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11 Easy & Fun Free Baby Shower Games

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Free Baby Shower Games for Cheap Baby Shower Fun

If you’re looking for fun free baby shower games that are easy to play, you’re in the right place! There is no reason to spend a ton of money on shower games when you have all these free baby shower game ideas to choose from! So, pick your favorites and make your baby shower the best one ever!

Printable baby shower games are easy and often free but there are also several free baby shower games that you can play with items you already have at home or can easily borrow from friends.

Many of these games have been the highlight of baby showers I’ve attended. Seeing the crazy things people have in their purse or realizing how many songs actually have the word baby in them. And baby shower charades is straight up hilarious with the right crowd. So make your next shower a blast with these simple and free baby shower games. Check them all out below!

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The Best Free Baby Shower Games for a Fun Baby Shower

The best free baby shower games are ones that are easy to set up and explain. But also games that are fun and match the theme and tone of your baby shower. 

Printable games are perfect for a baby shower where you want your guests to mostly remain sitting. Or you have a large crowd where taking turns with a more active game isn’t going to make sense. 

But if you’re looking for free baby shower game ideas that don’t require printables and will have your guests chatting, moving around and mixing I have a few ideas for that too. Check them all out below while you decide what type of games are right for your baby shower. 

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

price is right baby shower game printable

1. Free Printable Price is Right Baby Shower Game

For a fun free printable baby shower game, you’ll want to check out this Price is Right game (the post includes a free printable version of the game).

Your guests will be asked to guess the price of a list of common baby related items. And the guest with the closest grand total without going over wins!

It’s a simple game and free! You can use the free printable (which is also available in my Resource Library here) or if you don’t have access to a printer you can simply read a list of baby items out loud to your guests and have them write their guesses on notebook paper, scrap paper, wipe off boards, or whatever you have on hand. 

2. Free Emoji Printable Baby Shower Games

There are two free printable baby shower games featuring emojis that will be a fun addition to your baby shower. The first is a nursery rhyme guessing game. And the second will have your guests guessing the titles of well known children’s books.

If you love the idea of an emoji themed baby shower game, here is an expanded list of fun baby shower games using emojis

Printable What's in Your Purse Baby Shower Game

3. What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game

The What’s In Your Purse Baby Shower Game is one of the easiest free baby shower games to set up and play.

You can use a free printable of the game like the one in my free resource library. Or you can create your own list of items that might be in someone’s purse on a sheet of paper. 

Once you have a list of items for your guests to search for in their bags, you’re all set! Everything else comes with your guests in their purse. 

Get more details about playing this fun free shower game here!

baby shower games that are free

Free Baby Shower Games Using Stuff You Already Have

4. Name that Tune Baby Shower Edition

To play Name that Tune Baby Shower Game you will need to create a playlist of songs and then set up a way to play them. To play the game you play the first 10 seconds of each song on your list. And guests write down their guess for the name of each song. 

You can create any playlist you want for this game but to keep it on theme for your baby shower consider one of these two ideas. 

Idea#1 Create a playlist of well-known songs with the word “baby” in the title. There are lists you can use all over the internet. And I bet you can come up with enough for a list of ten or so just off the top of your head. (Ice, Ice, Baby, Baby Got Back, Hit Me, Baby, One More Time…).

Idea#2 Create a playlist of well-known lullabies. Then play the first 10 seconds of each lullaby for your guests to guess the names. 

Whichever way you decide to play this baby shower game, choose well-known songs that a good number of people will recognize if you want to avoid a lot of blank stares during the game.  

5. Who’s That Baby? 

Although this is a free baby shower game it does require a little help from your baby shower guests to make it happen.

To play “Who’s That Baby?”, ask each of your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves to the shower. Or give it to you at some earlier time if it’s convenient. 

Then, during the shower display the photos with a number assigned to each photo. Have your guests guess who is the baby in each picture. 

If your shower includes a large group of people who don’t know each other there is an alternative version of the game. You can use pictures of the mom-to-be, the dad-to-be, and then a few random ones of your own or other people who know. 

Then have guests guess which baby pictures are of the mom and dad to be. 

6. Most Popular Baby Names Baby Shower Game

This is another super simple free baby shower game. To play the game, do a little internet research and find the most popular baby names in a given year. A good place to start is the year the mom-to-be was born. But any year will do. 

Make lists of the top ten names for girls and the top ten names for boys in your chosen year. Then add a handful of random names to each list. Now ask your guests to pick out the correct top ten names for your chosen year. 

You may want to type up your lists and print copies so that guests can simply circle the ten names on each list. Or you can read the names out loud or post them where guests can write down their ten best guesses. 

The person who gets the most names correct for your chosen year is the winner. 

funny free baby shower games

7. Baby Shower Charades

Charades is a fun free baby shower game that works really well with a smaller shower. And everybody knows how to play charades so it’s easy to get the game started. 

As the host, you write a bunch of baby related words on scraps of paper, fold them up and put them in a bowl. Players will draw one of the pieces of paper and act out the word they find. 

Think words like breastfeeding, diaper change, baby bottle, water breaking, baby shower, car seat, etc. This is usually a fun baby shower game that will have guests laughing. And is one of my favorite funny baby shower games that is free.

8. Songs About Baby Shower Game

Another baby shower game related to music. But this game is easier to set up than Name That Tune. All you need to do is give each guest a paper and pen. Then have them list out every song they can think of with the word “baby” in the title. 

Songs like “Baby Got Back”, “Ice, Ice Baby”, “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”, etc. There are lists of songs with “baby” in them all over the internet so don’t let anybody look at their phone.

But keep yours handy in case you need to check someone’s answers and make sure a song they listed actually exists. 

9. Draw a Baby

For this baby shower game, give each guest a paper and pencil. They then need to draw a picture of a baby without looking. 

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can simply ask guests to close their eyes when they’re drawing. If you have a small group you might have scarves for blindfolds. Or you can give each guest a magazine and have them tuck their paper inside and draw with it covered by the magazine cover. 

The person who draws the best baby (as judged by the mom-to-be) without looking wins. 

10. Name the Baby Animal

To prepare for this game do a quick internet search to find the correct names for the babies of a list of ten to twenty animals. 

Give your guests paper and pen. And read through your list of animals while your guests write down what they think the animals’ offspring are called. 

Examples include owlet for owls, fawn for deer, joey for kangaroo, etc. You can make the game as easy or hard as you want depending on the animals you choose. I like to go with a mix of easy and hard. 

11. Baby Name Race

This game is a race to see which of your guests can come up with a baby name for each letter of the alphabet the fastest. 

Give your guests paper and pen and they’re off to races! 

Free Baby Shower Games Guests Will Love

These funny baby shower games that are free and easy to play are the perfect choice for throwing a baby shower on a budget. These free baby shower games will make your shower fun for your guests without increasing your costs. Don’t blow your baby shower budget on games when you can have this much fun with free ones!!

Fun Free Baby Shower Game Ideas

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