easy christmas crafts for kids

85+ Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Easy Christmas Kids Crafts to Make this Year

It’s finally here, the holiday season. And the kids are going crazy! Maybe the kids are off school or it’s too cold to send them outside. And you need to magically manifest something for them to do. Enter your handy list of easy Christmas crafts for kids!

We’ve done all the homework for you and compiled a list of over 85 quick and easy holiday crafts for kids so your season will be packed with great memories together without all the stuck-in-the-house-too-long stress.

What Are Some Good Christmas Crafts for Kids?

The best Christmas crafts for you and your kids will really depend on your goal. 

Do you want to grab something quick you can let your kids do independently while you throw together dinner? Or are you looking for something to do together that would be beautiful as a gift?

Many of these easy crafts use materials you probably already have around your house so you can prep them in a snap. Or choose a few ahead of time and stock up on supplies to get you through the winter. 

Plus, I love a lot of these crafts as gifts! Grandparents love getting handmade goodies from the grandkids, and some would be perfect to give out to classmates, teachers, and other friends. So you’re getting double your money for them basically because they are both a fun activity for your kids and a present you can cross off your list. 

Whichever ones you choose, these easy Christmas crafts for kids are simple, stress-free, and fun for the family to do together. 

And if you finish all of these, you can find even more kids’ crafts for Christmas here.

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85+ Super Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make at Home


Cute Christmas Reindeer Holiday Art Project for Kids

The cutest antlers ever! Kids’ handprints crafts are just irresistible, aren’t they? 

This one becomes an adorable reindeer! I could see doing this on a canvas instead of just paper and then keeping it to hang up every year. But of course if you do it on paper you can easily mail it off as a holiday greeting to friends and family.

I do recommend keeping a lot of scrap paper on hand to allow a little free finger painting once you get your handprints done.


Easy Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

I did a Christmas tree paper plate craft really similar to this one last year, and it was a big hit!

You can follow this tutorial and use green paper plates, or you can add some extra fun by letting your kids paint white plates green. More mess of course, but more fun. The constant trade-off of parenting right? Do you go with messy and fun or tidy and a little less stressful? 

Seriously though, this is on the top of the list for easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers. And all ages can go to town decorating their tree and letting their creativity run wild.


Cute Popsicle Stick Reindeer Holiday Project for Kids

Yes! Another fun one for kids of all ages. 

It’s actually hard to find easy Christmas crafts for kids of all ages. This one works for preschoolers up to teens. 

The steps are simple and toddler-friendly, but it’s not too boring for older kids to do it too.

And the results are very charming.


Snowman & Elf Bookmark Christmas Craft

Aren’t these just darling? These sweet bookmarks would be great gifts for teachers or your favorite bookworm. 

But I would personally have the kids make them and use them as little puppets for a Christmas puppet show!


Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Quick Christmas Crafts for Kids

There’s a tutorial for “bookmarks” above that I think would be perfect for puppets, and these trees would be a great accompaniment! Especially if your kids wanted to use the bookmarks and these trees to make a puppet show!

They are also really easy to make and very charming.


Make a Tree Easy Christmas Craft for Preschoolers

Anytime I break out the play dough the kids go totally quiet and are entertained for an hour or more! The key is adding in loose parts to make it more fun with a specific theme.

This Christmas tree play dough kit is one of the most easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers to put together with super cheap materials. It even makes a great gift for your child to share with friends.


Simple Snowman Easy Christmas Kids Craft

This easy snowman craft is great for little kids. As long as they’re old enough to not put buttons in their mouth they can do this one.

The tutorial calls for cement glue and hot glue, but personally, I’d just whip out the trusty Elmer’s, or other kid-friendly glues, so the kids could do the gluing on their own. It might be a flimsier final product that way but it would make it an easier craft for kids to do more independently.


Easy Cinnamon Applesauce Christmas Ornaments

No baking and no flour required to make these fun and easy kids Christmas ornament crafts that smell as good as they look!

I have this craft on my personal list of easy kids crafts to do this season with my little ones. The best part is you’ll have a keepsake that will last basically forever, and something to give to the grandparents from the kiddos. 

Just make sure your kids don’t try to eat these. They smell good. Taste not so good!


Easy Rudolph Tea Light Christmas Craft for Kids

The finished product of this easy tutorial is adorable, and would make great gifts. The writer suggests teacher gifts, and I love that idea!

This is an easy craft, but probably best for older kids who can paint pretty accurately. So maybe 2nd grade and above vs. preschoolers. 


DIY Bead Easy Ornament Craft for Kids

These DIY bead ornaments will be perfect for a very natural and minimalist-style tree, and they’re such an easy Christmas craft for kids of all ages to do together.

Plus, stringing beads keeps little kids occupied for really long periods of time, and it’s so good for developing fine motor skills!

Kids might need a little help finishing this project off with twisting up the wire, but they can do a lot of it on their own.


DIY Santa’s Workshop Ornament Christmas Kids Craft

This craft would be so cute as some Christmas decor in a fairy garden! It is meant to be an ornament, but that idea just popped in my head and I love it.

Kids even as young as preschool age can probably do the majority of this craft with just a little help. It’s really easy and you probably have these materials around your house. And if you’re missing something like the styrofoam snow, you can probably improvise.


DIY Lego Holiday Wreath Photo Ornament Christmas Craft for Tweens

Got an over-abundance of LEGO’s? Create a sweet ornament that would be a great gift for grandparents too!

This easy Christmas craft is great for an older child to put together. Younger kids could probably put it together, but it does require using a hot glue gun, which is why we’d recommend it for an older kid. Or that an adult do the gluing.


Easy Fingerprint Tree Salt Dough Ornament

Salt dough ornaments are a classic, and these have a fun twist by adding your kids’ fingerprints!

Older children could do this easy Christmas craft mostly on their own. For younger kids, you can have them do the first few steps, and then you can finish off the details and baking. 

Protip: I always make a double batch of things like this so I can let kids freestyle and play with the extra after we make the “official” craft. Or have a spare if the first round doesn’t work out to the kids’ satisfaction.


Simple Mini Terracotta Pot Snowman Kids Craft

I love making these easy Christmas crafts that look hard to make but really require just a few things I probably have laying around in the kids’ craft drawers.

These mini terracotta pot snowmen would be such cute gifts and come together quickly and easily. Plus they are so stinkin’ cute!


Slim Jim Trees Easy Christmas Crafts for Tweens

At first, I was like, whaat?!?! About these Christmas crafts. But then I realized…ummm, snacks as gifts? Yes, please! My kids looove snacking. So what better things to give their friends than Christmasty Slim Jim?

While this tutorial is for a Slim Jim, you could probably substitute pixie stix or other treats that have a similar shape. 

It also only requires some basic school glue so no hot gluing. Little kids can do most of this themselves. 


Santa Salt Dough Handprints Easy Christmas Craft

I love looking back on the crafts I’ve done with my kids in the past and see how tiny their little hands or feet were. 

It would be kind of cool to do these Santa handprint salt dough ornaments every year so you could have a whole set to see how they grow! Turn it into a family tradition. By the time the kids are grown you could have enough for a whole tree.


Mason Jar Lid Ornament Easy Holiday Project

Finally, something to do with all those old mason jar lids rattling around in that messy drawer of mine!

These mason jar lid ornaments are a great easy Christmas craft for kids who can use a hot glue gun. And they make perfect gifts. 


Recycled Shrinky Dink Ornaments to Make with Kids

This is almost like a science project and craft in one! My kids love seeing what happens when their shrinky dink pictures shrink. We’ve used them to make keychains before. I can’t believe I never thought about turning them into ornaments!

I can totally see my kindergartener wanting to do this project over and over again. Plus, even though this one is an easy Christmas craft, you could totally do it for other holidays and seasons.


Easy Traditional Origami Christmas Tree

Ok, I’m not going to lie. I am a little intimidated by origami, so I was skeptical about doing this one with kids. 

Shockingly, it actually seems like a pretty easy Christmas craft that the kids can do too if they have a little concentration. All you need is paper, and there’s a video tutorial that walks you through each step.


Easy Christmas Kids Craft Tic-Tac-Toe Game

It literally doesn’t get any easier than this one. If you can draw a straight line, you can make this really easy tic tac toe bag.

It’s really just a matter of drawing the game board on the cute little drawstring bags and stuffing them full of little bells. It’s such a cute gift to give to classmates, or even a stocking stuffer.


Paper Plate Melted Crayon Ornament

The perfect use for all those old broken crayons laying around the house!

I have never seen a crayon melter before, but it’s a pretty ingenious product that creates simple easy crafts quickly. I’m so intrigued, I’m thinking about getting one for my kids for Christmas.

It is recommended for ages 8 and up because it does heat up, even if to a lower heat.


Quick Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers Wreath

I love this one because the entire family can do it together. It’s such an easy Christmas craft for preschoolers and little kids to do.

Preschoolers can do this easy wreath because it just uses basic glue and some embellishments. And older kids (or even adults) can make it a really intricate pattern. Almost like a mandala!


Rainbow Fish Ornament Craft for Kids

Jazz up the salt dough ornaments with this fan fav theme! 

This would be a cute tree ornament for the holidays or you could do this one any time of year to accompany a fish unit study at home.

The final product does require a hot glue gun to get the sparkly jewels on, so parental help is required for little ones.

For more crafts inspired by the Rainbow Fish and other popular books, check out these 21 children’s book themed crafts for kids.


Easy DIY Pinecone Snowman Christmas Craft for Kids

My kids love searching for pine cones when we go on hikes or walks around our local parks.

This easy Christmas craft puts our collection to good use, turning them into an adorable skiing snowman! (Don’t worry if you don’t live near nature, pine cones are available at local craft shops too.)

No need for hot glue with this one either! It uses glitter glue.


Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornament to Make with Kids

With just a few materials, your kids can put together this easy Christmas ornament craft that’s perfect for sending to grandparents. 

These spicy ornaments call for a hot glue gun, but I think you could probably swap that for a more little kid-friendly glue as well. 

I love the idea of adding scent to any craft because it just quadruples the cozy and homey holiday factor. The scent of cinnamon is just so nostalgic and heart-warming. 


Rudolph Ornament Kids Christmas Art Project

It doesn’t get easier than these charming Rudolph ornaments.

These would be nice to do together in a big group, like at a party, because they are simple and require only a few materials. There’s also no hot glue or other things that would prevent children from being able to do these pretty much on their own.


Easy Christmas Tree Painting Craft for Kids

We do a lot of painting in our house. Even though my kids love it, they do sometimes get a little bored of doing the same thing over and over. 

This easy fork painting Christmas tree is a great way to change up our painting routine with an easy craft. The fork works so well to create the look of limbs, and just about anyone can do it!


Candy Cane Reindeer DIY Gift for Kids

I’m here for this one! Candy cane reindeer that are stuffed with candy. Yes please.

I love this idea because I usually give my kids these candy-filled candy canes every year. This reindeer craft would be a really fun way to wrap them instead of just shoving them in a stocking.

Or to help my kids create and give these candy-filled candy canes as gifts to friends or classmates.


Free Printable Christmas Gift Boxes to Color

Take a break from coloring books to create these delightful Christmas gift boxes. 

Simply print the free downloadable pdf onto card stock and let the kids color away! Older kids will probably love folding them up to create the boxes too.


DIY Penguin Decoration Holiday Craft

I love how these DIY penguin decorations are on wood slices, making them much more durable than some other designs. So they’re much more likely to hold up over the years. 

They are an easy Christmas craft to make, but probably better for older kids and not preschoolers since you need to be precise in your painting. But you could always just let little ones freestyle!

And it would be easy to turn this Christmas craft into an ornament for the tree if you want a place to hang it.


DIY Elf Photo Easy Crafts for Kids

My youngest made a craft similar to this in Preschool and we all still get a kick out of it. This one will make the whole family smile when they see it. These charming elves are hilarious and adorable at the same time.

Plus, I feel like I’m always just popping a family photo in a frame as a gift for grandparents. This elf photo craft is a fun way to spice it up a little! And the kids can actually get involved.

This one is great for letting little hands learn to cut shapes, but you can also pre-cut the shapes for those not ready for scissors. 


Easy Fabric Christmas Angel Craft

Yay! A craft with a pom pom. Making pom poms is so satisfying to me, I remember making them over and over again as a little girl with all the extra yarn I could find.

This would be a great project for kids who are just learning some more advanced crafting skills like sewing. Not the best for toddlers or preschoolers.


Paint Pouring Christmas Tree Art Project

Pouring paint is usually a no-no for kids, but for this easy Christmas tree painting, it’s a must!

This painting technique looks so fun and creates a beautiful finished product. There’s also a video tutorial to make it foolproof.


Felt Christmas Wishing Bag Christmas Crafts for Tweens 

I love the idea of using reusable wrapping for Christmas instead of paper, and these little baggies would be perfect for that.

The patterns are really easy, and as soon as kids are old enough to use sharp scissors, even with supervision, they could start to tackle this easy craft. 

It also comes with a free downloadable template to make it even easier. I would probably do this with my eldest while giving the template to my youngest as a coloring page.


Christmas Lights Finger Painting Easy Holiday Craft for Toddlers

I did this one with the kids a few years ago and it was such a hit! Just grab some paper, a marker, and some paints and you’re ready to go!

One tip though. I always make extras ahead of time because my kids are rarely satisfied with only doing one of these. But that’s great because I just reuse them as Christmas cards!

Definitely add this to your repertoire of easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers and toddlers.


Homemade Dog Print Christmas Ornaments 

Get your pets involved in the crafting with these paw print ornaments!

Kids will love making these with their fuzziest best friends, and I also involve my kids in actually mixing up the dough. Measuring out the ingredients is like a low key math lesson.


Illuminated Snow Scene in a Jar Holiday Project for Kids

OMG, the penguin in this jar is so precious. But what’s cool about this snow scene in a jar is that you can use whatever little figures or other Christmas knick-knacks you need a place for.

These are meant to just be stationary, but I would turn this really easy craft into a sensory bottle for my kids to shake around. Just fill the jar with non-breakable items. 


DIY Potato Print Snowman Easy Christmas Craft for Kids

Have a potato, some paint, and paper? Then you can do this easy snowman craft!

I really love upcycling, recycling, and using what I have on hand already to craft with. I think it helps teach kids value. 

So, I love the idea of turning the humble potato into a work of art! Plus, it’s seriously so easy to do, toddlers and preschoolers can do it once the stamp is carved.


Simple Dinosaur Snow Globes Craft for Kids

For years my oldest constantly wore a Christmas shirt with a t-rex in a Santa hat on it. And it was like, “what do dinosaurs have to do with Christmas?”. Then we realized, dinosaurs are so cool, they never don’t fit the occaision. And these snow globes prove it!

I can’t wait to make these dinosaur snow globes with my kids this year. They also love sensory bottles and will spend tons of time playing with them. So it’ll be used more than just sitting on a shelf.


Super Easy Christmas Tree Crafts for Preschoolers

My kids made these at a family Christmas with their cousins. It was fun for all. And easy enough for even the young preschoolers to participate.

All you need is these paper cones and some paint. With some fun decorations. And your good to get your kids started!


Easy DIY Holly Wreath Ornament

Such a perfect and easy Christmas craft for toddlers and preschoolers! Though I’m sure I’d enjoy doing this as an adult too. Who doesn’t like to color?

There’s a printable download to make this one super easy for you. All fun, no drawing or guesswork.


Easy Candy Cane Reindeer Craft for Kids

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… edible crafts are the best. And this one is a classic!

Make these simple reindeer candy cane treats as gifts for classmates or stocking stuffers! Or hang them from the tree. And enjoy them throughout the Christmas season.


“Stained Glass” Paper Snowflakes Holiday Project for Kids

How beautiful are these?!? It’s faux stained glass, but with twinkling lights behind it, it’s magical!

Kids who can use scissors well could do this one pretty independently, or you can pre-cut the pieces of this craft and then let little ones do the gluing. 


Toilet Paper Roll Santa Craft to Make with Kids

I love the gnome-like quality of this easy Santa craft. And toilet paper roll Santas are an annual tradition at my house. My kids will be excited to give this version a try.

Also, even though it calls for textured paper and googly eyes, you could just use red construction paper and draw on the eyes too! No trip to the craft store needed. There are plenty of ways to make this Santa craft your own.

(Check out more toilet paper roll crafts here for more crafting fun with kids!)


Easy Snowflake Ornament Craft for Kids

Got some pipe cleaners? Then you’re set to do this easy Christmas craft!

The tutorial calls for ribbon to hang the snowflakes as ornaments, but you could skip that if you don’t have some handy. Or use yarn. Or make a hook out of an extra pipe cleaner.


Salt Dough Ornaments for an Easy Toddler Christmas Craft

Salt dough ornaments with a twist. And they turn out really classy looking too.

I love how this design uses stamps to jazz up the outside of the ornament. It’s a great blend of simple and basic with charming embellishment. Minimal with a splash.

Kids will love doing the stamping on this design, not to mention mixing, kneading, and rolling out the dough. 


Easy DIY Holiday Cards to Make With Kids

Macaroni crafts are the OG of kids’ crafts, right? 

This site has ideas for tons of different Christmas cards kids can make… including the trusty macaroni. How nostalgic?

But some are actually quite sophisticated and beautiful, yet easy.


Free Printable Template Wizard Snowman Papercraft

Pretty sure Mrs. Weasley would approve of this one. 

Show your house pride by making a snowman with your favorite house colors that would fit right into the wizarding world. 

The printable template makes it such an easy Christmas craft to whip up, and the cool step of staining the paper with tea makes it a little extra special.


Easy Ribbon Star DIY Tree Ornament Craft for Kids

Enchanting and easy. These DIY tree ornaments seem to merge homespun with chic. 

To shape the star the tutorial calls for hot glue, but you could probably use regular school glue if you’re willing to wait for it to dry. 

Then the sparkly ribbon really makes it fun. But you could probably use yarn or any other type of string or ribbon that fits your aesthetic. 


Family Time Capsule Ornament Craft to Make with Kids

 I never thought a Christmas craft would be a tear jerker, but this family time capsule ornament is just so special it kind of makes my sappy heart tearful.

You fill the ornament with your favorite memories from the year. Imagine making this a yearly tradition and the memories you’ll save. 


Easy Snow Ornament Christmas Craft for Kids

Basic, but still beautiful. And I love that it’s tied in with one of my kids’ favorite books, The Snowy Day. Amazon Prime Video also has an excellent movie version of this book.

These snow ornaments are straightforward in construction, but you could totally customize them. For example, you could paint the year, a name, or other design on the outside to add embellishment.

(Check out this post for more children’s book themed crafts to do any time of year!)


Cute Christmas Bunny Craft to Make with Kids

Take a break from reindeer and snowmen to make a Christmas bunny! 

I remember making these as a kid. They’re so easy and cheap! Grab a pack of wash clothes from Target for $5 and you’re ready to go with some basic craft supplies.

Toddlers might not be able to get the folding quite right, but maybe kindergarten and above would have fun with this.

And then your kids can give this craft away as a small gift.


Model Magic Christmas Ornaments to Make with Preschoolers

Love the idea of salt dough ornaments, but want to simplify the process? 

These easy Christmas ornament crafts are made with modeling clay that’s ready to go! I love how brightly colored the model magic is!

And the picture above is just one example of ornaments your kids can make. The possibilities are basically limitless. And allows for tons of creativity.


Make Pomanders for a Simple Christmas Craft to Make with Kids

Making pomanders is definitely on my list to make with the kids this year. 

It’s such an easy Christmas craft for kids that they really can’t mess up! Toddlers can even do this, and older kids and adults can have fun making more complex patterns and designs. 

Oh, and they smell amazing.


Polymer Clay Snow Ornaments for Easy Christmas Crafts for Tweens

These snowman ornaments use a polymer clay you can grab from Amazon. So no mess of mixing up salt dough or other DIY options. Christmas crafts don’t come much easier than that!

I love the little snowmen in this tutorial. They are so cute! Kids can personalize them with their favorite colors. It’s a great Christmas craft for school-age kids and tweens.


Super Easy 5-Minute Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Christmas ornaments in literally 5 minutes and they’re actually cute!

It only takes a few supplies you probably already have (or some you can improv). Plus, I think this easy craft could also double as a fun Christmas card. 


Easy Paper Angel Ornament Kids Christmas Craft

How sweet are these little angels? They look pretty fancy for a handmade kids’ craft, but are not difficult to do!

I think you could even improvise some of the supplies. Like substituting white paper or construction paper if you don’t have scrapbook paper.

I also think a string of these would work really well as a kind of bunting.


Easy DIY Paper Snowman Luminaries

Part of the magic of Christmas is lighting up the darkness. 

Luminaries give such a magical feeling to indoor or outdoor spaces, and these snowmen ones make them extra fun. All you need are markers, white bags, and flameless candles. 

Anyone can make these and since they use flameless candles, they are safe for even toddlers.


Make Simple Ornaments Out of Kids Sports Medals

I hate it when I have tons of “junk” sitting around the house that we won’t really use, but is too sentimental to get rid of… like kids’ medals.

If your kid plays a sport or does an activity, chances are you’ve started accumulating awards. I love this idea of repurposing them as tree ornaments! How fun! And what a great way to keep them and really get to appreciate them every year.


Milk Bottle Tree Christmas Crafts for Tweens

Just bottles and paint pens! That’s all you need to make these genius little milk bottle crafts.

There are two designs in this tutorial, but you could just freestyle and do your own thing. I’d fill them up with cocoa and mini marshmallows when they’re done as decor or gifts.


Cardboard Roll Santa Claus Christmas Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts are the ultimate upcycling, and this year tp rolls are at a premium… so reuse them!

This is another take on the toilet paper roll Santa (I told you it was a classic). This particular Santa craft is really cute and easy. A great craft to make with the kids and then they can play with them all season. 


Easy Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Some of the kid fav crafts are ones you just throw together with things found around the house. 

For this one, grab some cardboard from your recycling, cut it into a cute shape, and let the kids stamp paint onto it. You could even make it a game by letting the kids find random household items to stamp with, like erasers, cotton balls, mason jar rings, the list is endless.


DIY Corrugated Paper Christmas Tree Craft to Make with Kids

Quick and easy, these corrugated paper Christmas trees would be really cute set up together as a winter wonderland scene! 

The materials are pretty basic and are all kid-friendly!


How Make a Snow Globe for an Easy Winter Craft for Kids

My kids (and I) looove the magic of a snow globe. It’s just entrancing.

I can’t imagine how excited they would be to make our own! And it’s not nearly as hard as you might imagine. It’s actually easy and not expensive!


Popsicle Stick Snowman Easy Christmas Craft for Preschoolers

It’s the little things that make certain crafts a bit more special. These popsicle stick snowmen get a bit of an upgrade with the charming addition of colorful buttons.

These are also perfect to make with kids of all ages with really basic supplies. 


Easy Popsicle Stick Reindeer Christmas Craft

Pair these reindeer popsicle sticks with the snowmen above for a perfect Christmas duo. 

Just like the snowmen, these reindeer are really easy and all the supplies are basic and kid-friendly.


Simple Popsicle Stick Angel Craft for Kids

Take your popsicle stick craft up a notch by combining it with the famous cupcake liner craft. 

Seriously though, these little angels are just delightful. The instructions are straightforward, and they are a perfect easy Christmas craft to do with the kids, even little ones.

And you can add them to your snowman and reindeer crafts above for quite the Christmas puppet show.


Rock Painting Ideas for an Easy Christmas Kids Activity

Rock painting is so fun! My daughter even loves it so much she chalk draws on rocks when we don’t have paint handy. 

But it’s not just a summer craft. These festive Christmas design ideas make it the perfect thing to cozy up and do on a cold winter night.


Fluffy Snowman Craft for Kids with Printable Template

Kids’ crafts with printable templates are some of my favorites because it saves me so much time.

And of course, as I’m typing this my daughter caught sight of the image of this fluffy snowman and wants to make it. 

So I’ll just gather up the few materials it takes, print off the template real quick and set the kids up so I can drink my coffee in peace. 


Elf Yourself Body Tracing Christmas Activity for Kids

As a kid, any project where we got to trace our whole bodies on craft paper was a special treat. 

Shockingly, I haven’t done it with my kids yet, but I think I’ll have to try this elf yourself body tracing craft. I think they will absolutely love it. 


Easy Pipe Cleaner Christmas Craft for Toddlers & Preschoolers

These pipe cleaner trees are such an easy Christmas craft that all kids can. Even toddlers can have a go at it, though their trees might be a little lopsided, they’ll have fun!

All you need is pipe cleaners, pom poms, and something to act as a cone for shaping them. 


Simple Printable Reindeer Kids Craft

This reindeer is almost as cute as baby Yoda, and it’s one of the easiest crafts on this list.

There is a printable template that kids can either paint or color. Then just cut it out and paste together. Voila. 


Frozen Inspired Snowflake Ornament Holiday Craft

Have a Frozen-obsessed kid? I do! So this snowflake ornament would be a homerun.

This tutorial used popsicle sticks that were already colored, but has a few ideas for turning regular popsicle sticks blue. My fav is dying with Kool-Aid!


Gingerbread Man Paper Bag Puppet Craft for Kids

Kids looove puppets! This gingerbread man (and woman) puppets take the paper bag puppet to the next level. 

The template makes it so simple to put together all the pieces for a really professional looking end result. Kids who can use scissors could do this one on their own, or pre-cut the pieces and let them do the gluing and assembly. 


DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Cookie Cutter Paper

I feel so bad having to recycle my kids’ art, but there’s so much you can’t keep it all, right?

This craft is such a fun way to use their handiwork for a purpose! Let them decorate the wrapping paper. I’ve done it several times and the kids always love it.

It seems like a craft geared toward preschoolers, but I could totally see myself or an older child get really focused in creating my own patterns. 


Sweet and Simple Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Crafts to Make with Kids

An easy Christmas craft for kids AND a snack. 

To be honest, this one probably wouldn’t get completed because we would be eating too many of the decorations. But the process is fun, right?


Paper Plate Christmas Wreath Craft for Toddlers

Let your kids’ creativity go wild with this paper plate Christmas wreath. 

I love being able to just lay out some fun items and a glue stick then let the kids go to town. This craft does just that. Fun for kids, easy to set up and clean up for parents. It hits all the key components for easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers and toddlers.


Easy Homemade Grinch Headband Craft 

Last year for Christmas morning I made my kids reindeer headbands as an extra bit of fun. This year I totally want to do these Grinch headbands!

Though you could also have a movie night with the kids and make these together. That would be super fun, and kids of all ages could do this project with a little help for younger ones.


Decorate Your Own Christmas Tree Free Printable Kids Craft

What a unique downloadable template! This Christmas tree craft is as simple as printing, cutting, and assembling… but what makes it extra cool is the tree is 3D!

That takes it from a convenient craft to give the kids to do, to something more. 


Easy Paper Chain Christmas Tree Kids Craft

I remember trying so hard to make a paper chain when I was a kid, but it just never worked. How did the movies make them look so easy to do?

Well way back when in the 90’s, I couldn’t just pull up a free video tutorial in seconds. Now we can!

This one is not just a template. You have to draw it out following instructions with a ruler, which would make a great math lesson for kids!


Beaded Candy Cane Homemade Ornaments for Kids

Such an easy but cute craft for kids, and I love the way this tutorial plates up the materials.

Instead of just dumping out all the materials for the kids to dig into, they are plated in a really inviting way. Aesthetics do make a difference sometimes! And this makes the craft feel a little more special and nearer to put together and clean up. 


Easy Printable Christmas Puppets for Kids

There are some really fun and cute puppets in this list, but these might be my favs because it’s such a piece of cake.

Print the colorful or black and white version of the template. The black and white is great for allowing kids to color on their own. 


Wood Slice Ornaments Easy Christmas Kids Craft

These wood slice ornaments look like you bought them at the store. Seriously. They’re chic and professional looking, but kids can totally make them!

Of course smaller kids probably won’t make them quite as neatly as pictured, but that’s ok! They’ll still be cute and have a homespun vibe.


Paper Plate Elf Easy Christmas Craft

A delightful elf for everyone to create. Paper plate crafts are so fun because they are inexpensive and easy.

 This one is particularly cute, and has a downloadable template to make it flawless.


Elf on the Shelf Easy Christmas Crafts to Make

A different take on the paper plate elf, this one is Elf on the Shelf themed! An easy Christmas craft you can pull together to welcome your elf in for the season. 


Twas the Night Before Christmas Footprint Mouse Craft

Tiny footprints get me every time. I just mentally “awwwww.” 

I love this Night Before Christmas one. The little mouse foot is unique and too sweet, and the card is a free printable! So the only thing you have to do is paint the foot and stamp it on. 

If you want to make multiples you could probably even make copies instead of stamping a ton. That would be a super cute Christmas card!


Christmas Ornament Template for Kids

Technically these are printable ornaments, but I think hiding treats and small gifts in them could be super fun! 

They are a free printable too, so just print, color, and fold! Then you can add ribbon or string to hand from the tree. 


Santa’s Trousers Easy Christmas Kids Craft 

These Santa pants are perfect for stuffing with little candies to give as gifts to classmates or friends!

The tutorial calls for using modeling clay, which would be fun, but I think you could do something similar with construction paper if that’s all you have on hand. 


Pointillism Easy Holiday Art Projects for Kids

Wanna do an easy craft that teaches kids about art and makes you feel really fancy? Do this pointillism Christmas art.

Seriously though, it is a great project for introducing kids to a style of art they can use on all their future finger painting. 


Easy Santa Ornament to Make with Kids

So sparkly! Love the bit of added glitter to this Santa ornament.

This tutorial includes some very specific tools and materials, but I think you could wing it with some salt dough, construction or foam paper, paint, glue, and a bulb… give or take. 


DIY Reindeer Hot Chocolate Ornament

Hot chocolate stars in so many holiday crafts, and in this easy Christmas ornament it is used in a pretty unique way.

I’ve never seen a Christmas bulb stuffed with hot chocolate before, and love the idea! My kids love filling up little bottles and cups by scooping and pouring, so this would be a great way to keep them entertained and have a nice easy Christmas craft when they’re done.


Printable Christmas Wreath Kids Craft

Looking for easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers you can pull out in a jiffy? This one is it!

Grab some paper plates, crayons, a glue stick, and print out this free printable then you’re set!

Easy Holiday Art Projects & Activities for Kids

Decking the halls will be extra fun this year with these easy Christmas crafts for kids. Plan a few of them ahead of time so you can whip them out on a cold day. Or when you need the kids to be occupied for a few while you do your own Christmas magic. But no matter what, have fun and enjoy the season together. What better way than to create Christmas crafts together?

Simple Kids Crafts for Christmas

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