Best Board Books for Babies & Toddlers

Must Have Sandra Boynton Board Books

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Hilarious & Fun Board Books for Babies & Toddlers

Board books are a wonderful way to introduce babies and toddlers to a love of reading. These durable, bendable, beat-up-able children’s books are as perfect for little hands to hold as they explore books both with a parent and by themselves. Because board books are some of the first books we give our kids, we want them to be a hit! And to help create a lifelong reader.

As a parent and someone who loves to read, it is a great joy to find board books I can share with my child that we both will love. Sandra Boynton’s hilarious and whimsical board books are those books.

Because her delightful and silly board books create a reading experience that is as much fun for parents as it is for kids, Sandra Boynton books have become my go-to gift for babies and toddlers. They are perfect for inspiring a love of reading in a little one.

Check out this list of my favorite board books for babies & toddlers!

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What Makes a Great Board Book?

You might think of board books as simply baby books. These little cardboard squares are the ones we buy for our babies because they can’t rip the pages. And because it takes a lot of effort for them to chew a corner off the book.

Which is not to say it’s impossible. As many board books in my house can attest. But more than that board books are an introduction to reading.

On they list the characteristics of a good board book as being able to nurture a love of books and reading, helping with language development, and imparting knowledge about the world to little ones.

And last and maybe most important, board books can help create a loving connection between babies and toddlers and their parents.

I would add that a great board book is one mom and dad can read to their child over and over again without going out of their gourd.

Every parent knows when your child falls in love with a book you better hope you do too. Because you’ll be reading it at least once a day from now until the end of time. Or at least the end of toddlerhood.

Books you will love reading over and over with your child can be hard to come by. Although it’s a perfectly sweet book, there was a period of time where if I had to hear If You See a Kitten one more time I was sure my head would explode.

Happily, one Christmas my then one-year-old daughter was given our first Sandra Boynton book, Moo, Baa, La, La, La. And we both fell in love.blank

Must Have Board Books by Sandra Boynton

best board books for toddlers

1. Moo, Baa, La, La, La

This is the book that started it all for our Sandra Boynton board book collection. My daughter’s godmother gave her this book for Christmas and it was a delight to us all from the first read.

A silly look at the noises farm animals make, well farm animals and a rhinoceros, this book will have you and your child smiling. You have to sing the “La, La, La” part by the way. Otherwise, you’re just no fun.

best board books for kids

2. Happy Hippo, Angry Duck

From the opening line of “Hello, little person. How are you today?” this book charms me more and more with every read. Although it’s as silly as other Sandra Boynton board books, this one has a lesson hidden in it.

If your child goes from one extreme emotion to the next, in other words, if you have a toddler, then this book’s reassurance that everyone’s moods change from day to day should be an encouraging message for you all.

Or maybe I just like this one because my one-year-old always calls the angry duck “Daddy” after her loving but sometimes grumpy dad.

dinosaur board books for toddlers and babies

3. Dinosaur Dance

“Zang! Bop! Kiddly Pow!” is the onomatopoeia filled opening of this fun-filled read. My oldest daughter is crazy for dinosaurs. Although this book was a gift for my one-year-old, I frequently find it in her older sister’s room.

It might be a little too zippy for a soothing bedtime story. Every time I read this book with them my girls try to do the dance moves of the book’s dancing dinosaurs. Their cha cha chas are improving with each read. Super fun and a book I highly recommend.

bedtime board book for toddlers

4. The Going to Bed Book

Bedtime is reading time for a lot of parents with little ones. And this book is a perfect fit for a silly and soothing bedtime read. I’ve had it for years and read it countless times without getting tired of it.

It’s been an especially good fit for my youngest who is addicted to being rocked to sleep. The book ends with the animals being “rocked, and rocked, and rocked to sleep”. Which I sing-song as I finish the book while rocking my baby to sleep before gently laying her in the crib.

best board books for baby

5. Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs

My daughter’s love of all things dinosaur has prompted us to snatch up all of Sandra Boynton’s adorable dinosaur books. Featuring dinosaurs doing everything from painting to cramming into an elevator, this is a must-read for young dinosaur fans.

Seriously Silly and Fun Board Books

These five are only a few of the fabulous Sandra Boynton board books available. Check out all her books here!
What are some of your favorite Sandra Boynton board books? Or favorites by other authors? Please share in the comments!

Start your child’s board book collection today with these awesome books!

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13 thoughts on “Must Have Sandra Boynton Board Books”

  1. I have to check these out! My son is 6 months old and I’ve already started his little library, but I want to add so much more. I definitely like the board books best for their durability. Great review!

  2. I love book suggestions, we are massive book fans in our family. I love the nostalgia of them too, we have loads of books that I had when I was a child, and i love reading them to the kids. I’m going to have to get some of these, they look great.

  3. maria criselda maquiling

    Buying a book for babies is a hit and miss so this list is a lifesaver. I remember with my eldest, for every one book he liked, i probably 3 others which were a total fail. Then there is the problem of sturdiness. I will be popping out my second kid next month and i would go over this

  4. I remember many of these books from when my kids were little and when I had a daycare. I think that books are so important. I hope that everything does not go to the internet.

  5. You can never have enough books. I think it’s great to get kids enthusiastic about reading from an early age on. My son’s stack is growing, but he has his favorites he wants to read with us every night!

  6. We love Sandra Boynton too!! We have most of the books on your list plus the Little Pookie series, Snuggle Puppy , and Dinosaur Binket. We love these books and I can read them over and over! Great list. Cheers!

  7. Every child should know the joy of books, whether being read to, or later reading to someone. Sharing books opens up a world of adventure and imagination. I am a grandma to 10 grandkids and I happily admit I have a huge collection of books for kids from toddlers to mid teen reads. Kind of an addiction. Love the article Liz. Let’s all read!

  8. I love this author and her books! I was just reading “The Going to Bed Book” this morning to my son (it is so good we read it any time of day!) I really want to get the one about dinosaurs as my son is obsessed with them!

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