Need help for parenting stress? Family Routines can help make family life easier!

Want to be a Less Stressed Parent? Here’s How!

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Feeling Stressed Out by Parenting & Family Life?

A few truths about parenting and family life. It’s hard. The struggle is real. And there are no instruction manuals. Parenting can be overwhelming. Nevermind keeping a house clean, working, and cooking every day for your family. Do you ever wish you knew the secret to make things just a little bit easier?

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What you need is a plan (or several) for simplifying family life and focusing on your real priorities to make parenting and household maintenance easier every day.

And here’s the easiest way to get started: It’s called Family Routines

Family Routines is an online course made for parents like you. Parents feeling overwhelmed or stressed-out by the huge number of tasks involved in parenting and family life.

Raising kids involves a lot of really special moments. But there are at least as many mundane, exhausting, draining tasks that can end up sucking some of the joy out of the good times when you don’t have a plan for dealing with them.

Family Routines is for parents who need help creating that plan.

(Right now you can get a 10% discount off the course with coupon code SAVE10 – just for my readers!)

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Family Routines: Reduce Your Parenting Stress from Day One

I admit I was hooked on Family Routines from the first day. I started with the course lesson “Lunch Routines” and my life was changed.

Want to be a less stressed parent? These tips for creating family routines that make family life easier can help! Check it out here!

You guys, it never occurred to me that my Kindergarten age child could make her own lunch for school!

But this lesson showed me how to make that happen. And to make it easy for me and for my kids.

I literally watched the video and read the lesson and that same night I had my kiddo make her own lunch.

It was awesome! She does it at the counter while I start dinner. I supervise, but honestly, she’s got this! And her lunch gets made without me having to rush to do it before dinner.

That fast my evening became less stressful. It’s the simple things. Saving time, having a routine. These things make all the difference.

And that’s just the first lesson I went through on Family Routines. You can start with whichever lesson looks most relevant to you. I started with the first lesson because I’m orderly like that.

Practical Parenting Tips that Worked for Me (from the First Day!)

Family Routines is about more than housework. More than routines. It’s about creating a family life where you can thrive as a mom. And your kids can thrive too.

Skeptical? I totally I get it! I wasn’t sure either. So, to get my feet wet, I started with the FREE intro course, Practical Parenting for Modern Moms. Which you should definitely check out! It’s totally free.

And I swear, in less than five minutes a day for six days I got parenting tips that saved me a ton of time and frustration.

Tips on handling discipline in a way that works. And a tip that totally changed the way I approach my kids’ homework and after-school routine. And that’s the free stuff!

If a couple minutes every day for a week could reduce your parenting stress, what you have got to lose? Try Practical Parenting free right here.

A“We’re All in this Together” Approach to Less Stressful Parenting

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from Practical Parenting & Family Routines is how much stress moms put on themselves to do everything around the house.

From cooking to housecleaning to managing the details of our kids’ daily lives. We’re running in circles trying to be everywhere and do everything for the entire household all day long.

And as someone who likes to be in control (or at least feel in control), this is definitely something I struggle with.

But the truth is if you are always the one doing all the things, your kids never learn how.

So, put an end to the guilt and anxiety of a never-ending to-do list and start delegating! No, I don’t mean hire a cleaning lady. I’m talking about teaching your kids life skills. And at the same time getting some help around the house.

I was really able to shift my mindset with the Family Routines course.

From thinking of myself as the only person that could keep our (sometimes sinking) ship afloat every day to realizing we’re all part of this family, my husband, my kids, and myself. And we should all be contributing to maintaining our family life.

With this course, you can create a routine that allows you to enjoy teaching your kids life skills that will benefit them forever! And you can start much younger than you probably think.

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A Proven Way to Reduce Mom Stress!

Are you tired of mornings where everyone is rushing around getting ready and getting yelled at to find their missing shoes, get their school lunch packed and get out the door on time? Family Routines has a lesson for that.

What about a cleaning routine you can actually stick to? A better way to handle homework time, cooking dinner, and packing for your next family trip? Believe it or not, it’s all in there.

I burned through the first few lessons of Family Routines within a week. And was able to implement what I learned THAT SAME WEEK. And I am still loving the changes.

Because these are routines that work! And that’s the best part. Do you know what you don’t need?

A bunch of crazy ambitious routines or ideas that you’ll never be able to implement in your real life as a mom! This is NOT that.

Making Parenting & Family Life a Little Easier at My House

The lesson from Family Routines that took me the longest to implement was the cleaning routine. Just because I needed to brain dump everything I wanted to include. And honestly, because I don’t like cleaning and was reluctant to get started.

But I was so glad once I did! There were cleaning tasks around my house I had ignored for way too long (eek!). Because I could never find the time.

But it turns out with the right cleaning routine and a few tweaks to my family routine I DID have time. Without adding more stress or giving up free time. 

A week after starting the Family Routines course my kiddo was making her own school lunch and helping with dinner, I had my kids started doing chores, AND I had a cleaning routine I know I can actually stick to (and I have been!)

It was a lot! But it was so easy to start I never got hung up in the planning and implementation phase. I had a clear plan. And it worked.

My whole family is loving it. Ok, the kids don’t love the chores. But they love making their own lunch for school and helping mom and dad cook.

They also love that I have more time to spend with them in the morning. And even in the afternoon because I’ve got the housework schedule handled and am no longer frantically trying to fit in EVERYTHING during the time I want to be doing things with my family.

So, What’s the Best Advice for Stressed Moms in Family Routines?

When I started Family Routines it included lessons on the following:

  • Lunch Routines (how to get your kids making their own lunches-YAY!)
  • Kids Helping with Meals
  • Mornings (Who doesn’t want to start the day with less stress?)
  • Journaling for Your Kids (I LOVE this idea- I only wish I would’ve started sooner)
  • Packing for Family Trips (Less stress on your next family vacation!)
  • Finding a Cleaning Routine
  • Chores for Kids
  • Homework Routines (Totally changed how I look at dealing with homework)

But wait there’s more….and there will continue to be! New lessons are coming. And I can’t wait!!!

I really love the mom-to-mom style of Family Routines’ advice. It’s like getting tried and true advice from a mom friend whose parenting you’ve always admired.

And I need advice, you guys. I admit it. Sometimes I feel like I’m really floundering trying to be a good parent, take care of the house, cook healthy meals, and work too. It’s a lot. And Family Routines helped make it easier. I am thankful for that.

How Does Family Routines Work (and Can I Afford It?)

So, there are actually two ways to get your access to Family Routines. There is a monthly membership currently $10/month and there is also a plan for yearly access to the course for $40.

(I will try to update this post if the price goes up but be sure to click through for the most current pricing).

And a little something extra:

Right now you can get a 10% discount off of Family Routines with coupon code SAVE10 – just for my readers! 


Family Routines also has 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So you can try it now risk-free.

And if you’re not sure the course is for you, check out Practical Parenting for Modern Parents. It’s a great way to get a smaller taste of the information you’ll get in Family Routines. And it’s super-helpful and completely FREE!

Want to Be a Less-Stressed Out Parent? A Proven Solution!

If you ever feel stressed out and overwhelmed by parenting, housework, cooking, cleaning, and everything that goes along with making family life work, you’re not alone. Stop feeling guilty about not getting everything done all by yourself! And start feeling good about what you can accomplish as a family.

Putting family routines in place will take you from stressed-out overwhelmed parent to a mom who has room in her day to enjoy the moments. Without sacrificing a clean house, healthy meals or being a hands-on parent.

Try Family Routines today for less with discount code SAVE10.

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How to Become a Less Stressed Mom

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How to reduce the stress of parenting and family life by creating a routine to make mom life easier.
Want to be a less stressed parent? Learn how to be a less overwhelmed mom here!
Want to be a less stressed mom? These tips for coping with stressful parenting and family life can help you enjoy motherhood more!
Need help with parenting stress and overwhelm? Learn how to make family life easier!
Want to be a less stressed parent and mom? These post can help make family life easier when it comes to parenting,cooking, cleaning and so much more!
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