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Keep Your Child with Food Allergies Safe with SuperDan the Book & Safety Kit

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Keeping Your Food Allergy Child Safe Away from Home

When your child has food allergies sending them out into the world without you can feel terrifying. What if someone feeds them one of their allergens? What if they have a reaction and you’re not there? Will someone there knows how to use an Epi-Pen? Or realize they need to call 911? Those and a million other questions go through your mind.

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But no matter how scary it feels, at some point, all kids will need to attend school, or daycare, or camp, or have a babysitter. And as a parent, the best you can do is to prepare your child with food allergies to be safe in those situations. SuperDan & Food Allergies: MyKeepSafe Book can help.

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SuperDan & Food Allergies is so much more than just a book for kids with food allergies. It includes a whole safety kit for kids. With resources that parents can use to keep their kids with food allergies safe when they’re at school or daycare or with other caregivers.

Let’s talk about some of the goodies included with the SuperDan & Food Allergies book.

Kids Food Allergy Safety Kit

Kids with Food Allergies Keep Safe Kit (What’s Included)

Here is a list of what is included with your SuperDan & Food Allergies MyKeepSafe Book:

SuperDan & Food Allergies (the Story)

When you first look at this product, it looks like the story is the main thing you are buying. That’s what I was expecting. But I found that it is actually just a small part of the MyKeepSafe Book for kids with food allergies.

The story is about a child with food allergies named Dan. It starts when Dan is a baby and follows him through his early years as he experiences food allergy symptoms to different foods.

He also sees an allergist and gets a list of all of the foods he should avoid. Super Dan’s Kryptonite in the story.

And the story ends with Dan learning to be safe when it comes to eating. Reading labels, asking about ingredients, wearing an allergy wristband, and always having medication for emergencies.

The story is told in rhyme and the pictures are cute. It’s perfect for a young child with food allergies getting ready to start school or daycare. My preschool aged child loves it.

Food Allergy Alert Wristband

Silicone Allergy Alert Wristband (with 14 charms for personalizing your child’s allergies)

This allergy alert wristband is my favorite part of this product for kids with food allergies. It’s a silicone wristband that snaps on. And the book comes with 14 charms listing different food allergies that you can add to the bracelet.

The charms are cute and cartoonish. Perfect for a young child. And also easy for adult caregivers to see and recognize.

My child with food allergies is three and will be starting preschool in the fall. This is exactly what I wanted for her in a food allergy wristband.

She loves the cow representing her dairy allergy. And the wristband is soft and flexible, comfortable for her to wear during the day. And the size adjusts to fit her small wrist perfectly.

If you have a young child with food allergies about to start school this is a wonderful product for talking to them about staying safe at school. And this is the perfect allergy alert bracelet for a young child.

Disposable Allergy Alert Wristbands & Allergen Stickers

Also included, disposable wristbands with allergy alert stickers. I find these disposable allergy alert bracelets useful when my kid with food allergies is going somewhere she might get her silicone bracelet dirty or lost.

Or when I’m concerned about the silicone bracelet getting lost somewhere we couldn’t easily go back and retrieve it (vacation, a school field trip, etc.).

I also keep one in my purse for the days I am dropping off my child and I realize she doesn’t have her silicone allergy wristband on.

Medication Bag for Allergy Emergencies

If your child uses an Epi-Pen or other medication to treat allergy symptoms, this book comes with a medication bag. It’s bright red, has a place to label it with your child’s name. And is a great storage bag for your child’s medication at school, daycare, or at home.

Allergy Plan for School, Daycare, or Caregivers

I talk about the importance of an allergy plan in my post How to Keep Your Kid with Food Allergies Safe at School. An Allergy Plan is a document you provide to your child’s school or daycare with instructions for how to identify an allergic reaction in your child. And what action should be taken if a reaction occurs.

An allergy plan will also include contact information for parents and doctors.

If you’d like an easy to fill-in allergy plan template you can use for your child with food allergies, there is one included with this book. You can make copies of it for use at school, daycare, Sunday school, or anywhere else an allergy plan seems like a good idea.

Allergy Alert Poster for Posting in Your Child’s Classroom or Daycare

In addition to an allergy plan, this book comes with an Allergy Alert poster. It’s designed to be posted at your child’s school, daycare or camp in food preparation areas.

The food allergy alert poster includes your child’s name and allergies. Plus a photo of your child. It talks about safe food preparation practices. And there is a place for parent phone numbers in the event that caregivers have questions.

These may not be useful in a school cafeteria with hundreds of kids and no interaction between your child and the food preparer. But they are ideal for daycares. And classroom settings where snacks are handed out or lunches prepared.

Food allergy safety for kids

An All-in-One Food Allergy Safety Kit for Young Children

I will say, I found SuperDan & Food Allergies to be the gift that kept on giving. Not only does the story provide a useful opening for talking to my child about managing food allergies at school, but there are all these great products included!

Rather than having to buy a food allergy alert bracelet, find a usable allergy plan and printable food allergy alert poster for school, I got everything in this one book!

And it’s better in most cases than what I found to purchase separately.

If you have a young child with food allergies, I wholeheartedly recommended SuperDan & Food Allergies! Read your child the story of Dan. And then help them be safe away from home with a child-friendly allergy alert bracelet, medication bag, and allergy plan and poster. All of which are INCLUDED with the book.

You’ll both feel more confident about sending your food allergy child out into the world with these safety measures in place.

Food allergy children's book

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