easy homemade kids halloween costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Do you love the idea of DIY Halloween costumes for kids? Instead of buying a plastic masked, cheaply made, everyone-else-has-it costume from the store, you want your kids to have Halloween costumes that are unique, fun, and homemade, right?

But when I think of homemade Halloween costumes for kids, I want it to be something simple, am I right? Nothing that requires master-level crafting or sewing skills. Or that will take six months to put together.

That’s why I went looking for homemade kids Halloween costumes that are easy to make. And inexpensive to put together. DIY costume ideas your kids will love. Check them out below!

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21 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Quick DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

last minute Halloween costume for kids

1. Hot Air Balloon DIY Kids Halloween Costume

Need a last minute kids Halloween costume you can throw together at home? Check out this fun hot air balloon costume! This is one of a costume genre called “boxtumes” that use cardboard boxes to create clever costumes and it definitely works with this one. 

Honestly, this could be a last minute costume for a child or an adult. And with the right size box can be customized to almost any age. So start saving your Amazon boxes for your DIY Halloween costumes (or boxtumes). 

cheap DIY Halloween costume for kids

2.  4 Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids (Witch, Cat, Spider & Flower)

This is a four for the price of one DIY costume post. My personal favorite of the is the homemade flower costume for a toddler. But all four, the witch, the car, and the spider would make a cute Halloween costume. 

And they are all great options for easy costumes you can make at home. Pick your favorite and get started!

DIY Costume for tween

3. A Box of Florida Oranges DIY Halloween Costume

Thie DIY costume is another “boxtume” idea you can use to make a fun homemade Halloween costume for kids. This clever costume is a fun costume idea for tweens or school aged kids that want something a little different. 

And in general, I like these costumes that involve wearing regular clothes with something over the top that you can easily take off or put on if you need a bathroom break or it gets uncomfortable. 

If you’ve ever been trapped in a Halloween costume desperate pee and been unable to take it off by yourself then you know what I mean.

Last minute DIY kids costume

4. Jellyfish DIY Halloween Costume for Kids

This is probably my favorite DIY kids’ costume I came across in my search. It’s easy and fast to put together. It’s cheap. It’s cute and creative. And it would be comfortable to wear all night.

In fact, this might be my Halloween costume this year if my kids aren’t into it. 

If you need a simple inexpensive DIY kids costume for Halloween, this one might be what you’re looking for. 

DIY Unicorn Costume

5. DIY Unicorn Costume for Kids

 A unicorn costume is a fun idea for a homemade Halloween costume because your child will probably get more use out of it than just the one day on Halloween. 

You may find your DIY Halloween costume becomes something your child wants to wear to school. Or a friend’s house. Or at least keep in the dress-up box for playtime. Who wouldn’t want to be a magical unicorn as often as possible?

The image from this blog post is for a DIY unicorn headband. But the post also has ideas for the rest of the costume. 

There is a little sewing in this one but it’s optional. A hot glue gun or a few other magic tricks can be used in place of sewing. 

Once you have your unicorn headband assembled, basically you need a white shirt and pants and you’re all set. 

Super easy last minute Halloween costume

6. DIY Stick Figure Halloween Costume

As long as you have a matching white shirt and pants, some black paint, and some posterboard you could make this costume happen five minutes before you leave for your Halloween party. 

If your child waited until the last minute to figure out a costume or something went wrong with their first choice, consider this very quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume idea. 

I actually think if you don’t have white clothes, you could do the same thing with black pants and a shirt and white tape.

Since I own 20 pairs of black yoga pants and a handful of black shirts, this might be MY Halloween costume if my kids aren’t into it. Or if they want to go as a matched set. 

DIY Superhero Costumes & Other Fun Characters

DIY Avengers Halloween costume

7. DIY Thor Halloween Costume

So, who is YOUR child’s favorite Avenger? (Mine is Captain America, so check out the costume after this one if you feel the same way.) But Thor is awesome too! And so is this DIY Thor Halloween costume. 

This costume has a lot of different elements to it. You’ve got Thor’s hammer, the vambraces, the chest shield, the boot thingies… There is just a lot going on here. 

The end result is unmistakably amazing. One of the coolest DIY Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen, to be honest. 

But getting each element done might take some time. So if you and your child fall in love with this DIY Thor costume, now is probably a good time to get started putting it together. 

The end result will be epic and make you a hero in your kid’s eyes!

homemade Halloween costume Avengers

8. Homemade Captain America Costume

Captain America is the best Avenger! There, I said it. Just had to get that out of the way. Which is only one of the many reasons I LOVE this costume. 

This Captain America costume does require some sewing to put together. But if you can sew, it doesn’t sound too complicated. 

And the costume itself looks as comfortable as a pair of pajamas. Which my kids always prefer. Remember the horrible plastic masks and costumes from when we were kids? This would not feel like that thank goodness. 

star wars Halloween costume homemade

9. Easy Luke Skywalker DIY Halloween Costume

Is your child an aspiring Jedi? Then check out this Luke Skywalker costume for Halloween! 

According to the title of the post, it’s “easy” so that gets you off to a good start right there even if it does appear to involve some sewing. 

It’s super cute. And the perfect homemade costume for Star Wars fans. 

homemade TMNT cotume

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pattern for Kids DIY Halloween Costume

If your child DOES want to be a character from their favorite show and TMNT come up, here is a great option for making the costume at home. 

There are in-store Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes (I know because we own one). But it can be hard to find one of good quality. That is comfortable and fits your child. 

If you’re finding it difficult to get the perfect Mikey, Raph, Donnie or Leo this sewing pattern will allow you to make your own. 

homemade halloween costume for preschooler

11. Sheriff Callie Homemade Costume for Kids

Do your kids watch Sherrif Callie? If so, you’ve definitely had that theme song stuck in your head at one point or another. 

It’s a very cute show for preschoolers and a fun costume for them as well. If your child loves Sheriff then check out this fun costume! It even shows you how to make her horse. 

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No Sew Halloween Costumes for Kids

No Sew Halloween Costume

12. Easy $5 Owl DIY Halloween Costume for Kids

This costume you guys! It has ALL THE THINGS! This homemade Halloween costume is cheap, easy to make (no-sew!) and adorable. This pretty much sums of my wishlist for the best DIY Halloween costumes for kids!

The costume itself is super cute and easy. And although it looks like you might have to sew (NO!!!) you don’t! The costume was made with a hot glue gun. 

And I think many kids will love this costume. My kids love animal themed costumes. And as the blog post notes, you can adapt this costume to almost any type of bird. 

All this and this and the costume materials are cheap too! You can’t really go wrong with this one. 

easy no sew Halloween costume

13. Easy Scarecrow Homemade Halloween Costume for Kids

You might be wondering how this costume is “no sew” when it’s got patches and a hat. Well, this ingeniously easy costume was made with a hot glue gun. 

While I never manage to use a hot glue gun without burning myself that is still preferable to the damage I can do with an attempt at using a sewing machine. 

I think this costume is super stinkin’ adorable. A perfect DIY Halloween costume for a toddler or even a baby if you have a pair of overalls. 

homemade no sew Halloween costume

14. M&M Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume for Kids

This is absolutely a super easy homemade Halloween costume for kids or adults. It’s also no-sew and can be put together at pretty much the last minute if needed. 

It does require iron on transfer paper, which is a thing I just learned about. And will definitely be trying. But it’s super simple and cute. 

You could totally make this a family theme costume if you have different colored shirts. And it’s so simple and comfortable.

This is the non-costume person’s costume. 

homemade Halloween costume for baby

15. Stacking Toy DIY Baby Halloween Costume

Want to make an adorable DIY Halloween costume for your baby? Check out this homemade stacking baby toy costume! 

This is the absolute cutest! And so colorful and fun. It does require a little artistic skill to create (at least that’s my read of the post) but it looks like it would be well worth the effort. You know your baby would have the best costume! 

I would have to make this on a long-sleeved onesie or maybe even on white one-piece PJs if I could find them just because of the cold. But if you’ll be inside on Halloween with your baby that may not matter. 

quick DIY Halloween costume

16. No Sew DIY Skeleton Halloween Costume for Kids

If your kids prefer scary Halloween costumes and you prefer super simple homemade costumes, then this is the costume idea for you!

Basically, you need black clothes, white paper, and scotch tape. And maybe some face paint if you’re feeling ambitious. What could be simpler?

And the result is a very cute DIY Halloween costume for kids. 

super easy homemade halloween costume idea

17. Paper Plate Frankenstein Mask DIY Halloween Costume

Ever wondered if you could make a Halloween costume out of a paper plate? (OK, maybe you haven’t wondered that, but now you are, right?). The answer is you can! And a totally cool costume too!

Check out this paper plate Frankenstein mask for a cheap and easy DIY Halloween costume. 

You’ll need to get a little crafty to get this one made. But it isn’t difficult. And if your child is school age they can easily get in on the fun and help make their own Halloween costume!

DIY fairy wings for homemade costume

18. DIY Butterfly or Fairy Wings for a Homemade Kids Halloween Costume

Does your little one want to be a fairy or a butterfly for Halloween? If you’re interested in making your own homemade fairy wings, you’ll want to check out this post.

I know you can easily buy wings for a costume, but these are so beautiful.

And if your child will love the idea of having wings that are different from anyone else’s (and also stunningly beautiful) you may want to give these homemade wings a try. Especially if you’re a crafty mama!

If your kiddo wants to be a butterfly, you might also want to check out this post for a DIY butterfly antennae headband.

DIY Costumes for Kids Sewing Patterns

make your halloween costume dragon

19. Dragon DIY Kids Costume for Halloween 

This homemade costume is for moms or dads who can sew. So if that describes you, you’ll want to check this one out. 

This is easily the best dragon Halloween costume I’ve ever seen, homemade or store-bought. It’s gorgeous. And your child will be thrilled to wear it. 

homemade toddler halloween costume

20. Donut DIY Toddler Halloween Costume

Baby and toddler Halloween costumes are so fun. Because at that age you can pick out or make the cutest costumes without any input or influence from your child’s favorite TV shows. 

This DIY donut costume is an adorable toddler Halloween costume. It does require sewing but it doesn’t look overly complicated (but what do I know? Check out the pattern for yourself). 

It does look comfortable and easy for a young child to wear.

homemade witch costume

21. Homemade Witch Costume for Kids Pattern

This is a really awesome witch costume. I have dressed as a witch approximately 75% of the Halloweens of my life. It’s my go-to option and I would love to see my kids in adorable homemade witch costumes. 

This is one of the cutest homemade costumes and it’s one that could easily be passed on if you have multiple kids. Always nice when you don’t have to buy a new one every year. 

Homemade Costume Ideas for Kids that Rock

Whether you simply love the idea of a homemade Halloween costume for kids or if you’re not finding what your child wants at your local stores, I hope these DIY costume ideas for kids have given you ideas and inspiration!

Whether you need a last minute costume you can make from a box or have a couple of weeks to craft and sew, there are homemade costumes that will work for you. Check them all out!


Now Get Started on Your Kids DIY Halloween Costume!

last minute kids halloween costume

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  1. every single year my son decides the week of Halloween that he has changed his mind on what he wants to be. These DIY Halloween costumes are legit in my back pocket now for that moment (it’s coming!) Thank you for this post!

    1. DIY Halloween costumes for kids can be a real lifesaver when a costume idea falls through or your kid changes their mind, LOL. Good idea to have these costume ideas in your back pocket!

    1. Thanks Tracy! I so agree! We’ve had so much fun making DIY Halloween costumes for kids in our family! And I’m not even very crafty, LOL. It takes more creativity than skill most of the time.

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