no carve pumpkin ideas for kids

Fun & Easy No Carve Pumpkins to Make with Your Kids

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No Carve Pumpkin Ideas Kids Can Make

There’s a good reason I love no carve pumpkins. Even though carving pumpkins is one of my family’s favorite Halloween traditions, it seems like every year my kids get more and more impatient to decorate their pumpkins. And you really can’t carve pumpkins more than a week or so before Halloween without having a puddle of rot on your porch by October 31st.

So, we’ve started having fun with no carve pumpkin ideas for fall crafts! Check out some of my favorite no carve pumpkin ideas to try with your kids this fall.

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No Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween Fun with Kids

No carve pumpkins are a great way to decorate for fall or Halloween with less mess and no sharp knives needed. You may even want to use craft pumpkins (fake pumpkins) to create something you can use year after year. Or decorate different ways multiple times in one year.

I often let my kids paint pumpkins. Then when we leave them out on the porch in the Oregon rain, the paint washes off and we get to paint them all again. But, I digress.

If you’re looking for some fun inspiration for your no carve pumpkins, check out these ideas to get started!

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no carve pumpkin mummy

1. Wrapped Mummy No Carve Pumpkins

These are my favorite no carve pumpkins. They are just too cute. And easy to make with kids if you do a little prep work ahead of time. Your kids will love these cute pumpkins and they make a fun Halloween party decoration or even Halloween centerpiece.

This craft was done using fake pumpkins or craft pumpkins. But you could apply gauze and google eyes to a real pumpkin if you wanted to. 

mess-free pumpkin decorating

2. Black Cat Pumpkins

My kids love animals and this no carve pumpkin black cat is much easier to make than when they ask me to carve their pumpkins into a dog! (Seriously, I have no knife skills. Traditional jack o’lantern face is all I can do, kids!)

This craft is one where you’ll have to do most of the work unless your kids are a little bit older. But younger kids will enjoy helping and being your enthusiastic audience while you create your no carve cat pumpkins.

Plus you get to use those little tiny decorative pumpkins which are always so much fun. And easier to move around. 

easy pumpkin decorating

3. No Carve Pumpkin People

These no carve pumpkins are just fun! Even if you’ll be the one wielding the glue gun, your kids will love helping you pick out accessories and design faces. You can make scary pumpkins, cute pumpkins, or funny pumpkins, so play around with it!

This is such a great post for no carve pumpkin inspiration because you can really take the idea and make it your own.

Maybe even hit up a thrift store or your kids dress up box for some fun props. Glasses, hair bows, or a funny hat can really give your no carve pumpkin people some personality. 

princess pumpkin no carve ideas

4. No Carve Elsa & Anna Pumpkins

If your kids still haven’t Let it Go when it comes to Frozen you can delight them with these Anna and Elsa no carve pumpkins. The idea is cute and not overly complicated. A school age child should be able to make these with just a little adult assistance.

And you can take this idea and come up with something similar for other Disney princesses if your daughter is more of a Cinderella or Ariel girl.

Or even just create a non-specific princess pumpkin based on this idea. The crown can be picked up at most dollar stores. And your little princess will absolutely love it. 

halloween crafts for kids

5. No Carve Confetti Pumpkins

Nothing says party like confetti and these confetti pumpkins make a perfect activity for a kids’ Halloween party or a fun craft to do at home.

I like this one because there is no hot glue gun required. The confetti pumpkins use modge podge so even younger kids can decorate their own safely. And the results are fabulous!

pumpkin painting ideas

6. Pour Art Pumpkins

Allison over at Dream a Little Bigger has some good game when it comes to no carve pumpkins. I encourage you to visit her site and check out all her ideas if you want something different than what I’ve shown you here.

Her pour art pumpkins are completely kid friendly and fun. This craft can get a little messy so if it’s a nice day, consider taking it outside or into the garage where you can leave your pumpkins to dry.

Let your kids make a colorful mess while they create an unforgettable no carve pumpkin.

This is so me as far as crafts with my kids go. No skills required (I burn myself with the hot glue gun. Every. Single. Time).

Just pumpkins, paint, and pouring it on. If every other idea here seems charming but just too hard, this is the no carve pumpkin for you.

pumpkin decorating ideas

7. Finding Nemo No Carve Pumpkin

House Wife Eclectic is another great source of ideas for no carve pumpkins. If your kids like Disney, check out all of her ideas when you’re looking for a no carve pumpkin theme.

One of my favorites is her Finding Nemo no carve pumpkin. This one will require a parent’s help to put together. But the results will delight your kids.

And if you’re not overly crafty, this project was not complicated, which I always appreciate.

painted pumpkin kids craft

8. No Carve Marshmallow Painted Pumpkin Kids Craft

This might be my new favorite way to paint pumpkins. It is definitely my kids’ new favorite pumpkin painting idea. 

If you have young kids in the toddler to school age range, ask them if they want to paint pumpkins with marshmallows. I’m pretty sure that’s going to be an enthusiastic yes! 

It’s a little messy. And you want to make sure your kids don’t eat the marshmallows with paint on them. But it makes perfect polka dots on your pumpkins and it’s a ton of fun. 

A fun fall kids craft and easy way to paint your pumpkins. 

kid friendly no carve pumpkin

9. No Carve Candy Decorated Pumpkin

Another kid-friendly no carve pumpkin idea that your kids will go wild for! Check out this no carve candy decorated pumpkin!

I admit to me, this falls into the “so ugly it’s cute” category. But it IS cute. And I know my kids will enjoy the decorating process. 

It’s kind of the gingerbread house inspired no carve pumpkin. So, stroll through the candy aisle and get creative with what you can make pumpkin faces out of. Have fun!

DIY No Carve Pumpkin

10. DIY Unicorn Pumpkins (No Carve)

Of course, there has to be a unicorn pumpkin decorating idea, right? I think this unicorn no carve pumpkin idea is super cute.

If your kiddo is excited about unicorns they will love this no carve pumpkin as a Halloween craft. It does require a little crafting with creating the horn and other accessories. 

But the instructions in the post are pretty clear and should be possible with a little parental assistance. 

pumpkin painting ideas

11. No Carve Emoji Pumpkins

I love these!!! Pumpkins painted as emojis is such a fun idea. Older kids will particularly enjoy them. And I think nearly everyone who sees them will get a kick out of the idea. 

These are painted pumpkins. You can use yellow spray paint for your pumpkins and stencils for the faces.

Make a pumpkin for each of your favorite emojis!

pumpkin kids craft

12. Melted Crayon No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

This is a really fun pumpkin decorating idea. And definitely one that kids will love. The resulting pumpkins are colorful and fun. 

Do be sure to lay down some plastic or newspaper because without it this Halloween craft is a scary mess. 

mess-free pumpkin decorating

13. Thumb Tack No Carve Pumpkin Idea

If your reason for avoiding pumpkin carving is that you can’t stand the mess, this no carve pumpkin idea should be pretty appealing.

You can make all you’re favorite pumpkin faces with thumbtacks! It’s cute and a really original idea. 

If your kids can avoid stabbing themselves with the tacks, they are likely to have fun with this pumpkin decorating project. 

unique pumpkin painting ideas

14. Dip-Dyed No Carve Pumpkins

These dip-dyed pumpkins make for super cute fall decor. And they are definitely unique. Because they use actual dye for the color, you will definitely want an adult involved in making these. 

Or your kids need to be wearing crafting clothes you really don’t mind getting stained. 

If you make these with craft pumpkins (fake pumpkins) you can leave them up all through the fall. 

no mess pumpkin decorating

15. No Carve Pumpkins Decorated with Temporary Tattoos

Sometimes I feel like people are really using their heads. I mean, I never would have thought of decorating pumpkins with temporary tattoos. But it’s such a great idea!

I will definitely be trying these no carve pumpkins with my kids this year. It’s a great way to use up temporary tattoos and you can make a cute pumpkin in any theme you can find tattoos for. 

Plus, temporary tattoos are cheap! Check out all the temporary tattoos I found on Amazon for a good price. Or check out your local dollar store. 

Let these No Carve Pumpkins Inspire Your Creativity 

If these ideas aren’t to your taste, do a search for no carve pumpkins on Pinterest! No carve pumpkins are everywhere and can be a source of endless fun this Halloween for you and your kids!

What’s your favorite no carve pumpkin idea for Halloween? Share fun ideas in the comments!


Now Go Have Some Family Fun Making No Carve Pumpkins

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  1. These are such cute ideas for decorating pumpkins with kids! I especially love the idea of pouring paint over the pumpkin.

    This year was my first time carving a pumpkin with my toddler, and it went pretty well (read my ideas for how to successfully carve a pumpkin with a toddler here:!

    But I may try some of your ideas too because they look like so much fun!

    Thank you fort putting this together!

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