Mother's Day Spa at Home

How to Have an At Home Spa Day

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Create Your Own DIY Spa Day at Home

Who doesn’t love a spa day? But sometimes getting out to your favorite spa simply isn’t possible. And for those days, wouldn’t you love to bring some of that spa day relaxation to your home? You totally can with these at home spa day ideas!

A DIY home spa day is perfect for Mother’s Day or a birthday or any day you need some extra pampering. You can use these home spa ideas for yourself or pass this post on to your husband and kids to let them know THIS is what you really want for Mother’s Day–a Mother’s Day Home Spa! (Or for your birthday, or a random Saturday after you’ve had a hard week. We can all use an at home spa day!)

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At Home Spa Day Essentials

Let’s talk at home spa day essentials. We’ll get to spa treatments, products, and your home spa day checklist in a minute. But first, let’s talk atmosphere. The first thing you need to do for your perfect spa day at home is to set the stage.

Mama, you know you don’t take your kids to the spa. If the goal of your at home spa treatments is relaxation then try to find a time and place where you can actually RELAX. If you’re planning a mom and daughter at home spa day, or your kids are giving you “spa services” as part of Mother’s Day, that’s one thing. But if it’s your day, plan ahead for some alone time (which can be hard to come by, I know!).

Talk to your partner or a friend or family member about arranging some me-time so you can enjoy your spa time and relax. Or, you may want to make it an at home spa night and wait until the kids go to bed. This can actually be a really fun idea for couples too. Or just a great way to unwind at the end of the night.

Set Up Your At Home Spa for Relaxation

Once you’ve got the time you need, start setting up your spa! You want to make it as close to the real thing as possible. Get some relaxing music, a comfortable spot to sit and do your treatments. Some soothing smells going (check out this awesome post on how to make your house smell like a spa!)

Before you start your spa treatments make sure you’re wearing something comfortable and ready to relax. Put on your PJs and robe. Or at least some yoga pants. Get yourself ready to relax and enjoy. 

Once you’ve set the scene, it’s time to set up your at home spa treatments!

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Easy At Home Spa Day Ideas

Steam Facial at Home

One of the easiest DIY home spa treatments you can do is a steam facial. It’s a fancy name for a bowl of hot water but it genuinely feels good. And it’s great for your skin. 

For a DIY steam facial, fill a bowl with hot water (not too hot- if you boil it, let it cool slightly before use to avoid burning your face). Add a few drops of your favorite relaxing essential oil. Lavender is always a good one for relaxing. Or look for essential oils that say “calm” or “relaxation” on the label to find something soothing. 

Next, steam your face by holding it over the bowl. Place a towel over your head and the bowl to trap the steam. A steam facial can last as long as it feels good. 

Treat Yourself to a Sheet Mask for Your Face

A face mask is the perfect follow up to a steam facial. And for at home spa treatments, you can’t beat a sheet mask. They are affordable and most importantly mess-free! 

Choose a sheet mask with skin improving ingredients that is right for your skin. The best sheet masks have holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth so you can literally just lay the mask on your face and enjoy the benefits. 

A Soothing Eye Mask While You Relax

There are a couple of ways to go with an eye mask on your at home spa day. If you want something to treat under eye circles, or wrinkles, or puffiness these under eye patches are a great way to go. They are easy to use and can provide great benefits. 

If you want to avoid products around your eyes and are more interested in something soothing, a gel bead eye mask will work better for you. This gel bead mask is super cheap and can be used with either heat or cold. It’s perfect for relaxing at home. Maybe warm it up and wear it while you’re other spa treatments work their magic. 

At Home Hair Treatment

A spa day at home is the perfect time to give your hair some extra attention. A deep conditioning treatment like this one can hydrate dry hair. and leave your hair soft, silky, and smooth. 

If you’ve had a salon treatment before that you loved or have concerns about your hair type reacting to products, consider asking your hair dresser for a product recommendation. 

Moisturizing Hand Treatment

Give your hands some TLC on your spa day with an extra dose of moisturizing. I am a big fan of these hand moisturizing gloves that come with the hand treatment built right in. 

Simply slip the gloves on and let the magic go to work on your poor, dry calloused hands.

Treat Your Feet

Feet are one of the best areas to focus on during an at home spa day. Whose feet couldn’t use some extra attention?

There are a lot of ways to go with a foot treatment. Would you like an exfoliating foot scrub? Or how about a soothing foot soak? You can even get foot treatment booties similar to the hand treatment gloves that already have moisturizing products built in. 

Maybe you want to try a couple of different things. First, a foot scrub to exfoliate. Then follow it with a soothing foot soak. Find the combination that appeals to you.

Mani-Pedi at Home

Manicures and pedicures are by far my favorite spa treatment. But one of the harder ones to do successfully at home. But with some patience, you can make it happen. 

I like this guide to DIY manicure and pedicure at home. It’s easy to follow and realistic for a do-it-yourself treatment. Gather your supplies and get to work on your soon to be beautiful nails!

Body Scrub

If you want an all over skin treatment for your spa day, consider a feel good body scrub. People rave about this exfoliating body scrub and I am looking forward to trying it on my next spa day at home. 

You can follow your body scrub with a soothing bath or shower. Let’s talk about that next!

Epsom Salt Bath

A bath or a shower is an awesome way to wrap up your at home spa day with a relaxing rinse. I am a huge fan of Dr. Teals Epsom Salt Solutions for a soothing bath you can really relax in. This is probably my favorite at home spa product on this whole list. 

Move your relaxing music into the bathroom and lay back from a nice long soak in the tub. This can be a great wrap up because you can soak with your hair treatment in and your eye mask on and just bring the whole pampering thing together. 

Then rinse off with a quick shower after if needed. 

Aromatherapy in the Shower

If you don’t have access to a bath tub or you’re simply not a bath person you can make your shower as soothing as any tub soak. 

There are multiple ways to use aromatherapy to make your shower a spa-like experience. It can be as easy as an aromatherapy shower gel

But for a little something extra, try adding an aromatherapy shower bomb to your rinse. Like bath bombs, these dissolve in the shower and release a soothing scent. 

If you don’t want to buy a shower bath bomb, you can also put a wash cloth with a few drops of essential oils in your shower. And it will release your favorite scents while you rinse off. 

Where to Find At Home Spa Day Products

If you’re thinking about a spa day at home a good place to start planning is figuring out what products you need. And where to find them. With most any beauty or spa product you run the risk of skin irritation or even a bad reaction. Especially if you have sensitive skin. 

If you have a favorite product that you know works for you, by all means, stick with it. If you need to find something new it’s a good idea to start with products labeled for sensitive skin. 

Having an at home spa day is a great option if you’re on a budget and can’t afford the cost of the spa. Or if your favorite spa is closed due to a shelter in place order, as is the case when I wrote this post.

In either case, having your spa day at home doesn’t mean you can’t use your favorite spa products. 

Most spas and beauty salons keep records of the products they’ve used during your appointments. You can contact the spa and most also sell these products retail to customers.

Even when businesses are shut down because of shelter in place rules, many will sell you products curbside or ship them if you ask. 

If you’re setting up an at home spa day for Mother’s Day and you know where mom goes for spa appointments you can also contact the spa for product gift ideas. 

Finding Spa Products When You Don’t Know What You Need

And then there is Amazon. Searching for spa treatment products you can use at home on Amazon can make you feel like a kid in a candy store. There are so many great options!

I’ve recommended some above based on my own experiences when possible and a careful reading of reviews. But do your own research. Everyone is different and your skin may react differently than mine. 

If you have sensitive skin or don’t know how you’ll react to products, stick to those designed for sensitive skin. And avoid heavy perfumes. If you’re worried, a Google search for the best spa products, facials, lotions, etc for sensitive skin should help you make good choices. 

You can also check out beauty-themed subscription boxes, like the ones on this list of girly subscription boxes for a whole box of products without needing to shop around.

Another option is to create your own DIY spa products. You can make your own bath bombs, body scrubs, face masks and more with things you probably already have at home. This can be much less expensive than retail spa products and is often gentler on your skin depending on what you use. 

Consider your skin care needs as well as your budget limitations and decide what kinds of products will work best for your spa day at home. 

Spa Day at Home Checklis

At Home Spa Day Checklist

Whether you’re creating your own at home spa day or setting it up for someone else (hint: a DIY home spa makes a great Mother’s Day gift) here are the must-haves. You can grab a printable version of this checklist in my free resource library here. Or just make a list in your phone or on a piece of paper. 

Here is your checklist for a spa day at home:

1. Pick a Day and Time to Relax

A spa day at home, yay! Now don’t let it be ruined by kids knocking on the door every 30 seconds asking for snacks. Or your cell phone pinging constantly with work calls, or any other thing that’s likely to spoil any chance of real relaxation. 

Make it a spa night after kids go to bed. Or arrange with your spouse for them to take full charge of the kids while you enjoy your spa treatments. 

If your kids are helping you with the spa treatments as part of Mother’s Day, after you’re all skin-treated and lotioned up, take a soak in the tub or a relaxing shower after where you can be alone.

Find ways you can truly make this a relaxing time. 

2. Choose Your Spa Treatments

Looking at how much time you have, decide what spa treatments you want to do. Planning ahead is going to allow you to relax. Digging through cupboards and trying to decide what to do during your precious spa time is not. 

And decide what really needs attention. Hands, feet, hair, nails. What’s going to make you feel relaxed and pampered?

3. Purchase or Make Spa Products

Once you decide on your spa treatments, line up the products you need. Maybe you already have your favorite spa products on hand. Get them out and ready for the big day. Or place your Amazon orders before your at home spa day allowing time for everything to arrive. 

If you’re planning to make your own DIY spa treatments, look at the recipes ahead of time. Make as many things ahead as you can. And make sure you have the ingredients for everything you plan to do. 

Don’t forget to find yourself some soothing music, candles, essential oils, and everything you need to create a spa like atmosphere at home. 

4. Create a Spa Atmosphere at Home

On spa day, try to give your home that spa like feel. Play soothing music like you hear at the spa. Dim the lights and add candles. Use essential oils to make your home smell like a spa. 

Set the mood to really enjoy the spa experience at home. 

5. Start with Face & Hair Treatments

You can do your spa treatments in any order you like. But if you’re doing things yourself, it makes sense to start with your hair and face. Or your skin in general before treating hands and feet. 

Once you start on your hands, it’s going to be hard to apply a facial or hair treatment. And you want to be able to put your feet up or in a soak. Not stand or continue walking around.

6. Hands & Feet Treatments

As I mentioned above, save hands and feet for after other skin treatments. Once you’re done doing things and are ready to sit down and let your facial and hair treatment do their work, work on your hand and feet treatments.

Hair treatment, facial, feet, then hands once they are no longer needed for everything else. Now RELAX.

7. Soothing Bath or Shower

At the end of your home spa treatments, it’s time to rinse it all off and away. A soothing soak in the tub with Epsom salts or bath bombs. Or a relaxing aromatherapy shower to rinse it all away is perfect. 

Spa Day at Home Kit

If an at home spa is something you plan to give as a gift or if you’re looking to purchase an all in one spa day at home kit, there are plenty of great options out there. 

Amazon has an entire page of at home spa baskets filled with great reviews and Prime shipping. 

But, the one I recommend doesn’t come in a fancy basket. I like this Hand, Foot, Nail, Face 1o Piece Spa Set. It has everything you need for a fun spa day at home. And it’s cheap! 

Many of the gift baskets contain shower gel and lotion and soap rather than actual spa treatments. So consider how you hope the products will be used. 

AND definitely consider whether the scent the basket is built around is something the person your giving too actually likes. If they have sensitive skin or a sensitive nose a giant basket of heavily scented products might be completely unusable for them. 

When in doubt choose products noted as being for sensitive skin and not heavily scented. 

Mother’s Day Home Spa

A Mother’s Day home spa is an awesome gift kids can give to mom to make her feel special. Maybe they want to jump in and help with a few of the treatments or help with the set up. (And then let mom be alone to enjoy them!).

And at home spa treatments make a wonderful gift to send for Mother’s Day when you can’t be together. Or to give to mom when Mother’s Day needs to be spent at home. 

If you’re “Mom” and your family is asking for ideas for Mother’s Day, share this post with them. And tell them what you’d love for Mother’s Day is time to relax and enjoy a Mother’s Day home spa. 

At Home Spa Day Tips

A spa day at home is a fun way to relax and pamper yourself during stressful times. I love it because it’s inexpensive but still feels luxurious. And an at home spa day really helps you consciously relax and take care of yourself. Something many of us need to take more time to do. 

I hope you can use these at home spa day tips to create your perfect pampering session at home. And RELAX for real. 

Everything You Need for a Spa Day at Home

DIY spa at home

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