Easter Treats for Kids that are fun to make and eat! Adorable Easter desserts!

21 Cute & Easy Easter Treats for Kids

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Cute Easter Dessert Ideas for Kids (and Adults Too!)

One of the fun parts of Easter with kids is treats, right? I mean it’s not Thanksgiving with the big turkey dinner. It’s usually something lighter. With plenty of pastel colored candy & desserts. Bunnies, chicks, eggs, and other Easter symbols provide plenty of opportunities to get cute with your Easter dessert recipes. And to make fun Easter treats for kids

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*Spending Easter Stuck at Home this Year? Check out these tips to make Easter Stuck at Home Fun!

Easter treats can be super fun for kids. And adults too. You can enjoy making them together, which I highly recommend. Or wrap them up and add them to your kids’ Easter baskets for a little homemade sweet from the Easter Bunny.

*Side note for my food allergy families: I’ve made notes on recipes that can be modified to be gluten or dairy free if you’re a mama looking for Easter treats to give your kids with food allergies. So look for those notes if this applies to you.

These treats are as fun to make as they are to eat. So, let’s get started with these 21 Easter treat ideas!

(Can’t get enough Easter fun in the kitchen? Check out these 50+ Easter recipes for kids! Everything from savory to sweet!)

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21 Easter Treat Ideas for Family Easter Fun

Easter bunny treat for kids

1. S’more Easter Bunny Burrows

How cute is this smores Easter Bunny burrow! And delicious much! Chocolate pudding, marshmallows & cookie crumbs! Yum! 

*Side note for my food allergy families: For a gluten free version of this you can use these gluten-free sandwich cookies similar to Oreos (I actually like them better!) and make cookie crumbs for your Easter treats.

And then obviously check the labels on your pudding & marshmallows. But most will be fine for making this gluten free Easter dessert.

Easter smoothie recipe

2. Easter Egg Smoothie Popsicles

This is one of my favorite Easter treats for kids on this list. These smoothie popsicles are fun to make (which is why I mentioned them in my Easter Crafts for Kids post). And they are a healthy Easter treat.

If you’re wanting to give your kids something different from the candy, cookies, & cakes but still want something sweet for Easter, this is the perfect treat.

*Side note for my food allergy families: These popsicles are also a naturally gluten free and dairy free Easter dessert.

Rice Krispie Easter treat for kids

3. Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

These colorful Easter treats are something your kids will love to make and to eat! Molding the rice krispie treats into egg shapes and hiding jelly beans inside is a clever and fun twist on a classic dessert.

Bunny Butt Cookies for Easter Treats

4. Bunny Butt Cookies

Bunny butts are everywhere when you go searching for cute Easter desserts for kids. And when you see these adorable cookies you’ll understand why.

Who doesn’t love sugar cookies? I sometimes think of them more as a Christmas treat. But when you make them into a bunny butt they are a perfect dessert for Easter.

But if you’re looking for more bunny themed dessert ideas, check out these Easter baking for kids recipes.

Easter treats for kids

5. Peeps Smores Easter Dessert

Smores aren’t just for summer anymore! Check out these Easter Peeps Smores! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself!

These Easter treats are super easy and your kids can definitely be involved in making them. They’ll love that as much as eating them. Just keep the napkins handy for sticky smores fingers.

*Side note for my food allergy families these can totally be made gluten free. These are my favorite gluten free graham crackers for smores. And the Peeps website states that they label for the top 8 allergens. There are many types of Peeps that are gluten free. Check the label & product information. Or contact the makers of Peeps with the number listed here to verify allergen information.

Easter treat muddy buddies

6. Easter Muddy Buddies

Who can resist Muddy Buddies? And this Easter treat gives this favorite kids’ snack a pastel colored holiday twist.

A fun Easter treat for your kids and it makes great party food if you’re having a gathering for the Easter holiday.

Easter treat pretzel chicks

7. Easy Pretzel Chicks Recipes for Easter

Over the years I have found pretzels to be a great base for a quick treat. If you don’t believe me try putting a Hershey’s kiss on a pretzel, microwaving for about a second to soften and then putting an M&M on top. Holy deliciousness, Batman!

But back to this very similar idea. This Easter snack for kids uses candy melts to turn pretzels into baby chicks, perfect for Easter and Spring!

Easter dessert bunny cake

8. Easter Bunny Cake Recipe

Ever wished you could be one of those super fancy cake decorators? Well, this Easter bunny cake might make you feel like one!

Take a look at the directions! This is totally easy & doable even for only borderline talented bakers. And the end result- impressive! Wow your kids and any other guests with this awesome bunny cake this Easter.

*Side note for my food allergy families: This can so easily be a gluten free Easter dessert! Get a gluten free cake mix and some gluten free frosting and make yourself a bunny cake! Check the labels on all the candy & everything but this is totally doable.

Easter cupcakes

9. Easter Chick Cupcakes

Kids will love these adorable Easter cupcakes with little chicks on top. They are too cute. And a perfect Easter dessert for kids (and adults – because who doesn’t love cupcakes!).

And the cupcake recipe is good too. Simple and delicious.

Rice Krispie nests Easter treats

10. Rice Krispie Nests

This Easter dessert is a favorite at my family Easter! Rice Krispie treat nests with Easter candy eggs inside. The perfect Easter treat for kids!

And for adults. Because Rice Krispie treats hold up!  I have really fond memories of eating them as a kid. And I still love them.

*Side note for my food allergy families: I’ve made these gluten free with this gluten free crispy rice cereal. And I’ve made them dairy free with Earth Balance brand buttery spreads that are dairy free. There is a soy free Earth Balance too if you need that. Check the labels to get the right one.

Just check the allergens in your candy eggs. If the candy eggs aren’t gluten free or you need dairy free too, jelly beans work perfectly and can be found without gluten or dairy.

Easter cookies for kids

11. 3 Ingredient Easter Cookies

If you want to make a fun Easter dessert and you’re not much of a bake-from-scratch type, this is the recipe for you.

Of the three ingredients in these cookies, the first is a “roll of sugar cookie dough”. You know, the roll of dough from the grocery store, pre-made and ready to cut and bake? Yeah, just buy that for these cookies.

Basically, this recipe involves taking that roll of sugar cookie dough, cutting it up, and making it fancy for Easter. I love it! Skip all of the measuring, mixing and stirring nonsense and get straight to the decorating. (OK, you will need to crush some candy with a mallet). My kind of baking!

Easter treats for kids to make

12. Easter Bunny Chow Recipe

If you’re familiar with recipes for Puppy Chow, this an Easter themed version of that snack favorite. I personally find the name “Puppy Chow” unappetizing. Easter Bunny Chow has much more appeal.

Make a bowl of this Easter treat for your kids as a snack or dessert for the holiday and watch it disappear. I can never stay out of this stuff so I hope my kids get some before I get to it.

*Side note for my food allergy families: This recipe calls for Rice Chex cereal, which is gluten free. If you make sure your pudding mix and white chocolate chips are gluten free this Easter treat can be great for those on a GF diet.

Easter treat pretzel bites

13. Easter Egg Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

I love making these! Want to make the easiest Easter dessert ever? This is it. And I love these! I mentioned a version of this treat earlier in the post. This is an Easter version.

Basically, it’s a pretzel with melted chocolate and an M&M on top. So simple. Yet so good.

*Side note for my food allergy families: I like these gluten free pretzels. So all you need to find is gluten free candy melts and gluten free peanut butter egg-shaped candies. (Hint: Use Hershey’s kisses for candy melts and peanut butter M&Ms for peanut candies if you can’t find gluten free ones). Do check every product for allergen information to be safe.

Easter pancakes for kids

14. 5 Minute Easter Bunny Pancakes

Start your Easter morning off with a special Easter breakfast! These Easter bunny pancakes are perfect for breakfast at home with your kids Easter morning. Or for the kids’ table at a larger Easter gathering.

My extended family used to do brunch for Easter and this would have been a fun Easter treat for the kids.

*Side note for my food allergy families: This is the pancake mix we use at my house. It’s free of all top 8 allergens including gluten and dairy. And it’s pretty darn good. Give it a try for your Easter Bunny pancakes!

Easter graham cracker barn

15. Easter Candy Graham Cracker Barn

This Easter treat is more eye-candy than eating candy. But I am positive your kids will consume plenty of Easter treats during the making of this Easter candy graham cracker barn.

Plus what a fun family activity for Easter! Get the whole family to the table making these. It will be a blast!

Easter cupcakes for kids

16. Bunny Butt Easter Cupcakes

Another “bunny butt” Easter treat! Make some delicious carrot cake cupcakes and stick a bunny butt on top. A fun Easter dessert for kids. And everyone who wants a bunny butt cupcake.

*Side note for my food allergy families: I did find a gluten free carrot cake mix but I have not tried it. If you want to stick to something you know will be good then just use your favorite gluten free cake mix. The bunny butts go just fine on top of other types of cake. 

I tried to find an allergen statement for the bunny butt decorations but I couldn’t find one. Similar decorations from the same company state that they are made on equipment that also processes gluten products. So, be cautious of using the linked bunny butts. You may have to get creating and make your own with gluten free frosting or candies. (If you do this, send me a picture! I want to see:)

Easter treat nests for kids

17. Butterscotch Nest Candy Recipe for Easter

This is the only Easter dessert I’ve ever seen that uses Chow Mein Noodles. For that reason alone, I want to give it a try.

Plus it’s an easy & kid-friendly Easter treat. And it uses the microwave! My favorite way to bake.

Easter desserts to make with kids

18. Resurrection Easter Cookies

These Easter cookies take only four ingredients. They are easy to make and a great cookie making project to do with your child. If you enjoy meringue cookies, these will be a treat for you.

*Side note for my food allergy families: These cookies are naturally gluten free-yay!

Easy Easter Treats for Kids

19. Powdered Donut Easter Basket Treats

Make Easter baskets out of powdered donuts! Seriously, what could be cuter! And easier to make. Plus, whose kids wouldn’t devour these whole?

If you want to make fun Easter treats with your kids, these are a fun project with no actual baking required. Plus donuts and candy. So, good times!

Easter popcorn treat

20. Easter Popcorn Recipe

Like your Easter treats with a mix of savory and sweet? Try Easter popcorn! Yum, yum, yum!

This is a great Easter treat for fans of kettle corn or other flavored popcorns (which is everyone, amiright?) So set it out on your Easter table and watch it disappear one handful at a time.

Chocolate Easter Treat

21. Chocolate Easter Bark

This recipe for chocolate Easter bark reads like chocolate mixed with chocolate and then another kind of chocolate, and so on. In other words, it sounds amazing!

Definitely, an Easter treat to try this year.

Fun Easter Treats for Kids to Make and Enjoy!

Easter treats are a fun part of the holiday. And making them together with your kids can be almost as fun as eating them. Many of these recipes are simple enough to get kids as young as toddlers involved in the fun. So, make memories (and treats!) this Easter with your kids.

Happy Easter all! XOXO


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