a great time to reach out to family and friends with a Christmas card. The perfect way to let them know your happy news!

To help you find the right card, we’ve curated the best pregnancy announcement Christmas cards, so you can spread the good news to friends and family, giving them something extra special to celebrate this year.

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25 Unique Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Cards

There’s a Proverb that says joy shared is joy multiplied. So, this Christmas, let’s get to multiplying by sharing your exciting pregnancy news with a custom pregnancy announcement holiday card!

You’ve got a lot of people to tell! And there are so many fun ways to share the news with a Christmas card. Check out all the amazing customizable pregnancy announcement Christmas card options in the categories below to order the best one to share your news today!

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Cards for Grandparents

Many of the cards on this list can be customized to include any message you want. So a lot of the designs in our favorite custom Christmas cards for pregnancy announcements section would work great for grandparents. But these are our top picks for announcing your pregnancy to grandparents and close family and friends.


Glitter Bomb with Kraft Envelope Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Nothing says surprise and celebration like… glitter! 

These cards have a customizable message. And they come in a kraft envelope stuffed with glitter! Your message is hidden by the envelope at first. But when your parents pull out the card, your announcement will be revealed with a sprinkling of glitter to make it even more magical. (FYI: if you love this card, but NOT the glitter, you can request they skip it.)

The cards are printed on 4×5 cardstock, and they come sealed, so the glitter doesn’t fall out. They can be given in person or mailed in a poly envelope.


Christmas Pregnancy Announcement to the Grandma and Grandpa to Be

I just love the idea of announcing your pregnancy to your parents with these adorable matching Christmas cards from your new baby. They are just so cute with the little baby feet design. And the red ribbon adds a special touch that elevates the card to something you can’t just pick up at anywhere.

There are 13 different grandparent names to choose from for a bit of personalization. And they are printed size A6 on white cardstock accompanied by a brown paper envelope.


The Best Gift Ever Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Card to Parents

Minimal, but with a big impact.

I love the design of this card. The simplicity of it makes the little bow on the cover just so sweet. Then it opens up to delivery your best news ever!

This card is customizable, so you could put any message you want on the inside. To surprise your parents with a Christmas card pregnancy announcement I like the simple “You’re Going to Be Grandparets.”

But if you want to use this card to share your news with another family member and change it to “you’re going to be an aunt” or something similar, you absolutely could.

It is printed on 4.25 x 5.5 inches of smooth kraft cardstock, and you can choose a white, kraft paper, or no envelope.


Your Gift this Year Pregnancy Announcement Card to Parents & Family

The message on this card isn’t specific to grandparents, so it can be used for aunts, uncles, siblings, even the father-to-be. But that’s kind of why we love it! It’s more personal in the message than a generic pregnancy announcement but vague enough for multiple family members or close friends.

Plus it reminds me of that adorable Winnie-the-Pooh quote about the smallest things taking up the most room in our hearts. It was on my nursery wall so it gives me the feels!

The card is simple but elegant with just enough pizazz to make it not boring with the red script and rhinestones! Cause you need a little sparkle for your big announcement this holiday, right?

The cards are size A6 and printed on white 300gsm and come with a red envelope. This is not a digital product.


Your Christmas Present is on Backorder Pregnancy Announcement Card

Similar to the card just above, this one isn’t necessarily specific to grandparents, but it is more personal than a Christmas card you might send off to distant friends and relatives.

They are semi-customizable with the option to choose which month your bundle of joy will be arriving.

This card is size A2 and is printed on 110lb white cardstock. Plus it comes with a kraft envelope. The description says custom requests on color and design are welcome!

(If you like the message but want to check out different styles, take a look at this similar Christmas card pregnancy announcement with a slightly different look.)

Custom Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcements


The More the Merrier Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement

This card is so beautiful you could frame it and add it to your gallery wall. And I love the message of “the more the merrier” for a Christmas baby announcement.

With the simple watercolor wreath and real gold foil, it is so on-trend while also being classic. If you are looking for a more upscale and elegant look for your holiday pregnancy announcement without feeling fussy, this is perfect.

It is A2 size (5.5 x 4.25 inches when folded), and it is printed on 110lb premium white cardstock. This inside of the card is blank for you to write a personal message. There is also the option to buy the cards in three, five, or more to get a bit of a  discount. 


Scratch Off We’re Pregnant Holiday Baby Announcement 

How fun! Scratch off the ornaments to reveal the message. 

The secret message hidden behind the scratch-off ornaments is customizable, so you can choose whatever message you want to appear. It comes with one customizable scratch-off area, but you can message the shop to add others. I also love the doodle style of this card. It’s fun, festive, and feels cozy. 

The cards come printed on 65lb soft glimmer champagne cardstock and are sized 7 x 4.75 inches. When ordering you can choose to receive the cards without an envelope or with the choice of white or kraft paper. 

(PS – I also love this other scratch-off Christmas pregnancy announcement from the same designer.)


Special Delivery Vintage Style Christmas Pregnancy Announcement 

I can’t get enough of the vintage Christmas trucks that have become so popular! They are just so charming and really give off the perfect nostalgic vibe. And this one comes with a “special delivery” announcement for your family and friends.

Open the card to reveal your surprise pregnancy announcement on the inside. The message on the inside of the card is customizable, so pick your own message or wording.

The cards come on smooth kraft cardstock and measure 4.25 x 5.5 with your choice of no envelope, white envelope, or kraft envelope. 


Merry Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Card with Classic Wreath 

This pregnancy announcement card looks like a regular old, although beautiful, Christmas card… until you open it. Unlike some, like the special delivery truck above, there is no tease or hint about the surprise message inside, which is fun.

Plus, the design of this card is classic yet modern. This is another one that would be beautiful to even frame and hang up during the holidays. 

The inside message is customizable to whatever you want, and you can choose to order it with a white or kraft paper envelope, or go with none. It’s printed on 4.25 x 5.5 kraft cardstock.


Spirit of Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Holiday Card

This card reminds me of the old school traditional red, green, and gold with a touch of snowflake Christmas card that was ubiquitous when I was a kid.

The message on the outside hints at some big news that you can reveal in one of their pre-loaded messages, or you can create a custom text for the inside announcing your baby news. It is 5 x 7 and comes with a choice of nine different envelope colors.


Scratch Off Rudolph’s Nose Custom Pregnancy Announcement Card

Maybe I just have a soft spot for Rudolph, but I could not get over how cute this card is! You scratch off his big red nose to reveal your surprise baby announcement! 

The cards are 4 x 6 and printed on 80lb cardstock. It comes with an envelope and is sealed in cellophane with a gold heart sticker to seal your envelope.


One More Reason to Be Merry Pregnancy Reveal Holiday Card

Share your new reason to be merry with this super adorable and modern card featuring up to five stockings and a Christmas garland. I like the kind of hand-drawn vibe from this one. It gives it a friendly and homey feeling. Very hygge.

You can order just one or up to 250 cards! They on 110lb cardstock, measure 4.25 x 5.5 inches, and come with kraft euro flap envelopes.


Red and Grey Stockings Christmas Card Pregnancy Reveal

This card also features stockings, but the font looks cross-stitched, which is really charming. Oh, and of course there are rhinestones to add a little extra je ne sais quoi. 

This one only has two stockings, and can be personalized with the name and due date. It also doesn’t hint at the big reveal  on the front of the card, so when you open it is truly a surprise.

Another cool feature is this card is printed on a size A6 300gsm recycled paper! So perhaps better for the environment than other choices, and it comes with a red or kraft paper envelope chosen at random.


Scratch Off Most Wonderful Time of the Year Baby Announcement 

I am slightly obsessed with the idea of these scratch-off cards for pregnancy announcements for Christmas and needed to include this most wonderful card. Your friends and family can use their lucky pennies to scratch off the gold heart to reveal your pregnancy announcement, (which can be personalized).

The design is a nice mix of more modern script with the traditional Chrsitmas-y things like poinsettias and holly. The card is flat (not folded), is 4.25 x 5.5 inches, and printed on white cardstock. You get your pick between white or brown envelopes.


Family of Three Merry Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Card

Becoming a family of three? Announce it with this card made perfectly for you! 

This card is a digital card that you print yourself. Just input your personalization and you’ll receive a high-resolution file in both jpeg and pdf format to print your pregnancy announcement Christmas cards!


Snowman Family Under Construction New Baby Announcement

This “under construction” pregnancy announcement card is precious. I love the baby snowman the parents are building together. So cute! And it’s really a unique Christmas card pregnancy announcement.

Choose from three different sizes for this card printed on thick white cardstock. The listed price is for 10 cards and 10 envelopes, which is a pretty good deal compared to some others that are much higher priced.


We Tried to Hide it but Our Christmas Gift is Starting to Show

This digital download is a cute design, but what’s really cool about it is that you can actually edit it yourself. And make it say exactly what you want for your Christmas pregnancy reveal.

Instead of a printed card or a downloadable file, you’ll receive a link. With that link you can edit the card design yourself! Play with the fonts, colors, texts, and even upload your own photos. The graphics stay the same, but you can personalize as much as you want.

Get started on yours today!

Christmas Photo Card Pregnancy Announcements


The More the Merrier Pregnancy Announcement Photo Christmas Card

A simple and almost minimal design, but beautifully puts your chosen photo as the star of the card.

You can make this card really personal by your choice of photograph. It’s a great pregnancy announcement Christmas card to include older siblings, the dog, or just you and your spouse being adorable, hilarious, serious, or whatever suits your vibe.

Even if you’re not sure about this card, click the link above and scroll through all the different photos to get ideas for your own pregnancy reveal photo shoot!

This card is a printed card that is shipped to you on 120lb premium cardstock and is 5 x 7 inches. Or, if you’d prefer, you can grab a digital download version of this pregnancy announcement card here.


More the Merrier Photo Pregnancy Announcement Card

This is a great choice if you want to send a Christmas pregnancy announcement for a second (or third, or fourth…) pregnancy with the “we’re expecting again” message.

Easily choose if you’d like printed cards sent to you or a digital download right in the drop down menu of the listing for this card. I love that convenience!

And the cards are simple and sweet. A beautiful way to announce your pregnancy with a Christmas card.

Physical cards are printed on 100lb smooth cardstock and are customizable with your name and baby due date. You can also adjust the message if you’d like.


Beautiful and Elegant Cardstock Photo Baby Announcement

I feel like if Joanna Gaines was making a Christmas pregnancy announcement card, this would be it. It’s so chic while also having a bit of that rustic farmhouse feel with the way the portray the texture of the paper. 

There is the option of having this as a digital file to download or to order prints, both can be personalized. Plus, you can choose whether you prefer 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 inches for the dimensions.


Multiple Photo Two-Sided Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Card

If you’re just dying to show off your family photos and can’t pick just one… go with this card for your Christmas pregnancy announcement card.

Instead of just one image, this card has up to four, and it has a front and back instead of just a front. Also, you can personalize it with your name and dates.

This card is available as a digital download, which is a high resolution 5 x 7. You can send to a Walgreens or other print shop if you don’t have a photo printer.


Santa Hat with Baby Ultrasound Pregnancy Announcement Card

Share baby’s first photo, the ultrasound, with this pregnancy announcement Christmas card that let’s people know something big is coming soon. There is also a second design option that instead of “Coming Soon…” says “Trading in Silent Nights for Sleepless Nights.”

Personalize either design with your name and due date. This card is a size A6 and is a printed card that will ship to you.


Family of Four Custom Photo Christmas Baby Announcement

Adding a fourth to your party? This photo baby announcement is customizable with your names and due date, and has a sweet rhyme about becoming a family of four.

Choose a digital download or printed card to be sent to you. Both are 5 x 7, and the designed is happy to work with you to create a custom card if you’d like to tweak anything.


Trading Silent Nights Custom Photo Pregnancy Announcement

A very sweet card for a couple expecting their first baby. Announce your pregnancy this Christmas with these cards that let everyone know how much sleep you will not be getting pretty soon.

You can pick between a digital download of a pdf and jpeg, or choose physical cards that will be printed and sent to you.


Ultrasound Ornament Custom Pregnancy Announcement

Show off your wish come true with this ultrasound photo Christmas card pregnancy announcement that is just too precious for words. 

This card is also available in a digital file or as a printed card mailed to you on 80lb cardstock with matching envelopes.

Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement with Siblings

We’ve all swooned over the photos of kids holding signs or wearing shirts announcing their promotion to big brother or big sister, right? A lot of the photo card options above are great choices for featuring a photo of your child or children in your Christmas card pregnancy announcement. 

If you need ideas or want to make it extra fancy, check out these printable signs you can have your children hold for the photos:


Printable Big Sister Sign for Photo Shoot or Big Brother Sign

Including your older child or children in your Christmas card photos is expected. And extra fun when it’s a pregnancy announcement!

These adorable signs for a big brother or sister to be are perfect for one of the photo pregnancy announcement holiday cards above.


Only Child Getting New Best Friend from Santa Sign for Photo Shoot

Is your only child about to get a new best friend? This is a fun sign for your pregnancy announcement photoshoot! Bright and fun. Perfect for adding to a photo Christmas card expecting a baby announcement.


Dear Santa Letter Sign for Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Photo

Isn’t this photo sweet? A super fun idea for your photo pregnancy announcement card this Christmas. Be sure to send a copy to Santa as well!

You might even use this when your child visits Santa if the man in the red suit is available and on board with the idea.

Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement Wording Ideas

Ok, you picked a design you love for your pregnancy announcement Christmas card, but what do you say on it? You’ve seen all your friends with cute little poems or lines on their announcements, but you’re drawing a blank.

Especially if you chose a card that is blank inside. Or has space for your own unique message.

I think it’s ok to go with the tried a true here. “The more the merrier…” or “from our growing family” or a simple “we’re pregnant & Merry Christmas!” Don’t over think it. The best part is the news itself.

There is no need to write a novel. But if you are looking for something a little more unique or with more substance, this article of pregnancy announcement poems has a wonderful poem just for Christmas pregnancy announcements.

The poem is a re-telling of Twas the Night Before Christmas. And you can find it about halfway down the page clearly labeled as a Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Poem. Check it out (and some of the other poems) for inspiration to word your own Christmas card pregnancy announcement.

And don’t let finding the perfect wording stop keep you from sending announcements. People will be excited for your news, no matter how you put it into words.

Why Send Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Cards?

Announcing your pregnancy to family and friends is a big deal! And if the timing works out, Christmas is such a fun time to share the news. A Christmas card can help make your announcement really fun!

If you’re lucky enough to make your announcement in person to your parents or close friends, attach the card to a gift or hand it to them. And then watch the joy on their face as the read.

But if you’re sending your announcement to long distanced loved ones, a card is a special and memorable way to share your joyful pregnancy news.

And don’t hesitate to ask loved ones to hop on a Facetime or Zoom call when they receive your card- before they open it- so you can enjoy their reaction. Sure, that might make them a little suspicious. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth it if you’re longing to see their reaction to the news.

Now let’s talk about finding the best pregnancy announcement Christmas card for YOU! Check out all the different categories and cards above. And then grab the one you like the most.

The Best Cards to Announce Pregnancy at Christmas

Christmas is such an exciting time, and if you add a pregnancy announcement to that it’s sure to create memories you’ll cherish forever. These pregnancy announcement cards will be something you can use to tell your loved ones your good news. And also give you a keepsake to hold on to for many years to come.

Christmas Pregnancy Reveal Cards for the Holidays

pregnancy announcement Christmas card

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