fall craft ideas for tweens

9 Fun Fall Crafts for Tweens

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Tween Fall Crafts You Can Make Today

Looking for some easy ways to enjoy the fall season with your tween? With everything from hiking in fall leaves to celebrating Halloween, there are a lot of fall activities tweens really get excited about. Including fall crafts. Fall colors, fall holidays, and a return to school are sure to bring out your tween’s creative, crafty side. Take advantage of that to have some good times with them creating these fun fall crafts for tweens!

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Falling Leaves Sensory Bottle Fall Craft for Tweens

Even as a grown up, I love sensory bottles (they’re really just the long lost sister of the snow globe, right). There’s just something so soothing about seeing objects float around in there. 

This falling leaf sensory bottle is super cute. And it really trends more towards a fall snow globe than a little kid sensory bottle.

It’s also really easy to make, but looks impressive! It could be fun fall decor but also maybe a fun gift for friends. Or even a unique gift for a favorite teacher of your tween. You also only need six supplies to make it, including plain ol’ water.


DIY Garland Autumn Arts & Crafts Project for Tweens

Let your tween jazz up their room for fall with this easy garland craft!

This is kind of the fall equivalent of the popcorn and cranberry garland many of us remember making at Christmastime. All you need is a large needle, fishing line or strong thread, and some scissors.

I love making these because it’s part creative choosing the design you want and also a bit meditative. It doesn’t take a lot of skill or concentration, just relax and create.

A lot of tweens might not have done a lot of sewing projects yet either, so this would be a fun way for them to start honing their skills.


Pumpkin Rock Painting Fun Fall Craft for Tweens

In my local area there are groups that hide painted rocks for strangers to find just to brighten their day. I love that idea, and this craft is a great way to start this practice with your tween!

Tweens need crafts that are a little more real world and grown up than their younger counterparts. Painting this pumpkin design is easy enough that pretty much any tween can do it. But it’s intricate enough to make it fun and a little challenging.

Also once your tween masters the process of this easy craft, they can paint other designs for any occasion! Check out the site this craft comes from. There are a ton of fun rock painting ideas.

Plus, if you have younger children who like to tag along, you can just hand them a rock and some paint and let them try their hand at a little rock painting too.

No worries if they don’t look perfect, the time together crafting is what it’s really all about, right?


Rock Painting Fall Leaf Craft for Tweens

Loving the rock painting fall crafts for tweens? Add this design to your pumpkin rocks. This site has several fun fall rock painting ideas here. Everything from painted leaves to bats to squirrels.

There will be something there for every tween looking to make a fun fall-themed painted rock.


DIY Leaf Candle Holder Tween Fall Craft

Spend a little fun family time outdoors foraging for materials to create these leaf candle holders! The perfect excuse to go on a walk with your tween. 

There’s just something so satisfying about going outside and gathering up beautiful supplies from nature, then turning them into something beautiful.

This leaf candle holder craft is a perfect tween fall craft. It’s a bit more grown up than little kid leaf crafts, but not too complex. These would even make super cute homemade holiday gifts!

And don’t worry if you don’t live in an area with lots of fall foliage, you can use artificial ones from the craft store if you need to.

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Fabric Covered Tween Pumpkin Craft

Have a lot of cute fabric scraps to use up? Do this fun pumpkin craft with your tween!

The pictures of these fabric covered pumpkins looked really impressive and made me think this would be a kind of difficult fall craft for tweens to recreate. But I was so wrong!

Checking out the tutorial I saw that you are basically just modge podging fabric to a pumpkin in a way that creates a cool look that upgrades the humble pumpkin a bit. 

Tweens will love this, but younger (or older) kids could join in the fun too! It’s so simple, but unique too.

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DIY Front Door Embellishments Easy Fall Craft for Tweens

If you want a craft your tween can do with younger kids too, this is a great choice. 

With some glue, paint pens, and some jewels they’ll turn some basic artificial leaves into cute fall front door decor.

They use magnets on the back to affix them to your front door, but they’d be cute on your fridge, or use double sided tape instead of a magnet. That way your tween (or younger kids) can decorate their bedroom door with them too!


Easy Fall Garland Tween Fall Craft

One thing makes this crafty garland super fun as a tween fall craft… spray paint!

My kids think it’s the coolest thing when we get to whip out a can of spray paint and get to work. And if I’m being honest, I still do too!

A fun way to add some glam to the fall leaves you collect is by spraying them with some metallic paint then use them to create an extremely aesthetic garland. 

I can see these draped across the headboard of a tween’s bed with fairy lights to create a gorgeous fall ambiance. Or commandeer them for some mantelpiece decor.


Perler Bead Candy Corn Melted Bowl Tween Fall Craft

Forget politics. The real heated subject that will pit friend against friend is the long debated candy corn.

Some people love it, some people hate it.  But with this craft, we don’t care so much about taste, just the look. This easy fall craft for tweens uses beads to create a candy dish in the traditional candy corn colors.

But you are in no way obligated to actually keep candy corn in the dish. You and your tween can add your favorite Halloween candy, or use it as a cute ring dish!

Younger kids could also join in the fun and create their own candy corn bowls, or use whatever colors they want! You do need to pop them in the oven, but as long as there’s an older kid or adult around to help with that part, it’s no big deal.

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Autumn Arts & Crafts for Tweens

Whether you’re in need of a creative way to spend time with your tween this fall or looking for kid-friendly ideas to do on the weekends, these fun fall crafts for tweens will make any autumn afternoon more fun. Get started on these projects today and enjoy crafting with your kids!

The Best Fall Craft Ideas for Tweens

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