best monthly craft subscription boxes for kids

The Best Monthly Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

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Kids Craft Subscription Boxes Every Month!

Looking for the best monthly craft subscription boxes for kids? If your kids love making crafts you know that keeping them supplied with a non-stop stream of craft ideas and supplies can be a challenge. Especially during the holidays, school breaks, or other times when they really want to get their crafting on! Enter craft subscription boxes! Monthly boxes of craft supplies and ideas for kids that will set them up for tons of craft-making fun without the prep work on your end. Yay!

And if you’re looking for a subscription box that’s more focused on art (drawing, painting, etc.) check out this list of the best art subscription boxes for kids.

On to the craft boxes!

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Fun Monthly Craft Kits for Kids


Annie’s Creative Girls Club

This is one of my favorite monthly craft subscriptions for kids because you get such a fun variety of crafts. Every month your child will receive TWO craft kits. And the crafts can be anything from beading to painting, stitching, paper crafts, and more. Unique crafts every month with easy to follow instructions kids can do mostly on their own.

The Creative Girls Club is designed for girls ages 7 to 12. My personal experience with this kit was very positive. The craft materials are high quality. And the crafts themselves fun.

I did feel the crafts we received were better suited for a 10 to 12 year old to do on their own. If you have a child in the 7 to 9 age range, plan to be nearby in case they need a little help while they’re making these crafts.



We Craft Box

We Craft Box is a unique and fun monthly craft kit for kids ages 3 to 9! Each month kids will receive their box with four or more crafts built around a fun theme.

I’m a big fan of this box for a couple of reasons. One, each box is designed with craft supplies for TWO kids. So, if you have two children, this monthly craft subscription box will be something they can share.

The second thing I love about the We Craft Box is that the crafts are really simple and fun. My family received the dinosaur themed box pictured above. And my kids loved it! The things they’ve made from We Craft are some of the best crafts we’ve ever made.

There is also a short story included with the crafts. And all the supplies you need to make all the included crafts except scissors and glue.

The craft instructions include detailed color photos and step by step directions that are easy to follow for kids (or the adults trying to help them).

You can read my complete review of the We Craft Box here.


Green Kids Crafts Monthly Subscription Box

This monthly box is a fun mix of science experiments and art projects for kids ages 2 to 10. With such a large age range, the amount of adult help and supervision is going to vary. With more needed the younger your kids are. But all ages will enjoy the activities.

Hands-on STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) is super valuable to kids. And even more important now with so much of our kids’ education happening at home.

The Green Kids Crafts box was founded by a scientist mom. And each box comes with supplies and instructions for 4 to 6 fun STEAM activities & crafts built around a monthly theme. Plus a 12 page educational magazine for additional learning.

Make learning at home fun with this awesome science and craft subscription box.


Craft + Boogie Kids Craft Subscription Box

I’m loving the look of this monthly kids’ craft box! Craft + Boogie is all about celebrating, playing and having fun with your kids.

Each box includes supplies & directions for 3 to 4 festive crafts. And in addition to the crafts, there are family games, snack recipes, table decorations, a themed playlist, and a guide that teaches the history of whatever holiday the box is celebrating.

It’s a party in a box for the whole family! You can have one every month with a Boogie + Craft subscription. And you won’t need to prepare a thing to make it happen.

The reviews of this box are overwhelmingly positive. And it looks like such a fun box of kids crafts and family activities for creating memories with your kids.

This box would make a great family gift subscription if you need something for an entire family. And I love that for only a few extra dollars a month you can order a box with craft supplies for two kids.

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Terra Crate Craft Subscription Box for Tweens & Teens

I want to highlight this monthly craft subscription box because it’s for tweens and teens! (And adults too). The Terra Crate is a monthly box of craft supplies and instructions kids can use to make fun gifts and keepsakes.

The crafts in this box emphasize using natural materials and exploring cultural themes. And they are perfect for an older child or teen looking for crafts that are a better fit for their age. But that still include easy to follow photo instructions so they can make the crafts successfully.

I also love that this craft subscription has a low-cost two-person upgrade to get enough materials to make two of each craft. Perfect if you have two kids over age ten. Or if you want to do a parent/child craft project together every month.


The Kids Craft Box

The name of this box says it all. The Kids Craft Box is a monthly box of 3 to 5 craft kits for TWO kids. Yep, two kids! I love that! So, if you have two children or if your kids want to make each craft twice they will have everything they need.

The reviews for this monthly craft subscription box are overall very positive. And I think the crafts look simple and fun.

Plus, during months with major holidays, your kids will receive some holiday themed crafts they can create right out of the box.


KidsArtLit Subscription Box for Kids

This box is a fun one! Especially if your kids love books! The KidsArtLit subscription box includes a recent children’s book and fun, educational craft projects based on the theme of the book.

This box is designed for kids ages 3 to 8. And promises unique, and frustration-free craft projects for kids in that age range. (I love the sound of a frustration-free craft time).

Each box contains supplies for two kids to do each craft project. Or one kid to do each project twice. Great for siblings or playdates to share.

Book themed crafts are a great way to celebrate your kids’ love of reading. And to reinforce the themes of the books you read with your kids. KidsArtLit will give your kids new books every month. And the opportunity to create fun projects based on the book. They’ll love it!

(If your kids love art projects based on books, you can find fun ideas for children’s book themed crafts here).


Banyan Tree Kids Learning Kits for Kids

With the Banyan Tree Kids monthly subscription box the emphasis is on learning. Specifically STEAM learning. Which means science. But it means art too. And each box contains books, science activities, and crafts your kids are going to love.

The reviews for this box are overwhelmingly positive. This box is a craft box, sure. But it also focuses on reading with an included kids book. And the crafts and projects are all science focused. Which means this box is about making learning fun.

The boxes are designed for kids ages 3 to 8. And it’s a craft subscription box you can feel good about giving your kids.


Tinkering Toddlers

The Tinkering Toddlers box is a monthly craft subscription box designed for kids ages 3 to 5. So, toddlers to preschoolers. And with this box, every month your child will receive a kit with 3 ready-to-go crafts and activities designed for learning and fun.

This box can be something fun you do with your toddler. Or fun craft activities you can set up to keep your little one busy while you do other things (while still supervising of course).

To see more great options for kids in this age range, check out this list of the best toddler subscription boxes. And this list of preschool subscription boxes if your child is in the 3 to 5 age range.


Kay-Bay Kids Craft & Play Box

This monthly craft box for kids looks like a lot of fun. Each month the box is built around a fun kid-friendly theme. Past box themes have included pirates, unicorns, and camping. And what I love about the activities is that they look like they would be fun beyond craft time.

Each box comes with simple crafts and a few trinkets that can be used for play once craft time is finished. Take a look at the past boxes to get an idea of what I mean.

There are headbands, puzzles, little toys, and wearable crafts like hats. Lots of things to spark your kids’ creativity and their imagination during craft time and playtime.

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Crativity Monthly Craft Subscription Box for Kids

Every month you’re subscribed to Crativity your kids will receive a box of engaging learning activities and crafts they’ll love.

Created for kids ages 2 to 6, this box provides more than just craft projects. The activities are also designed to strengthen gross motor skills, fine motor skills, teach independence, and more.

Plus these activities will keep your kids busy while you get something done or take a much needed break from being a parent/entertainment committee.


CAM Kids Craft Box Subscription

If you’re looking for a monthly craft box the whole family can enjoy, check out the CAM Kids Craft Box. Each box contains materials and instructions for 4 DIY craft projects. Plus a fun book you can read with your kids. There are even a few fun extras like small toys and trinkets.

Designed with fun family nights in mind, this box is perfect for spending time with your kids. And enjoying a craft time activity together. Do something different every month on family night with a monthly craft subscription box for kids!


Kiwi Crate Monthly Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

In your search for subscription boxes for your kids, you’ve probably heard of Kiwi Crates. And for good reason. They are a popular subscription box company that offers a variety of crates for kids at different ages.

And that includes monthly craft subscription boxes. Let’s talk about their craft crate options!

Doodle Crate Craft Subscription Box for Kids Ages 9 to 16+

The Doodle Crate is a fun monthly subscription box of crafts and activities for tweens and teens ages 9 to 16. Creative craft projects that will teach your kids new craft techniques. And let them be creative with interesting projects and high quality materials.

In addition to detailed instructions for each craft, subscribers have access to online tutorials that can help them be successful with their craft projects.

The Doodle Crate craft subscription comes at a good price point too. And is a perfect gift for older kids who love to craft.

Maker Crate Monthly Craft Subscription Box for Teens

The Maker Crate from Kiwi Co is a monthly craft subscription box for teens and adults. Designed for crafters ages 14+, this craft box will help your teen learn new craft techniques. And create fun projects they will be proud to show off.

Your teen will love the maturity of these projects. And their ability to learn crafting skills they can take with them into adulthood.

Why Kids Craft Subscription Boxes Make Great Gifts!

Kids monthly craft boxes are a great way to line up fun projects and activities for your kids on a regular basis without a ton of prep work on your part. As a mom of kids who love crafts, this is a huge deal!

This means fewer trips to the craft store (a money-saver all on its own), less time searching the internet for craft ideas, and less prep work to set up the crafts when it’s time to get creative.

Craft subscription boxes take the work out of kids’ craft time, leaving more time for fun! Plus the craft projects in these boxes are things I never would have been able to come up with on my own.

Keep your kids busy with a steady stream of new crafts and projects without creating extra work for yourself with a monthly craft subscription box for kids, win/win!

Best Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids 2020

Looking for monthly craft subscription boxes for kids can be overwhelming. There are so many great options out there. That’s why I’ve done the research for you!

I’ve searched out the best craft subscription boxes for kids. Subscription boxes with great reviews, new ideas, and fun crafts your kids are going to love.

Find the perfect kids craft box for your family on the list above! And let them get crafting!

Arts & Crafts Subscription Boxes for Kids

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