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25+ Dog Crafts for Kids to Make

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The Best Dog Themed Crafts for Kids

Is your child a craft-loving little dog lover? Spend some quality time with them creating one (or more) of these fun dog crafts for kids the internet has to offer. Adorable dog themed crafts for kids at every age. I’ve sorted these into sections with cute dog and puppy crafts for preschoolers and toddlers. And then another section of dog crafts for kids that are a little older including tweens and teens.

Scroll through the list to find the cutest kids’ dog crafts ever!

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25+ Fun Dog Craft Ideas for Kids

From simple paper plate dog crafts to simple sewing projects, we have a dog themed craft for every kid to do, including the little ones.

First off, we’ve compiled some of the best dog crafts for preschoolers to do. Keep those little paws busy with one of our 25+ favorite super easy dog crafts for kids. (Some are even edible!).

And then a list of adorable dog crafts for kids in the grade school through tween years.

And just because a craft is simple enough for preschoolers doesn’t mean older kids won’t like it too. If you have grade school kids, check out the entire list. Plenty of the preschool crafts are fun ideas for older kids too. So be sure to check them all out!

Easy Dog Crafts for Preschoolers


Paper Plate Dog Craft for Preschoolers

Paper plate crafts are the best! I swear I bought a big stack of paper plates a year ago specifically for these crafts, and it is so helpful having them on hand to pull out for kids’ activities.

This dog paper plate craft is especially adorable with a printable template. Plus, if you choose to use different colors than the one in the tutorial, it could actually double as my kids’ favorite TV dog, Bluey.


Paper Dog Craft Puppet for Preschoolers

Puppets are so fun, but a lot of tutorials require paper bags or maybe popsicle sticks. So what to do if you are out? Make this paper dog puppet!

This puppet only requires paper, some pens or markers, scissors, and glue. That’s it. You probably have everything you need right now to put together this puppy paper puppet with kids of all ages, including toddlers and preschoolers.


Cute Valentine Dog Craft for Preschoolers

Sweet and simple. 

This toilet paper roll Valentine dog craft is so sweet. It would be an adorable valentine to give as a gift, and it’s so easy toddlers and preschoolers will be able to do a lot of it themselves.

You could also swap out the heart-shaped spots for traditional spots of Dalmations. Then it would pair nicely with a fire safety week, or even for your firefighter-obsessed little ones. You could probably even call it “Marshall” a la Paw Patrol.

And if you liked this craft, you’ll want to check out these other fun toilet paper roll crafts for kids!


Paper Puppets Puppy Craft for Kids

Something magical happens in the simple act of adding a stick to a craft and turning it into a puppet. Kids looove puppets.

These puppy puppets are perfect to make with kids. There’s a printable template you can use to trace the pieces onto construction paper. Cut them out and glue them. Voila! Puppets.

This dog craft would be perfect for kids of all ages, and especially little ones, even toddlers and preschoolers. It’s so simple and has only a few materials needed.


Greeting Card Dog Paper Craft

Send a special handmade card, perfect for dog lovers. 

I love sending far away friends and family crafts my kids make because I know they will appreciate them. But shipping them can be a bit of a pain. So how about instead, a card you can just pop in an envelope and mail with some stamps? So much easier, but still sentimental.

Create surprise snail mail everyone will love receiving from your kids of all ages. With some guidance even preschoolers can do this one.


Paper Plate Dalmation Dog Craft for Preschoolers

Another super cute dalmatian dog craft that your preschoolers can easily do!

This one is so simple that it doesn’t even need a pattern or template, and it’s made with a paper plate and just a few other materials. And even though this is a dalmatian design, your little one can get creative with it, designing any dog they want! (I know mine would probably go with pink or green.)


Quick and Easy Dog Craft for Preschoolers

Make this sweet puppy with your preschoolers for a fast and easy dog craft that’s also a great finished product.

Even though this one uses a toilet paper roll, it doesn’t look like a toilet paper roll because of the way the pattern is created. But it’s still an easy to follow printable pdf. Totally foolproof. 

If your preschoolers are cutting, they can do most of this on their own (with supervision), or you could precut the pieces for them to do the gluing.


Cute Valentine’s Day Dog Craft for Kids

Tired of buying those cheap Valentine’s Day cards for your kids to give out to teachers, family, and friends? Try making some instead!

These cute dog Valentine’s Day craft cards are perfect for kids of all ages to make together and give to all the special people in their lives. All you need is construction paper, scissors, a marker, glue, and the printable template that comes with this tutorial!


Footprint Puppy Dog Preschool Craft

They grow up so fast… it’s a cliche but a true one. Create a puppy dog keepsake to remember how little they were with this footprint craft. 

It would be really cute to do one every so often as they grow and display them together to track them in a puppy themed nursery or kids room.

But toddlers and preschoolers might have a little too much fun with this one! I’d do it outside with them. Maybe get some cheap white poster board, make sure you get one or two good prints, then let them foot paint all over!


Handprint Dog Paper Craft for Kids

You’re going to need a handprint to go with that footprint, right? 

This handprint paper dog craft is as easy as tracing your child’s hand, cutting it out, letting them color it, then adding some googly eyes. Perfect for preschool kids to do almost all by themselves!


Paper Bag Puppy Puppet Craft for Preschoolers

Preschoolers and even toddlers can do this easy dog craft. It only requires four materials! Construction paper or foam, a paper bag, glue, and markers/crayons.

I would probably plan on doing one “nice” one first with my kids, and then have some backup bags to let them create their own designs. Usually, just one isn’t enough and they need to unleash their creativity through a few different iterations. When it’s a cheap and easy project like this one, I don’t mind them going to town for a while.


Simple Origami Dog Kids Craft

If you’ve been wanting to try origami with your kids, then start with this simple dog paper craft! 

When I looked at this sweet pup, I knew it would be easy to create, but then watching the video tutorial I realized it is even easier than I thought! My kids have struggled a bit with some paper folding, but I think this one could be the ticket to get them started! 


Homemade Salt Dough Paw Print Ornament

This is a craft your kids can make WITH your family dog. Who knew that was a thing?

Because dogs are part of the family, they deserve a special spot in the family Christmas tree. And your kids will love the idea of making this ornament with your pooch. 

Every year or two I mix up a batch of salt dough and we all go to town rolling out and cutting salt dough ornaments. This year it will be so fun to add our family pet into the mix! 

There’s a simple salt dough recipe in this tutorial, and once you have it made and rolled out, just press your dog’s paw into the dough. Protip: make a little extra for the preschoolers and little kids to play with after the ornaments are done.


3D Mask Paper Plate Dog Craft

Let the kids role play as puppies for a day with this paper plate dog craft mask!

Masks like this one are so awesome because you can follow the directions exactly, or go rogue and simply print out the template, let the kids color, and just tie some string on.

Sometimes if I want to give the kids an activity but don’t want to do much of the work myself, I’ll let them color one of these templates and skip the cutting and gluing in favor of something more simple. They still love it!


Secret Life of Pets Paper Plate Dog Craft

My kids are big fans of this movie. And will love making this craft of some of their favorite characters.

And I love that there is no need to even cut up the plate for this easy Secret Life of Pets themed paper plate dog craft. Just easy crafting fun.

Really you could just go with some markers, construction paper, glue, and the paper plate to make these paper plates. Maybe even take it a step further and cut out the eyes to make masks!

Whatever you choose, preschoolers will love assembling these easy paper plate crafts.


Hairy Maclary Marionette Dog Craft

Go beyond the popsicle stick puppet and flex your craftiness with a marionette based on the Hairy Maclary books!

The main parts of this dog craft are a paper towel roll, sticks, some string, and chestnuts. I love using foraged goodies in crafts! It’s like a two-part adventure from gathering your materials from outside and then creating the craft at home. 

Parents will have to help with the assembly of this marionette, but preschoolers will still love the painting step and of course playing with the final product.


Dolittle Themed Origami Dog Craft for Kids

This isn’t just a craft, it’s an entire experience and a way for the entire family to spend some quality time together.

Have a fun night with the entire family watching Dolittle, and keep little hands busy when they might get a little antsy with folding some origami. These little dogs go with the movie theme and are easy enough to fold for younger kids.

If you just want to check out the craft, you have to scroll a bit to find it. But the entire post is full of fun ideas so you’ll get to check them out along the way.


Vegan Doggie Donuts to Make with Kids

Baking is my favorite kind of  “craft” because you get to eat it, and I love food almost as much as my donut and dog-obsessed kids do. 

This recipe is perfect because you can make it exactly like it is outlined to be vegan, or you can always substitute dairy products and eggs if you prefer that. 

Not to mention they are adorable! When I do baking that requires decorating, I usually have my eldest daughter help prep with me and do the actual baking. Then once it’s all baked and ready for decorating, my younger kid joins in on the fun too.


Dog Themed Busy Book Page for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Busy books are amazing for keeping children well… busy. Seriously though, they love them, and if you have a dog-loving kid then you just have to make this one for them. 

This craft isn’t necessarily one for children to make, but rather a great craft you can make for your kids to use. It’s especially great for toddlers and preschoolers. But if you have an older child who is into crafting, this could be a project for them to dive into too.

Dog Craft Ideas for Kids to Make


DIY Pom Pom Garland Super Easy Dog Craft for Kids

I love making pom-poms because they are so easy but so satisfying. I have been making them for decades now, but it still gets me when you make those first cuts and see it start to take shape.

These dog (or wolf) pom poms are so cute, I just want to cuddle them. But they would look great in a dog or forest themed bedroom. Maybe even use them in a Paw Patrol themed party decor!

Toddlers might not be ready for this craft, but preschoolers might be able to help with wrapping the pom-poms and you or the older kids could do the cutting and gluing.

And older kids can tackle this craft on their own.


Dachshund Origami Dog Craft to Make with Kids

Dachshunds are a fan favorite. Their little hot dog bodies just catch kids’ attention and they fall in love. 

And I am in love with these little origami dachshunds. As far as origami projects go, this one is a little more complex than some others, making it better to do with older kids. But it does have a video tutorial, and if you can fold a paper airplane, you can probably do this one too.


Cardboard Tube Dog Craft for Kids

This dog craft is similar to the one above, but the curly pipe cleaner legs give it a different charm. 

There isn’t a pdf template, but the tutorial for this craft is very straightforward with clear pictures with each step. I also love that there is an entire series of farm animal crafts to match this dog themed craft so you could create an entire menagerie with the kids!


Paper Spring Dog Craft for Kids

This craft isn’t branded to any specific character, but I could totally see using brown paper for this craft and creating a Slinky Dog from Toy Story! That would make some really cute Toy Story themed birthday decorations.

Folding the paper to create the spring in this dog craft might be a little too tough for preschoolers, but they could have a lot of fun gluing this pup’s face and tail on. And it’s a perfect dog craft for kids in early grade school on up through tweens.


Party Favor Finger Puppet Dog Themed Craft

If you have a child who’s ready to start practicing sewing instead of just gluing, this is a great dog craft to do with them.

My daughter has been eyeing up my sewing projects for a couple of years now. And she is just starting to develop the dexterity for using a needle and thread. I think this super easy dog craft would be a perfect sewing project to start her on. It’s a small and simple pattern that is printable and free! 

Besides sewing the body, you really only need glue to finish it off. So you could sew the main portion yourself and also get smaller children to help with adding the features like the eyes.


DIY Costume Accessories Dog Craft for Kids

Crafts that serve more than one purpose are awesome. Save time and save money. Two birds with one stone and all that. Have fun creating this costume with your children, and then use it as a Halloween costume! 

Or if your kids are like mine, they’ll wear it all the time!

There is a free printable template to follow, but you could adapt it to be a specific dog or character if you’d like. This is great to make with kids who are old enough to use a glue gun and cut out felt themselves.


DIY Holiday Treat Wreath Dog Craft for Tweens

Make a craft that can double as decor AND a gift! Spoil your favorite pooch with a holiday wreath made of their favorite treats.

I remember creating little gifts for my doggie besties as a kid, and I’m sure your kids would love to spend time piecing together a gift to show their doggie how much they love them. You don’t have to use the treats in the tutorial either. Stuff this wreath with the treats your dog loves best.


Valentine Puppy Dog Craft Card Box

Have a Cricut you are itching to put to use? Create this dog themed Valentine card box!

I love the idea of making a card box to hold all your kids’ little valentines from friends, and this tutorial explains how you can use the free downloadable pattern with your Cricut. But you could also just print it out on your regular printer and use scissors to cut too if that’s more your style.

Once the pieces are cut out, it’s as easy as gluing them onto your box.


Emoji Dog Paper Craft Bookmark

Never lose your page again, and smile every time you use this easy dog paper craft. The little doggie you create in this craft is modeled after the emoji dog, and it couldn’t be cuter. It just makes you melt. 

I don’t think my preschoolers have the patience to craft this one, but older grade school kids and tweens will be able to create this one. It’s not difficult, and the video tutorial is easy to follow. It’s just a bit more complicated than the typical cut and glue craft suited for younger children.


Felt Covered Notebook Wolf Craft for Kids

Go a little wilder than your domesticated dog by making this felt-covered wolf notebook with your kids. 

Perfect for jazzing up the plain old composition notebooks, and making school a little more fun. This craft is probably best for older kids, like elementary school age, since it requires using a glue gun and cutting out felt.

Also folding the felt properly around the book needs hands a little more adept than preschoolers or even kindergarteners.


Decorated Cookie Super Easy Dog Craft for Kids

No baking. No gluing. No special materials. Just cookies and acrylic markers. 

Sometimes you just want to do something simple. Maybe a quick craft to pull together for a special event or themed school day. This one is perfect for that!

You buy pre-made cookies wrapped in plastic then decorate the plastic with dog themes. But sorry pooches, these are human treats. Little kids could do this, but if you want precise designs like in tutorial then let your older kids take a crack at this dog craft.


DIY Pet Bowl Placemat Dog Themed Craft

Upcycle those old amazon boxes into a fancy food area for your doggie to keep the floor clean and tidy.

There’s only a few supplies needed, like a cardboard box and some contact paper in the print of your choice. While this craft is really simple, it does require some precision in placing the contact paper. You could totally let little ones give it a try, but older children will probably have more success with a nice finished product.

And they will love this idea when it’s time for your pet’s birthday or Christmas to give their furry friend a special gift!


National Dog Day Easy Kids Dog Craft

Turn your pup into a star with this craft that features pictures of your best furry friend. The results are hilarious and fun. The whole family will get a kick out of the results of your kid’s handicraft. And what a fun way to show off pictures of your adorable pooch!

This tutorial shows you how to turn your still picture into a moveable craft so you can pose your pooch. It would be cool to cut the cardstock out once the pieces are attached to create moveable puppy puppets too!


DIY Braided Leash Dog Gift Kids Can Make

I love this colorfully braided dog leash! And it’s so simple. If you can braid and work a hot glue gun, you can make one. 

This would be a great project for tween to work on, and maybe even give a friend as a gift to welcome a new dog to their family. Or give the family dog a fun Christmas or birthday gift.

When I was a kid I totally would have made multiple ones to coordinate with my outfits and mood. It’s definitely easy enough to make multiple!

Easy Kids Dog Crafts They’ll Love

Whether your kids have a best furry friend, or their favorite show stars adorable doggies, they’ll love trying out one (or more) of the projects on this list of the best dog themed crafts for kids! The hard part is choosing just one doggie masterpiece to create!

Fun Dog Related Crafts for Kids

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