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Fun Easter Baking for Kids {50+ Ideas!}

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Have Fun with Easter Baking for Kids

Baking with my kids is one of my favorite things to do. It’s so fun to see them learning, gaining some great life skills, and spending time with them. Plus you get a yummy treat at the end too. What’s not to love? Especially when you can bake something special together for an upcoming holiday! That’s why I’m so excited about these fun Easter baking for kids recipes. 50+ simple and fun ideas for baking with your kids this Easter.

50+ Ideas for Easter Baking with Kids

Most of the Easter baking recipes for kids on this list are sweet. The perfect snack or dessert. But there are a couple that would be awesome to serve with the main meal at Easter dinner. Like delicious Easter biscuits and buns (also a perfect brunch companion).

You’ll also find recipes for your kids to help with at every skill level from toddler to teen. There are some that use premade ingredients so you and your kids can just enjoy the decorating. And some that are made entirely from scratch and look like they should be in a patisserie. 

(If all this talk of baking is starting to overwhelm, be sure to check out some “no bake” Easter treats here).

Whatever treats and dishes you decide to make this Easter, I hope you enjoy trying these Easter baking recipes for kids with your family.

Easter Desserts to Bake with Kids

Let’s talk Easter desserts! I’ve split the desserts on this list into sections. First, Easter cupcakes! Perfect for kids because they are individually sized and easy to hold. Plus, there are so many fun ways to decorate cupcakes for Easter.

Second, Easter cakes! Beautiful delicious, perfect for sharing (and showing off) at an Easter party or family celebration.

Third, we have Easter cookies, bars, and other goodies your kids will love to make as much as they’ll love to eat them. Let’s get started with some Easter baking for kids!

Fun Cupcake Recipes for Easter Baking with Kids


Bunny Cupcake Easter Baking Recipe for Kids

Just add Peeps for fun Easter recipes for kids! These cupcakes are adorable!

And seriously, nothing says Easter like some Peeps. They are a super kid-friendly addition to your Easter baking. Have an older kid do the icing on these colorful cupcakes and let preschoolers or even toddlers add the Peeps as the piece de resistance. 


Spring Chick Cupcakes for Easter Baking with Kids

Spring chicks are so cute, and so perfect for Easter! These little chick cupcakes are a perfect yummy Easter baking recipe for kids.

There are recipes for the cupcakes linked, but you could use your own favorite cupcake recipe or box mix then use this tutorial for the decorating. Big and little kids can both help create these fun Easter cupcakes.


Bunny Ear Cupcakes Easter Baking Idea for Kids

These look as delicious as they are cute!

The bunny ears are a show stopper and will grab all the kids’ attention on the dessert table. But they are made so easily with marshmallows and pink sprinkles. It’s so easy to do that preschoolers could help make these creations.

Plus, the recipe uses box mix. What could be easier? 


Easy Easter Cupcakes for Easter Baking with Kids

The marshmallow eggs and green icing are absolutely delightful. But the star of the show is the secret ingredient in the icing… marshmallow extract. 

Decorating these is simple enough for you to quickly whip them up, or for kids to join in and help. The marshmallow extract will give the flavor a je ne sais quoi punch to make them a little extra special.


Blondie Bites Easter Baking Treats for Kids

Anything that’s bite size is the best. These are tiny and adorable. And the perfect size Easter treat for little kids. 

They’re also a blondie and not just a cupcake, so it’ll be a different texture and flavor than a regular vanilla cupcake. 


Easy Vanilla Easter Cupcakes to Bake with Kids

A classic. Vanilla cupcakes. 

Dress this staple dessert up with whatever decorations you like! If you’re having an Easter party you could serve them plain and have a toppings bar for kids to DIY their decorations.

cadbury eggs cupcake kids can bake at easter

Cadbury Eggs Chocolate Cupcakes for Kids’ Easter Baking

My jaw hit the floor when I saw these. Cupcakes stuffed with Cadbury eggs? Yes, please!

If you have an older kid who wants to feel like they’re making a dessert worthy of a reality competition show, make this. It even has chocolate ganache, which is way simple to make, but sounds showy.

pretty cupcakes for easter baking with kids

Hidden Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes Fun Easter Dessert to Bake with Kids

If you love the idea of a cupcake filled with a Cadbury egg, but want a more fun design, try this one!

The recipe looks just as decadent as the one above, but is a lot more colorful. Probably more appealing to kids.


Vegan Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes for Kids this Easter

An understated look but packed with chocolate goodness that’s vegan!

The minimal decorations are a nice change from all the over-the-top pinks and pastels for Easter, but if you want to go big you totally can. Just add some food coloring to the icing and jazz up the topping with some sprinkles. 


Easter Egg Coconut Cupcakes

The green coconut flakes look just like Easter basket grass, and are really easy to make. But these cupcakes are packed with coconut flavor on the inside too with cream of coconut in the cake batter.

Adding malted eggs on top turn these sweet cupcakes into little bird nests, perfect for Easter or springtime.

But you could totally swap them out for jelly beans or other candies if that’s your preference. These decorations are perfect for kids of all ages to do together.


Spring Flower Cupcakes Easter Baking with Kids

No real bunnies were harmed in the making of these cupcakes, but some Peeps might have lost their ears… 

Grab some yellow cake mix, pink frosting, sprinkles, and some bunny peeps. That’s all you need to create these colorful cupcakes that are a perfect Easter baking activity for kids.

The flower petals are made from detached bunny Peep ears, leaving the bodies for some snacking while decorating.


Easter Basket Cupcakes 

The best Easter baking recipes for kids are usually ones with fun or unique decorations. 

These little Easter treats ingeniously use Twizzlers to turn cupcakes into baskets. There is a recipe to make the cupcakes from scratch, but you could always use your favorite box mix too.

Even though I love baking from scratch, it’s nice to use the box mix with kids for simplicity.


M&M Surprise Easter Cupcakes

Sweet and simple on the outside, but a surprise on the inside! Click through to the recipe to see the cool surprise in these delicious Easter treats!

{Spoiler alert!} When you bite into these colorful cupcakes there’s more than meets the eye, because they are stuffed with M&M’s. Kids will love making these. They’re like a cupcake pinata.


Chick Easter Cupcakes Kids Can Help Make 

Have some kids who want to try their hand at some easy icing piping techniques? Try these chick cupcakes!

They’re a little more advanced in decoration than others on the list that use peeps or marshmallows to create the designs. But still manageable for older kids. This chick is made with bright yellow icing.


Sheep Cupcakes Easy Easter Desserts

Cupcakes with icing as fluffy as the inspiration, sheep. 

If you want to try your hand at some fondant work, this is a simple enough place to start for you and the kids. Creating the sheep faces with fondant is about as easy as using playdough.


Carrot Patch Easter Cupcakes

If you’re baking with kids this Easter, this is a great recipe to try. 

The design is unique and fun, but easy to replicate. Did I mention the chocolate dipped strawberry? What a genius way to make a carrot! Chocolate dipped strawberries always make a dessert feel extra special, right?


The Best Easter Baking Recipe for Kids Cupcakes

There are quite a few different cupcakes on this list that are topped with candy eggs, and this one had to be included because these eggs are not the typical pastel. 

The Cadbury dark mini eggs give this a much different aesthetic than others. Oh, and the funfetti icing is always a bonus.


Strawberry and Marshmallow Cupcakes Easter Baking Recipes

They might look like some regular old cupcakes topped with a Peep, but there’s more than meets the eye with this recipe.

The cupcakes are stuffed with a marshmallow filling, and the pink icing is strawberry flavored! A seriously yummy Easter baking recipe for kids.


Easy Easter Fairy Cakes

These aren’t the most aesthetic cupcakes, but the recipe is so simple and easy. It’s a wonderful recipe to bake from scratch with kids because there aren’t a ton of ingredients. 

Older kids could whip this up on their own easily.

The Best Cakes to Bake with Kids for Easter


Sunflower Peeps Cake

Avoid a Pinterest fail! This recipe says it’s foolproof for an easy, but aesthetically pleasing cake… and it totally is.

The cake recipe is easy to throw together, and the decorations are so happy and uplifting for Spring but simple to recreate. Even preschoolers could do this decoration and still end up with a nice final product.


Chocolate Cake Easy Easter Recipe to Bake with Kids

A totally cute cake that is so easy to decorate but has a professional vibe.

I don’t know about you, but I can have such a hard time getting the icing just right on a cake. It’s harder than it looks to get that perfectly smooth buttercream look.

This recipe solves that problem by smothering the cake in sprinkles. I mean smothering in the best way possible. It’s loaded in sprinkles, and I know my kids would love to do the decorating with the sprinkles and then immediately eat them all.

bunny cake for easter baking with kids

Bunny Carrot Cake Easter Baking Recipe

Easier than it looks! I thought this bunny cake would be a pain to recreate with specialty pans, but nope! Just regular old round pans.

The icing on this adorable cake is made with mascarpone, so it will probably give a different flavor and maybe a break from the over-the-top sweet recipes.

Piping the icing on might be a bit tedious and hard to keep neat, but you could always just slather it on instead (or let the kids do it). It’s the face that really makes this cake fun.

And my kids insist it really would make a good kitty. So we may try it again after Easter with smaller ears.


Gluten-Free Mini Bundt Cakes Fun Easter Dessert to Bake with Kids

Gluten-free doesn’t mean dessert-free. And this is a really cute take on the traditional “nest” themed Easter desserts.

Indulge in these Instagram-worthy mini bundt cakes made with almond meal and gluten-free flour. The decorations are so on point but simple enough toddlers could help!


Super Easy Cake for Easter Baking with Kids

Shortcuts make these little cakes a beyond easy Easter recipe to bake with kids. 

The recipe uses box cake mix and premade frosting, and even the chocolate coating is heated up in the microwave. No double boilers needed. They still look so tempting and delish.

bunny butt easter cake

Bunny Butt Cake Easter Treats to Bake With Your Kids

Who knew a little bunny butt could be so cute and yummy? Plus your kids will get a kick out of making a butt, you know they will.

Coconut flakes give this bunny butt a fuzzy look and delicious coating. If you can’t find some of the decorations, like cotton candy, you could totally swap it for something else like frosting! Kids can definitely get in on decorating too by sprinkling all the coconut. 


Chocolate Nest Cake Easy Easter Desserts

This cake is simplicity at its finest. 

A chocolate cake that isn’t too fancy or difficult to make, but is eye-catching and screams to be eaten. Like some of the other recipes, kids can have a ball sprinkly the toasted coconut all over the top and decorating with candy eggs.


Paleo Lamb Cake Fun Easter Baking for Kids

An easy and paleo cake that kids will love creating with you. 

You can either use a special mold or just regular cake pans and cut it into a lamb shape. If you don’t have a ribbon to use, just swap it for some icing with a little food coloring. The decorating is really easy and turns out adorable. I love the marshmallows!


Easy Chocolate Cake Yummy Easter Baking Recipe for Kids

So. Much. Chocolate. And we are here for it. 

Step-by-step instructions and pictures help you recreate this decadent Easter baking treat. Making the topping does require constant stirring, so either do that part yourself or have an older child help. Younger kids might not be up to it.


Vegan Funfetti Cake Fun Easter Recipe for Kids

Funfetti is a fan favorite. Plus, with this recipe friends who are vegan or dairy-free can enjoy it too!

The tall bunny ears are made from felt, so they could be a fun little arts and crafts project to add to your baking. The rest of the decorating looks like it came from a bakery but is easy to do if you’re careful.


Trifle Easter Dessert

Could this be any more colorful? The brightness just epitomizes the Easter and spring aesthetic. 

My kids love using food coloring. Making something boring come to life with color just really excites them! So this recipe would be quite a treat to make. Plus, the recipes use a box cake mix. Effortless!


Easter Baking Treats Bunny Cake

These cakes just get cuter and cuter, don’t they? So many fun ideas for Easter baking with kids!

Basic cake rounds are all you need to create the shape of this bunny cake. 

It might seem impossible to recreate that shape just right, but there are step-by-step instructions with pictures to guide you through. An older child might be able to do the construction, it’s so easy.

And younger kids can help you add the finishing touches.

Cookies & Other Easter Treats to Bake with Kids


Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars Easy Easter Cookies

The taste of a sugar cookie, but with less work! And with pretty spring colors for Easter baking with kids!

Sugar cookies are one of my favorite cookies, but it can be a little tedious to cut them all out and individually ice them then decorate them. These cookie bars cut down on that work because they are made in one big pan, iced, and then cut up, kind of like brownies. 


Chocolate Egg Fondant Easter Treats to Bake with Your Kids

Chocolate fondant is too good for words really. Just dripping with fudgy chocolate, they are decadent. 

These have an Easter twist with chocolate egg filling. The topping is minimal but cute too with cracked eggs. Fun to make with your kids. And really fun to eat.


Sour Cream Sugar Easter Cookies to Bake with Kids 

Decorating sugar cookies is always a hit with kids, and these sour cream sugar cookies for Easter look extra delicious. 

Topped with cream cheese frosting they will have a more elevated flavor than the typical sugar cookie, not to mention the sour cream in the batter! 


Easter Creme Egg Chocolate Swiss Roll

This article says according to Martha Stewart, swiss rolls are a trendy dessert now. I would totally believe that because this one looks incredible. 

The outside has a whimsical rustic feel, and it is so satisfying to cut into it and see that signature swirl. Kids will love helping roll it up and then cut it to see their handiwork.


Nest Cookie Cups Easter Baking for Kids Easy

So easy and fun, kids can do this easy Easter recipe mostly on their own. 

The recipe uses pre-made ingredients like ready-to-bake cookie dough. So it really doesn’t get more, simple. But the way those ingredients are put together make it special.


Dulce de Leche Cookie Cups Easy Easter Desserts

Using premade dough (like the recipe above) makes these dulce de leche cupcakes a snap to bake with kids for Easter. 

This recipe is very similar to the one above, but with a bit of a different flavor. 


Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Allergy-Free Easter Bunny Cut Out Sugar Cookies

No need to skimp on the fun Easter baking for kids just because you’re concerned about food allergies! 

Have fun making sugar cookies without worry with this recipe. This recipe makes little Easter bunnies, but you could do any shape and even save this recipe for other holidays.


Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Allergy-Free Carrot Cookies Easter Baking Treats

Another great option to bake gluten-free, allergy-free, AND vegan sugar cookies for Easter. This recipe is slightly different and uses a few alternative ingredients. 

Plus, the carrot decoration is really cute. I would make some of the bunny ones above and pair them with these carrots.


Easter Bunny Cookies to Bake with Kids 

Baking with kids this Easter couldn’t be easier than this recipe. 

They use a premade sugar cookie dough, and the icing is only a few ingredients plus some candies for decoration. I particularly like this one because the ears are pink Starburst, and they are the best Starbursts hands down, right? 


Carrot Cake Cookies Fun Easter Baking for Kids

Carrot cake sounds kind of complicated to me, but this recipe is so easy! You get the carrot cake taste with much less effort!

The recipe uses box carrot cake mix and just a few ingredients to create these cookies, and the whipped cream cheese frosting sounds tasty. Kids will love helping you add the sprinkles too.


Bunny Butt Cookies No Bake Easter Treats

Skip the baking! These cookies are basically upcycled from store bought cookies to make them special for Easter. 

There’s no mixing or measuring. No mess making. Just fun decorating with the kids. Awesome! (Though let’s be honest… there will still probably be a mess.)


Blondie Bars Easter Baking Ideas for Kids

Making bars is a smart move with kids. They are simple, fast, delicious, and with a few key ingredients still look enticing. 

These blondie bars look delicious, and with the pastel M&M’s they make for festive Easter baking with kids. It’s a great recipe to make from scratch with kids if you’re more into the actual baking vs. decorating. 


Easter Egg Nest Cookies

Another take on the bird nest themed Easter treat. Honestly, they never get old because they’re so lovable. 

These cookies are made from scratch, but it looks like a simple recipe that is totally doable for a lot of kids. Plus, the decorations are super fun to do with all ages.


Easter Bunny Shortbread Cutout Cookies

It’s a cookie, but also a puzzle. And an adorable Easter treat to bake with your kids.

If your kids love puzzles, they’ll love putting these together. The look is an interesting bunny design with two contrasting colors. You cut out the middle of the cookie with a bunny cookie cutter and swap it out with another cookie. Fun and inventive!


Easter Bunny Butt Sugar Cookies for Kids

I feel like some kids will get a kick out of decorating and eating butts for Easter. (Sorry, I might have a kid’s sense of humor sometimes.)

But seriously, these bunny butts are so endearing and look scrumptious. They’re a basic sugar cookie, a traditional fav with a doable recipe for kids Easter baking.


Bird Nest Meringue Easy Easter Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Mix it up a bit. (Sorry, pun intended.)

If you need a break from the cookies and cupcakes try these meringues for Easter! They have a charming bird nest theme and are gluten-free.

It’s even kind of like a science experiment with the kids watching how the mixture forms peaks from being beaten.


Chick Doughnuts Easter Baking for Kids

Doughnuts are an all-time favorite for my kids. I avoided making them at home for a long time because they seemed hard, but they’re a lot easier than they seem. 

The only thing is you need a doughnut pan to get that circular shape. But if you have that, these chicks make for adorable kids’ Easter baking.


Chocolate Bark Brownies for Easter

These brownies look so delicious and the marbled chocolate on top is delightful for Easter.

I could totally see some older kids or tweens really getting into creating these, though younger kids could probably do them too… maybe just not quite as neatly.


Easy Brownie Bunnies Easter Baking Recipe for Kids

Brownies are such a hit with kids. And turning them into these charming little bunny faces makes them a little more special than the run-of-the-mill brownie.

You could use a brownie mix instead of the recipe if you want a shortcut. Also, if you can get your hands on some edible eyes, you could always use candies or icing to create them.


Spring Cookies for Easter

White chocolate chips are like tiny pieces of heaven turned into food, and these Easter cookies are chock-full of them.

These are basically a kind of sugar cookie, but upgraded with the  white chocolate chips, sprinkles, and Easter M&M’s. You could make these any time of year and just change up the colors seasonally too.


Traditional Easter Biscuits Recipe

A unique cookie that uses currants! It is a bit of an upscale cookie compared to some of the premade sprinkle-laden ones on this list, but they still look just as delectable. And like a fun Easter baking idea for kids.

There are some fun and fragrant ingredients in these cookies that kids will love using, like nutmeg and lemon juice. And it’s a truly unique idea for an Easter treat.


Easter Bunny Sugar Cookies

They’re like Peeps, but without the Peeps.

I love the design of these bunnies. They evoke that classic Easter treat of Peeps but without them. So they’re a great choice for families who love tradition, but not the flavor of the Peeps.


Cadbury Creme Egg Cookie Bars Easter Baking with Kids

If it’s got Cadbury Creme eggs, I’m in, but even without it these look delicious.

Can’t decide between a brownie or cookie for your kids’ Easter baking? No problem. Make these. They are both a brownie and cookie. What could be better?


Shortbread Easter Bunny Cookies

Coconut tails? Too cute. 

But even if you aren’t a coconut fan, you could make these little shortbread bunnies and they would be just as charming. They’re just a sugar cookie shaped like bunnies and dipped in colorful white chocolate, and that simplicity is really nice.


Easter Thumbprint Cookies Easy Easter Cookies

The chocolate coating with sprinkles on the bottom of these cookies really takes them over the edge from good to excellent.

The thumbprint design with tiny bunnies on the top is darling, but I just love the idea of getting a big mouthful of white chocolate when you bite in. 

The dipping of the cookies looks like a job a preschooler would get so messy doing, but also have a blast. It could become an Easter baking tradition!

Still haven’t found the perfect treat? You can find even more Easter desserts for kids here!

Fun Easter Baking for Kids with Rolls & Bread


Bunny Rolls Easter Baking Ideas for Kids

Ready to dive into some bread baking? Try these mouth-watering bunny buns. 

Kids love kneading dough and playing with it. It’s such a fun sensory experience for them. I usually reserve a little for them to keep playing with while waiting for the buns to finish rising and baking.


Resurrection Rolls to Tell Easter Story to Kids

Easter isn’t all bunnies and chicks. If you are interested in teaching your child about the resurrection story, these are a fun way to incorporate baking. 

First of all, they look delicious. Second, it’s a pretty cool teaching tool with disappearing filling. 


Traditional Italian Easter Egg Bread

Another great idea of making Easter bread from scratch. It’s packed with fruits and nuts, and the twisted design would be fun for kids to do. 


Sweet Potato Bunny Biscuits Easter Baking for Kids Simple

I can’t even get over this recipe. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods, and I can just imagine how great these biscuits taste packed with sweet potato.

Plus, it’s a great way to get all those great nutrients into your kids without them knowing they’re eating veggies. (No sugar involved either!)

Bonus Easter Baking Activity for Kids: Dog Biscuits!


Homemade Easter Egg Cookie Dog Treats

When it comes to Easter baking, don’t forget your dog! Treat them to a homemade cookie that is doggie-friendly and adorable! Your kids will love this Easter baking idea.

I can’t say they sound appetizing to me, but I know dogs would go wild for these ingredients.

The Best Ideas for Easter Baking with Kids

Holiday baking is all about love and family. Not only are all these easy Easter desserts and baking projects for kids comfort foods, but the process of making them brings us together too. And being together is the best part of any family holiday.

If you are going to an Easter party or gathering with your family and friends, bringing along these treats spread the love even more! And if you’re spending Easter at home this year, Easter baking is a great way to do something festive with your kids. Get in the kitchen and have some fun!

Which of these Easter baking for kids recipes will you try? I know my kids will want to try as many as possible!

Fun Kids’ Easter Baking Ideas

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