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Girly Subscription Boxes for Women

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Best Girly Subscription Boxes for Women in 2021

What is more girly and fun than some self-care time with beauty products, unique accessories, yummy snacks, and a delicious smelling scented candle? And these are just a few of the fun things in these girly subscription boxes for the ladies. Grab one of these girly subscription boxes as the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite gal who loves the girly stuff (young or old) in your life.

There’s a lot of choices, so we are breaking down our top picks for the best girly subscription boxes for every woman at every price point. Keep reading at your own risk because it will be hard to say no to some of these tempting and indulgent boxes.

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Popular Girly Subscription Boxes


Simply Girly Mystery Beauty Box

Treat yourself to some fun (and inexpensive!) beauty products every month with Simply Girly subscription boxes!

What I love about this box is the makeup options are full size, and you can find these brands at Target or your drugstore. So not only is the box super affordable at just $10 a month, but the products are affordable too.

That way if you fall in love with a product you don’t have to blow a ton of cash on restocking.

The low price and accessible brands also make this box perfect for younger girls who are just getting into makeup, or adults wanting to mix it up with something new without a huge investment. It’s definitely one of the best cheap girly subscription boxes I’ve found.

Simply Girly Mystery Beauty Box also includes accessories like necklaces and earrings in some boxes. And makes a perfect gift for a girly-girl who’d love a fun monthly beauty treat!


Bubbles & Bling Girly Subscription Box

If you or a woman you know loves glitter and sparkles, then this is a must-get girly girl subscription box!

Candles, sunglasses, necklaces, hair tools, fancy soap, and more have been in previous boxes. This subscription box for ladies comes at a little higher price point than others at $45 a box, but it has 6-8 products in each box valued at $80-100.

It’s basically a smorgasbord of self-care and indulgence in a box. And it’s tailored for your personal preferences too. When you sign up you receive a welcome letter with a questionnaire so your box can be personalized to your tastes. Which is something I haven’t seen before.

Based on pictures in the reviews section and from previous boxes, the products are seriously cute, girly and unique!


The Pink Sugar Box

Cool full-size products at an incredible price! The Pink Sugar box combines both a feeling of indulgence with the joy of finding a good deal! If the box above was too expensive, give this one a look! 

The best of the cheap girly subscription boxes, Pink Sugar is a steal, without sacrificing quality or luxury. Previous boxes have included everything from footwear to jewelry, and beauty products.

The products are perfect for younger women or girls with adorable inclusions like best friends’ necklaces and heart-shaped trinkets. 

The company also seems really responsive and helpful based on their responses to questions in the reviews section. Which always makes me feel safer making a purchase.


SinglesSwag Girly Monthly Subscription Box

It’s not just beauty products and accessories. The SinglesSwag girly subscription boxes really pack in the awesome goodies! There are even some best-selling books in some of the boxes! (Cause feeding your mind is an essential part of self-care, right?)

The aesthetic is perfect for women of any age from teens and young women to ladies with a few more years to their credit. The products are trendy enough to please a more youthful crowd, but wouldn’t be out of place on a mom or grandmom either. 

And despite the name, this box isn’t just for the single ladies! It’s for all of us girly girls and women, attached or otherwise.

Choose between the petite (4-5 products), or the regular size (7-8 products) boxes at reasonable price points.


The Etoile Box Subscription Box for Ladies

Organic, cruelty-free, stylish, and it supports women-owned businesses? Yes, please!

Each month indulge in a different themed box packed with beauty products, yummy goodies, home decor, and more all sourced from women-owned businesses! Plus these are totally clean products. There are 6-8 items included in each girly monthly subscription box. 

I also really love the style and look of the items in this box because they really would work well for all ages. There’s a girlish charm to a lot of the products, think Eiffel Tower vs. glitter bombs, that transcends generations of women.

Very chic, and an aspect of self-care that this box fills is quality and substance, not just bling. (Though no hate to bling… love that too.)


Beautiful Fight Box Subscription for Women

With glowing reviews and a cause, the Beautiful Fight subscription box really stands out. 10% of their proceeds go to charitable causes and all of their gorgeous products are artisan or handmade. 

Included in the girly monthly subscription boxes are items that are eco-friendly, handmade, sourced from around the world, and organic.

One reviewer called the products “eye-catching” and from the samples shown they really are, with a unique feel and luxe quality. And it always feels good to give back, which is a nice bonus to this box. 


Pura Vida Jewelry Subscription for Ladies

Pura Vida Jewelry clubs are a popular jewelry subscription box for women and girls who want something unique and fun. They have the original bracelet club and then the monthly jewelry club linked to above.

If you’re looking for a girly subscription box for a lady who loves jewelry, a Pura Vida subscription is exactly what you need.

New bling every month to add some fun sparkle to your life – what’s not to love?


EYESCREAM Beauty Box for Women

I gasped when I saw the eye shadow palette featured in this box. It is seriously eye-catching and the colors are beyond gorgeous.

Get beautiful makeup, tools, and more delivered to your door every month for the surprisingly reasonable price of just $20. This cheap girly subscription box always includes an eye palette in addition to 5-7 full-size items each month.

There’s just something so girly and satisfying about a makeup palette. It feels utterly glamorous, and what’s extra cool about this box is that is will work for tweens all the way up to grandmas. Basically, if you like makeup, you’ll like this. 


Bombay & Cedar Girly Monthly Subscription Boxes

Non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free. And awesome. If you’re an animal and nature lover or know someone who is try this beauty subscription box!

5-6 full size or deluxe size curated makeup, skincare, and beauty tools are sent each month. Not only are the products eco-friendly, but the company will donate 1% of its annual profits to help make the planet a better and healthier place.

The products in previous boxes have beautiful packaging. And the ingredients on the labels look super intriguing, like beetroot lip stain. Plus, at around $30, it’s a decent price for clean products!


Feeling Fab Girly Subscription Boxes

The packaging on these girly monthly subscription boxes are so cute I want to order one regardless of what’s inside (but there’s good stuff inside too)!

The Feeling Fab subscription box is not just beauty and skincare, but an entire wellness box. The 6-8 products each month are clean with a focus on spiritual growth and stress relief.

But this box isn’t just for those of us not so youthful women who need stress relief, but also for younger women and even teens.

The items in the boxes have a girly and feminine feeling, but it’s a more natural beauty instead of a sparkly glittery beauty. So girls who like their girly-ness a little more low-key will love this.


A Woman’s Joy Subscription Boxes for Ladies

Yay for themes! Every two months receive eight products that range from makeup and skincare to beauty tools to coffee mugs and more in the A Woman’s Joy box based on a specific theme. 

This one is a bit more mature. So while older teens and college-age women along with older women would love it, it probably isn’t great for younger teens and tweens. The design is a bit more modern and sleek. 

While the contents are girly items like makeup, the design isn’t girly, making it the perfect girly box for women who prefer a more subdued aesthetic over hot pinks and rhinestones.

It’s also a bit more expensive than other boxes, but it only comes every other month instead of each and month has more items than most boxes.


Always Choose Joy Girly Women’s Subscription Box

Where inner and outer beauty meet. The Always Choose Joy box is curated to make you feel the joy inside and out. 

Packed with 4-6 items ranging from shirts and mugs to reading material and beauty items, it’s put together with the intention of sparking joy and inspiring personal growth. 

While a lot of adult women would absolutely love this box, I could also totally see it as a gift for a girl or young woman hitting a big milestone like sweet sixteen, high school or college graduation, or maybe landing that first big job.


Sugar Boutique Girly Subscription Box

The award for most unique items definitely goes to the Sugar Boutique box.

There some standard items like jewelry and makeup. But they also have some unique products like ponchos, resistance bands for working out, hairdryers, slippers, and more. Each box has 5-7 items valued at $175 or more. 

Priced at $45 it isn’t one of the cheap girly subscription boxes, but if you have the cash, the value is definitely there! 

The aesthetic and choice of products seems more like college girls and up, but have a look, some teens might love it too.

Girly Monthly Subscription Boxes for Women

Girly subscription boxes are such a fun way to spoil yourself or help a woman you know indulge in some serious self-care. There are so many good options, you’re bound to find one perfect for yourself and basically every girl or woman you know. And no matter your budget, whether it’s $10 or $50+, there’s a subscription box for you on this list. 

Indulge in a girly subscription box and celebrate your inner girl!

Best Girly Subscription Boxes

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