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The Best Magician Sets for Kids to Learn Magic

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Finding the Right Kids Magic Set

When you’re a kid magic tricks are just awesome! And learning to perform these tricks yourself, impressing friends and family? Even awesomer! With these magician sets for kids, your child will master magic tricks that help them build confidence, learn new skills, and have a ton of fun along the way. The right magic kit can make it happen!

And this list can help you find the right magic kit!

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What is the Best Magic Set for Kids?

This is going to seem obvious but there is no one size fits all best magician set for kids. It’s going to depend on the kid, their age, and their goals for learning magic tricks.

With this in mind, I’ve been digging deep into the various magic sets available for kids. And I’ve picked out the best magic kits for kids in various categories.

The best magic kit for little kids. The best kit for kids just starting out. The perfect magic set for tweens and teens. And finally, the best magician set for kids who are SERIOUS about magic!

Check them all out below to determine which magic set is right for your kid.

Best Magic Kit for Little Kids (Ages 4 to 6)


Melissa & Doug Magic in a Snap Abracadra Collection

If you’re looking for a beginning magician set for kids that are on the younger end, this Melissa & Doug kit for 4 to 7 year olds is just what you need.

You’re probably familiar with Melissa & Doug and their high-quality toys for kids. This magic set lives up to their reputation for creating quality products.

The set includes 10 professional quality magic tricks with easy to follow, illustrated, instructions.

I actually have found with magic kits for kids, sometimes less is more. The kits promising 100+ tricks tend to be full of tiny plastic pieces that are low quality and confusing to use.

These 10 tricks will help your child focus and master them all. And the price is a steal!

The tricks appear easy to learn. But still “magical” enough for kids wanting to impress their friends with what they can do.

This set is my top pick magic set for little kids under eight years old.

Ages: 4 to 7

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Best Beginner Magician Sets for Kids Ages 6 to 10


Marvin’s Treasured Magic Tricks Deluxe Wooden Magic Set

Marvin’s Wooden Magic Set is one of the most high quality magician sets I’ve come across. It includes props and detailed instructions for multiple magic tricks. And comes in a nice wooden box.

If you’re looking for something different from many of the cheaper looking plastic magic sets, this is the one you need.

It’s a wonderful beginner magician set for introducing young kids to the art of magic! And high quality enough that it will last them a long time.

Ages: 6+


3 Bee & Me Deluxe Magic Kit for Beginners

With 75 different magic tricks and a low price point, this is a great magician set for kids that are just getting started with magic.

Designed for kids ages 6-10, this kit makes a great gift for an age that is sometimes hard to buy for.

Kids will have hours of fun mastering these tricks. And then thrilling their friends and family by performing them. Get them started on their magic journey today!

Ages: 6 to 10


SUMAG Kids Magician Set

This is the smallest of the magic sets. And the least expensive. It includes 15 magic tricks for kids ages 6 to 8 years old.

If your child has expressed an interest in a magic kit this set is a great place to start without spending a lot of money.

The set includes 15 magic tricks with instructions. Which is enough to get started without feeling overwhelmed.

A great beginner magician set for younger school age kids.

Ages: 6 to 8


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

This is the second magician set on this list created by Melissa & Doug. I chose to add this kit because it’s a set designed with slightly older kids in mind.

If your 8 to 10 year old is showing an interest in magic, this is the set I would choose for them.

Melissa & Doug toys are reliable when it comes to quality. This magic kit contains high quality wooden magic tricks and props that your child will love using to learn and perform.

And the set comes with step-by-step instructions that give your child everything they need to start mastering these magic tricks.

It won’t be long until they’re dazzling you with their own magic show!

Ages: 8 to 10


Playz Unlimited Magic Tricks Set for Kids

This children’s magic set is different than most. The included magic tricks are no less spectacular. But rather than a focus on the classics, these tricks focus on STEM concepts like science, technology, engineering, and math.

Learning to perform these magic tricks with the included easy-to-follow instructions is an educational journey.

This combination of magic with science learning is tons of fun. And a brilliant way to sneak a little education in with something kids enjoy.

It’s a great concept. And appears to be well executed with this fun magic set.

Ages: 6+


FAO Schwarz Premium Magic Trick Set for Kids

For a quality magician set for kids eager to learn tricks and perform them, this magic trick set from FAO Schwarz is the best option.

It comes with 39 pieces that can be used to perform 300 different magic tricks. And if putting on a show is part of the fun for your child, the magician’s cape and hat are a must-have!

The included magic props and tricks appear to be good quality. My only hesitation is the price. With the word premium in the name you know it won’t come cheap.

This is one of the more expensive magician sets for kids. But if your child is serious about learning magic it will be worth the investment.

Ages: 8 +

Best Magician Set for Tweens


Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic Kit

Finding a magician set for tweens is tough. There are so many kits out there for younger kids. Good ones. But when I started looking for kits for older kids the pickings got slim.

But, I did find one. This Criss Angel professional magic set is one of the few that seem geared towards the 10+ crowd.

This magic kit includes over 400 tricks. Plus access to video downloads of Criss Angel himself teaching you how to perform magic tricks.

And as an added bonus the kind of goth-y vibe of Criss Angel might appeal more to a tween than the clowns, bunnies, and primary colors on sets designed for younger kids.

Ages: 8+

The Best Magician Set for Kids that Are Serious About Magic (Including Teens & Adults!)

magician set for kids

My Box of Magic- Professional Magic Masterclass

Maybe your child has already outgrown some of these other magic kits. Or they are the kind of super passionate kid who wants to dive in to their new magic hobby with everything they’ve got. Then My Box of Magic is perfect for them!

My Box of Magic is a subscription box for kids ages 8 and up (including up to teens and adults) who are interested in learning to perform magic tricks.

Each box contains unique magic tricks and props that can’t be found anywhere else. And subscribers to the box will also get access to secret links with tutorial videos and performances by world famous magicians.

There are no other magician sets for kids that even come close to this. You can sign up for subscriptions for various lengths of time. So don’t worry that you have to sign up for a months-long commitment.

Read some of the rave reviews for this box here– not a single review that isn’t five stars. Sign up for this kit today for the magician in your family and you’ll soon be posting your own five star review!

Best for Ages: 8 to 88

What to Look for in a Magic Kit for Kids

Magic kits are a popular gift for kids. And there is a lot to choose from. Most of it good. But there are a couple of important things to pay attention to.

The Right Magic Kit for Your Child’s Age

I divided my list of magician sets for kids by age because it is such an important factor with this purchase.

Everything from your child’s ability to hold and manipulate the props to their ability to comprehend instructions and physically perform tricks is going to be influenced by their age.

The manufacturer age recommendations are a good place to start. But not the last place.

I noticed a few Amazon listings with the manufacturer recommended age listed incorrectly. So I like to zoom in on the product image and read the age recommendation for myself right off the box.

Reviews are also a great place to figure out which magic sets are right for your child’s age.

You’ll find tons of reviews that say things like “my 10 year old loved this kit” or “perfect for a 6 year old” and that can help guide you as much (if not more) than what the manufacturer says.

Consider Price & Quality of Your Magician Set

Consider the quality of any magic set you purchase. There is quite a range from cheap plastic magic tricks and props to heavy duty wooden ones.

Plastic props can be high quality and work wonderfully. And wood stuff can be cheap too. The materials aren’t a guarantee of anything. But it is something to consider when you shop.

Often you get what you pay for. If you purchase the $9 set and it’s made of cheaper plastic, that might be ok with you. But you’re going to expect more from the $35 set.

When you’re ordering online it can be hard to know the quality of magic kits. But reading the reviews from previous buyers is a good place to start. And buying from a manufacturer you trust is also helpful.

Obviously you want to choose a set within your budget. And one that matches your child’s level of interest.

Luckily there are magic sets for kids at every price point. But even if budget isn’t a factor, there is no point is buying the $100 set if you’re child only has a passing interest.

Your Child’s Interest in a Magic Kit

I mentioned this before when talking about the budget. But when you’re choosing a child’s magic kit consider their level of interest in magic. And what they hope to accomplish.

If they just like the idea of learning a few tricks for fun. Then a less expensive kit like the SUMAG Kids Magician Set might be all you need.

If you’re child has visions of growing up to be a famous magician or even just performing at their school talent show then something like the Premium Magic Trick Set from FAO Schwartz will be worth the investment.

For serious aspiring magicians who want to make this a lifetime hobby, My Box of Magic-Professional Magic Masterclass is an awesome way to grow into the magician they hope to be.

And keep in mind regardless of which set you start with you can always upgrade to a better more expensive set if your child’s interest continues to grow.

Is Magic a Good Hobby for Kids?

Magic is an awesome hobby for kids. And not just because it’s fun. Learning magic tricks builds critical thinking skills. The ability to solve problems. And think creatively.

Mastering new magic tricks will teach your child persistence and discipline when it comes to learning new things. And it can help kids learn to have a growth mindset.

Learning magic tricks and performing them is a great way to build self-confidence. A young magician will develop confidence in their ability to master new skills. And become a confident public speaker and performer.

Your child will also develop excellent social skills. Interacting with people at magic shows and even in casual social settings. Performing a magic trick is a great way to make new friends, interact with peers, and even lighten the moment if it’s ever needed.

Finally, if your child is excited about magic and you help them explore their interest it can turn into a hobby they can enjoy for their entire life.

Maybe they’ll be the next great magician performing on TV or to huge crowds. Or maybe they won’t. Maybe they’ll be a magician who performs at birthday parties or children’s hospitals sharing magic and bringing joy.

Or maybe it’s just something cool they will do in their off time. Either way, the skills they develop by learning magic, the tricks themselves, and the thinking, social, and problem solving skills, will be with them for their entire lives.

The Best Magician Sets for Kids in 2020

The best magician set for your child is going to depend on their age and what they hope to get from a magic kit.

Luckily with magician sets available for little kids on up through teens and adults and at a variety of price points and skill levels, it’s easy to find magic kits that are a good fit for your kid.

And you can always start with an inexpensive beginner set and then upgrade as your child grows and becomes ready for something more advanced.

Check out all the great magician sets on this list and choose the one that’s right for your child!

Fun Magic Tricks for Kids

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