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11 Best Keepsake Ornaments for Baby’s First Christmas

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Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments to Cherish

Looking for a special keepsake for your baby’s first Christmas? A Christmas ornament celebrating baby’s first Christmas with your family is exactly what you need. Below check out the best keepsake ornaments to choose from this year!

Christmas is a magical time of year. And a special holiday for families. Especially families who have a new baby celebrating their first Christmas. That is something worth commemorating.

Whether you’re looking for a special first Christmas ornament to give as a gift or one to hang on your tree for your own little one, you’ll love these beautiful keepsake ornaments for baby’s first Christmas!

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Keepsake Ornaments for Baby’s First Christmas


1. Babyprints Handprint & Footprint Ornament

This adorable keepsake ornament for baby’s first Christmas is the perfect way to commemorate your baby’s first holiday.

Every year when you put it on the tree you’ll say “I can’t believe they were ever this small” and remember that sweet first year.

This Christmas ornament for baby comes with an easy to use kit for creating the handprint and footprint. And creates a high-quality Christmas keepsake you can enjoy for years.

Now is a great time to buy this one, it’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen for this type of unique keepsake ornament.


2. Solid Wood Personalized Christmas Ornament

This heirloom quality custom wood keepsake ornament for baby’s first Christmas is a beautiful way to remember a child’s first holiday season.

This ornament is just gorgeous. And it will make a lovely addition to your family Christmas tree.

I came across it in Amazon’s Handmade department, which I hadn’t even known existed. Now that I do, I know where to look for handmade keepsakes and other unique Christmas gifts this year.


3. Hand Stamped Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This beautiful keepsake ornament has the baby’s name on the inner circle, their birthdate on the next, and “Baby’s First Christmas” on the outer ring.

And if you’d like something a little different, the reviews indicate they may also take special requests for more custom personalization. The little baby feet charm completes this adorable ornament for baby.

This is a unique handmade keepsake. One it will be lovely to look at on the tree each year to remember baby’s first Christmas.


4. Precious Moments Baby’s First Christmas

An ornament doesn’t have to be personalized to become a cherished keepsake. This baby’s first Christmas ornament from Precious Moments is certainly something you’ll love hanging on the tree every year as you remember baby’s first Christmas.

Here is the link for the Precious Moments baby girl first Christmas ornament.

Here is the link for the Precious Moments baby boy first Christmas ornament.

If you know a new mom who is a collector or even just a fan of Precious Moments, this keepsake Christmas ornament would make a lovely gift.


blank5. Baby Block Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This is a fully customizable ornament for baby’s first Christmas that makes a gorgeous baby gift or addition to your own Christmas keepsakes.

I love how each side of the block has something different on it. From your child’s initials to their name, their birthdate, and more. It’s beautiful from every angle. And one of the loveliest keepsake ornaments I’ve ever seen.


6. First Christmas as a Family of Three

For a slightly different take on the traditional keepsake ornament for baby’s first Christmas, I love this First Christmas as a Family of Three ornament. Really this first Christmas is a milestone for the entire family that should be celebrated.

The three owls ornament is adorable but if you prefer a different style or just want to see all the options before you decide, check out all these ornaments with the first Christmas as a family concept.


blank 7. Personalized Photo Frame Baby’s First Christmas

Having baby’s photo on the tree is something you’ll love to see year after year. This personalized photo frame ornament for baby’s first Christmas is one to cherish.

This ornament also comes in blue and is the perfect frame for an adorable baby.


blankblank8. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Baby Cradled In Angel Wings

For a unique high-quality keepsake ornament that is still inexpensive, this lovely ornament of a baby cradled in angel wings is a perfect choice. And it makes a wonderful gift too.


9. Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

If you’re looking for a personalized Christmas ornament that is cute and fun to commemorate baby’s first year, this is an adorable option.

You can find it in blue or pink depending on your preference and it makes a great gift.

Here is the link for pink personalized first Christmas ornament.

And here is the link if you’re looking for a blue baby’s first Christmas keepsake ornament.


10. Handmade Baby’s First Christmas Ceramic Ornament

Honestly, this seller on Amazon had so many adorable keepsake ornaments for baby’s first Christmas I had trouble choosing one. The deer won out because, well, just look at it.

I also really love their more realistic deer keepsake ornament. But it isn’t personalized.

Amazon handmade also has this style of keepsake ornament for newlyweds, the newly engaged, and new homeowners that are worth checking out.

A keepsake Christmas ornament might be the perfect gift for anyone on your list celebrating a milestone this year.


11. 2020 Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Handmade Crystal

If you want your baby’s first Christmas ornament to be simple and beautiful, this handmade crystal keepsake ornament makes a perfect choice. 

It’s simple and classic design is beautiful and still cute with the little feet. And it has the year of your baby’s first Christmas. 

Adorable Ornaments for Baby’s First Christmas

Your baby’s first Christmas is a special family milestone you’ll always remember. A keepsake ornament for your baby is a treasure you can hang on the tree every year and remind you all how special it was. 

These ornaments are treasures to cherish. Choose the one that best fits your family and enjoy it on the tree this year. 

Worried you won’t get it in time for Christmas? A few of the non-custom ornaments are available with Amazon Prime free two-day shipping! Sign up for a 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime here!

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Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake Ornaments

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