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11 Easy Fall Crafts for Toddlers

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Fun Fall Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Fall is the perfect time to get crafty and create some fun fall crafts for toddlers! Whether you’re looking for something simple, like leaf stamping, or a more unique like a popsicle stick puppet, I’ve got easy autumn craft ideas you can make with your toddler.

I love making fall crafts with my kids and can’t wait to start again this year. Plus it’s such an easy way to teach kids about their world in ways that are both fun and educational. Check out these fun fall crafts to make with your toddler!

And if you’re looking for more simple autumn crafts for the little ones, check out these fun fall crafts for preschoolers!

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11 Best Crafts for Toddlers this Fall


Tree Painting Sensory Fall Craft for Toddlers

Finger painting is an oldie but a goodie because kids just can’t get enough of it! 

When my toddlers were in a grumpy mood and needed something fun to shift the vibes, out comes the paint! The reason it’s such a great craft for toddlers is because it not only is a fun sensory experience, but they get to start tapping into creativity with a simple project. 

This tutorial is perfect as a fall craft for toddlers because they turn fingerprinting into a cute fall masterpiece for your little one. Plus, they recommend different fall books to accompany the painting to add a bit of educational value too!


Easy Fall Turkey Craft for Toddlers

A super easy paper plate turkey craft to make with your toddler this fall! This cute turkey craft is toddler friendly, colorful, and fun. 

Thanksgiving is usually one of the highlights of fall. And turkeys are lots of fun for inspiring fall crafts for toddlers they’ll get a kick out making.


Sensory and Fine Motor Fall Activities for Toddlers

Sensory activities are the absolute best when it comes to fall crafts and activities for toddlers. From crunchy leaves to bright fall colors there is so much to delight the senses!

Like the author says in this tutorial, kids really need stimulation or they can get moody and out of sorts. A lot of times a tantrum can be avoided just by adding some good sensory activities to your daily routine. 

And this fall you can try some sensory fall arts & crafts for toddlers like apple stamping, fall leaf paper crafts, and more!

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Bubble Wrap Painted Apple Craft for Toddlers

Painting with bubble wrap is easy and fun. And sure to delight your toddler when you try this easy fall craft.

They’ll have fun painting. And then maybe making a mess of themselves trying to pop paint covered bubble wrap. Good fall crafting fun!


Corn Sensory Bin Fall Activity for 3 year old

Not going to lie, sensory bins can be a bit of a mess when it comes to cleanup. But having a fall activity for toddlers that keeps them busy while you have a few moments of silence is totally worth it!

In these fall themed sensory bins you start with some shelled hard corn and then add in your kids’ favorite toys. Farm themed picks are ideal. But I would personally have the kids help me shell the corn. I remember doing it as a kid and it’s such a satisfying process. 

If you can’t get your hands on dried corn still on the cob, or are in a hurry, just grab a bag of popping corn at the store. It’s cheap and easy. 


Mess-Free Color Mixing Pumpkin Toddler Fall Craft Idea

Teach color theory AND create a fun sensory fall craft with your toddler! The best part? It’s mess-free!

This craft is seriously genius. While I love some finger painting, I am not always up for the cleanup. Instead, why not try this method of painting inside of a bag so that your toddler can get the satisfying sensory experience without getting paint all over?

You simply put a paper plate in a big ziplock bag with yellow and red paint. As they press on the bag to mix it, the paint covers the plate, creating a pumpkin!


Easy Fall Leaf Craft for Toddlers

My kids come home with new additions to their collections of nature objects on basically every single walk or hike. During fall, my kids are like little magpies grabbing every beautiful leaf. This craft gives them something to do with their collection!

With just some paper, paint, glue, and collected sticks and leaves, toddlers make a sweet little fall art project. Simply let them paint a piece of construction paper then glue their sticks and leaves on in the design of their choice. 


Leaf Stamping Simple Toddler Fall Craft

This is meant for toddlers, but I love stamping and kind of want to do this one myself.

They’ve ingeniously used little fall novelty rings as stamps with paint. It’s simple and easy. If you don’t have any of these little rings handy, or don’t want to buy them just for this one craft, you can create little stamps with things you have around the house.

Like cutting up an apple or potato into a leaf shape, or even try creating a stamp from a cut up sponge!

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Foliage Puppets Fall Craft for Toddlers with Leaves

Puppets are a fan favorite in this house! They’re just so cute, and my kids love playing out stories with puppets.

This little fall toddler craft uses fall leaves with just a couple of other materials to create these enchanting puppets. They are the cutest!

I love that they use chalk markers to let kids decorate their leaves so the mess is minimal. Just add some googly eyes and a popsicle stick et voila! Fall foliage leaf puppets.


Popsicle Stick Puppets Cute Fall Craft for Toddlers

Yay, more puppets! 

Not only does this tutorial have instructions for creating cute fall themed puppets, but it also shows you how to build the puppet theater. Because what are puppets without their theater?!

And you can continue to use the little puppet theater for years to come. 

A small detail I also like is they included a picture of one of the puppets actually made by a toddler. I feel like we usually just see toddler crafts made by adults in pictures. But the reality of what toddlers create is just a little different and fun in its own toddler way.


Painting with Apples Fall Nature Craft for Toddlers

I love going apple picking in the fall, but I always end up with more than I need. Using them to craft with the toddlers is a great use of the ones that end up getting a little bruised in transit. 

This craft simply uses apples as stamps and lets kids use their imagination to stamp the apples with paint and have fun.

Just go with the stamping or add in some extras by letting them glue the sticks and paint they found on fall adventures too.

Have Fun with Toddler Fall Crafts!

Have fun with your toddler this fall getting creative with leaves, apples, paint, and more with these fun toddler fall craft ideas!

You can follow these craft posts step by step or use them as inspiration to come up with your own fall craft to make with your toddler.

Make it fun. Make it colorful. Make it with your toddler!

Cute Fall Crafts for Toddlers

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