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31 Fun Gift Ideas for Toddler Girl

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Best Toddler Gifts for Girls 2019

Looking for the perfect gift for a toddler girl? Check out this list of 31 gifts for toddler girls that your child is going to love! Everything from the best toddler girl toys to non-toy gifts and what to buy the kid who has everything. Check out the list below and find a gift your toddler girl will love!

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Best Toys for Toddler Girls Gift Ideas

pretend play toys for toddler girl

1. Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

The toddler years are full of imagination and fun. And the best toys for toddler girls (or boys) are the ones that help inspire pretend play. A toy kitchen is one of the best of these type of toys. 

I had my own toy kitchen as a kid and played with it for years. And my kids have enjoyed this favorite toddler toy from barely over a year old on up through the early school years. 

If pink isn’t your little girl’s favorite, check out the great options for toy kitchens on Amazon. There are options in many styles and at many price points. 

And most expensive is definitely not always best. So, pick the one that works for you. And don’t forget some play food for your little chef to make in their kitchen!

 tea set toddler girl toy2. Toddler Girls Tea Party Gift Set

What little girl doesn’t love a tea party? Tea sets are a wonderful toddler toy that will inspire some fun pretend play. 

I chose this tea set in particular because it’s the one my own kids have. And they have been playing with it for YEARS at this point. 

When you’re shopping for a tea set to give your toddler, plastic or metal is going to serve you better than a more fragile version of this toy. Even if they might not look quite as fancy.

I can’t count how many times my girls have dropped their cups and our plastic tea set has stood up perfectly to some rough use. 

best toddler toy for Christmas

3. ArtCreativity Bubble Lawn Mower for Kids

When it comes to great toys for toddlers, it’s hard to beat a bubble lawn mower. I have never seen one of these at a family home that didn’t look well loved from hours of being pushed happily around the yard.

Give your toddler something fun to do outside while you do yard work or just sit in a lawn chair watching them “mow” and make bubbles. 

It may not be the girliest looking toy but you can’t be a princess all the time (although my kids would happily dress up to mow the lawn). But you can get a version of this toy with a pink handle if you think it would up its appeal for your toddler. 

STEM toy for toddler girl

4. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

What is the best gift for toddlers? Something that lets them be creative, use their imagination. And something that will inspire hours of play for a long time to come. 

Mega Bloks can do all those things for your toddler. For what it’s worth, I am also a fan of Duplo blocks for toddlers. Especially if you see your child getting into Legos as they get older.

But for many toddlers, Mega Bloks are where it’s at. They are a little bigger, a little easier to put together, and you can make so many fun things with them!

There are plenty of accessories for Mega Bloks including cars, people, tractors, but the real fun is the regular blocks. 

Would your toddler love to build the tallest tower? Make a house for her favorite dolls? Or a fences pasture for her toy horse? Mega Bloks can help her do it!

play tent for toddler girl

5. Playz Children’s Pop Up Tents & Tunnels

When I asked a bunch of toddler moms what their kids’ favorite toys were, play tents came up over and over again. And I totally get why! This thing looks like so much fun, I want to crawl inside myself!

Play tents and tunnels make for fun toddler toys because they give your little one a place of their own. A place they can pretend is anything from a princess castle to a fox’s den depending on their mood. 

We’ve owned several play tents and tunnel toys through my kids’ toddler years. And every single one has been a huge hit.

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Non-Toy Gifts for Toddler Girl

magazine for toddler non-toy gift

6. Magazine Subscriptions for Toddlers

Magazines are such a fun gift for toddlers! Kids love getting mail. And it’s something new to enjoy every month. 

When I went looking for magazines for my toddler I was surprised at the great selection that was available. There are great magazine gift options for toddler girls with varying interests and at multiple ages. 

My favorite magazine for toddler girls between age 1 and 2 is Babybug. My daughter loved Babybug when she was two. And I enjoyed reading it to her.

Babybug Magazine is small and square with thick pages almost like a book. So young toddlers can handle it themselves without tearing or destroying it. 

For a slightly older toddler who has outgrown Babybug, I love Ladybug! My three year old received this magazine as a gift last Christmas and we have enjoyed it all year. She keeps each issue and looks at them over and over. 

There are also some fun animal themed magazines like National Geographic Little Kids and Ranger Rick Jr. And I like both of these. They seem geared towards preschoolers through early school age though. So, you’ll need to decide if that will work for your toddler. 

If you think a magazine would make a fun non-toy gift for your toddler girl, check a bunch of toddler magazine options here

non-toy gift for toddler girl

7. Gift Memberships to Local Kid-Friendly Attractions

What kind of non-toy gifts will really delight a toddler? The gift of an experience! Even better, an experience they can enjoy throughout the year. If you love the idea of a non-toy gift for your toddler consider a membership to a local attraction they love. 

My kids receive a gift membership to the zoo every year from their grandparents. And it’s something our entire family enjoys all year long. 

Other ideas include memberships to children’s museums or children’s theaters in your area.

If you’re not the parents of the toddler you’re buying a gift for, be sure to check in with them about a gift membership to make sure it’s something that makes sense for their child and family. 

audiobooks non toy toddler gift idea

8. Audiobooks for Toddlers

What toddler doesn’t love listening to a story? Which is why audiobooks make a super fun toddler gift. I’ve found audiobooks useful on long car trips with toddlers. Or as something to let them listen to at night when they are falling asleep. 

CD audiobooks of fun toddler stories are one way to give this gift. Another is to give a gift subscription to Audible for your toddler. With an Audible gift subscription, you’ll be giving access to a ton of audiobooks that are available on almost any device. It’s hard to beat. 

Not sure how audible works? You can try Audible FREE for 30 days here (plus you’ll get two free audiobooks!).

calendar adorable gift for toddler girl

9. Calendars for Kids

If you’re looking for a toddler gift you can really personalize to your little girl’s taste, a calendar is a fun option. There are so many calendars to choose from you can find exactly what your child loves.

Would your toddler love a Disney Princess Calendar on their bedroom wall? Or would they prefer one with dinosaurs? What about horses, unicorns, or baby animals? 

The point is, whatever your toddler is into, there is a calendar that is sure to delight them. 

sparkly shoes for toddler girl gift

10. Fancy Clothes or Shoes for a Toddler Girl

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a toddler girl you love but don’t want to give them toys, consider something fit for a princess. Sparkly shoes or a poofy party dress, something fun to wear that will make her feel special. 

Disney Princess dresses are another fun way to go when you want to buy a special gift for a toddler to wear. Find out your toddler’s favorite Disney princess and maker her dress dreams come true!

toddler girl gift idea that isn't a toy

11. Room Decor Gifts for a Toddler Girl

If you want to get creative with a non-toy gift for a toddler girl, one of the best areas to focus your search is in room decor. 

Whatever price point you want to stick to or size and style of gift you want to buy for your toddler, there is something to be found in room decor. Do a search for things like lamps, alarm clocks and wall prints in your toddler’s favorite theme. 

Whether your little girl wants a room in princess pink or everything dinosaur there will be something fun you can give her to make her room her own. 

Check out some popular ideas here or do a search on Amazon with your toddler’s favorite animal, character, or color in mind. 

Gifts for Toddlers Who Have Everything

gift for the two year old with everything

12. Betheaces Water Drawing Mat

Water drawing mats are a blast! My two year old received one as a birthday gift and well over a year later it’s still a favorite activity. And frequently one even my older child likes to join in on. 

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unique gift for girl toddler

When you’re shopping for a toddler girl who has everything, the best toys will be simple and inspire creativity. This is exactly that kind of toy.

blank13. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads

Kids love stickers. And they make a great gift. Until you find them stuck on your kitchen cabinets. Or on your favorite fuzzy blanket and can’t get them off. That’s why these REUSABLE stickers are the best option for a sticker loving toddler. 

When I was a kid, we called these colorforms. And we loved them. Just like my kids love these reusable sticker pads

And unlike other “reusable” stickers you may have purchased in the past. These stickers are *actually* reusable. For months, even years. And they pretty much only stick to what they’re supposed to stick to (as in you won’t need a hairdryer and Goo Gone to get it off your cabinets or floors when your toddler goes rogue with the stickers. 

Plus, you can’t beat the price on this gift. It’s a fun activity, lasts for a long time and is super cheap! 

unique gift for toddler girl

14. MMTX Toddler Finger Crayons

I’ll admit when I first saw these finger crayons I thought they were some kind of weird blocks. (Which you actually can use them that way). But actually they are crayons. Color crayons perfectly designed for little hands to hold and use. 

The round end makes these perfect for toddlers to grasp and hold while they explore colors and create art. No more broken crayons or awkward grips for your little girl, let her color with these finger crayons!

And as a bonus, these crayons are WASHABLE! A bonus for easy clean up after art time. 

gift idea for three year old girl

15. Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust Sweep & Mop Set

If there is one thing your toddler wants it’s to be just like you. When your toddler sees you cleaning house she isn’t thinking it looks like drudgery. She’s thinking, I want to do it myself! So give her the tools in her own size and make it happen!

Not only are these toddler sized cleaning tools fun for pretend play, but they also teach important skills. And provide the perfect opening for getting your toddler involved in household chores. 

gift for toddler girl with everything

16. Crayola Bathtub Crayons & Color Tablets

One great way to let your toddler express their creativity without making a mess is to move art time to the tub! And these bathtub crayons are the perfect way to do that. 

Colored water and bathtub crayons make bath time fun. And are a delightful gift for a toddler girl at Christmas or for a birthday. 

Gifts Ideas for 1 Year Old Toddler Girls 

birthday gift for one year old girl

17. Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike

Have you ever seen a toddler ride a balance bike? They are amazing. And the best way to teach your child to ride a bike. Most balance bikes are for two or three year olds. But this unique 4-wheeled balance bike is perfect for a one year old who wants to ride. 

This is like a pre-balance bike, balance bike. It’s sturdy and low to the ground so your little one won’t have far to fall in the event of a crash. 

This is one of the best gifts for a one year old I have ever seen. I love it and your toddler will too. 

one year old girl gift ideas

18. Little Tikes First Slide

Slides are one of the best toys for toddlers, moms think so and kids think so. And with a small plastic slide like this one from Little Tikes, toddlers as young as one can safely learn to climb and slide. And they will love it! 

This slide works well inside or outside. Just keep it clear of obstacles so if your toddler tumbles they have a safe place to land. And be ready with your camera to catch their smile when they slide down. 

gift idea for one year old girl

19. Playkidz Super Durable Pound a Ball Fun for Toddlers

The description of this toddler toy says it is “ideal for hammering practice”. I’m not sure exactly what that means. But the upshot is that this is a fun toy for toddlers, especially younger ones between one and two years old. 

I didn’t own this one myself. But we did have something similar. And it was a favorite of my little ones. Toddlers enjoy beating on stuff. And better a toy like this than something less durable and more breakable. 

educational gift ideas for toddler girls

20. First 100 Board Book Box Set

These bestselling board books are a the perfect gift for a first birthday or a first Christmas. Babies fall in love with the colorful pictures. And toddlers learn to say the words. Help your toddler build vocabulary and learn to love reading with this gift. 

fun gift for one year old girl

21. Woby Hip Hop Dancing Goose

I love this toy! It has been a favorite at my house for years. My little received this hilarious toy for Christmas when she was a year old. And everybody in the family loved it (even the dog liked to chase it around).

The hip hop goose plays silly music, dances, and encourages your toddler to dance with him. If he gets picked up he yells. The whole thing is hilarious fun. 

And it gets kids moving, enjoying music, and laughing. One of the few noisy toys I actually recommend. 

Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

princess gift for two year old girl

22. Kids Play Tent Pop Up Castle

Wondering what gift to give a two year old girl? A play tent is one of the best gifts you can give a toddler. And if your toddler is into princesses, this tent will let you give her a castle of her own. 

Play tents are fun for imaginative play, giving your child a hideout, a fort,  or a place of their own to play. This play tent is big enough for multiple kids. Or even an adult to crawl into for play or cuddling and storytime. 

And the price on this one- amazing! If you want to give a really cool big gift without spending a lot of money, this is the one to give. 

cute gift for two year old girl

23. Fisher Price Royal Ball Minnie

This Minnie Mouse playset was given to my toddler as a two year old. And she still plays with it two years later. (We have a Daisy Duck too). 

The best part about this gift for toddler girls is that the clothes snap on and off easily. This toy was designed for toddlers to be able to dress the dolls themselves. 

If your toddler loves dressing and undressing dolls but gets frustrated when she can’t do it herself, this toy will give her that independence. And you’ll both love it!

best toy for two year old girl

24. LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

I don’t always like toys that make noise or take batteries. But this is one of the fun ones and it’s a perfect gift for a two year old girl.

It teaches concepts like colors, counting, and following directions. But forget all of that, what’s more important is that it’s a ton of fun. 

And this toy is something your toddler can enjoy for a couple of years. Playing pretend ice cream cart just doesn’t get old for kids. 

gift ideas for toddler girl

25. Playskool Sit ‘n Spin

I don’t have to tell you about this toy because you probably had one yourself as a kid! Remember how much fun these crazy things are? 

This toy makes a great gift for an active toddler. It gets them moving without making a mess or breaking things. And it can be used for a couple of years. 

This is one of those toys that is so simple and yet so fun for toddlers and younger children. 

craft for toddler girl

26. Washable Dot Markers for Kids

I first saw these dot markers when I was visiting preschools with my daughter. I could see immediately why they are so popular with toddlers, preschoolers, AND parents. 

They are colorful and fun for crafting. Easy to use with little hands. And they are washable off of clothes and skin and pretty much everything else. 

If you want to give a gift that will let your toddler explore their artistic side without making a mess, these dot markers are the way to go. 

Fun Ideas for 3 Year Old Girl Gifts

gift ideas for three year old girl

27. JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking and Baking Set for Three Year Old Girl

I love this! My three year old is all about helping mom. And cooking is one of her favorite ways to get involved in what I’m doing. She is all about an adorable apron when it’s time to help out in the kitchen. 

This baking set for toddler girls is awesome for pretend play in their play kitchen, or in your kitchen if that’s where they’re doing their “baking”.

But it’s also a fun gift for toddlers who want to help do some of the real cooking, baking, and mixing. (Adding ingredients, stirring, watching cookies bake with the oven light on- the safe stuff). And with this gift, your mini-chef can look the part. 

fun toy for three year old girl

28. Gymnic Rody Horse

If you’ve ever asked yourself what should I get a three year old for her birthday, this is my number one toy recommendation for toddlers and preschoolers, girls or boys. My kids have been playing with theirs for years. And every kid that comes to our house wants to hop on Rody and bounce around the house. 

It’s a great toy for indoor exercise and physical activity. There is no mess or set up and pretty low risk for injury. All the criteria for a good time. 

Plus Rody horses come in all sorts of colors so you can pick the one that is your toddler’s favorite and get them a gift they’ll love. 

fun gift for three year old girl birthday

29. Make it Up Glamour Girl Pretend Play Makeup

If your three year old loves to play dress up or pretend to be a grown up, this pretend play makeup kit is a perfect gift. 

The makeup is all fake, no color or mess will end up on your toddler or anywhere else. But it looks very real which is totally fun for kids. 

There are some small pieces here, so definitely wait until your toddler is three. And not likely to stick things in their mouth or nose or anywhere else they don’t belong. 

 gift for three year old who loves animalsblank30. Melissa and Doug Pet Vet Play Set

This pretend play vet set is another favorite at my house that has been played with for years. If your child loves animals and taking care of things, they will love playing vet to their favorite stuffed animals. 

One of the best things about this toy is the items are high quality and it’s something that can be played with for years. The stuffed animals that come with the kit are nice too. A fun bonus for kids who loves stuffed friends. 

game for three year olds

31. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

This is a gift that the whole family can enjoy! Board games are great gifts because they are something that a child can enjoy with friends and family. And this is my favorite game for three year olds. 

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is fun, easy to understand and doesn’t last too long  for little ones with short attention spans! This game also teaches valuable skills like following rules and taking turns. As well as helping toddlers learn to identify colors and work on hand eye coordination. 

And it’s entertaining enough adults and older kids will be happy to play with their toddler. 

What is the Best Gift for a Toddler Girl?

If you’re shopping for the best gift for a toddler girl, you can’t go wrong with something from this toddler gift guide for girls. As a mom of toddler girls, these are the gifts they have loved best of all. 

Think about the little girl you’re buying for. Does she love crafts, pretend play, physical activity, princesses and makeup? There is something for her on this gift guide for toddler girls. Check out the ideas and pick the one you like best. 

31 Gift Ideas for Toddler Girl

gift ideas for two year old girl

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