Easter crafts for kids. 21 different crafts & Easter activities for kids.

Easter Crafts for Kids

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Easter Craft Ideas for Kids to Create this Spring!

Easter crafts for kids are a fun way to celebrate your Easter holiday! And aren’t Easter crafts perfect for kids? Between the adorable bunnies and chicks to the bright kid-friendly colors, this holiday is made for kids to create arts and crafts.

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And this year, for many of us, Easter happens after Spring Break. So you can create some fun Easter crafts with your kids while they’re home from school.

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Most of these crafts are easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers with a little adult help and supervision. And most are fun for the school-age set too.

So, grab some Easter & spring craft supplies and get to work creating bunnies, baskets, chicks, flowers, and brightly-colored eggs for the Easter holiday!

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Easter Crafts for Kids, Bunnies, and Chicks and Eggs, Oh My!

Easter craft bunny handprint for kids

1. Easter Bunny Handprint Easter Craft for Kids

We’re going to start with a craft that is super easy! And can be fun with pretty much any age child. Handprint crafts are classic. And I love them because they don’t require anything in the way of painting skills.

Kids of nearly all ages love the squishy, messy fun of putting their hand in paint. Plus it makes a sweet keepsake when you want to look back and marvel at their sweet and tiny hands.

And this is super adorable. A perfect bunny craft for Easter.

Paper plate Easter craft bunny for kids

2. Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

This paper plate Easter craft for toddlers and preschoolers is perfect for us moms with zero craft skills who still want to make something cute with our kids.

I keep paper plates on hand at my house almost entirely for making animals at craft time. And these paper plates happen to be my favorite. They’re cheap and work like a dream for most paper plate crafts.

DIY Easter card carrot

3. DIY Carrot Easter Card for Kids

If you’re getting maxed out on bunnies & eggs for your Easter crafts, check out this Easter carrot craft!

It’s super cute and doubles as an Easter card your kids can give to friends or family. And the post includes a printable template for the carrot if you want to really keep things simple.

Funky chick Easter craft for kids

4. Funky Easter Chick Eggs Craft for Kids

For sheer cuteness, this is my favorite Easter craft on the list. And it’s one of several that uses wooden craft eggs. Just look at them! They are adorable!

And the wooden craft eggs are pretty inexpensive and come in a pack of 25 so they’ll be good for more than one craft from this list. Or if you just want to let your kids have some fun painting a variety of Easter eggs as a craft.

Easter basket craft for kids

5. Easter Basket Craft for Kids

If you’re a fan of the Easter craft printables where you can have your kids jump right into coloring and decorating, you’ll like this one.

It’s a fun little peek-a-boo bunny in a basket involving some printing, coloring, and a little glue.

I went rogue on this one and printed everything on white paper and had my kids color it. That’s part of the fun sometimes, right?

Confetti eggs Easter craft for kids

6. Cascarones – A Super Fun Craft & Easter Tradition

This is more than an Easter craft, it’s the start of an Easter tradition for the whole family. Before this post, I had never heard of Cascarones. Boy, have I been missing out!

This is such a fun idea! The craft itself will involve some parenting setup and assistance. But once you explain the game, your kids will be enthusiastic helpers!

Start a new Easter tradition this year and have some Easter craft fun with your kids!

DIY Easter banner for kids

7. Easy DIY Easter Banner

If you want your children’s Easter craft to double as Easter decor, you’ll love this easy to make Easter banner! It’s super simple with a really pretty result.

The original post has a link to some Easter cut-outs perfect for this banner but I also liked these Easter egg cut-outs and these flower shaped cut-outs for a similar style of Easter banner.

The flowers are nice and springy if you want a banner that can last beyond Easter. I was thinking of writing “Happy Spring!” or something on those.

I admit I went down a rabbit hole here with these cut-outs. There are stars, turtles, hearts, dinosaurs, butterflies and more. And they’re cheap! Imagine all the crafts you could make with these. I’m kind of excited by this discovery.

Easter egg suncatcher craft

8. Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft

Suncatchers are always a favorite craft at my house. We have a big sliding glass door with plenty of space for some kids Easter crafts to brighten up the space and catch the sun.

It’s basically tissue paper squares and contact paper. So, pretty simple to set up and start crafting!

Easter craft graham cracker barn

9. Easter Craft Graham Cracker Barn

Things that make you go, “WOW!” Check out this Easter craft graham cracker house! This is pretty advanced level crafting. But the post does give step by step directions that put it within the reach of us not so crafty people.

I’m actually super strict about my kids eating candy. They get like two pieces per holiday. (Sweets & bedtimes are the two things I’m super strict about- we all have our things).

So, the thought of putting my kids in front of a huge spread of candy is a little alarming. But as long as most of the candy ends up on the graham cracker houses and not their mouths we’ll be doing ok.

And these Easter graham cracker barns are a pretty cool Easter craft the whole family could get in on.

Recycled bottle Easter basket craft

10. Recycled Bottle Easter Basket Craft

Making crafts with recycled materials always adds a bit of interest to your craft project. This Easter basket made from a recycled 2-liter pop bottle will delight your kids.

The bunny basket is super cute. And it’s actually really easy to make. I enjoyed this unique Easter craft for kids for its creativity and fun.

Handprint Easter craft for kids

11. Handprint Bunny Craft for Kids

A different take on handprint Easter crafts! You can probably get all the materials for this one at a local dollar store (my favorite place to find cheap craft supplies!).

And the bunnies are super cute. Perfect for hanging on the wall or refrigerator as silly Easter decor.

Easter craft for kids with watercolors

12. Simple Easter Watercolor Craft

A kids craft that starts with the word “simple” is always a good sign. And this one is really cool.

This Easter craft post teaches you how to make your own watercolors with colored Sharpies and a few household supplies. It’s very cool! And adds an extra element to the craft that’s almost like a science experiment activity.

The post also contains Easter printable pictures you can then use your homemade watercolors on. Obviously, you can also create your own designs and have your kids watercolor paint whatever their hearts desire.

Easter craft DIY slime for kids

13. Easter Bunny Slime

If you have kids, it can’t have escaped your notice that slime is all the rage among the kiddos these days. Love it or hate it, it’s everywhere. And it comes in all kinds of colors, textures, and flavors.

This is Easter bunny slime! Which are three words I never thought would go together. But here it is. Make your own Easter bunny slime. Your kids will love it. The mess of creating and then the sensory, slimy fun of playing with it afterward.

Easter craft smoothie recipe

14. Easter Egg Smoothie Popsicles

This is sort of a kids craft, kids snack combo. And it’s one kids will love. These are actually healthy but taste like a treat (so fool them!) and I prefer it to an overload of Easter candy.

This is perfect for kids at an Easter party or family get together. And the adults will like them too. Get your kids in on the making of the popsicles and the eating.

Star Wars egg Easter crafts

15. Star Wars Easter Eggs Craft for Kids

An Easter craft for school-age kids. These Star Wars Easter eggs are beyond the skills of toddlers and preschoolers unless mom and dad want to lend a lot of assistance.

Use your wooden craft eggs I mentioned earlier or this similar type of craft egg. For Star Wars fans, these are the perfect Easter craft. And when you use crafting eggs you can bring these cuties out year after year (or leave them out all year, I’ll leave it up to you;)

Easter bunny pom pom craft

16. Pom Pom Easter Bunny Craft for Kids

Pom poms and bunny crafts are a match made in heaven. Cute and fuzzy is the perfect word for both.

This craft includes a printable for the bunny’s sweet little face. And your kids will be delighted with the resulting rabbit.

This craft takes a parent to man the hot glue gun. I can never use those things without burning myself so I am not about to hand one over to my kids.

But I think the pom pom bunnies make cute table decor for Easter. And they are easy to make.


17. DIY Bunny Ears Headband Easter Craft for Kids

This is one of the cutest and easiest Easter crafts you’re going to find on the internet! I love it.

At my daughter’s school animal ear headbands are a huge thing. Headbands like these cat ears are super popular. Luckily I stocked up at the local dollar store around Halloween.

So, I knew this bunny ear headband Easter craft would be a hit with my kids. I’m guessing the kids will wear them until we destroy them and then we’ll make some more, LOL.

Easter egg craft maracas

18. Easter Egg Maracas with Washi Tape

Toddlers and preschoolers will love making these Easter egg maracas! And then they will love making noise with them!. (You may not love that part quite so much;)

The craft itself is very easy and your kids will love making their own instruments to torture you…errr entertain you with. So, get started on your Easter maracas!

Egg bunny Easter craft

19. Easy Egg Bunny Easter Kids Craft

Sometimes you see a craft and think, the person who came up with this so gets me. This was that craft for me. It’s easy, it’s cute. It’s a little ugly, but in a so ugly it’s cute kind of way.

I love these plastic eggs turned into bunnies for Easter. I might even have the kids help me make a few of the eggs we plan to hide into bunnies. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Princess egg Easter craft for kids

20. Disney Princess Easter Eggs Craft

If you’ve got Disney Princess fans in the house, they’ll love these Disney Princess Easter eggs!

They aren’t hard to make and they turn out lovely. Kind of Faberge like. The post explains how to blow out your eggs so you can save these beyond Easter.

But I think I will take these ideas and use them on wooden craft eggs. And cut out the step that sounds the hardest.

Check out the instructions to figure out whether you want to try blowing out some eggs or decorating craft eggs.

Easter egg DIY bath bombs

21. Easter Egg Surprise Bath Bombs

Tweens and even younger teens will want to get in on the fun of this Easter craft, making Easter Egg surprise bath bombs!

This science-y Easter craft looks super fun. And who doesn’t love bath bombs! You might need them, mom, after cutting, gluing, painting, and blowing out eggs for all these other crafts;)

I love crafts for kids but they wipe me out, you guys! So, don’t skip this one. Make yourself a bath bomb in a soothing scent to wash all your crafting stress away.

Simple Easter Activities for Kids

Bunnies, chicks, eggs, flowers, and crafts are all part of the fun of Easter. Enjoy it with your family this year by helping your kids create Easter crafts at home.

You can decorate the house with your Easter crafts, keep kids busy during spring break, and have some fun with this spring holiday. So, pick your favorite from this list and get started!

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Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter kids crafts
kids crafts for Easter
Easter crafts for kids! 21 Easter craft ideas and Easter activities for kids to do this spring. Check them out!
21 Easter crafts & activities for kids! Great activity ideas for spring break and to celebrate Easter with your kids.
Easter crafts for kids! 21 Easter craft ideas and Easter activities for kids to do this spring. From bunny crafts to egg decorating and even a snack idea. Check them out!
Easter crafts for kids! 21 Easter craft ideas and Easter activities for kids! Make some kids crafts during spring break from school or before the Easter weekend!
21 Easter crafts for kids! Easter craft ideas and activities for kids they'll love to create! Check them out here!
21 Easter craft ideas for kids! Easter crafts and Easter activities from bunny crafts to egg decorating ideas perfect for kids from toddlers to tweens. Check them out!

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