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Fall Crafts for Kids

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Fall Craft Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Who doesn’t love fall? Fall colors, fall leaves, fall holidays, and fall crafts for kids! Autumn is a busy time of year. Between back to school and not long after comes Halloween and Thanksgiving. But sandwiched in between all that stuff is a glorious season whose colors and craft potential should be made the most of with your kids! Which is why I love fall crafts for kids!

Fall kids crafts that use leaves, and scarecrows, and pumpkins (plus those amazing autumn colors!) are a fun way to celebrate that fall season as a family. 

Check out some of my favorite fall craft ideas for kids from toddlers and preschoolers up through tweens. You’ll definitely want to start making these! And if you need more ideas, there are even more fun easy fall crafts for kids here!

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25 Autumn Kids Crafts 

handprint tree fall craft for kids

1. Handprint Tree Fall Craft for Kids

What better fall kids craft than a tree with colorful autumn leaves? This is also a handprint craft. The trunk of the tree comes from tracing your child’s hand and wrist. 

For the colorful fall leaves you can print out the template in this blog post. Which makes this fall craft a very simple one. And lots of fun for kids who want to make something pretty to celebrate the fall season. 

fall leaf craft idea for kids

2. Fall Leaf Finger Puppets Craft for Kids

Fall leaf finger puppets are a fun autumn-inspired craft that my kids found delightful. Toilet paper roll crafts have always been a big hit at my house ever since last year’s toilet paper roll Santa

And it helps that we go through a minimum of one roll of toilet paper a day at my house so we always have empty rolls on hand. 

These fall leaf crafted puppets require an adult assist with the hot glue gun and putting it together. But your kids will enjoy helping with the assembly. And playing with the puppets after craft time. 

fall scarecrow craft for kids

3. Fall Scarecrow Craft for Kids 

I admit the two scarecrow crafts on this list are my two favorites. They are AH-DORABLE. And the perfect fall craft for preschoolers.

Most of this craft can be done by kids on their own. Coloring and gluing are good skills for preschoolers to practice and this craft gives them a fun reason to work on it. 

Putting it all together might need a parents’ help but you’ll both be proud of the resulting scarecrow. 

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leaf banner craft for kids in the fall

4. Leaf Printed Autumn Banner Craft for Kids

This leaf printed banner is an easy fall craft for kids of all ages. Toddlers and preschoolers can dip their leaves directly into the paint for printing. Older kids can use a paintbrush and use different colors to create designs on their leaves for their banner. 

I think the banner ends up looking pretty fancy. Like something you can actually hang up in your house as decorations for the fall season. Kids love seeing their crafts on display. And this one is easy to hang and enjoy. 

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acorn fall kids craft

5. Mosaic Paper Acorn Fall Kids Craft

This mosaic paper acorn kids craft for fall is a beautiful piece of artwork your kids will love taking credit for. The pattern for the acorn shape is included in this post. 

The colors for the acorn are created by your child. Fingerpainting works perfectly for this craft. Which makes it a great preschool fall craft or project for toddlers at home.

I love how pretty this is. And what an easy craft it is for fall. 

woodland autumn craft for kids

6. Woodland Autumn Craft for Kids: Deer, Racoon & Fox

I’m actually a little unclear on what woodland animals have to do with fall. But they show up everywhere when you go looking for fall kids crafts. 

I think it’s something to do with fall leaves, trees, woods, woodland animals. There is some kind of connection between them all in people’s minds. 

And why not? Woodland animals are adorable. They come in fall colors and they make fun crafts. 

Particularly these! You might have thought painting eggs was just for Easter. BUT not anymore. You can paint your own autumn creatures on to these wooden craft eggs. If you have any left from your Easter crafts, be sure to pull them out.

Otherwise, save any leftovers from what you pick up at the craft store this fall so you can use them for Easter crafts.

This craft is easy and fun. A great craft for preschoolers on up with a little parental assistance. This fall craft tutorial includes a template for the woodland animals’ ears, tails, faces, etc. So you’re relying purely on artistic skill. Which I always find helpful. 

Easy Fall Craft for Kids

7. Easy Fall Craft Puzzle Piece Wreath

This is not only a pretty cool fall kids craft, but it’s also a great wreath! I love the idea for a wreath made from puzzle pieces. And I can think of other times of the year where you could make this craft just by changing the colors. 

But for fall, these DIY wreaths are beautiful!

Your kids can totally take on the painting themselves, even toddlers and preschoolers. A parent will need to step in to help with the hot glue gun and assembling the wreath. But most of the craft time your kids can work solo. 

Then you can hang up this gorgeous fall wreath as some fun fall home decor. 

children's leaf craft for preschoolers

8. Leaf Monster Fall Painting Craft

These leaf monsters are a fall craft kids can really get in to and be creative. It’s super fun. Especially for kids who aren’t interested in following directions to make something perfect when they could just be creative and fun (and a little messy).

I also like that this leaf craft uses real leaves. So, you can take your kids outside to collect some interesting leaves. And then they get to have fun turning them into monsters.

Although to create the monsters the leaves are supposed to be laminated. So, if that isn’t something you want to mess with, consider taking the monster leaf craft concept and applying it to cut out paper leaves or craft leaves

easy fall craft for toddlers

9. Easy Fall Leaf Craft for Toddlers & Preschoolers

A fun fall craft for toddlers that doesn’t even make a mess! If that sounds like a good idea to you, then you’ll want to check this one out.

The only supplies you really need are contact paper, craft leaves, and masking tape. 

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simple fall craft for kids

10. DIY Leaf Bowl Fall Craft for Kids

This leaf bowl is the perfect fall craft for tweens or older school age kids. It takes a little patience. But the result is pretty cool!

This is a modge podge craft. And it uses craft leaves so if you’re doing more than one of these leaf crafts, be sure to stock up on those. 

What first interested me about this craft was the picture of peanut butter cups in the bowl. But I quickly got excited about the bowl too. And I think your kids will feel the same way once they get started making their own modge podge leaf bowl. 

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easy autumn craft for kids

11. Plastic Cup Crow Fall Kids Craft

This is a fun twist on scarecrow crafts for fall. It’s one of the crows instead! The supplies for this craft are inexpensive and the craft itself uncomplicated.

If you need a craft for a harvest party, this is one I would consider. Or if you just want an easy craft to do at home with kids. 

autumn kids craft idea

12. Newspaper Leaf Garland Autumn Children’s Craft

These newspaper leaf garlands are simple to make and turn out really nice. I love that this craft has kids collect leaves and then trace them to get unique and true to nature shapes. 

And the painting is easy and doesn’t require a skill level beyond that of a young child. If an adult helps with tracing for younger ones, this can be a fun fall craft for kids from toddlers through tweens. 

And it makes fun fall decor for your house after it’s dry. 

autumn crafts for kids

13. Easy Autumn Leaf Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Take your toddler or preschooler out on a leaf hunt for beautiful fall leaves to use in this easy autumn craft. Older kids will probably get into this one too but it’s easy enough for kids at almost any age. 

A few paper plates, contact paper and your collection of leaves and you can create a beautiful fall suncatcher for the window. 

fall pumpkin craft for kids

14. Fall Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Pumpkins are one of my favorite things about fall! And with this easy pumpkin craft, your kids can make a fun decoration to enjoy throughout the entire autumn season. 

I love the picture for this craft because it looks like legit fall decor on the wall. And it is. But underneath all that orange tissue paper is a paper bowl and glue. It’s so simple and turns out so cute! The perfect fall craft for kids!

fall leaf craft for preschoolers

15. Leaf People Fall Kids Craft

This fall leaf craft can be made with silky craft leaves, paper leaves, or even the real ones collected from outside. Add some glue, foam stickers, and googly eyes, and let your kids have some fun making leaf people at craft time!

scarecrow craft for fall

16.  Easy Toilet Paper Scarecrow Fall Craft

This craft gets the prize for cutest fall craft for kids in my opinion. I LOVE these! And toilet paper roll crafts are a family favorite at my house. 

I was a little intimated when the craft instructions started talking about “origami” when it came to folding the scarecrow hat. But the step by step instructions makes it super easy! So don’t let that stop you from creating your very own toilet paper roll scarecrow. Errr…I mean helping your kids make one. Did I mention I made one? 

fall leaf craft for kids

17. Water Color Fall Wreath Leaf Kids Craft

Watercolors seem uniquely suited to creating delicate fall colors when you set out to create an autumn craft. This fall leaf wreath is a perfect example. 

Note that the craft instructions suggest a fancy and expensive cutting machine to create the leaves. But you can just use scissors! Seriously. 

Trace some real leaves or craft leaves. Or take a stab at drawing your own leaves. And go to work with a pair of scissors. Or better yet, have your kids do it with their safety scissors so they can participate in every part of this fall craft. 

fall leaf art project

18. Stained Glass Leaf Fall Art Project

Instead of contact paper, this craft uses wax paper and a hairdryer. Which you probably already have at home. So, that’s useful.

This is actually almost exactly like a craft I remember making myself as a kid. Although I think when I was a kid we used an iron to melt the crayons instead of a hairdryer. But since I don’t own an iron (domestic goddess I am not) I am happy with the hairdryer alternative. 

And this is a great way to use your kids’ broken crayons for a fun craft!

fall toddler craft

19. Fall Toddler Craft Painting

Got a Cricut machine? If so, this fall craft is the perfect time to put it to work! (If you don’t have one, scissors can do pretty well too). The craft post does include a cut file for a Cricut to make the letters and leaves. 

Your kids will have painting as messy and wild as they want too. And once the canvas is dry, you can peel up the letters to reveal a fall art project worthy of your wall or mantle. 

easy fall craft for kids

20. Easy Fall Craft Puppets

This is a cheap and easy fall craft that also gives your kids something fun to play with after craft time! My kids loved the idea of making a puppet theater from a cardboard box. And all of these fall characters made wonderful puppets. 

Let your kids get creative and see what craft supplies you have around the house. This craft doesn’t take a lot of supplies to make some fun fall themed puppets (construction paper, googly ideas, popsicles sticks and you’re pretty much set).

leaf lanterns fall craft for preschool

21. Leaf Lanterns Fun Fall Kids Craft

These leaf lanterns are really cool and I can’t wait to try them with my kids this fall. This craft requires “grease proof paper” which I had to Google because, what? It turns out its greaseproof paper used for cooking like parchment paper. So, don’t overthink this one like I did. 

The directions for this craft are simple enough. And it involves a leaf hunt which is always a highlight because it gets the kids outdoors for a bit in the crisp fall weather. 

fall craft fingerpainting

22. Fingerpainting Fall Craft

Yay, fingerpainting, am I right?!? So, easy and fun for kids. Plus who doesn’t love a craft with their kid’s sweet little handprints? 

This fall craft for toddlers and preschoolers is really cute. And easy. If complicated crafts with lots of supplies aren’t for you, then give this one a try with your little ones. Paint and cardstock or paper. Plus their little hands is all you need. 

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fall leaf craft for children

23. Fall Leaves Washi Tape Craft for Kids

This is a simple fall craft that is also mess-free. All you need are some cardstock craft leaves and some fun washi tape

I found a ton of washi tape on Amazon that was fall themed. So, if you want to stay on theme, that’s an easy way to go with this craft. 

And maybe you can take a cue from some of these other fall crafts and string your washi tape decorated leaves into a fall garland. Have some fun with it!

fall paper plate craft for kids

24. Fall Leaves Paper Plate Wreath Craft for Kids

I admit that before going in search of these fall crafts for kids it had never occurred to me how perfect a paper plate was for making a wreath. But now I know. Watch out Christmas crafts! The paper plate wreaths will keep on coming!

My kids will love this autumn craft because it uses glitter glue. One of our favorite crafting materials. I don’t have the heart to dislike since it’s so much easier to clean up than loose glitter that it feels like a gift no matter how much of it gets smeared on the table. 

Any craft leaves can be used for this wreath but I do like these for their bright fall color and variety. 

leaf printing craft for toddlers and preschoolers

25. Leaf Printing Fall Craft for Kids

Definitely check out this post because it actually has three different ways you can paint with leaves. And they are all easy and fun fall craft ideas. 

I chose to feature the leaf printing because it is such a simple and beautiful idea for a craft. But chek out the other two leaf painting ideas here as well. 

Fun Autumn Crafts for Kids

Make something beautiful with your kids this fall with these fun autumn crafts! Whether you’re painting with leaves, creating leafy monsters or making a fall pumpkin, celebrating the season with fall crafts for kids is a must-do this year! 

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Get Started on Your Fun Fall Crafts for Kids!

fall crafts to make with kids

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