easy teacher gifts for the end of the school year

15 Easy Teacher Gifts for the End of the School Year

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Simple Teacher Appreciation Gifts for The End of the Year

With the end of the school year fast approaching it’s a good time to think about teacher gifts for the last day of school. (Or for Teacher Appreciation Week if your school does that).

Teachers are a huge part of your child’s life for nine months of the year. And these dedicated and caring adults put their time, energy, passion, and talents to work educating your kids and mine. They deserve our thanks. And a small gift is one way to show your appreciation. 

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But what kind of gift should you get? That depends on a lot of factors. Your budget, the amount of time you have, and even your level of crafting skills might all play a part in what you choose as an end of the year teacher gift. 

I don’t think anything big or expensive is expected. The important thing is that it shows you appreciate their hard work. 

Do Teachers Expect End of the Year Gifts?

The short answer here is no. I mean teachers probably anticipate that a few kids will give them a card or a token gift at the end of the year. But they do NOT expect to be showered with gifts from each and every student in their class. 

If a teacher gift isn’t in your budget, that is perfectly fine. Choose a free printable card (I have a few cute ones listed below) or have your child draw a picture or make their own card with supplies you have at home. 

In fact, some schools may limit the type of gifts teachers can accept. And even if that’s not the case you do not want to make your child’s teacher feel uncomfortable with an overly expensive or elaborate gift. Something small and meaningful is the perfect way to show your thanks. 

What Makes a Good Teacher Gift for the End of the Year?

The best teacher gifts are simple. If you want to go practical, give the gift of classroom supplies, hand sanitizer, pens, anything you know they run out of. Or something useful and personal like a tote bag or something for their desk.

A gift card is also a wonderful gift idea. It can be to someplace with lots of options like Target or Amazon. Or to a local coffee shop for a fun treat. 

If you prefer something sentimental, a thoughtful card is a wonderful way to say “thanks for all you do”. And this can easily stand alone or be included with a gift card or other small item to show your appreciation. 

15 Easy Teacher Gifts for the Last Day of School

This post is divided into sections. The first is printable teacher cards. I am a particular fan of these because they are thoughtful and personal without costing a cent. 

The next section is inexpensive teacher gifts in the $5-$10 range. Followed by my favorite easy teacher gifts in the $10-$20 range.

And finally, at the end of the post, I’ve listed DIY teacher gifts for those of you with awesome craft skills who want to help your child make a homemade teacher gift. (Easy ones! None of these DIY gifts are hard to make!)

Scroll through all the sections and find the perfect teacher thank you gift to show your appreciation!

Printable Teacher Thank You Gifts for the End of the Year

thank you teacher printable card

1. Free Printable Thank You Note for Teacher from Student

When you think about what makes a meaningful thank you for your child’s teacher it’s hard to beat a note of sincere thanks from a student. 

I wanted my kids to be able to thank their teachers in their own words. But it was hard to come up with what to say in a blank card. So I created this free printable thank you note for teachers. 

It’s perfect for the end of the school year. Or for Teacher Appreciation. Grab yours in my free resource library here. Then print it out and let your child thank their teacher in their own words. 

DIY teacher gift for kids to color

2. Teacher Appreciation Printable Gift Boxes

I really like this printable gift box for an easy, inexpensive teacher gift. It’s something you can print at home or at a store relatively easily once you download it from the website. 

And I love that kids get to color the box. It’s so important for kids to be a part of thanking their teacher. If the entire gift feels like it came from mom I think there is something that gets lost.

This little DIY teacher gift makes it easy to involve your kids in the gift creation. And they (and you) can choose to fill the box with a few sweets or a gift card. Anything their teacher might like. 

Teacher thank you note printable for end of school year

3. Owl Always Remember Printable Thank You Card for Teacher

This printable thank you note for teachers is really a simple thank you card. But what makes it perfect for a student to give to a teacher is that it provides a little guidance. And still gives your child an opportunity to thank their teacher in their own words. 

I love the idea of thanking a teacher by telling them what you’ll always remember from your year in their classroom. And I imagine many teachers will love reading those memories too. 

Cheap Teacher Gifts They’ll Love to Receive! (Under $10!)

inexpensive teacher gift for the end of the year

4. Picture Books to Say Thank You to a Teacher at the End of the Year

This is without a doubt one of my favorite ideas for an end of the year teacher gift! The post includes a list of five adorable books for teachers that show how much you appreciate all they do.

As a book person, this type of gift lights me up. And I think most teachers are book people. A book is a thoughtful inexpensive teacher gift and one that will be cherished (and used!) by the teacher you give it to. 

Inexpensive Teacher Gift for Last Day of School

5. My Quotable Little Students Notebook for Teachers

This unique teacher gift is inexpensive but fun. I think this gift is particularly perfect for teachers of young grade school kids or preschool. 

Young children are extremely quotable and spit out some of the most hilarious things. Things worth recording and remembering. This teacher gift will help your child’s teacher write down and remember all the hilarious things kids say for the days she or he needs something to smile about. 

Easy End of School Year Gifts for Teachers ($10-$25)

Gift card bouquet teacher gift idea

6. Gift Card Bouquet End of School Year Teacher Gift

A gift card bouquet is one of the most popular teacher gift ideas. It easily tops the list of gifts that teachers really want. And for good reason. 

We all know that many teachers buy classroom supplies with their own money. Gift cards can help them make some of those purchases. Especially gift cards to stores that sell school supplies. 

But it shouldn’t be all about school. Make sure to include a gift card or two for a coffee shop, restaurant, or any place fun the teacher will enjoy. 

This gift can seem pricey but it doesn’t have to be. If you find low cost craft supplies and three $5 gift cards you can keep this gift in the $20-$25 range. 

These are the least expensive bamboo sticks I could find online. But you may be able to find less expensive ones at the grocery store. And you can find the rest of the supplies for the flowers, floral foam, and container at a dollar store. 

The post uses a Cricut to make flowers. But that’s not a requirement. I found these foam flowers on Amazon. Or you can freehand cut flowers out of poster board or other thick paper from the dollar store. 

You can also just attach the gift cards directly to the bamboo sticks, skipping the flowers altogether. I’ve seen this and it works just fine. blank

blankinexpensive teacher gift ideablank
7. Teacher Survival Kit For Easy Teacher Gift

Help your child’s teacher get set up for the next school year with a teacher survival kit gift. The bag itself makes a nice gift. 

And if you want to add a little something you can fill it with inexpensive items like travel hand sanitizer, pens and pencils, hair ties, band-aids, candy and anything else you think they might enjoy. 

last minute teacher gift for end of the school year

8. Teacher Appreciation Gift Key Chain

This teacher appreciation gift is perfect for the end of the school year. It’s a cute gift. It’s fun and something a teacher will love. And can use. 

Plus with Amazon Prime you can have it at your house within a couple of days before school ends. 

Homemade gifts and crafts and all that are wonderful. But sometimes there just isn’t time. And that’s ok. You can still let your child’s teacher feel appreciated. And you can do it without spending a fortune with this cute teacher appreciation gift. 

 easy teacher gift for last day of schoolblank

9. Glass Water Bottle Teacher Gift

This water bottle makes a lovely teacher gift. It’s glass, reusable and a nice size. (I personally LOVE glass water bottles). 

And the quote on the bottle is perfect for a teacher you want to thank for all their hard work during the school year!

Homemade End of Year Teacher Gifts

cheap teacher gift for end of the school year

10. Pencil Vase with Flowers DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

This super cute DIY teacher gift idea is easy to make and cheap! The entire project can be made with supplies from the dollar store. 

This does require a hot glue gun so if your child is helping you may need to do that part depending on their age. But make sure your kid is still involved in the gift making process. 

Kids can help choose the ribbon and flowers they want to give their teacher too. 

DIY teacher appreciation gift

11. DIY Teacher Tote for End of Year School Gift

Don’t skip over this DIY teacher appreciation gift because you think it looks hard! It totally isn’t. Your child will be able to help you make this teacher appreciation gift. 

I promised these teacher gifts would be easy and I wasn’t lying. This is such a fun idea because it really just uses stencils and paint. And the tote of course. 

No press-on letters or Cricut machine or anything expensive required. Even casual crafters can make this tote and have a cool gift for their teacher. 

And obviously you can make the words and paint color say anything you want. So, a lot of ways to have fun with this as a teacher gift. 

DIY End of year teacher gift

12. Lady Bug Teacher Thank You Card for the End of the Year

This adorable ladybug card is an awesome DIY thank you gift for a teacher at the end of the school year. It’s personal, homemade, and your child can put their own special stamp on it. 

The best thank you gifts for teachers from students really come from the kids (rather than mainly from mom or dad). Creating this ladybug card may involve a little help from a parent but mostly your kid can do the work of creating a special thank you for their teacher. 

The linked post includes a printable pattern so that you can help your child get the dimensions of the card just right. 

cheap DIY end of year teacher gift

13. Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gift with Crayons

This post actually includes two ideas for DIY teacher gifts you can make with crayons. Make sure you scroll to the bottom when you click through and check out both ideas. Both are adorable and inexpensive gifts for your child’s teacher.

The first idea uses crayons and a small mason jar to make a little knick-knack jar. It could be used on a teacher’s desk for anything from candy to paper clips. 

You can also use it to hold an additional gift like a few treats or a gift card.

The second DIY teacher gift idea with crayons is to make a little gum holder. It’s definitely unique and fun if you’re looking for something a little different to give. 

Both ideas are simple and inexpensive to make. 

Easy teacher gift idea for end of the school year

14. Unicorn Pencil Holder Teacher Gift

Bring your favorite teacher a little something magical with this DIY unicorn pencil holder teacher gift! This gift is an easy craft. And although it will probably require a helping hand from mom or dad (hot glue gun!) your kid can still be a part of making it. 

It’s a super cute and easy teacher gift that will be a fun addition to a favorite teacher’s desk. 

DIY End of school year teacher gift

15. DIY Marbled Mug Teacher Gift for End of School

This is one of those super easy DIY gifts where you will have to tell the recipient that you made it yourself! (Otherwise, they will think it came from a store). And it’s easy enough that your child can help with the process. 

The pretty mug makes a unique and fun teacher gift. Plus you can fill it with pens or tea or a gift card if you want to add a little something extra. 

A perfect easy DIY teacher gift!

End of Year Gifts Teacher Actually Want

Teachers are all individuals with different tastes and ideas of what makes a good gift. But any gift that’s personal, thoughtful, and given with a sincere sense of gratitude for their hard work is sure to be appreciated.

Whether you choose a printable thank you note, an inexpensive gift from online or make something cool and DIY, your child’s teacher will appreciate your acknowledgment of all they did for your child during the school year. 

Easy Teacher Gift Ideas for the End of the School Year

last day of school teacher gifts
easy teacher gifts for the end of the school year
end of year teacher gift ideas

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