Top 20 Personalized Books for Kids

20 Personalized Books for Kids

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20 Fun Personalized Books for Kids – Celebrate Your Child!

There are few gifts more magical to a young child than a personalized book with their name in it. Seeing themselves as the main character of a book will encourage a love of reading. And help your child see themselves as the hero of their own story. Personalized books for kids are a special way to celebrate a child and set them on the path to becoming a lifelong reader.

Personalized kids books make great gifts for toddlers and preschoolers. And can also be a special gift for a new baby to start their library of children’s books with something extra special.

But how do you know which personalized books for kids to choose? A gift like this should be really special.

Plus, let’s face it, if you’re the mom or dad of the child the book is personalized for, you’re going to be reading this book to your child over and over again. And then again. And then a couple more times. Because, toddlers, am I right?

So, you want to make sure it’s an amazing book. For your child as well as for your own sake. Or, if it’s a gift, for the sake of the parents. (Give us a break, seriously!)

If you love the idea of giving a personalized book to a child you love, check out these top 20 personalized books for kids sorted by age.

Give the gift of a personalized book for kids to a child you love. Make them the hero of their own story and start personalizing their perfect book today!

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Personalized Books for Kids by Age

Personalized Board Books for Babies & Toddlers

Personalized book for baby

1. Hello World!

This personalized board book makes a perfect gift for a new baby. You can upload the child’s photo and personalize the book with their name.

This will make a fun book to read with your baby and a wonderful keepsake. Because it’s meant for babies, the pages are thick and durable, made to stand up to little hands holding the book and exploring each page.

If you’re looking for a personalized book for babies, Hello World! is a beautiful choice.

personalize book
personalized book gift for baby

2. Look Who is Coming!

This personalized board book is a little different because you do the personalizing at home. It’s a lift the flap book where you insert your own photos of your child and the special people in their life.

Inserting the pictures is easy to do and the book itself is delightful. Because you personalize it at home, it’s available for a fraction of the cost of other personalized books for kids.

order for your child
personalized book for toddlers

3. 1, 2, 3 Blast Off With Me!

This adorable personalized board book will teach your child basic concepts about letters, numbers, and colors in a unique and fun way.

The book will be personalized with your child’s name and photo throughout the book, delighting them throughout the story.

personalize book
Personalized toddler book

4. Heidi’s Farm Friends

There is something about farm animals in books that kids always find fun! And this adorable board book is no exception. Especially when it’s been personalized with your child’s photo incorporated into every colorful illustration.

personalize book
Personalized bedtime story for toddler

5. It’s My Night Night Time

This personalized board makes bedtime more fun as it goes through a child’s bedtime routine with their name personalized throughout the book.

And the sturdy board book pages give your child a chance to safely explore the book for themselves.

personalize book

Personalized Books for Toddlers

personalized book for toddlers

6. Tblankhe Little Digger Story

This personalized book for toddlers will delight your kids with not only their name being include but also that of a sibling or friend.

The book is colorful and fun. And teaches valuable lessons about teamwork. Plus, for a personalized book, you can’t beat this price!

personalize book
Personalized book for new baby

7. My Very Own Name

Probably one of the most popular personalized books for kids, my very own name is the perfect addition to any child’s library.

Throughout the book, different animals bring the letters of your child’s first and last name. The story itself is fun. And it’s a great way to help your child learn to recognize letters and spell their name.

personalize book
personalized book for kids


8. Visits the Zoo

One of my favorite personalized books for toddlers, this story is about a child’s visit to the zoo with a parent.

And of course, it’s personalized with your child’s name. Like other personalized books by Dinkleboo, it is very reasonably priced on Amazon.

personalize book
personalized book for toddler gift

9. Who Loves Me?

Who Loves Me features not only the name of your child but also the names of friends and family members who love them.

An adorable way to reassure and remind your toddler how much they are loved by the people around them. The sweet rhymes and colorful illustrations make this a perfect gift for a child you love.

It comes in pink or here in blue.

personalize for your child
personalize for your child
dinosaur book for kids


10. The Dinosaur

If your toddler loves dinosaurs (and what toddler doesn’t?) this is the perfect personalized children’s book for them! It’s a story about your child being saved by a dinosaur.

High-quality at an amazing price, this one is sure to be a hit!

And if you need any other dinosaur gifts, check out this post full of great dinosaur gift ideas!

personalize book

Personalized Books for Preschoolers

Personalized book for kids gift

11. The Very Important Preschooler (V.I.P.)

Celebrate your favorite preschooler with this adorable personalized book about making new friends, sharing, learning and all the fun they’ll have at preschool!

This is the perfect gift for a preschooler and one they will cherish because it’s made just for them.

personalize book
personalized book for kids

12. The Underwater Adventure

Let your child explore the sea in an underwater adventure story personalized just for them. The bright pictures will engage and inspire your child.

And the price is incredibly low for a personalized book for kids.

personalize book
Personalized book for kids

13. ABC What I Can Be

Your child will have a blast going through the many careers in the alphabet they can grow up to be. This is a fun book for learning letters and learning about different jobs adults can do.

Plus it’s personalized so it’s extra fun. I love the retro style of the illustrations and the variety of careers your child can aspire to in the book.

personalize book
personalized book for kids

14. I Can Change the World

If you’re looking for a beautiful book to teach your child about kindness and the way one person can change the world, this is that book. This is a book that will empower your child to believe they can change the world.

And it will be even more special to your child because it’s personalized.

personalize book
personalized book gift for kids

15. blankFrom A to Z

This personalized book for kids who are learning the alphabet in preschool. It’s colorful and engaging with bright pictures and a fun story. It makes a great gift for a toddler or preschooler.

personalize book

Personalized Books for Kids Up to Age 8

personalized books for kids

16. I Wish You More

This personalized book makes a wonderful gift at any age from child to adult for someone celebrating a milestone.

It’s a personalized book full of love and good wishes, and encouragement from one person to another. Even as an adult I find it inspiring and moving. It’s truly a gift of love for a child.

personalize book
personalized book for kids

17. USA Roadtrip

Personalize this book for your child so they can take an imaginary road trip adventure across the United States.

They’ll learn state and capital names, important geography facts and have the fantasy road trip of a lifetime.

There are lots of details to personalize with this and the resulting book is pure fun for readers from about ages 3 to 8.

personalize book
Personalized look and find book for kids

18. Where Are You…?

If your child loves I Spy or Look & Find Books how much will they love a personalized version?!?

This personalized seek and find book will have your child searching for everything from their name to their picture to their street address.

It’s a super fun and unique book.  

personalize book

Personalized Books for Kids Sibling Books

Personalized book for kids siblings or best friends

19. We Go Together Like…

If you have two kids, why not give them an awesome personalized sibling book? Both kids will be delighted seeing themselves together in this story.

And it’s a fun way to celebrate the sibling bond.

personalize book for kids
Personalized gift for sibling for new baby

20. The Super Incredible Big Brother or Sister

This book is for a new big brother or sister, or a kid whose new younger sibling is about to born. It makes a great gift for a first born child when the second arrives.

It’s a special way to let the older sibling of a new baby know they are loved and appreciated. It comes with a Big Sister or Big Brother award your child can proudly take out and wear.

Personalize it for a Big Sister here. Or for a Big Brother here.

personalize for your child
personalize for your child

Personalized Books for Kids They’ll Love!

I can still remember my oldest child’s surprise and delight when we started reading her first personalized book and she realized the book was about her.

That’s the kind of joy we all want when we give a gift to a child. Personalized books for kids are a wonderful way to make it happen!

Start personalizing a book for your child today!


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Top 20 Personalized Books for Kids. Unique gift for a new baby or toddler gift. Develop a lifetime love of reading with a special book just for your child!
Personalized books for kids
personalized books for toddlers

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  1. I always like the idea of personalized gifts and things, in general. My daughter got a personalized Fairytale book from her grandma and was really nice. It had her name and she would have an amazing time reading her own fairytale before the bedtime. These books were also very wonderful!

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